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Gundam Movie

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Hyde, Die, and Kyo sat at a bar on what looked like a movie set that had been done up to look like a concert venue. There was a band on the stage, they had gone through a couple songs before they had cut to get ready for the last two songs. The band on the stage was dressed in blacks and reds. The men of the band all had on leather pants and random colored tank tops. The woman in front was wearing a red and black plaid skirt with fishnets and knee high boots, a black button up shirt with a red tie. Her electric blue hair was done up like Nikki Sixx. They all got to their positions as the director yelled action. The song started and the singer started to loosen the tie a bit and slowly unbutton the top three buttons of her shirt as she sang.

"I 'ate you for the sacrifices you made for me, I 'ate you for every time you ever bled for me, I 'ate you for the way you smile when you look at me, I 'ate you for never taking control of me." She sang as she started to sway her hips a bit and run her hands up her body to stop in her hair where she grabbed fistfuls of it before singing the next part. "I 'ate you for always saving me from myself, I 'ate you for always choosing me and not someone else, I 'ate you for always pulling me back from the edge, I 'ate you for every kind word you said, I'll bleed you dry now!" She screamed and threw her hands out as blood started to rain from the ceiling. She threw her head back and let it fall over her as she sang. "Blood, Blood, blood, pump mud through my veins, shut your dirty, dirty mouth, I'm not that easy" she sang as she ran her hands down her body again. "Blood, Blood, Blood, pump mud through my veins, I'm a dirty, dirty girl I want it filthy" She grabbed the mic and started to go around the stage now and playing to the crowd as she sung. The rest of the song went by with the blood coming down during the chorus and her running around the stage, interacting with the crowd, and the rest of her bandmates. When the song came to an end she put the mic back on the stand and threw her tie off and then grabbed her shirt and ripped it off revealing a solid black, lacy bra. She threw the shirt across the stage as the last song started up.

"Excuse me, can you tell me what you've 'eard about my life? Maybe a dirty, little fairytale. A girl of the night. I 'eard that I grew up filthy. A trailer park queen. Drop out, pregnant, statistical teen. I know you've 'eard about the bloody knife. About my daddy's perfect virgin and I mother's wife. You know I 'eard I don't belong in this game. Still you 'old your hands in the air, SCREAMIN' MY NAME! LETS GO!" She sang as she jumped up onto one of the monitors and continued to sing. "Baby, go a'ead. I'll be your 'atred and your pain. This is killin' us all, I don't care if I fall. We're the dying we are the damned. Baby, go a'ead. I'll be the villain you can blame. I'll be the belle of the brawl, be the lust in us all. I'm the diva of the damned, sex metal Barbie, 'omicidal queen" she jumped off the monitor and walked along the edge of the stage and put her hand out to some people and dropped down to actually take some of their hands and smiling at them. At the end of the song she repeated the chorus, falling to her knees, one arm out as she sung, finishing out the song on the ground. At the end she dropped the microphone and allowed people to grab at her as she took deep breaths to regain them. The director called cut and everyone settled down.

"And that's a wrap everyone!!" He said and everyone cheered as the woman got back on her feet and walked to the side of the stage and accepted the bottle of water and a towel to try and get some of the blood off of her.

In the audience, Hyde, Die, and Kyo watched with amused looks on their faces.

"That was definitely entertaining" said Hyde and the other two nodded.

"I'm sure Die enjoyed it a bit more than us though" said Kyo with a smirk and he turned and slapped him upside the head.

"Did not" he said as he stood up.

"Uh huh, keep telling yourself that" said Hyde laughing at the two as Kyo rubbed the back of his head.

"Baka" Kyo muttered under his breath as he and Hyde stood up and started to make their way to the director to have a talk with him and to talk with the woman.

They arrived at the side of the stage where the director was talking to one of the other bandmates while the woman sat on an amp, eating a bag of gummy worms and talking to one of the sound guys.

"Hey! You guys made it...What did you think?" Asked the director as he shook the trio's hands.

"It was phenomenal, can't wait to see the whole thing put together when it comes out" said Hyde.

"I'll be sure to get you a ticket for the premier if you'd like"

"That would be great, thanks" he said with a bow. He then turned to Die and Kyo "These are a couple other people that are working with me on the movie, they were curious and wanted to tag along, this is Die and Kyo" he said and he looked to the two and smiled.

"Pleasure! So, you ready to talk to her then?" He asked and they nodded. "Great, follow me" he said he led them to her.

"...Then, out of nowhere, BAM! Fuckin' bird flies into me windscreen, causing me to swerve and almost 'it an old lady. It was quite a mess" she said before looking over when she saw the sound guy look behind her. When she saw the three people behind the director her jaw dropped and her eyes got wide. "You've got to be fuckin' wit' me" she said under her breath right as they stopped in front of her. The sound guy looked between everyone and ducked out to finish what he was doing.

"Cod fish?" Said the director and she shut her mouth and coughed a bit.

"Sorry..." She said as she blinked a couple times and looked down.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of that reaction" said Kyo with a smile.

"I was going to introduce you guys, but I feel like it'll only be one sided" said the director "Guys, this is Trish Connar" he said and she stood up then and looked between the three, now more composed.

"Pleasure to meet you all, definitely a great 'onor...If you couldn't tell, really big fan" she said with a smile and Hyde put out his hand to her.

"It's all good" he said as she took it and shook it, Die and Kyo following suit.

"So, we have a proposition for you" said Hyde and she crossed her arms and nodded, curious as to what it could be. "Though...Would you like to get changed and we can all go out to dinner? I'm sure Die's a bit distracted" said Hyde and he went red before putting his head down and hiding behind his hair as he mumbled something. Kyo let out a laugh and nudged him with his shoulder. Trish looked between the three and laughed as well.

"That sounds like a good idea actually...The bloods starting to 'arden and it's a wee bit uncomfortable...Uhm...Where did you 'ave in mind? I'm staying at the 'otel across the way" she said and Hyde pulled out a card and handed it to her.

"This is my mobile, How about we all meet in an hour in the lobby?" He suggested and Trish took the card and looked it over before nodding.

"Sound's good, can't wait" she said "It was nice meeting you all, I'll see you in a wee bit" she said and everyone waved as she walked by them. The director smiled and handed Hyde a card that had her number on it and he took it with a nod.

As they walked out they decided to stop by a café they saw and sit there and wait for Trish to be ready.

"So...Does Daisuke have a little crush?" Asked Kyo and he rolled his eyes but smiled.

"Oh, he does! This should be interesting" said Hyde with a smile of his own.

"You two, are mean sometimes" said Die, pointing to the two before smiling again and going up to the counter to get himself a coffee and a muffin before sitting back down with both.

"Seriously though, she's really good looking, I would go for it" said Hyde, reaching over and taking a small piece of Die's muffin to which, he got a slap to the back of the hand for but he didn't flinch and just popped the piece into his mouth with a smirk.

"We just met, maybe give it a bit?" He said as he took a piece of his muffin.

"So, you do admit you think she's pretty and that you may have a crush?" Asked Kyo and Die rolled his eyes.

"Who wouldn't! Though, unlike some people I'm not going to shout it to the world" he said as he took a drink of his coffee.

"Ha! I knew it! This should prove to be an interesting movie then" said Kyo and Hyde shook his head but smiled none the less and pulled out his phone to put Trish's number into it.

Trish had just gotten into her room and went to her closet to pick out an outfit for the night before jumping in the shower and cleaning all of the blood off of her. She stepped out a bit later and dried off and towel dried her hair and let the rest of it dry naturally. She put on a thin line of eyeliner and then went to her bed where she had her outfit set out. It was a pair of leather pants and a black tank top. She put on a pair of combat boots and grabbed her leather jacket and headed out, making sure her wallet, phone, and cigarettes were in her pockets. She saw that she was a bit early when she got to the lobby so she stepped outside and lit up a cigarette just as she saw the trio step out of the café beside the hotel. She smiled and turned to them when they realized it was her.

"'ey guys" she said as she took a hit.

"You look way different not covered in blood" said Hyde and she looked down at herself and then back to them.

"Just a wee bit. It was fun to do, but was it 'ell to get off" she laughed.

"Been there" said Kyo with a smile.

"I can imagine, I'm sure it wasn't to fun trying to get off 'alf the shit I've seem come out of your mouth or dumped on you" she said and he nodded in agreement. She took another drag and looked between the three. "Where to?" She asked and everyone shrugged. "Yea, not from around 'ere...Uhm, there's a couple good places within walking distance if you'd like? Or if we can catch a taxi there's a couple places across town. I've been to almost all of them once or twice during filming" she said with a laugh.

"Let's take a walk then? If anything looks good call it out?" Suggested Hyde and everyone nodded and started on their way. They walked a bit before they came across an Italian place. They walked in and the hostess smiled at them.

"Four please" said Trish and she nodded and took out the correct menus and led them to a table. They all sat and started looking through their menus. They chose their drinks and food before getting to business.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" She asked, folding her hands together. Hyde leaned over and took a stack of papers out of his bag and handed it to her. She took it curiously and looked it over. When she figured out what it was her eyes went wide and she looked at Hyde. "It's a script...For Gundam? Dude, this is awesome...And...I don't like to assume...But...Are you offerin' me a role?" She asked and Hyde nodded.

"We heard about you through your agency. I wanted to get some people in the music industry in on this and I was told you were in a band a bit ago and that you would be good for the role I was looking for" he said and she nodded along, still surprised at everything.

"And I don't 'ave to audition?" She asked and Hyde nodded. "Wow, this is amazin'...I don't know what to say..." She said and Die spoke up this time.

"How about yes?" He suggested with a smile and she looked to him and laughed.

"Then yes...Who else is goin' to be in it?" She asked as their drinks were brought out, them getting a bottle of wine for the table. The waiter poured them each a glass and went away. They all took a drink before continuing.

"Me and Die" said Kyo

"And Karou...There was no way he was not being in this movie" said Die.

"He fangirled" finished Kyo and everyone laughed.

"And Miyavi" finished out Hyde and Trish nodded.

"Sounds like it's goin' to be fun" she said "I can't wait to get this started" she said with a huge smile.

They finished out the dinner with talking more about the movie and about themselves.

The next month went by fast and had Trish checking and double checking everything the night before her plane left from Ireland to Japan. To say that she was excited was an understatement, she knew she wasn't going to be sleeping at all that night, but she figured that she would have to try. Her alarm went off and she could have swore that she had just closed her eyes. She groaned and rolled out of bed. She got into a pair of black tights with an oversized grey sweater and her combat boots. She threw her hair up and started gathering her things to get to the airport. The plane ride was uneventful and she had managed to sleep most of the way, waking up as soon as the plane landed. She stretched as well as she could and started to gather her things when it was time to unload. She made her way to the baggage claim, headphones in, checking emails and texts as she went. As she was waiting for the luggage she felt someone come up behind her and cover her eyes. She stiffened as was about ready to throw a punch but the person spoke up.

"Don't punch me" said Die as he dropped his hands and stepped beside her. She took a couple breaths and took one of her earbuds out.

"You seriously almost 'ad a black eye and possibly a broken wrist, don't do that" she said with a laugh as she punched him in the arm, he flinched away but continued to laugh. She turned back to the luggage rack and spotted her luggage and went for them. She had two big suitcases, a roller one and a bookbag. Die reached out and grabbed one of the bigger ones and led her to the exit.

"I take it you're my chauffer then?" She asked and he nodded.

"My apartments closer and to keep you from having to stay in a hotel I have an extra room at my place, if you want to take me up on the offer?" He said as they walked up to a car. She was taken back by the offer but it was a lot better staying with someone rather than in a hotel. She knew they had money but whatever they could do to save she was all for it.

"Sure, sounds a lot better than stayin' in a 'otel actually, thank you" she said as they both loaded her things into the car. They then both got in and Die shot a quick text to Hyde letting him know that he had picked up Trish. He then started the car and was off. As he drove Trish was looking all over the place, trying to take everything in. She had only ever been to England besides her home in Ireland and this was all fascinating for her.

"You're goin' to let me be a tourist correct?" She asked and Die laughed.

"Of course, I'll personally show you around if you'd like" he said she turned and smiled at him.

"That would be great, thanks!" She said.

"No problem" he finished. The rest of the ride was her pointing things out and asking questions about things and Die answering. "You are seriously the cutest when you get curious" he said and she laughed.

"I can't 'elp it...I've only ever been to England and Ireland, never another continent before, it's very excitin'. I can't wait to explore" she said with a smile.

They eventually pulled into a complex and then to a parking spot. They both jumped out and grabbed everything and he led her to a door to which he unlocked and let her in. They set everything down in the foyer and preceded to take off their shoes before he led her to the spare bedroom. She set her stuff down and then looked around the room before turning back to him.

"This is really nice, thank you" she said as she took another look around.

"So, we're free the rest of the night. Are you hungry at all?" He asked and she nodded.

"Yes actually, I 'aven't eaten anythin' substantial today, did you 'ave a place in mind or are you goin' to dazzle me with your cookin'?" she asked as she sat down on the bed.

"I mean, I could cook something but you said you wanted to explore so I say we go out and then walk around a bit, night time is actually the best time to explore around here" he said, now leaning against the doorframe.

"Then let's do that!" She said as she pulled out a messenger bag from one of her suitcases and then took her wallet, phone, cigarettes and a notebook out of her backpack and transferred them all to the bag and threw it over her shoulder.

"Sounds like a plan" he said as they walked back to the front of the apartment and put their boots back on and they were off again, heading toward the downtown area.