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kitten ears

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it was something not many people knew, Nanu was one of the few who did know. the way he hid under those big clothes and hunched over to make it less noticeable, for someone so loud an proud it was hard to believe it, but he had seen it himself, those soft kitten ears and that fluffy white tail. he really felt like a pervert when he tried to resist the urge to touch them, to be honest even without the ears and tail he would still want the man... or rather the boy, he was still not a man, no matter how much he denied it. Nanu would feel bad if the kid one day shoved up without them, it was his choice and Nanu could not be selfish in the matter so he just minded his own business. He occasionally came over and seemed comfortable enough to take the hood down, it was hard not to stare or atleast glance at him when he did, always holding his breath slightly before he took it off, afraid they would be gone.

lately it had gotten harder to fall asleep, images of the boy flashing in front of him, tail twitching irritated or curling around his hand, soft ears between his fingers and the noises he would make... it was hard to face the boy cause of it, he grew more and more restless around him and it got harder and harder to keep his cool. he lost his own tail and ears long ago but it had been so long he was surprised they didn't just grow back, of course, that was not possible, once you lost them they would never come back no matter how long it took. The things he wanted to do to the boy was shameful and he hated himself for thinking like that and if he did those cute eras and that long tail would be gone, something only the right person could take away, he was not that person for Guzma, to old and too depressed with nothing to offer.

some days the boy would hiss at him when he noticed him looking at his ears or tail, it was odiously something that made him self-conscious but Nanu just couldn't help it, it was actually hard to believe he still had those adorable ears, he was a very handsome young 'man' after all. sometimes he liked to tease him and call him "kitten" which made him growl which, in turn, made a pleasant shiver run up Nanus spine.