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You Are The Only Exception

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"Kurt???????" I scream.

"Kurt????????????" He doesn't answer. I have a feeling that something is bad, very bad. I run to the foyer where I find an unconscious Kurt. HOLY S**T. I dial 9-1-1 as fast as humanly possible.

"9-1-1, what's your emergency?" The operator literally sings.

"Hey, so I heard a crashing noise, and just found my husband unconscious. I've started CPR." I chant.

"OK, ok, relax. Where is your location?" She asks.

"8592 Hudsonberry Rd." I tell her.

"We're on our way." Her voice booms. This is when I break down. Tears fill my eyes. My arms are around Kurt, holding him with all of the strength I have left. I don't have much time though. I restart CPR. All I want is for my loving husband to be ok.

"Kurt, Kurt, I love you." I say, even though I know he can't hear me.