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Over All the Earth

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The first night back in the Temple after Naboo, Obi-Wan wakes in terror from a blur of pointed teeth, yellow eyes, and the smell of cauterized flesh.

He stumbles into Qui-Gon's bedroom, shaking and breathless and seeking a heartbeat. He leans over his Master, feels for his breath on his ear, a pulse under his palm.

Qui-Gon wakes, reaches for him, brushes his cheek with his hand and gives him a small, sad smile. It is too much, too much like that moment and Obi-Wan’s heart clenches. He sinks onto the bed, lies down beside him, wraps his arms around his Master. He presses his forehead against Qui-Gon’s shoulder, inhaling the scent of clean robes, bacta, and tea.

Qui-Gon’s hand touches his cheek, then his chin, tilting his face upwards.

“Obi-Wan.” His name is a slow, deep rumble in Qui-Gon’s chest. He feels as if his own heart vibrates in sympathy. He takes a deeper breath.

His Master's eyes looking up at him in the dark hold a longing he'd never seen before, but he recognizes it. The same feeling has threatened to drown him.

He isn’t sure what lets him dare to brush his lips against Qui-Gon's in that moment, but he does.
His Master's lips are dry and soft. His moustache tickles.

Time stops.

Then Qui-Gon’s lips part and there is heat, pressure, and a low growl.

So begins their warm, dark slide into oblivion.