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Him And I (21+)

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It was on Saturday.


  Miu wants to practice her vocals for her performance for the audition but she just feels so lazy and all she wants is to just roll over and sleep. That's exactly what she wants. But it doesn't go as planned.


  She ends up eating breakfast at 7 am with her parents and enjoying the morning air. The window is open, and everyone knows how she loves sitting by the window, so no one dares to take that spot from her. She closes her eyes as the breeze hit her face, humming in agreement. Her parents look at her and stifle a laugh. She seems to notice though.


  “What?” she asks, raising an eyebrow at their faces who try to stop laughing at her for whatever reason.


  She just stays still and looks out the window. How can people laugh at her? It's very confusing. What's so funny about a girl who's sitting on a chair staring out the window? She waits for an answer as she sips her coffee that morning with a hum of approval. Coffee has always been her favourite out of other hot drinks. In a way, it calms her a lot in the morning. An energy booster, too.


  Her mother let out a laugh, “Nothing it's just that you stare out the window and your expression when the wind blows on your face is priceless, honey.”


  Mrs. Kim said, patting her shoulder and her father's laugh also echoes as he seems to enjoy his wife's statement. What's so funny about that? She asks in her head, puzzled. She continues to stare out and let them laugh at her all they want. She notices the birds flying together in the distant, making her smile. Nature had always influenced her. It's something she can't describe.


  There's something about them that calms her, like this coffee. They made her feel all warm inside while she sips her coffee and connects herself with nature. It felt so peaceful and all her troubles would go away for a reason. She remembers when she was a child, she used to run out on an adventure into the woods at the back of their house. They sometimes went camping there (funny, yeah) so she got used to the forest. She knows the trails and all, and she loved listening to nature. The wildflowers, the tall trees. They're all very heart-warming to her.


   Her eyes would light up at the mention of camping because she knows her parents would drag her into the forest because that's their camping spot. She would jump in joy if ever they would go out and camp or visit the waterfall or something. She loves them very much and she'd ditch her phone anytime for nature. Maybe that's also one of the reasons why she has little friends in school; that she doesn't socialize much. But it didn't bother her unlike it bothered her parents or her brother. Brother…


   Her hands that were on her thighs under the table slowly inch towards her abdomen and wrap around it instantly at the mention of her brother. Why she did it? She doesn't have an answer. It lingers on her stomach for a while, until she snatches them away and put her hands on the table, snapping herself and letting herself resurface into reality. Her parents talked about their jobs. Mrs. Kim is a writer, a not so famous one but good enough in Daegu meanwhile Mr. Kim is an ordinary office worker. They also own a farm at the back of their house, and when things get busy, she's the one handling them. She and her brother but since he's away for work now, so it's only her, not that she's complaining.


   Her brother is Kim Taehyung. The Kim Taehyung of BTS. he is 23 years old, and right now, he is on tour in Japan. She looks down into the black coffee, the colour made her uneasy for some reason as she thought about him. 3 weeks he spent his day off with them and 3 days since he returned to his idol job, away from his break at this house. Taehyung. When one would think of him, everyone would say how easy going, thoughtful, and handsome he is. Yes, it's true, but there's more than that. Taehyung is more than that to her.

   She could see her mother taking the newspaper on the table. It's today. Mr.Kim had retrieved them earlier when her mother cooked breakfast.


   Her mother turns to her. “Look, it's your brother. The tour is a success as usual.” She says, sipping her coffee and letting Miu grab the newspaper, reading it. Or rather, looking at the headline that has pictures of her brother and his bandmates.


    She stares at the now blue-haired man on the stage, a little too long that she doesn't realize how bizarre it would look to other people if they see her, staring at her own brother's picture like this. Creepy. She didn't mean to linger her eyes too long on his recent picture, but she can't help it; she misses him very much. The headline is about the Love Yourself tour that's starting again. The excerpt of it is saying about how BTS had become international and over millions of tickets being sold and clean. They're performing in Nagoya tonight. Nagoya...she always dreams to travel to Nagoya.


   “You ok there, buddy?” Her father asks, looking at her with warm, kind eyes.


   His face reminded her of her brother. Well, Taehyung is his son after all. Why wouldn't she think of him when she looks at her father? She smiles at him and set aside the newspaper and lean on the table.


   “Nothing. It's just that...I miss him.” She said, meant every word.


   Everyone knows how close they are. How the two Kim siblings were inseparable until Taehyung chased his dream as an idol that his parents approved of. Taehyung is lucky, he has parents who support him no matter what decision he makes and a sister who loves him no matter what he does. It was hard for her when Taehyung walked out because he's the only friend she ever had; no one, except for her best friend Nayeon could make her feel accepted.


   Taehyung is her everything. Her brother, her friend, her companion, her…


“No need to be sad, kiddo. He'll come back soon. Besides, three weeks off is kinda long for an idol and I'm sure your time with him before he left for the tour is well spent, right?”


   Yeah. It was well spent indeed. She smiled bitterly and nod her head. She looks out the window again, and her eyes scan the small hut that she, Taehyung, and their father built when she was only 7 years old and Taehyung was 11. Her eyes linger on it, remember the day Taehyung gently take care of her, making sure she doesn't get hurt when she's helping while their mother makes them hot chocolate and watch as her family works together in harmony and peace.


   It was a peaceful day and it stays attached in her head. How can she forget? It was one of the most precious moments to her. The memory of her and Taehyung. She remembers Taehyung's sweating face as he lifts the woods and helped their father. She remembers how it felt so right to be laughing, to be helping, to be side by side with her brother. True, that she's very close with her brother and she will always be, according to him. Taehyung, even when he lives in Seoul, would always call them every day without fail.


   She remembers how Taehyung and herself would hang out at that old hut that they built, lying on the wooden floor and looking at the trees, the breeze pampering their faces. When Taehyung had his weeks off before he left for the tour, he stayed with her there and hang out with her, listening to each other's crackhead culture talks. The way her brother hugged her, the way his head rested on her shoulder lovingly, the I love yous that they delivered to each other…


   “Hey, since it's a day off, how about we go somewhere?” Her father says, snapping her out of her daydream.


   He's now standing beside her mother, a steaming cup of coffee in his hands as he looks at his wife and his daughter. Her mother seems to be in sync with her husband, so they are waiting for her answer. To be honest, she doesn't mind. Even though she supposed to start her practice for the audition, that usual laziness lingers in her body. Ever since Taehyung left, her body had been in a lazy state. Why? She gulps, remembering such an event and quickly cast it aside to answer her parents.


   “Sure. Where?” She asks lazily, stirring her coffee then sipping them slowly. It's still hot.


   Her father thinks for a while, leaning on the counter and think of where their destination would be today. Suddenly, he claps his hands together which resulted in her mother to flinch. Mrs. Kim has always been a scary cat, just like her. They laughed at the woman.


   “You scare me!” she screamed, hitting her husband in a playful manner. Perhaps, it has been too hard of a hit because he jumped and let out an “ow.” They all laugh again, and Miu wonders about what would today be like if Taehyung is by their side. By her side. It would've been even more fun. What could he be doing, right now? Miu wonders, her laughter still lingers with them, but it dies as she stares at the black, steaming hot coffee. It's like staring at a hole. A hole in her heart that is.


   “As I was saying,” Mr. Kim pause, eyeing his wife in a flirty manner and look at his only daughter with a smile as he continues. “I think it'd be fun to drive off to that favourite waterfall that you love so much. It's only 30 minutes’ drive there.”


   He says with a smile as he realizes how much his daughter loves that place and as her eyes lit up with excitement at the mention of the waterfall. Good choice indeed. All her troubles are forgotten at the mention of the waterfall that she loves so much. She stands up, fixing her dress immediately and walk out of the house to their car.


   “I'll be waiting in the car. Hurry up!” She ushers them, sprinting to get outside leaving her parents in the kitchen with a smile on their faces.


   “Well, let's go.” Mr. Kim said, beaming at Mrs. Kim.


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Miu rests her head against the cushion of the car, smiling happily with her eyes fixated on the now grey clouds. She grimaces, displeased with the drastic change of the weather suddenly. She looks around, realizing that her father is now starting the engine, ready to drive to her favourite waterfall with her mother putting the MP3 player on; BTS'. Her brother's.





   "Ah, look at the weather, sweetheart." Her father says, listening to her whines and thrashing around on her seat like a child.










   "Honey, stop that." Mrs. Kim warns her, looking at Miu slightly until she stilled and look out the window again. Her father could be cancelling their plans for the day and that's the last thing that she wants right now. She's all pumped and she doesn't want rain to ruin her fun. This is so unfair. She sighs deeply, hunching down and let her head rest on her thighs at the mood swing she's currently facing right now. It feels like she could cry any time soon.





   "Hey, that's ok. We can still go to that waterfall. Let's not let this rain beats us!" Mr. Kim said, supporting his daughter's wish to visit the waterfall. The engine roars and immediately Butterfly starts playing, letting the car lit up with the ballad tune. It's Butterfly Prologue Mix. It has a calming tune to it and she smiles for two reasons at that moment; the music that she loves so much, and her father's supportive decision. She knows her like a book.





   He starts to drive, pulling out of their driveway. Mrs. Kim starts to speak up; "Well, I don't mind about traveling to that waterfall one bit, but make sure you're careful with your driving today, hun."










   Mr. Kim only laugh at the reminder and said, "Hey, don't I always? Have we ever got into an accident?" he prompts, continue to drive and let Miu stare at the hut that they had built back then, as it slowly fades away from her view.





   The rain taps on the window...drip, drip, by one slowly. Miu buries her eyes at the trees beside her as the car move slowly. For a while, she feels dizzy as Butterfly continue to play in the car, and she let her head lolled side to side. She could hear her parents talking about their duties in their everyday lives; Mr. Kim is tired of his boss who blew up at everyone in his office. He was young, according to Miu's father and even became a boss because the company belongs to his family. The young lad is a brat, he complains.





   Meanwhile, Mrs. Kim says that she needs to finish that novel that she's working on, a novel about a tragic love story where the girl is dead, and she can't cross because apparently, her lover can't let her go and is in mourning state. Well, that's Miu's mother; a sucker for love. The older woman would always egg Miu on getting a boyfriend. Always asking her if someone asked her out or not. But Miu couldn't; she couldn't betray her-





   She closes her eyes, attempting to stop her thoughts at the moment. Miu let her left palm lay flat on the left side of the car's window, closing her eyes in peace with Butterfly still playing...





   And that's where she opened her eyes.





   Miu didn't know what happened, but she's standing at the side of the road and her eyes are wide and mouth gaps open at what she sees now; their car, the car that she was sitting in while listening to Butterfly Prologue Mix in peace, just a second ago is now resting against the big tree across from where she's standing.





   Its front mirror is smashed and what's more horrible is that she could see her mother's body on top squished in between the tree and the car, she was thrown out perhaps. Even a few feet away, she could make out clearly, it's Mrs. Kim because she was wearing jeans, her favourite jeans that Taehyung bought for her and her red blouse. But that's not the only thing that is red; Miu could make out gushes of blood on the road, making her stomach churn. Her this state?





   Miu runs, ready to go and look at her parents. She runs so hard, her eyes stinging as she quickly makes her way towards her mother who, she could see is in the scary and gory state. The skin on her face was completely peeled off, the muscle is visible as Miu holds the urge to puke right then and there. Miu swallows the disgusting puke from getting out of her, and she back away, stumbling, trying to clear her head and search for her father.





   She walks around the burnt car trying to search for her father. With a shaking voice, she called out; "Dad! Dad!" She screams at the top of her lungs in this lonely road, her head aching suddenly. It's so painful, and she wonders maybe it's part of this accident? But how? She's still in the good state despite her parents' gruesome accident. And this car... No way she could survive!





   No. This isn't the time to think about that. I need to find Dad!





   Finally, she could see a hand dangling in the bushes at the side of the car. Must be Mr. Kim. But as she walks closer, she could see a bracelet dangling on the stretched-out arm, the one where she's wearing and ironically, she's still wearing it; it's a small shell that Taehyung and her had collected at the beach, and, being the talented man her brother is, he had made a bracelet for her and for himself. Couple bracelet, he had said.





   Confused as ever, she pulls the hand up slowly, and there, she meets herself.





   Her face is white. Too white and it seems like blood had drained out of her and her lips were busted with blood, lots of blood gushed out of her and onto her pastel dress that she wore this morning, and she's still wearing it. Her face is awfully pale with her eyes closed. Her lower half still hadn't been pulled up by her because she can't seem to comprehend all of this. And so, she let go, letting her body drop into the bushes once more as she back away, falling onto the ground.





   No. No no no no no! This is a dream. A dream. Just a dream!





   She opens her eyes and that's where she realizes that she's crying. Tears slid down her face out of nowhere as her lip’s trembles from shock and horror. Why is she like this? What the hell is this? Miu questions herself, as she hugs her knees.





   No. No. No. We're just a family of three going for a drive to the waterfall. The drive is literally 30 minutes away, it shouldn't have been this way. Why am I like this? Why am I-





   She pinches herself, once twice. Nothing happened. She looks around, and she's still here. Still on the ground and this horror. A dream, she tells herself.





   She had nightmares before. Of course, everyone does. Her nightmares which was, her failure in getting into college, her secrets being discovered by her parents, her brother dying, big, giant spiders making its way to eat her nightmares, but this-





   She opens her eyes once more and feels so numb that she can't move at all.





   That's when she hears siren making its way to her family.




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   Miu stares at nothing, her head down looking at her own foot.


   Is she dead?


  She asks herself this, feeling her chest is about to burst out of her ribcage. She can feel herself being jabbed with questions that were asked by her and no one else. It's her who's asking herself this, “Am I dead?”


   Because it seems like it.


   She's all alone now as people pass by, the firefighters reviving her mother's crushed body and putting the woman into a black, huge bag they prepared alongside her father who Miu doesn't realize what state he's in. She's too afraid to step closer and look. Too shocked.


  Miu shifts her eyes towards her own body, lying in the previous bushes. People lifting her into the paramedics' arms and on the ground. They are examining her. The woman who is working on her then shout; “Her Glasgow Coma is an eight. Let's bag her now!” She announces, inserting a tube down her throat for god knows what, attach a bag with a bulb to it and starts pumping. 


  “We need to get to the nearest hospital this instant! She needs treatment, asap!” she says, and Miu watch as her body is being put on to the bedding and immediately rolling her into the ambulance, separating her from her family who she's not sure if they'd survive. From the looks of it…


  Miu follows them, sitting beside her own body that is lying down like a corpse. Her face is still pale, with so many wrongs on her body. She can see the red tint of blood smeared on her chin down to her chest like she's some men eating creature from that anime Tokyo Ghoul.


  She grimaces, and that's where she looks down onto the the-sleeping-her lower body and sees blood in between her thighs and her left leg...she can see the white bone making her shiver and turn around. Afraid.  


  Is she gonna be ok? That blood on her…


  “Which hospital is the closest?”


  “Geongchang Red Cross Hospital, ma’am.”


  The door is closed, and she is with the nice lady who examined her earlier, still pumping the bulb to maybe get her to live? Miu isn't so sure about that. If she is dead, then why is she here? Why she's not floating somewhere? Like those movies where after we all die, we'd go somewhere safe?


   Heaven? Yeah...if she is dead, why is she here looking down at herself? If she is alive, then why is she outside of her body? Why is she here? Why can't she snap her eyes open and get up despite her blood and broken body?


  “Look, drive this ambulance now. But don't speed up. It won't do us any good. Or her.” The lady says to the driver and Miu knows that she's right. They can't speed up like a lunatic because if they crash, something even horrible will happen to her.


   Miu wonders what is this lady's reaction if she knows somehow that the girl she's taking care of, that she's holding right now is ‘awake’ and hearing what she says? Miu laughs softly, not worrying about getting caught because no one can see her anyway.


  That's a silly thought.


  Miu jolts a little when the driver starts driving, going at a medium speed to try to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Miu doesn't know how long they'll reach the nearest hospital because they did crash in the middle of nowhere, going to her favourite waterfall.


   She never knew it'd come to this. If only she's not so persistent on going. If only her father stopped their journey as soon as he realized the rain. If only she's not a stuck-up emo bitch. If only she listened to her parents just this once…


   Miu could feel those people looking at the ambulance with sympathy and worry. Miu remembers there's this woman who cries like a baby when she saw their car and her mother's body completely crushed. She could feel her sincere tears drip down and she could feel the older woman praying.


   That convinced her that she is dead. But…


  She waits for a while, looking around and onto herself, realizing how brutal her condition is. Is she bleeding instead of seeping? She's not so sure about that.


   She sees herself, lying there supported by some pumping equipment to try to make her hang in there as the woman pumps and pumps, her eyes hopeful as she continues to stare at Miu. She has a heart of gold. If Miu were to wake up, she'd thank her for taking such good care of her. Miu prays that she would wake up.


  “You hang in there.”


  And hang in there she did.




    When Taehyung was younger, he dreams a lot. He wants to be a good, talented idol. He wants to be the one who's pulling out his family from hardships. No more debts, no more farming, no more this, no more that.

  Taehyung went through a lot just to be where he is now. Not just him, but also his bandmates.


   They struggle, they fight, they love, they laugh, at the same time experiencing something bittersweet. At least that's what Miu heard, repeatedly from those fansites on Twitter and Instagram. All those fans, saying kind and meaningful words to her brother and his bandmates regarding their struggles to stardom. Miu heard it all before. And to be honest, she didn't know what to feel.

  Miu knows for a fact that they all lose those times with their families. Precious times that they thought would last forever.


   Taehyung (according to her instincts and predictions,) must know there's a price he must pay. They all recognized that; that he needs to face the fact that, there are people who're going to drift away from their lives.


   Taehyung was 17 when he walked into Seoul and left Geongchang. Their home. He was a boy then, a young boy with big dreams, coupled up with his hopes and family prayers. And while Taehyung hoped that he'll become an idol one day, so does his sister and his parents. They pray for him.


  Taehyung is coming back tonight. Her parents were screaming with joy to the neighbors, to the world. Miu peeks at her parents in the kitchen who talks about her brother with pride and Miu can't help but feel her heart aches. It's a funny feeling, and she knows she's not supposed to feel this way, but she does; she feels very hurt with the way her parents who by the looks of it favour Taehyung more than herself. It's stupid, but she felt this way.


  It's not like Mrs. Kim and Mr. Kim doesn't love her. They do. But Miu knows there's nothing about her that they can look up to. She's not social like any one of them and she's not confident like them and her voice is so weak and small unlike them who has good, high voice, especially her brother. And she always hides away from crowds unlike them who has numerous good friends and jokes around all the time. Miu always feels like she didn't fit in and always feel like Taehyung is the golden child in their little family.


  She walks away from the scene, making her way to her bedroom and closing it softly. She sits on her bed, remembering the day Taehyung left. To be honest, his relationship with Miu is not the same anymore. Ever since he left, Miu tried to tell herself that it was for the best, for their family but all she could feel was how unfair it was, and Taehyung was being selfish. Miu knows that she shouldn't feel that way, but she did.


  When Taehyung arrived at his audition in Bighit entertainment, he said it was very hard for him because he had to be ‘the secret member’ and it hurts a lot to him. He called them every day and talked to them, even Miu and said how he missed her. And Miu had answered back I miss you too with full of emotions, emotions only she understood. She always talks to him privately and he would ask her how she is doing because Taehyung knew how she was; how hard it was for her.


  But when Taehyung officially became a member and debuted, he stopped talking to her. That's when her depression and insomnias started at the age of 14. Taehyung only called her parents and messaged them and his calls and texts for her had stopped coming, making her lonelier than ever. He stopped talking to her and only asked about her whereabouts through her mother. Mrs. Kim didn't realize how hurt she was, nor did she realize how she started becoming more and more depressed.


  She wants to be like before. She wants them to be like before. But every time Taehyung tried to talk to her, it felt like she's being pricked by thousands of needles.


   It was painful.








   Taehyung arrives exactly at nine pm. Miu’s parents picked him up at the train station upon his arrival at Daegu. Miu can hear their voices, talking and laughing, she can hear their warm voices talking to her brother. The ache in her heart starts again, making her clutch her chest through her t-shirt in her dim bedroom. She starts to have envious thoughts in her head. Taehyung's laughter, Taehyung's voice, their parents praising him, the double standards when it comes to Taehyung and her.


  Not only do people in her school question her relations with Taehyung, but her own parents keep giving her different looks. Even though she knows they love her, but it's not the same love as like they had for her big brother. Miu laughs softly. Who wouldn't love her brother? Not only he's good in socializing, but he's also good in his studies. A prodigy unlike her. Daegu’s pride.


  She didn't even tag along to pick him up.


  “It's ok, Taehyung. Go ahead and rest up. If you want dinner, there's still some leftovers in the microwave. You can have them if you want. Help yourself.” Miu heard Mrs. Kim says through the walls.


  Miu doesn't know what he said, his voice is hard to hear for some reason but Miu hears footsteps. Their parents turn to their bedroom meanwhile Taehyung walks up the stairs to his room, just beside hers. To go to his room, he has to pass hers. For some strange reason, his footsteps stopped right in front of her door. Miu’s heartbeat stopped for a while...


   1,2,3…she counts all the while sitting still on her bed with her blankets on her body. Taehyung still doesn't move. But then, his footsteps can be heard again accompanied by the door being closed softly.  


  Maybe Taehyung is trying to patch things up between them? Yeah, that can be it. Not that he never tried before, ever since he was 17 and every time he came back for a break, he wondered why she stopped talking to him alongside their parents. And every time Taehyung comes back, he always tries to make conversations with her and persuade her. Buy her things, but Miu keeps on giving him the cold shoulders. For the past 7 years. Taehyung doesn't understand why she had been that way, and unfortunately, so did her. She can't understand why she been that way herself.


  Miu didn't know what gotten into her or why she's being such a bitch. Was it because of the envy she had for Taehyung? Was it because she was jealous of his success? Or was it because he stopped talking to her and rarely came home ever since he became an idol? Ah, she doesn't know!


 Miu cuddle with her pillow on her bed, she doesn't know why her heart's been beating so fast, why her body shakes, anxious envelopes her as she hears the white silence in her room. Her clock on her table where she does her homework ticks softly. The house is quiet, everyone has gone to sleep so should her. She closes her eyes and thinks about what is it that she hates so much about her brother. They used to get along so well. He was her best friend after all.


  Maybe she's angry at the world for being so unfair.


  The darkest secret she ever held in her life is this; her love for her own brother. It's more than love. As she grows older, her feelings towards her brother develop into romance and you don't fall in love with your brother. Any idiot knows that. She hugs her pillows closely to her chest. It's a secret she'll take to her grave until she dies. Something she'll keep for herself and no one will ever know about it, except her.


  When did her feelings change towards her brother? Perhaps it was when he went away. Maybe she was so lonely that her feelings escalated to a whole new level?


  That's when she hears it; sobbing.


   Taehyung's sobbing.




  It's no secret that Taehyung is a cry baby, even the fans know it. But why is he crying? What's the reason for him to cry? He's supposed to be happy now that he's here away from work. So why? Miu reluctantly stands up, slowly making her ways towards her bedroom door to head to her brother's. She becomes anxious suddenly, her heart hammering in her chest.


  Miu stares longingly at her brother's door, confused. What should she do? What should she say, once she's in his bedroom in front of him? But his sounds so painful and Miu can't help but feel obligated to comfort her brother. She twists the doorknob slowly and there, across from her, Taehyung is sobbing in his pillows, muffling his sobs. He doesn't seem to notice her, so she closes the door softly and stares at her brother.

  It always hurts her whenever Taehyung cries. It breaks her heart to be honest because she knows Taehyung is a soft-hearted man who'd do anything to help other people. Even when Miu rejected him for the past 7 years, he never stopped trying to get to her but she's a stubborn girl who wouldn't listen to anyone. Now she regretted doing it.


  Maybe Taehyung is crying because of her.


  Taehyung is hiccupping on his bed, curled up on his bed in a fetal position when he feels warm, tiny hands stretching out to cup his cheeks. He opens his eyes, and there, he sees a teenager.


  It's Miu.


  She's wiping his tears as he cries, and her face is full of regret with a bitter smile; they are beautiful. Taehyung notices how Miu had grown to look just like him; so much like him. Her lips stretch out to thin lines forming a smile that he never knows could be shown to him. Yet here she is, smiling for him. His hiccups and sobs can still be heard as he stares at his little sister, dumbfounded with her sudden appearance.


   “You seriously sound like a baby, Oppa.” Miu spat, and that is the first time she ever talked to him after all this time. She's still smiling as she caresses his bare face with both her hands. He can feel his skin warms up from her touch, and before he realizes what his sister said, he laughs a little; it was a short laugh and he turns his gaze away from her and onto the floor without interest. Oppa...this time her voice sounded more sincere than usual. It's something Taehyung yearn for. But why? Suddenly? Was he crying so loudly that she heard him?


  “Was...was I… loud?” he asked, now returning his gaze to the girl hesitantly like a child. If Taehyung's being honest, he should just stop being in this position and start acting like an older brother. But it feels so good to be held like a child now. Taehyung wants to stay like this... with her.


   He starts to tear up again when the girl seems to smile so warmly like the sun and without meaning to, he burst into tears with his lips trembling as he cries again. This must be a way she'd smile at him. No way she'd forgive him. At least not anytime soon.


   “Hey…” she raises her eyebrows at him and Taehyung can't stop crying as he shakes in her arms. Before Taehyung realizes it, she wraps him around her small body (obviously he's larger than her) and rocks him in her arms. His head is right on her collarbone, as he weeps. Taehyung doesn't really understand how he can be this vulnerable in front of her.


   “Why are you crying?” she asks softly, patting his fluffy hair and tucking them back when they cover his face; his face was blotchy, red eyes with tears staining his cheeks. He looks awful, yet he could care less by now. Taehyung feel her hands lovingly caress him sweetly now and he relaxed, shallow breath puffed out of his chest. Slowly.


  Taehyung let his gaze wander into her eyes once more, looking up until he realizes that his head is right on top of her chest lovingly. A tint of a blush spread on his cheeks as he realizes that he had laid his head on her developing breast. As quickly as possible, Taehyung pulls away from his sister's warm embrace and look at her with wide eyes. It’s inappropriate to stay in that position and before Taehyung knows it he released himself from her arms.


  “What's wrong?” she asks, with a confused face as she too stands up and looks at her with a confused gaze. Taehyung then realizes how attractive his little sister had gotten; right now, both her hands are beside her and her legs close her chest. Her hair long and shiny and he could make out her breast peering out for his eyes. Taehyung could feel the heavy blush spread on his cheeks unintentionally. This is not supposed to be happening; the part where he ogles his sister's chest he meant.


  What size is she? B? Yeah, definitely B. It looks so delicate and felt so warm. Taehyung want to go back and lie on her chest and have her caress his face like a while ago, but he knows it's not something good to do; if their parents walk in, they would get the wrong idea for sure; and Taehyung would get nagged at. Deemed as a freak.


  Before he knows it, she is now in front of her with that daze eyes eyeing him, glistening with want. Taehyung doesn't know what happened, but she reaches out to his hands and interlocks their hands together, her eyes still on her brother's face as she put on her smile that Taehyung yearned for. Before it's too late, she presses a kiss onto his lips, so soft and tender and passionate, and Taehyung can't comprehend the fact that she is kissing her own big brother. His eyes were wide, as she keeps kissing him, licking his bottom lip with such passion. Taehyung doesn't know why she keeps licking his bottom lip; this is, embarrassingly his first kiss; he never thought it would be this way at all, that he'll lose his first-time kiss to his kid sister.


  Taehyung could feel her hands crawling to his body (he's not that muscular like Jungkook or Jin Hyung, but he'd say he got abs) and he could feel her hands admiring his side abs, lovingly clawing at them and tracing her hands on his wide back, and up to his wide shoulders and lightly massaging him with touches he never experienced before.


   It was different from the way he got massaged by his bandmates. It was… more than that? Out of instincts, Taehyung starts to grab her waist and deepening their kiss, and he could hear himself moan in between kisses alongside her.


  As if he realized what he's doing, he let go of her waist and pull away from the kiss with wide eyes staring back at her. His breath is laboured, his chest felt like it's going to explode any time soon.


  Taehyung begins to realize how awful, disgusting he is that he had made out with his own baby sister. To his horror, he realized just how much he's growing in his pyjama pants; his dick is hard, so, so hard.


  Fuck, no! He mentally screams in his head as he realizes that he's aroused from her hands, her kisses, her breast. He's disgusting.


   “Why did you do that?” he asks, voice firm now and his eyes looking at her intensely. For some reason, anger starts to bubble in his chest, frustration, and his worries; worried that everyone will know what he had done a few minutes ago. Taehyung continues to glare at her.


  “I just want to kiss oppa, that's all-”


  “And what? Get caught red-handed?” He hissed.


  Taehyung could feel his sister's eyes widening, staring at him like she had seen a ghost. Taehyung wonders if he's too mean now?


   But he has too! He could risk getting caught and if they did, his career could end for all he knows. He glares at the girl, as she fixes her clothes and starts lowering her gaze and that's when he realized where she's ogling him; his erection jumped at the gesture, and he quickly turns away, faces palming when he no longer faces the daring girl.


    Fuck, fuck, fuck…!


   Not long he could feel her hands wrapping around him once more, her head leaning on his back since she's way shorter than him and Taehyung could feel her heart's beating; they're so strong and fast. Is it because of him?


   “Oppa...please kiss me.” She whispered, and her hands trail towards where she shouldn't touch, his penis, and she lightly stroke it which caused him to wail and biting his lip, afraid of getting caught by their parents downstairs. Taehyung could feel precum leaking out of him when she played with his penis expertly, better than he had done with his hands. Taehyung could feel her hum of approval as it vibrates behind him and his knees buckle a little, his eyebrows furrowed.


    Fuck, she's so good...


   “After all, you seem to really like it when I kiss you…” She trailed off, playing with him again and Taehyung swore he could hear her chuckle in amusement. He could feel her grinning even though they do not face to face. Finally, after debating with himself, he turned around and as quickly as possible, pushing her down on the bed and into the covers, pulling her into a bruising kiss, moaning at the taste of her lips and, as her lips parted, he stuck his tongue into her mouth, and began passionately kissing her with so much want that he hadn't realized before. He kissed her with a bruising force, out of instincts, he starts giving her love, the kind of love that he should be giving to his lover in the future. Not his little sister.


  “Ummm...oppa… hah…” she starts puffing out words in between kisses as Taehyung began to give her love and passionately kissing her like there's no tomorrow. Taehyung starts to wander his big hands underneath her small t-shirt, rubbing her skin, tracing his hands on her back, kissing her again and again until she is a panting mess; the kiss was so intense Taehyung knew it's gonna leave a bruise on his lips. Even hers.


  They stopped when Taehyung connected his forehead with hers, staring deep inside her eyes with want, their breaths seems to be tangled up just like them. The air is hot, the tension is rising, and Taehyung can't help it anymore.


  She starts to slip her hands to his pyjama buttons and opening it one at a time with that seductive gaze Taehyung never knew she could pull off; it's always the damn porn stars in his porn collection, yet this is a new level of excitement. Taehyung is surprised yet thrilled.


  The buttons opened bit by bit, and before Taehyung realize it, he kissed her again with force and licking her bottom lip, sliding his tongue with hers and moaning with want, forgetting everything about their parents. Taehyung could feel his erection getting bigger and bigger in his pants as he continues to kiss his sister like this; he always had an oral fixation and he presents them on stage frequently that their fangirls go crazy on, but he never knew this skill of his would be useful.


  This is his first time kissing a girl. Anyone in their right mind won't believe him when he said he had never kissed a girl or slept with them before. But truth to be told, it's the truth. His agency is too strict on them that they can't risk getting caught with girls and their schedules are super tight that Taehyung can't get laid. But he doesn't mind. He's not that good with girls. But this… Taehyung doesn't realize how much he likes his sister that he began kissing her intently, his moans muffled with hers, their bodies tangled on his bed.


  Taehyung pulls his pyjamas off of his body, revealing his toned abs, his wide shoulders, and his biceps that could make any fangirl drool. Taehyung saw his sister ogling her with want as her eyes darken with lust and she pull off her tight t-shirt as well, revealing her white cotton bra. Taehyung's eyes linger a little too long at her breast; they're at the perfect shape, the cups are amazing, Taehyung could already imagine having them in his hands, squeezing them and giving them good care. He could already feel the want to taste her sweet nipples and listen to her whines and the sound she makes as he has his way with her buds. Taehyung could feel his cock got harder at the thought, and before he knows it, she slips her bra away from her body, and Taehyung could see her breast fully, uncovered by anything and bare in front of his eyes.


  Taehyung crawl to her almost immediately, desperate to be close to her, and quickly capture her lips with his yet again, holding her shoulders in his hands and moan at her breast pressing against his chest, unintentionally rubbing against him. They break off from the kiss, and he stares longingly into her beautiful eyes, like his. Taehyung wonders if she knew, how similar they are? Without realizing, she stretches out her hands and cups his face lovingly as she had done earlier.


   “Touch me, oppa… please…” she begged, her eyes locking with his and her lips still wet from the kiss they had shared tonight. Taehyung could feel his heart hammering so hard in his chest, and she guides his hands to her breast, insisting on Taehyung to squeeze her breast and touch her. So, Taehyung did. He squeezes them, too hard, until she hissed and that's when he looked up to her once more.


   “Be gentle, oppa. It kinda hurts…” she whimpered, and Taehyung immediately had his big eyes staring at her with concern.


  “I- I'm sorry, Miu…” he whispered, rubbing them lovingly now, and she just smiled sweetly at him like he never hurt her. He then starts to squeeze them gently, pinching her nipples slowly, afraid if he'll hurt her again. He squeezed and rub her breast until they feel warm and she's a moaning mess from the pleasure. Taehyung takes that as a yes to finally place his kisses on her nipples, around her breast, and in between her chest. Taehyung has his legs sprawled around her hips as she clenches her legs from the unbearable pleasure that's spreading through her body.


  “Oppa… oppa… ummm...more…” she whined, and Taehyung could feel her shaking as she watches Taehyung licking up her nipples like it's one of his snacks while looking at her intensely with those eyes, the same way he had done in their performance on stage. Taehyung made the sound of spit, slick noises in this room, making everything feel hot and Taehyung could feel his cock throbbed so painfully, wanting release as soon as possible.


   Taehyung kisses her again, harder this time, as his lips continue to give her pleasure. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore, so he spread open her legs and get down even lower, which causes her to yelp in embarrassment. She looks away, feeling Taehyung's hot breath lingered on her pussy, making her whimper from the sensation. If she's being honest, she could come just from Taehyung's stares, his touches, his kisses. Everything drives her crazy.


  “Don't get all coy with me, baby girl. I know this is what you want.” Taehyung says, kissing her through her shorts making her whine even more. He looks at her and said, “after all, you're the one who starts this.” he added, pulling away her shorts almost desperate to have her naked and throwing it away carelessly on his bedroom floor and seeing the matching white, innocent panties, he licks his lips again and stare deep into her eyes with want. “


   You sure know how to make Oppa feel crazy baby.” he smiled.


  The girl whine from his words, letting Taehyung slide her panties away from her body, and finally, revealing her most sensitive, sacred place to her own big brother, the first boy who ever seen her core. She could feel her cheeks flaming and her arousal heightening up when she realized how Taehyung can't seem to take his eyes off of her pussy like this. He stares at it like it's meat for him to eat. Taehyung gulped, feeling his cock gets bigger since this whole thing started and without a word, he starts advancing towards his sister's pussy and his eyes is now facing to face with her pussy, making her blush even more. He can't help but think of how pink it is. How beautiful it is. How it's his.


  “Oppa, please don't look at me…” she whispered, her cheeks flaming as red as a beet.


  It felt so foreign; having another human, a man, her brother seeing her vagina close like this. Miu doesn't know when it became this way, but it did. Did it feel so...weird? Pleasurable? Her pussy drips from the attention that her brother gave her. It felt so weird yet so exciting at the same time. Truth is Miu never thought about Taehyung being her first like this. It had always been in her head and in her daydreams but it's happening.


   And she never felt so happy.


  Taehyung smirked at her words, looking up to her with a smug look on his handsome face. “Why, you don't know how beautiful you look here.” He said, smiling sweetly like a child.


   The duality. She could feel his breath tickling her down there, almost inside her like this. Miu let out a whimper at the feeling and closing her legs but Taehyung quickly captures them in his hands spreading them open again. Taehyung got even closer to it and stick out her tongue to lick up and down on her clit that sends jolts of pleasure to her body. She arches her back with a moan, couldn't believe it's happening. That Taehyung is touching her the way she dreamed off for so long.


   “You look so beautiful here,” Taehyung said, opening her lips, parting them making her whine a little from the touches and the feeling of her being opened by her brother. She could hear Taehyung moaning when he peeked into her intently.


   Is that… her hymen? Taehyung asks himself when he saw her walls squeezed in when she breathes in. Fuck, it's hot. Taehyung could see her in there. She's so small and Taehyung isn't sure if he's going to fit into her. Taehyung knows for a fact that he's big. Big, big and this is also his first time. He can't blow it. And he can't hurt his little baby. Taehyung thought about it, the thought of him hurting his little sister. It hurts him whenever she'd cry, and he can't bear the thought of his little sister crying when he thrust into her, trying to knock her up.


  He saw her lying there, face flushed, lips parting and eyes hooded with pleasure. She looks so beautiful. And Taehyung doesn't want to hurt his beautiful sister.


  “Baby, are you sure? I don't want to hurt you…” he says, thinking about her hurting just breaks his heart. He touches her face, coming back up to look her in the eyes, staring deep into her beautiful eyes. Taehyung can't help but feel like he's looking into heaven. He felt in peace, contented, and wants to stay in her eyes forever. Taehyung wants it to stay in her eyes forever and forever like this. No more of their fights and doubts. No more hate in her heart. Taehyung only wants to be loved by her.


  She cups his face, making him jolt off his thoughts and focus on her cute face once again. She smiled warmly while cupping his face, bringing him closer to hers.


  “I know you won't hurt me, Oppa.” Her voice is so small as she says them in his dimmed bedroom, and Taehyung, ever so slowly brings his face to hers once again, sealing her into a passionate kiss that she longed for. It was long, and all she could feel is the love she had for him intertwining together. He starts to unbutton his shorts and putting them away, looking at her with want as his dick is finally freed from its confinement. He looks at her with want and slowly embrace her in his arms once more.


  Taehyung kisses her on her cheeks, then whisper into her ears; “if we do this, things will be different tomorrow. Do you still want this to happen?” he asks, his question swirling in her head for a while, until she finally said yes. Why wouldn't she?


  “Yes. Yes. Yes. I want it, Oppa. Please… she whispers enough for Taehyung to hear.

  Tears slipped from her eyes as she realizes how desperate she was to feel her brother inside her body. She had dreamed of it for years. Miu felt as if she could faint any moment from the frustration and the need to have Taehyung inside her. Fuck this taboo shit, she's in love with him and she's not ashamed.

  "If we do this," he stopped, eyeing her with lust but his voice had a hint of reminder in them.     


  "...there's no holding back." He says, his eyes hooded with pleasure.

  Miu stretches out her hand and held his, intertwining their fingers together lovingly. She stares into his eyes once more; "Oppa...I don't want you to hold back..."

  Taehyung's heart seems to stop at her words. He doesn't think he could. He doesn't think he could stop himself from sinking into his little sister. God knows how much he wanted to be with her, be inside her, no matter how wrong this is. But his selfish needs, his ego keeps on stopping him. Taehyung knows tomorrow morning, everything's going to change. He knows that very well.

  But he can't stop.

  So he did what every man would do in this kind of situation. He sunk into his needs.

  "Okay. But remember this; everything will change..." He says, kissing the top of her head lovingly and slowly, parted her lips making her whine and let his head spread her open. He gulped; I don't think it's gonna fit.

  But seeing his little sister so desperate like this, he knows he must comply. She looks like she really needs it. Live for it. Maybe she was meant for him and he was meant for her all along? He ever so slowly put the head of his penis inside her for the first time, hearing her whine but not in pain but more of pleasure. He looks at his sister's face, contorted with pleasure and he held her hands in his once more, telling her that he's here.

  Taehyung ever so slowly sink into her, and she moans from pain this time; he stopped, watching her face scrunched up from the feeling of being stretched out for the first time and it got him worried; is he hurting her? Does she want to stop? Should he stop? Should he pull out and check on her? But she doesn't say anything. Is she ok? Why won't she say something?

  "Are you ok, baby? Do you want to stop?" He asks, his hands now grabbing her small waist lovingly, making them close once more, and he could hear her heart beat so fast and her tears staining her beautiful face. It hurts him seeing her like this.

  She bats her eyes at him, lips parting and cheeks flushed still; "No, oppa. I want it. Please go in me more..." She said, moaning once more.

  Taehyung hesitantly sinks into her deeper, listening to her whines. He keeps pushing, pushing, and pushing gently until she felt so full. It's like her stomach is growing inside her little by little by just her brother's penis. Taehyung is so gentle that she hadn't felt any pain, even when this is indeed her first time. It should be painful, right? But it's not... Taehyung is indeed for her. And only her.

  "Oppa, how long is it? I feel so full..." She says, whining when Taehyung hissed in pleasure from her walls hugging his penis so snugly. If Taehyung is being honest, he's thinking about ramming it inside in a flash. But this is not what he needs. This is what she needs.

  "A few more inches, baby. Just a bit more..." He says, pushing in slowly still, hearing their moans intertwined together in perfect harmony.

  "A- a few more? But oppa... Y- you make me feel so full..." She whispers, looking into her brother's eyes while he's focusing on her pussy like this. He hissed again from the pleasure, and he groaned when finally, he is seated inside her completely.

  "I'm in, now." He says, his own tanned cheeks flaming with a blush from the fact he had just lost his virginity and so does her. Her blood stained his sheets, making reality hit him like a tsunami; he took her for the first time. She's officially his and he is officially hers.

  "Oppa, I can feel you here." She put her hands underneath her belly button, sighing in relief at the fact that Taehyung is her first like she always dreamed off. Taehyung is hers.

  "Oppa is my first. I'm so happy..." She says, tears pricking her eyes once more at the feeling of his brother's penis twitching happily inside her like this.

  "Are you in pain? Baby?" Taehyung asks, holding her once more, afraid at the thought of hurting his baby sister. But instead of asking him to pull out, she shakes her head no and smiling happily.

  "Oppa, please... Thrust into me. Please... I need you..." She whined, feeling lost and light-headed, empty even though Taehyung is inside her.

  Taehyung ever so slowly and gently pushes into her more, rocking his hips as he did in their dance practice. Guess that hip thrusting in Baepsae is of use now, huh? He grinned like an idiot at the thought, continue doing it again and again but gently unlike during their practices. Those had been tough, hard, and aggressive. He pushes in and out slowly, listening to her whines of pleasure and his own laboured breathing. Before he knows it, sweats start to form on his forehead and his groan is heard by both. Soon the room is filled with the obscene sound of Taehyung's cock hammering inside her walls and the slick noises were heard from her wetness overflowing.

  She's convinced that she's in euphoria.

  "Oppa..mmm..." Miu starts to moan when Taehyung rocks his hips slowly and deliciously, careful not to hurt her. Her hands were up beside her head, she grabs the sheets and moaning with her eyes rolling back at the feeling of Taehyung thrusting into her.

  "Oppa, faster...!" She hissed, and Taehyung got faster and thrusting so hard that she couldn't feel any pain anymore. She couldn't feel any discomfort. All she felt was pleasure coursing her body like electric jolting, sending shocks of ecstasy repeatedly when Taehyung thrust and thrust into her.

  Taehyung moaned in pleasure, his breath colliding with hers as they puff out their breaths together, making love for the first time even though this is so wrong. His sweat dropped to her foreheads, mixing with hers as he thrust. Soon, he found that his little sister is thrusting up and up meeting his hips, their thrust of pleasure combined, and Taehyung felt his penis became harder and harder inside her walls. They're so perfect; enveloping him in warmth and he knows it's made for him. And only him.

  No one can touch her. Only him.

  "B- baby... Are you...?" He tries to ask, but he got cut off from the pleasure that's creeping on his body. He held her waist more firmly and thrust into her again and again, ignoring whether their parents could hear them or not. Taehyung knows they're a heavy sleeper and for sure she knows that too. Besides, their bedroom is downstairs and way at the back from their room.

  Taehyung buries his face into her delicate and soft neck, kissing them while moaning. She seems to like it and moan a bit harder and brought her legs up even higher, begging for Taehyung to grab them. So, he did. He grabbed them firmly putting them on her chest and bending her in half, making her see her pussy getting drilled by her own brother, her pussy making those slick noises and her brother's penis going in and out of her with such force. The image is so obscene, and she moaned, again and again, feeling close.

  "Oppa... I want to cum..." She whispers, gripping the sheets above her head even tighter, feeling her brother speed up even more from her confession.

  "I'm too... I want to cum too... Ah! So, let's do it... Together..." He says between his moans and breath as he thrust and thrust into her like crazy, the bed creaking again and again from their taboo sexual activity.

  "Oppa...Oppa... AH!”

  That was the first time she came. That was the first time she ever had sex, and it was his as well. Both Miu and Taehyung didn't realize the consequences of their taboo sex, both were too in love even though they shouldn't be.

  She remembers how he looked when he came; his beautiful lips parting in ecstasy and his eyes closed, his hips stilled when he spilled into her, his white, gooey stuff going inside her womb, his hands gripping her thighs tightly, his moans echoing when he came with her. It had felt eternal. Him and her.

  Too tired, she let her legs fall on the mattress finally, her body sticky, her pussy sticky and his cum dripped onto his sheets mixing with her virginity blood. Her hands were underneath her boobs, her breath shallow and the smell of sex in her brother's bedroom is so strong. Feeling Taehyung coming closer and crashing beside her, his hands around her waist, his loving gesture which was covering her in his duvet made it clear that they had done it.

  And when Taehyung holds her close in his arms and kissed her neck, she knew for sure that it's not a dream.

  When she wakes up that morning, it was 7.00 am sharp. That morning was so dewy, so cold yet so warm. She opens her eyes to see she's still in her brother's arms, wrapped in his strong arms and his beautiful, bare face is right in front of her. So close. Like they had been last night. She's not a fool nor is she a bobblehead. She knows what they did last night, and she knows what it meant. She remembered what Taehyung said last night before penetrating her last night.

  Everything will change.

  And it did. But it's no surprise, really. Everything doesn't really change because, for a fact, her feelings for him had always been the same; she had always loved him as more than a sister should love her brother. She had fallen in love with him and she can't seem to stop her love for him after all these years. Even when she hates him, there's a piece of her that still loves him. Actually, a big part of her will always loves him like that.

  Taehyung's breath hits her face perfectly, making her stare into his eyes even more. He looks so handsome. Sure, he's always handsome, on stage, off stage, with makeup, no makeup. He's so... She has no words to describe his beauty.

  She untangles herself from him and slowly put his hands on the bed. The first thing Miu noticed when she removes the duvet away from her body is blood in her inner thighs alongside her brother's cum. The thought of last night made her blush even more. Slowly, she put her legs down on the floor and stand up, hissing when the pain shoot through her like someone had jabbed her with needles on her vagina area. She hissed again as she walks slowly.

  That's when Taehyung wakes up and saw her trying to get to his bathroom.

  "Miu?" His voice was so raspy, making her turn and saw him there on his bed, shirtless with his messy brown hair.

  They stare at each other. 1,2,3... She began to count like last night and Taehyung burst out crying on the bed out of nowhere.

  Her eyes were wide, listening to his cries and hiccups again the second time. She slowly walks to him and cups his cheeks lovingly, trying to make him look at her only for Taehyung to avoid her gaze and trying to free himself from her. His eyes were red, and his lips were trembling, his sobs wrecked her heart so much that she can't help but feel so hurt at his pained cries.

  "Oppa...why are you crying?" She asks, feeling she could cry too just by seeing him cry like this. It broke her heart, no matter how many times he cried. Her heart hurts so much from this. Why is he crying suddenly? Was it something she did? What?

   His crying continues. "No... Don't look at me. Don't touch me..." He says in between his sobs, covering his face like a child with his hands as he sobbed while Miu tries to pry his hands away. But it didn't work. It couldn't. He's so ugly and disgusting. Taehyung can't seem to comprehend that he did the unspeakable to her. To her. His little sister.

  The thought that he had raped his little sister made his heartache.

  "But why...?" She asks, soothing him by rubbing his arms. Taehyung's cries still echoing in his bedroom. He cried and cried until he stopped, looking at her with teary eyes.

  "I... I've ruined you. I raped you. Oh God, I raped you!" He says, bursting into tears again at the confession when he finally realized how fucked up he is, how wrong he is. How wrong this is. Last night shouldn't happen but it did. And it made him quiver in disgust at the thought of him tainting her with sin, just because he loves her as more than a sister.

  "Oppa, you didn't rape me." She says with a small smile, tucking his hair out of his face and it made Taehyung looking at her with confusion. How? How can she say that? She should be screaming at him, should be hating him. But why is she...

  "What- what do you mean by that? Of course, I did! I... I raped you. I raped my own little sister. My own baby sister...Miu... Oppa's sorry..." He closes his eyes and cries again.

  "I'm in love with you, Oppa!" She says, her eyes brimming with tears now at the haunted confession. It had been in her dreams only when she said it out loud, but now that she said it out loud to the person that she always dreamed of saying these three words, she felt relieved somehow. The burden on her shoulders lessens when she confessed.

  "Oppa, I've always been in love with you..."

"You're only saying this because I bed you last night, Miu."

  "No, it's true! I really do love you..." She whimpers, tears streaming down her cheeks as Taehyung's eye bore into her face.

  "...I fell in love with you all this time. Even when I distance myself from you, I can't stop this want for you... I'm..."

  Holding his hands and staring into his eyes, he said it sincerely this time; "...I love you, Oppa..."

  Time seems to stop when she confessed to him. He looks at her and she looks at him. Her tears mixed with his when they both realize how fucked up this is. How crazy this is and how two siblings shouldn't be doing this.

  "So if you think you're disgusting, Oppa...then so does your little sister." She confessed, hugging his large body, putting her head on his shoulder lovingly. Miu travels to his neck and kiss them lovingly like he did before she fell asleep last night.

   "We're both in love with each other, right, Oppa?"





Chapter Text




    When Miu arrives at the hospital, there are people, nurses, other patients looking at the ambulance that carried her as they all rush her body into the hospital as quickly as they can. She had to keep up and her breathing became ragged due to the constant jogging. The hospital is just a breath away outside of Geongchang, her hometown. And then, Daegu, one of Korea's highlighted city is out there.



   "I think we've got a collapsed lung! Hurry to get her in!" The nice lady earlier shouts and roll her into the hospital, as they run and run into some kind of surgical room. Miu doesn't know.



  "Where's the rest?" A guy with short black hair asks the lady.



  "Parents passed away on the spot. She's the only one." The lady said, and it took Miu everything in her will to realize that... she's now an orphan. Orphan. It sounded so permanent. And it'll last forever.



   She watches as they work with her. The man opens her eyes lids and shone a torchlight. "Non-responsive. Get her to ICU this instant, now!" He screamed, and other male nurses rush to push Miu into the elevator, leading her to the ICU. She had to run to keep up, squeezing in the crowded elevator. Before the door closed, she could make out her grandmother walking slowly into the hospital.



   Did someone phone her? Does she know what happened to her son? That they didn't make it? That it's just her that's still living?



   Yes. She's not dead. She's perfectly fine. If she is dead, then they won't try to get her in the ICU. If she's not breathing, they won't work hard on her and pushing her in the elevator. And if she's dead, her parents would've come for her by now. But she's not.



   She's still alive.



   As they push her in, Miu couldn't follow them up into the ICU room, where her body is right now. Before she could get in, the door was closed right in front of her face, as if telling her not to come in. She couldn't help it. She wanted to know how is she. It's her body after all, right?



   She stands there at the door, breathing silently. It felt like she went on for a run or something because she hadn't realized that she ran out of breath for a while, running here and there. Then she saw her grandmother.



   She sits on the chair, on each side of her empty. To be honest, the hospital is kinda empty in this lobby. Her grandmother must've known what happen. They must have phoned her first since she lives very closely with Miu. She's the only one available since she's in Daegu, unlike Taehyung who's touring around.



   Miu thinks about Taehyung. The hospital, then Daegu city is just a breath away. Taehyung had his show in Nagoya the other day, then Daegu. Yeah, her brother did mention about performing in Daegu. He wanted his parents and her to attend. He wanted them to come and cheer for him.




  As he said that, Miu remember the look on his face when he looks at her. His eyes glint with such love, the kind of love only she would understand. Only she would understand what it meant. Taehyung wanted her to be there for him. And so does Miu. She wants to be there for t-



   Miu thinks about what would Taehyung do when he arrives in Daegu for their show. Before they do their soundcheck, would he sleep in his hotel room? Or would he play his video games with his Jin hyung? Or even watch his favorite anime? Would he call his parents, or would he call her first? Would he grab some coffee and take a long walk at the lake? Because that's exactly what they did the last time they visited Daegu city together.



   Miu wonders if Taehyung knows, at this very moment, that his little sister is already in Daegu before he even got here?



   And if he knew that his parents and his little sister can't be at the concert to cheer for him?







  Taehyung said, leaning at Miu's shoulder. His eyes shining as it always been that afternoon. It was 1 pm, and both Mr. and Mr.s Kim were out for work exactly at 7.30 am. They were lucky to not get caught sleeping together the next day. But then again, Miu never had her parents checking up on her every morning because she's a responsible teenager who cleans the house, cook for her own while her parents work their butts off.



   "What?" She asks, laughing softly while she's washing the dishes in the kitchen with her brother now bothering her. Her hands busy scrubbing the plate but she's waiting for her brother's thoughts to spill. She could feel his breath tickling her neck as he shifts, now wrapping his arms around her waist. He breathes in her scent.

   "Have you ever heard of Jo Sumi?" he ask, looking at her with his so famous boxy smile. Taehyung helped her practicing her vocals early in the morning, coaching her sing in the bathroom earlier while he brushes his teeth. The sun shining brightly outside made the mood in the house for the two lovers as they stare at the lawn outside, their garden growing so healthily thanks to Miu's care. After all, she's the unemployed one in the house so this is the least she could do.

She laughs softly. "Of course I heard of her. Everyone knows her, silly." She nudges him slowly with her elbow, making her whine but his grips around her waist tightened even more.

"I actually have a surprise for you." He says smugly, letting go finally and on the counter beside her at the kitchen counter with his face facing her seductively. Taehyung looks so handsome that day; his grey t-shirt on his body, his puma pants on, black stocking with his messy, brown hair, the same color as hers at the moment. But Miu knows when the tour starts, he's going to dye it again. He mentioned that all the time when he gets back to their parents and every time he comes home, Taehyung would have different hair.

She dries her hands and looks at her with one of her hand on her waist; "What surprise?" she asks, smiling brightly at him. Suddenly, Taehyung walks away from her, sitting at the table and pouring himself a glass of water. Miu followed him and sit down in front of him, smiling still, and that excitement bubbles in her chest. What kind of surprise does Taehyung have for her? What is it? Is it here now?

He laughs softly, and it made her want to hear it again. Even though it's just a laugh, it sounded as if he's serenading her with his love.

"I actually bought two tickets for her show in Daegu Opera House tonight. I plan to go with you." He says, looking down at his glass and finally looking at his little sister.

"Are you kidding me? I'd love to go!" Miu says, eyes shining with excitement. Sumi Jo, her favorite opera singer. A mid 50s woman who accomplish so much in her life. Miu admired her. Miu looked up to her like no one else and she loved her work as an opera singer. She was one of the reasons why she wanted to follow her brother's footsteps as an idol after all. She looks at him with happiness.

"I thought you didn't know her but turns out you have good taste. It just so happen that she's my favorite singer as well," he says smugly, hugging his own body as she gapes at him like she had seen a ghost.

"I thought it was the other idols?" she prompted, sipping her glass of water.

"Nah. We watched him as a kid a lot, and I really like her voice. It was unique. And so lively. I heard people cry because her voice is so beautiful." He says, raising from the chair that he sat and onto the couch at the living room where Miu follows him and sitting beside him.

They were cuddling comfortably, without anyone to judge them. They're perfect in their own world.

"Miu....last night..." Taehyung's voice came out as a whimper as he cuddles her closely against his chest, making her head sit directly on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. She looks up at him.

They look into each other's eyes. "I...I came inside you last night, right? We didn't..."

Miu knows what he wants to say. She knows it too well.

"No, we didn't. We didn't use condoms..." she mumbled, enough for Taehyung to hear her because he does. His eyes soften a bit, looking at her with those droopy eyes that she doesn't understand. For the first time, Taehyung is unreadable unlike always. Miu knows what's playing in his head like the time when he kept quiet when they were kids because he was angry at mom for not letting him play football with his friends. It was easy then, but now, she isn't sure if Taehyung is angry, disappointed, or happy that they hadn't use any protection last night.

It sure made her happy. Because secretly, secretly she wants a baby with him. She wants a child with her own brother as proof for their love. Miu wants that life with her own brother.

Why is the world so unfair?

She was zoning out until Taehyung reaches out and cup her face lovingly. "Hey..." he placed his beautiful hands on her shoulders, rubbing them lightly as they shift into a sitting position, with Taehyung's face directly in front of her. His eyes wander to her features; chocolate eyes with soft brunette locks. Her cute button nose made Taehyung want to pinch it and her lips so soft like the last time they kissed. Taehyung slowly captures them, kissing her softly as their eyes closed from the feeling.

The kiss wasn't long, but it was meaningful. It was meaningful to both of them. He continues to soothe her with rubbing her shoulders lightly. They stare at each other again. "Hey. It's ok. It's only been a day." Taehyung said calmly, implying that he didn't mind that it happened. That they sleeping together without a condom last night isn't something they should be thinking. Isn't something she should be reflecting.

And she believed in him.

"I'll buy some birth control pill for you soon, ok? That should do it," he says, hugging her closely into his broad shoulders, rocking her slowly and lovingly again in his arms. He kissed the top of her forehead, then rocking her silently again. Miu zone out in his arms. Should she be relieved? Or should she be disappointed? She secretly wanted to be impregnated by her own brother. She secretly wants to be called his wife instead of his sister. She wants to be with him, forever and forever. Just the two of them. That's all.

But she ended up nodding her head, agreeing in whatever Taehyung said.

When night came, she was so fidgety in her room. She open and close her wardrobe so many times already that she knows one way or another, that thing will come off anytime soon. She starts pulling out the pastel dress, pondering on whether she should put it on or what she had on is fine already. But this is so plain! It's just a long sleeve black sweater with a white skirt.

"It's just your brother, Miu." her mother said, appearing at her bedroom door. Taehyung's already downstairs with their father. To be honest, she's not so sure if he's already good to roll or not. But she's still not sure on what she should be wearing.

Is this a date? Yeah, Miu likes to think that this is a date. But what if it isn't? what if this is just an act of charity? What if this is all just a normal 'brother-sister hang out' as it should be? But Miu knows there's nothing normal when it comes to them.

Then her mother's words came swirling in her head.

"It's just your brother, Miu."

Yeah. That's right.

"Yeah. But he's the only guy I'm going out. This still counts, right?" she says, but regretting every word after. Her mother must be thinking; "what.the.fuck did you just say?" but that wasn't the case at all. Mrs. Kim only smiled and shook her head.

"I suppose yes. It still counts, Miu," she says, walking into her daughter's small bedroom and sit on her queen sized bed.

"What should I wear?" she asks, turning at her mother, begging for her honest answer.

"I think you should wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. That way you can really enjoy the show."

With those words, she decided; she should be wearing this. A long sleeve black dress with a white skirt. She's quite comfortable with it so there's no problem with that.

"Now hurry up. Your brother is waiting downstairs." she ushered Miu, grabbing her shoulders and pushing her out of her room.

When Miu walks out of her room and on her way heading down the stairs, she saw him; he looks dashing as always with his grey turtle neck and black leather jacket and his blue jeans. Miu held her breath as if she's looking at a painting. Stunned by its beauty, unable to utter a word. Taehyung can't seem to take his eyes off of her, himself. He's staring at her, although he shouldn't. Not in front of their parents, but he can't help it.

"Well. You kids should make a run on it. Sumi Jo is not going to wait, ya know." Their father's voice awakens Taehyung from his staring contest. He looks at his father while fumbling with the car keys. It's already in his pocket.

"Don't go out so late, ok? Take care both of you!" their mother screams, waving goodbye as they walk out of the house and into the car. Taehyung nods his head and starts the engine.

"You look beautiful." He says, winking at his little sister. He could make out her cheeks flaming from the praise. She looks out the window.

"I'm not." Her voice was so small as he begins to drive out of their driveway and they go on their journey. It was 50 minutes long to Daegu city. But it was the nicest moments she ever had with her brother. Taehyung held her hand all the time and smiled at her with the radio playing interesting songs. Finally, they arrive and he parks the car and opens her door like a gentleman.

"Here, your highness," he says, as they walk hand in hand into the venue. Their seats were right in front of the stage. Taehyung got VIP tickets and their seats were reserved with their names. 'Kim Taehyung' on the right and 'Kim Miu' on the left. He removes the card for Miu and himself and settles on the seat comfortably, until Miu settles beside him, waiting until the woman, Sumi Jo walk into the stage.

She was wearing a very revealing black dress. She smiled at the audience and wave briefly at the audience, her smile so bright and warm, it made her heart skipped a beat.

But when she starts to sing If I Leave with that magnificent voice of hers, Taehyung and Miu began to sink in the emotions. The lyrics of the song made her heart flutter. And she prayed that Taehyung feels the same.

Underneath the cold moonlight

If I can see my shadow lying there

Shall I just tell you how I feel inside

All that's in my heart

The wind blows on my heart,

Telling me that I'm alone

Should I just give out a sigh and ask myself

Why do I have to live

Though I may be sad I've got to live

Because I feel so sad I must go on~

I know that I will understand when I'm gone

The reason why I had to live my life in this world

You were the only one for me

Though sorrow, please tell me that you loved me

Like the scattered glow

If all my memories just fade away

I will hold on to the joy that's in my heart

That nostalgic snaps

Wonder if the stars in the sky knows how I feel

My loneliness

Maybe that is why they still be there with me

They just be there all through the night

Though I may be sad I've got to live

Because I feel so sad I must go on~

I know that I will understand when I'm gone

The reason why I had to live my life in this world

You were the only one for me

Though sorrow, please love me

I hope some day

You were the one who is going to be sad

Even in my sorrow, I believe that I am happy

As she sang these lyrics, Miu could feel Taehyung grasping her hand gently. She turns to him and saw that he was closing his eyes as he swayed back and forth in his seat, enjoying the music and the melody. Then he opens his eyes slowly, and look at Miu.

Their eyes connected together, as the singer continues to sing her song. Her voice echoing in the spacious room, even in Miu's head. But she was too focused on her lover at that moment.

That's how she knew that Taehyung felt the same way.

Afterward, he got some coffee and biscuits at the nearby cafe. They walk along the river and listen to the water flowing, the night sky glittering with the stars as their light and it was quite cold. Taehyung removes his leather jacket and put it on her smaller frame, smiling as he put it on her.

Taehyung sips his coffee silently, either of them not uttering a word as they enjoy the night. That's when Miu thought about it.

She thought about why it had been her. Why her? Why not someone else?

Of all people on this planet, why does Taehyung chose her as a lover? His own sister? Why not some other girl that is crazy about him? Why not a model? Other female idols? Why would Taehyung want to be involved romantically with his own dorky little sister?

She stopped her steps and ask; "Why me?"

Taehyung turns around to face her and smiled.

"Because you're the one I want."

"Yeah, but why me? Why not some other girl? Why..."

"Why you're own little sister?" She whispered lowly. Even though there's no one out here but them, but she can't help but feel like someone's watching them.

Taehyung chuckled, and walk towards her. He put his hands on both her shoulders, smiling down at her.

"Miu, when you're in love with someone, you don't need to explain why. And sometimes, you don't even know why. You just...know that you love them. That is what I feel about you."

"I don't have any girlfriends. And I have never involved in a serious relationship before. I've never talked much with girls. All I did was practice, practice, and practice. That's what my life is."

"I always find a way to make you love me again throughout these years. And I tell you, you really hurt me. My heart just...ached when you refuse to talk to me. That's when I realize, you're more than a sister to me. That's when I began to love you. I never thought it'd be this way." He laughed.

"And I never thought you feel the same. And my first time was with you, too. How lucky I am." He says, releasing her as they walk now hand in hand together in public. If anyone were to see them, they'd thought, 'how cute. Kim Taehyung is hand in hand with his little sister.' But that's not the case at all.

"I promise you I won't be so rough next time."

Those words made her stop, and again he looks at her with an innocent smile after such words.

"Next time?" She tested him.

Taehyung's smile dropped, and it became a serious one.

"Miu, I know we shouldn't continue this. I know this is so wrong and fucked up. But I can't help it. I keep wanting you. More. I want you. I want to hold you every day in my arms."

"All I know is that...I want you to be in my heart forever and I want to be in yours, too. I don't want to let go of you. I know I can never call you my wife, I know that we can never have children. But all I want is you. All I want is you."

Those words convinced Miu that she's not the only one who felt this way. That she's the one for him. That he is actually in love with her and no one else. It's her.

Taehyung stares deep into her eyes.

And they ended up making out in the car at the backseat, the windows all fogged up from their heat. His leather jacket was gone from her body and is on her lap, as Taehyung kissed her passionately, their moans colliding.

Taehyung begins to hold her by her shoulders and rubbing her sides up and down lovingly. It took him by surprise how Miu tackled him, making her now on top of him as they kissed passionately again, her hands wandering on his body, admiring every curve and every muscle. He starts to get hard.

"Ah... Why are you so rough right now?" He asks through his breath as he held her by her waist and she lowers his turtle neck and keeps kissing his neck wildly, leaving marks. He moaned.

"Oh, god, yes! Grind on me...!" He hissed, eyes closing from the pleasure, his eyes rolling back when Miu align their hips together and grind on him like she's not letting go any moment. He moaned, liking the control Miu had on him. He starts fondling her butt through her skirts, lifting them up and massaging her globes while moaning.

"You like that, Oppa?" She asks, her voice was low yet sensual. Taehyung let out a high kneeing moan, almost like a little boy would.

"Yes. Yes, yes I like it. Mmm...please, let me touch you too..." He whined, his hips stuttering as the grinding became rougher and out of control. His dick hurts inside his jeans. He could feel his precum leaking all over his thighs and rubbed against her wet underwear.

"P-please, I want to touch you. Oh, please, I want to taste you." He moaned like crazy in the closed space, making those delicious sounds and without realizing he made Miu even wetter with his submissive tone.

"I don't think so. I think I'm going to touch you tonight." She paused, dry humping him as he wailed from not getting her permission to touch her. "After all, you deserve it, right? You put out so much money already for us. Even drive 50 minutes for us. I have to reward you, am I right?"

"But I want to touch you..." He pleads.

"Do you want me to stop, then? Should I just leave you hard like this and we drive home as if nothing happens?" She asks her tone of voice we're so cold and mean. He wailed.

"N-no. No, I don't want that..." He says, his dick twitched at the thought of Miu not letting him come tonight. The idea is enticing but he doesn't think he could handle it. No way.

"Then let me touch you. You just sit back and I'll do the work." She says, climbing off of him, and that's when Taehyung realize that the front of his pants was wet. From him or her? He wasn't so sure.

Miu then grabs his Jean's waistband, but then she pops open his zipper slowly and teasingly, revealing his black boxer shorts. It smelled of musk, begging for her to take his cock out and have her way. His dick is so hard, straining in his boxers and standing almost up, fully erect.

"Wow, look at you. All that just from kissing me and me grinding on you?" She asks, raising an eyebrow at his desperate expression as she continues to tease him like this. He let out a wail.

"Please, touch me, Miu. Please..." He moans again, and his hips stuttering while throwing his head back. Miu did nothing but watch.

"Ah, please! I'm so desperate!" He screams, his eyes letting out fresh tears, but Miu's sadistic side is still not done teasing him. She chuckled.

"I love teasing you, like this." She says between laughs, and pulling his boxer briefs ever so slowly until they pool around his thighs just like his jeans, just enough to let his cock out. He hissed as the air hit his sensitive cock, the head shined with his precum. His dick was so big like the last time, standing straight as it continues to leak precum. It fascinates Miu how her man's dick is so big and was able to please her the last time. Her clit jumped at the reminder and she swallows her whimper as she recalls the last time it was inside her. How fulfilling it was. So good...

An idea came inside her head, as she reach her hand and with just her finger, she pokes the very tip of his large cock. It swayed but stood so tall still. He let out a hiss at the feeling of just her finger poking his tip.

She did it again, poking his cock with just her finger and watch with a sadistic smile as his dick swayed from just poking it. Taehyung's eyes were closed shut as he threw his head back, calling out her name.

"Please, stop teasing me!" He says, through blurry eyes. But Miu didn't listen. She poked him again. "Oh, God, just stop!" He wailed, feeling like he could just come from his little sister poking him like that. How crazy that is?

She pulled away, making Taehyung dazed out for a while. Why is he like this? He's a man, he should man up. But why is he like this? Why does he like being controlled so much? Why did it feel so pleasurable?

Then Miu reaches out her hand again and starts to do nothing but running a single finger up and down his cock, winding him tighter and tighter. His hips stuttered again. "Ah!" His lips parted, cheeks flushed as he watches Miu running her finger up and down his long, thick, big cock. The action alone made him want to come even more.

"You like it, don't you? You like me doing nothing but just running my finger up and down your cock, like this? Look at you, you're leaking pre-come as I did this." She runs them even faster, making him moan and scream from total pleasure.

His eyes rolled back and drool starts to pool around his chin as his cock getting nothing but just a mere finger rubbing it obscenely in the closed space. His hips stuttering. "Stop, please..." He pleads, eyes rolling back again. He felt like he could come now.

"Do you want me to fully touch you?"

"Yes. Mmm, yes. Yes, touch me more. It's not enough. Oh, I want to come inside you so bad." He says, eyes still rolling back as he grinds against her finger.

"Then call me 'mommy.' Say it. Say, mommy, put your mouth on my naughty cock." Miu insisted, rubbing it even faster and faster.

Taehyung's lips parted with hooded eyes. "Mo- mommy..." He stuttered as the rubbing continued. "Put... Put your ah! Put your mouth on my mmm... naughty c- cock! Oh, my naughty cock!" He wailed, and with that, Miu pulls away from him.

"Good job, baby. Ok, I'll put my mouth on your naughty cock. Here I go." She said, lowering her head and almost instantly and hungrily, he put his cock inside her mouth slowly, engulfing the head of his cock that he screams.

"Oh, God!" He cries out, feeling Miu licking around his head then sucking him. He let out a moan and let his head rolled back as Miu continue to suck his cock to her heart's content. Slowly, she engulfed his cock and starts bobbing up and down. Taehyung grabbed her head and starts to thrust his cock inside her mouth while moaning like he's crazy. He keeps thrusting inside her mouth until his cock slipped out of her mouth smoothly, his cock shining with precum and she grabbed it in her hands again. She starts stroking him.

"Do you want to come in mommy, baby boy?" She asks, hands speeding up making Taehyung wail and moan.

"Yes. Yes, I want to come inside mommy. Yes, please, put my naughty cock in mommy's pussy. Oh, please, I want to come inside you!" He screams, out of his mind with the delirious thoughts of wanting to come.

Miu didn't say anything as she shed her skirt easily alongside her panties, and as slowly as possible, she grabs his cock and guide it at her very wet opening, and as easy as it looked, she pushed in his cock into her pussy.

"Oh, God!" He screams from the tightness and came inside her that instant. His cum flowed inside her easily, so many of them that it dripped onto his thighs and hers as well. The milky consistency drip onto the car's backseat.

Without meaning too, she came herself and thrusting up and down, making him come twice that night.

Too exhausted, they lie down and stare at each other for a while with a smile.

That's how it began.

Chapter Text















I say it like a habit
We won’t work in the end
Even so, I keep hoping
As long as I’m with you in the end as well, I’m okay -BTS, Outro: House Of Cards 


   There are a lot of things wrong with her.

   She had a collapsed lung. A ruptured spleen. Internal bleeding of unknown origin. And most serious, the contusion on her brain. And a-

   She stopped her thoughts and look away. There are some things she wishes to not say out loud, even to herself. Even though it's out in the open, there are things she can't accept.

   The room that she's in is very...crowded. it's not the fanciest ICU room she admits. Not one like she saw on TV. Like in Grey's Anatomy. Ah, that show. Her mother, Mrs. Kim was a big fan. She'd watch it every weekday and even drag her only daughter to sit and watch beside her. Not that Miu's complaining, but she personally dislikes that show. She just doesn't see the point.

   And there she is, lying there on the surgical bed with her eyes closed, lying flat. Sleeping. That was what she was doing. The three other people that are in the room all move around tidying the place a little. The male doctor who had glasses on is monitoring her heartbeat as the heart monitor let out a 'beep' sound. He was recording them silently. Another doctor with curly brown hair is trying to search a radio station to listen to. He wants to listen to rock, but Miu secretly wished he'd put on BTS.

   Another doctor, who looked youthful washed the hands at the sink, trying to get rid of Miu's blood off of her hands after the numerous sewing, cutting, session they had with her. She peered at the man who's focusing on the radio.

   "Put BTS on. I wanna listen to some dashing men." She says, continues washing her dirty hands. The curly haired doctor rolled his eyes yet he complies with her wishes. Miu secretly thanked the beautiful doctor.

   Before you know it, Run ballad version started playing. It was such soothing music it made her heartache. The melody seems to make her hurt.

    If she's here, then it's confirmed she's not dead, right? The heart monitor shows her heartbeat. It's still beating. But why is she outside of her body? Why can't she wake up?

   "Hey, this girl is Kim Taehyung's sister, right?" The doctor who was wearing glasses asked, finally bringing his head up from watching the machine for so long.

   His questions made Miu's heart skipped a beat. Her current heart that is.

   Kim Taehyung. That name rolled off of his tongue so smoothly. At the mention of her brother, it felt like time seems to stop. It felt like she's floating in the air, and the ache and longing she felt for him start at that moment.

   "Yeah, she is."

   Miu hated how people called her 'Kim Taehyung's sister'

   "Ah, the man is a busy guy. I don't know if he could come here. He's on that world tour right now, right?" He says, a sympathy look written on his face as he shifts his gaze back to the sickly girl.


   "I'm afraid your big brother can't come for a visit, little girl." He says, walking away from Miu.

   That's not true. Taehyung always finds a way to make time for her. He always does...

   "Don't say that!" The female doctor says, now clean as she rushes to Miu and stands by her side like she was her friend.

   "Why?" Ask the man.

   "Because she'll get discouraged, you asshole! Then she'll think no one is here for her. Then she'll be sad. Then she may never want to come back..."

   As she said that, she rubbed Miu's head softly and loving. Her eyes were stinging with tears as she caresses her patient. Finally, those tears fell and into her flawless cheeks.

   "And if she's not coming back, she'll leave everything behind. She'll follow her parents..."

   Miu finds herself tearing up.

   "After all, just because she lost her-"

   Miu couldn't stand the heart-wrenching confessions, so she stomps her ghost feet and pushes open the ICU door, startling the doctors out of nowhere. She walks out with tears as she put herself on the plastic chair where her grandmother had been the last time.

   She doesn't know what is she so sad about. The fact that she's here? Lost? Or maybe the possibility of Taehyung not coming for her when she needed him the most? Or is it because she lost her-


   She starts crying to her heart's content. No one could see her, anyway. So why cover it up? Why should she think about what people think of her?

   If she is here right now, can't she close her eyes and wish she's in Taehyung's arms? Can't she travel to Taehyung's hotel room and embrace him? All Miu wanted was to be held by her brother. All she wants was to be safe with him.

   As she let the world spin around her invisible form, she starts to think about her life. Her long gone parents. Her brother. Her purpose in living. What is her purpose? What is her reason to keep living?

   Don't tell me bye, bye
   You make me cry, cry
   Love is a lie, lie
   Don't tell me bye, bye



   Taehyung was thinking about Miu.

   He rolls around on his bed, his stomach lying flat on the big hotel bed. He has the room all for himself as he wanders his eyes to his nightstand. His phone is there, cold, and untouched. These days, Taehyung doesn't have the time to loiter around. He and the guys just came back from their 3-week breaks and so they can't really do things that they want. The tour is back on it and their latest show was on Nagoya the other day. The only time when he was free is at bedtime, which usually after their show and at ungodly hours like 2 am or 3. By that time, he was too exhausted and the only thing that was on his mind was sleep.

   He keeps thinking about Miu. He knows he should think about his mother and his father. His grandmother. But these days, after he got separated with Miu, he felt like he was lacking something.

   He misses her touch. Her kisses. Her gaze. Everything about her makes him restless.


   Taehyung moans softly, now laying flat on his back with his eyes closed as he recalls the steaming times he had with his lovely lover. He bit his lips, tracing a hand to his chest, rubbing them like Miu would do to him and fondling his nipples. A sigh escaping from him as his eyes were closed and his cheeks flaming red little by little as he fondles them, remembering the way Miu teasingly pinch and suck his buds like he's a toy. But he is. He's her toy.

   "Mommy..." He moaned, feeling his cock getting harder and harder as he calls Miu by his favorite nickname of hers. Mommy.

   "Mommy... The misses mommy. The misses his mommy...mmm..."

   Reaching down, his other that fondling his neglected dick. He hadn't been touched for so long. Now he's craving those days where he'd have sex with his little sister every day. The remainder of it made his dick twitched and he moaned. Oh god.

   "Ah, mommy... Tae wants his mommy. So bad."

   Taehyung's thoughts wander even more. He put his panties on this morning. It's hiding in his sweatpants along with his matching stockings with little ruffles at the edge.  where he and Miu purchased together at the lingerie store. It was a dark red color and he remembers what Miu said.

   "The color looks so good against your beautiful ass, Oppa."

   Taehyung felt his hole opening up to nothing. He missed the time where Miu would tease his aching hole with her fingers in his room or when she would fuck him with her lovely tongue. He moaned again.

   wonder if Miu knows that he put on his beautiful panties? He wonders what would Miu say to her because he put on his panties without her telling him too? He wonders if Miu is proud of her baby boy for being such a good boy-

   "No..." He lets go of his aching cock immediately. Miu wouldn't like it if he touches his cock like this. Taehyung knows Miu doesn't approve of him touching himself like this. If he wants to get off so badly, he needs to tell her. He needs to tell her how bad he wants it.

   But the problem is, he has been trying to call her these days and she didn't pick each time he tries. It first happened when he tries to call her the other day because he missed talking to her. He wanted to ask Miu how was she after he left? After all, Miu wasn't in a good condition for a few days before he left Geongchang. She's been sick for a little and it worries Taehyung. He wanted to ask her if the feeling well now.

   And he also got curious as to why Miu hadn't called him at all. Doesn't she miss her oppa?

   It wouldn't hurt to try. Right?

   He gave up and stop fighting his feelings as he rises from his bed and walks to his nightstand and grab his phone. To his dismay, there are no messages at all from Miu or his parents. The text he sent to them wasn't seen or replied by them since...two days ago. Where were they?

   He opened his phone and went to type a message for his sister.


   Where you've been?

   I texted you last night.

   And the other night.

   Mom and dad didn't reply to me, too



   Are you angry at me for leaving?

   I told you I'll be back.


   Mommy, I missed you...


   Please answer me, my love,

   He hopes there's nothing wrong with her or his parents.




When Miu wakes up, he's in her arms.

   His face was so peaceful. He looks like a baby. Almost like a dream. He couldn't believe how beautiful he is like this without his make up. His eyes were droopy and his lips looked so kissable. He was wrapped in his Tata pajamas and looks so soft like a baby. But he is a baby.

   Miu remembers once, Taehyung would cry if he saw a stray cat, alone on the street. He's too good of a person in this world so Miu loves him so much. She loves him too much that it hurts her to the core. She'd die for him anytime. It never dawned on her that this is actually happening. That he is her secret love and they both feel the same way. When Miu was younger, she always thought, she's disgusting for loving her brother as more than a family. She beat her self up and went to pray at the local shrine for her sin. Her sin is loving her own brother.

   She remembers when Taehyung came back for the first time after he debuted. That day, he walks into the house in the red jacket that mom got for him. He looks at her with such love and longing. His eyes were shining, and without a single word, his tear fell. He tries to go to her and hug her. But...

   Miu backed away from him like she had seen a ghost. Her face was blank and she just walks away from the brother that she longs for. Oh, how Miu wanted to run to him and hug him with all her love and being. But her ego stopped her.

   "Well, you should've hugged him, you idiot! I don't understand what is wrong with you?"

   Natyeon's voice resonates at the school hall then. They were alone at that time so she'd tell all her want.


It's not like Miu doesn't want to hug him then. But like she said before; her ego gets the best of her. Miu (sort of) hate Taehyung because he left her all alone. It was so lonely, she thought. Her knees were near her chest as she let her thoughts fly. Nayeon's was beside her, lecturing her about 'The Wrongs Of Doing This To Her Brother' but she wasn't paying attention to that. She was thinking about how sorrowful Taehyung looked when he realize, how far she became from him.

   Without meaning to, Miu leans her face closer to Taehyung's, and place her lips on his. She sleepily kissed him, and wrap her arms around his neck, molding her body closer to his.

   Miu wanted him. She wants him again. She wants to feel him again. Her clit throbbed so painfully at her needs. About an hour ago she had intense sex with him in the car and now that they're alone, on the bed, she wants to feel him balls deep inside her again. The last time wasn't enough for her. Wasn't enough.


Taehyung stirred in his sleep, his eyebrows furrowing a little as he felt Miu kissing her with such love. She clings onto him, she kissed getting sloppy as she slowly grinds on him. She inhales his scent, hugging him and kissing him.

   Then Taehyung opens his eyes a little, and the image became clear as crystal. His baby sister is kissing him passionately while grinding on him. Her moans muffled because of their kisses, and without any explanation, Taehyung grasps her waits almost forcefully and kissing her even more, allowing her to straddle him now, their lips still together.

   Taehyung could feel her rubbing against his now alive crotch, making him moan as his grip on her waist got tighter and tighter. It was somewhere in the morning, and they're kissing on Taehyung's bed. Soon, his pajamas were loose, and she could see it slide down a little revealing his collarbone and milky shoulder.

   Before she could say anything, Miu leans towards his shoulder and bit on his skin, making him yelp.

   "Ah! Why did you do that?" He asks, looking at his sister as she starts kissing his sensitive neck, her kisses were smooth leaving Taehyung restless at the feeling. He chuckled a little, holding her by her hips. They both stopped, and look into each other's eyes.

   That's when Taehyung realizes. How much he loves this beautiful girl.

   He caresses her face gently, admiring her beauty like this. His hands caressing her face softly and his smiles were on his happy face. He had never felt such love in his entire being. At this moment, he's sure he can never be happy as he is now.

   "You're so beautiful..." He whispered, gently cupping her face and kissing her again.


   A whisper came from his sister, her face pressed against his broad chest lovingly now. He raised his eyebrows.

   "Please what?"

   "Please make love to me."

   His eyes soften, and for a brief moment, it felt like it's only them in God's green earth. It felt like it's only the two of them and they're free to do what they want. What they've always wanted to do. Taehyung grabs her into a hug, feeling her body pressed up against him even more.

   "Baby, I'd do it for you anytime. Any way. Every day." He whispered, and Miu chuckled at his statement.

   " Even when you're the bottom?" She asks near his ear, making him smile shyly at the reminder of him being a bottom earlier. It had felt so good. So satisfying. Taehyung never knew that he's a masochist and upon that discovery, he's looking forward to that 'mommy sessions again.

   "Yeah. Even when I'm the bottom." He says, feeling Miu's smile got wider.

   "In fact, can we do that again? I really love that... Calling you mommy..." He shyly says, eyeing his little sister again. He's sure his cheeks are flushed at the moment as she caresses him now.

   "Of course. Of course, baby." She simply said and kiss him on his forehead.

   "But now. Now, I want to be your little girl."

   Taehyung's dick twitched.

   " So please put me underneath you, oppa."

   That's all that it took for him. He drags her underneath him, earning a yelp from his little sister as he held her breast in his hands and giving them kisses. Taehyung's lips were soft and warm, working on her nipples like he's born for it. His big hands look so good, holding her B cup breast firmly and licking her as he lived for it.

   "Ah... Oppa..." She whispered, holding Taehyung's shoulder for support as he played with her nipples on his bed, in the middle of dawn.

   "You're mine." He growled, letting go of her nipples with a pop, before biting it as she let out a yelp out of nowhere.

   "That's for earlier, baby girl." Taehyung's lips then shift to her collarbone now.

   " Here, too." He whispered, biting her collarbone a brief until they leave a few bruises. Taehyung smiles happily.

   "There. Beautiful as you." He says, his face getting closer to her neck now, as his lips then latch on Miu's neck, sucking her neck lovingly yet aggressively this time. His lips made those sounds that made her even wetter than she already is. Taehyung stayed there, sucking her like a vampire.

   "I want to put marks all over you. So you remember that you only belong to me. You're mine. Mine."

   Taehyung went on slid down her body like a snake, and spreading apart her thighs. She wasn't wearing any trousers when they get back and jump to bed immediately. So Taehyung could see how wet his sister is. How much she's leaking, staining her thighs and her pussy lips obscenely. He smirked and eye her.

   "Look at you. Being naughty while I was sleeping. What were you thinking about, baby girl?" He asks, his lips dangerously close to her pussy. He teased, dragging his tongue on her wet slit, making eye contact with his sister. Miu's little moan turned him on even more, as he slowly and teasingly drags his tongue on her slit, again and again, driving Miu completely crazy.

  "Mmm...oppa...." She cried, placing her hands above her head and gripping her pillow tightly, closing her eyes from so much pleasure she's in. Taehyung's tongue keeps teasing her opening, circling on her clit making her flow even more and shaking from the blowjob her brother gave to her. It felt so good...

  "Tell me, baby..." He lets go of her pussy with a loud pop and starts circling her opening and clit, spreading her juices everywhere. His fingers made her go crazy at the feeling, at the touches she's receiving. Frustrated, she lt put a sound that made his dick twitched even more.


  “What were you thinking about that made you so wet?” he asks, circling her opening, making her juices came out of her even more. Her legs were shaking so much yet Taehyung wasn't stopping at any time. He smirks and watches as Miu fall apart underneath him like this, his cock begging to be touched. His fingers became faster and faster, making her moan. Just on her pussy, not pushing inside her.


  “Tell me…”

  “Ii… I keep thinking about you making love to me. I think about your eyes. Your lips. Your face. Your…. Ah! Your muscles…” she wept, shaking again from the pleasure. “Your cock….” embarrassed, she put her hands on her face, blushing deeply. Taehyung probably thinks she's a pervert or something.


  “That's a very good girl.” His fingers then start pushing inside her, making her whine from the contact. Her lips were wide open, drool dripping from her stretched mouth obscenely.


  “Don't be so loud, baby girl. You don't want mom and dad to find you like this, do you?” he ask, although Miu didn't see him, she's sure he's smirking down at her desperate need of cock. She cups her lips, trying to muffle her sounds as the teasing in her desperate hole became too much for her to handle. Taehyung's fingers start to add up, twisting, curling, making her back arch as he found her sweet spot.


  “It's so soft inside you. I remember when I first entered you.” The teasing became too much for her, as her clit throb, wanting attention. He starts to fuck her with his fingers again. “It felt like I was on the cloud. Fluffy, smooth, soft, and tight.” He says, still fucking her until his fingers pulled out of her aching body.


  He watches Miu who's close to orgasming, his little sister laid out on the bed so beautifully like this made his heart skipped a beat and his cock even harder if possible. He then reaches out and helps Miu stands up, her juices trickling down her thighs and wetting his floor.

  “Oppa… I'm… I'm wet. Your floor is dirty….” she whined, holding Taehyung's hands. He shook his head and stare down at her legs. Indeed, she's leaking so much that his floor is dirty. He smiles warmly.


  “Don't worry. We’ll work on that one later.” He smugly says, leading Miu outside with her half-naked form and Taehyung in his pajamas with his cock throbbing so obviously. She raises her eyebrows and starts panicking.


  “W- wait! I'm naked! We shouldn't…. Where are we going?!” she hissed, as Taehyung continue to drag her outside of his room and down the stairs with so many struggles and anxiety from Miu. He smiled and convinced her.


  “It's ok. You'll see.”


   Don't tell me his…


   And she's right. Her intuition is right. Taehyung stopped in front of their parents' bedroom door, directly in front of it that the door is just 5 inches away from her face. Miu has a bad feeling about this.


  “Oppa… why are we… ah!-”


  Before she could speak, Taehyung starts grabbing her and putting her right in front of the door, making him sitting behind her as he grips her waist tighter, his penis directly on her slightly open folds. He whispered in her ears; “Don't make a sound. Or do. I love hearing you scream but I'm sure you don't want to wake up Omma and Appa, right?”


  Before she knew it, Taehyung slam inside her aching hole, making her mouth open to a wide ‘O’ as he grunts behind her and starts thrusting into her pussy like a mad man. She starts to let out a few little moans from the pleasure that's rising in her. Their parents are a few feet away and yet…


   It felt so exciting.


   “Oppa…” she let out noise as Taehyung continue to fuck her from behind. Without saying anything, he starts lifting her into his stomach, making her legs sitting perfectly on her chest and giving anyone who's in front of her an excellent view of her wet pussy getting drilled by her brother. Her drool drips down her chin, as she holds in her sounds and moans. She let out a few short moans and breath as her insides getting pounded by her brother's thick cock, making her feel him everywhere. His bare, hot skin felt so good in hers. How euphoric…


  “You have to keep quiet. Ah! You have to keep quiet baby sis.” Taehyung keeps on thrusting into her crazily without any hesitation or worry, even though many of their parents could wake up and see them in front of their door. Like this. They could see their shy, small, quiet daughter getting fucked by her own big brother. The statement left Miu restless as he keeps on fucking her, her eyes dazed by the euphoric feeling inside her aching soul. Taehyung keeps on going, unbothered.


  He fucks into her even more, more, and more, listening to the obscene sounds they made by how hard Taehyung was slamming into her, the sounds deliciously loud as Taehyung keep on fucking her


  Unable to do anything, Miu looks down and saw Taehyung's cock going in and out of her pussy like he's born for it. Her eyes were dazed as she let herself be swayed by her sin and delights as Taehyung keeps on thrusting into her. Without she realizing, her sounds became even louder without meaning too.


  “Baby, you have to be quite…!” Taehyung hissed into her ears sharply, although he knows for a fact what a heavy sleeper their parents were. He remembers when he was a kid that he broke a glass in the kitchen at 2 am when he was thirsty, yet neither of them woke up at the sound of glasses shattering on the floor loudly. So Taehyung plays his card well. He's sure of it. After all, he doesn't mind if, if, they got caught this time. At least when they do get caught, no one, not even their own parents would dare to tear them apart.


  So Taehyung let his and Miu’s moan collide. He doesn't care anymore. Let them be caught in the act.


  “Then…! THRUST why are we... ah! THRUST doing it in front of their door…?!” she whispered, hissed at her brother, as his hips still fucking her deliciously. He keeps on going, not stopping like one of his dance lessons. He slams into her that she's sure her hips are going to be blue from his brutal thrusting.


  “That's why I'm telling you to keep it down…” he whispered, keeps slamming into her, again and again, brutally over and over until Miu grips her brother's arm, her nails digging into his skin.


  “Oppa…. I can't anymore. I want to come..!” she screamed, so loud and she's sure anyone could hear them.


  At this point, they're screaming at each other's throat.


  “Oppa….” she could feel Taehyung's cock getting harder even more as he slammed inside her, over and over again without hesitation. Before she could stop herself, she came with a loud, piercing scream, enough to wake up their parents, as her toes curled from pure ecstasy and her nipples hardening from her intense orgasm.


  “Baby, are you squirting?” Taehyung asked in amazement, his hips still thrusting into her even when her insides are sensitive and completely spent from his brutal pounding. Taehyung felt her cum and slick drips down her thighs as well as his and she still coming. It wasn't long until Taehyung himself was coming, thrusting into her more and more and stop, screaming with his deep voice as he cums inside her the third time without protection. He grips her thighs as his life depended on it, as he paints her insides completely white.


  Their cum mixed together, staining the wooden floor dirty with their fluids. Taehyung slowly lands with his heel, still having her in his arms and not pulling out. They both land on the floor and breathe heavily as if they went out for a jog.


  Taehyung pulled out of her, and globes of his cum drip out of her used the hole and staining the floor even more. Taehyung saw from he excellent rear view, how much he had finished inside her. He swore he could come again from the sight. He lets out a low groan.


  “How was that?” he cheekily asks, as Miu arrange herself and grab Taehyung's pajama top to wipe out their cum on the floor hurriedly, afraid of getting caught.


  “That is the craziest sex I've ever had with you so far, Oppa.” She hissed, scrubbing the floor desperately and Taehyung laughs softly from her reaction. He walks a few inches to her and hugs her from behind, lower half still naked making their skin rubbed against each other again.


   “Yah! Stop it, I have to clean this…!” she hissed but Taehyung keeps nuzzling at her neck and hugging her like there's no tomorrow like they shouldn't feel bothered at all. His grip around her flat stomach got tighter and tighter as he hugs her in his arms.


  “That's now how we clean it.” He says, reaching out one hand to catch his cum on the floor and dipping his fingers in the white streaks of his release and he slowly brought them into his lips, humming at the taste. “Ah, I taste so good, don't I?” he ask near her ear, making her clit jumped again.


   Huskily, she whispered back; “Yeah. Very good.”


   They kissed again passionately on the floor just a few inches away from their parents.


  The next morning, Miu wakes up in her brother's presence again, and there he is, in front of her fully dressed in his usual sweatpants and t-shirt at his table with his beautiful smile and his eyes dedicated to only her. His lips stretched to it's widest condition at the sight of his little sister waking up.


  “Good morning, sweetheart.” He says, eyes still on her as he eyes her up and down. Miu felt naked, even though she's sure she's already naked on her lower half. Last night was wild. Wait, this morning was wild.


  She can't believe she and Taehyun had sex in front of their parents' bedroom door like that. They're practically asking to get caught. Maybe, just maybe...if they did, then...?


  What would happen to her and Taehyung?


  “Rise up, sleepy head. It's time to wakey wakey.” He sings song to her, rising up from his seat and walk to his bed, hugging her that morning.


  “Now what's going on in your head?” Taehyung was worried for her? Perhaps?




  Taehyung was worried by now. Is she hurt? Did he hurt her? Is she hurting somewhere? His face told Miu clearly that he's panicking.


  “...I can't believe you did that!” She exclaimed, hitting Taehyung on his shoulder lightly with her small fist. He let out an ‘ouch’ as he hunch forward a little, a pout visible on his sister's face.


  “You meanie! Meanie, meanie, meanie!” she screamed, hitting him again as Taehyung let out a laugh at her gesture. Again and again, she hit her and not for long, she starts laughing, their happy waves of laughter colliding.


  “Ouch, ouch! Stop that this instant!” he screamed, and after a few hits, he catches her hands and laughs with her. At that moment, birds outside his window were the only thing that witnessed their love. Their sick, sick, love to each other. Taehyung's face softens when he looks at her, hands in his.


  “To tell you the truth, I don't mind if we get caught last night.”


  Wow, what an ice breaker.


  Miu swore his eyes had that glint in them. Hope. He had those hope in his eyes. He wanted it to happen. And truth to be told, she secretly hoped for it, too.


  That they would get caught.


  “Why did you say that?”


  He looks at her still, smiling at the question.


  “Because then, no one would dare to separate us.”


  Miu thought for a while. “Weren't they supposed to, though? I mean, they saw us fucking. They saw you and me doing something we shouldn't. So logically they'd want to separate you and me to stop our relationship?”


  Taehyung smiled a little at her statement. “No. They'll probably keep you and me together like that. Because they don't want to ruin my career. My image. And just in case…” He looks at her with half-parted lips.


  Oh god.


   That's how far Taehyung wanted her.


  “In case you gave birth to our child.”


  Miu could feel her clit jumped at that statement, excitement creeping up into her lower half, giving the tingles like when they would have those steaming moments together. She looks down at her feet, zoning out.


  Yes. Miu wanted that life with him. Miu yearns for the day Taehyung and her would walk down the aisle like any couple wishes to do. Miu wants to call him her husband instead of her brother. Miu wants to touch him romantically in public and not be ashamed of her love for him. Miu dreams for the day they would have their children and present them to this world to see.


   Our child. Those words swirl in her head. Yeah. How wonderful would it be if Taehyung impregnates her? Then she gives birth to the proof of their love that they had consumed many, many times. How delightful would that be? So that when Miu gave birth to his child, no one, no one, would dare to tear them apart. Not their parents, not the society, not his agency, no one.


  What a perfect world to live in. He and her.


  If only Taehyung and her could give into their dreams and let it happen. If only Taehyung and her were allowed to. If only, at this very moment, she's pregnant with their fruit of love, then…


  No one would dare to separate them.


  “Do you want that too, Miu?” he asks, snapping her out of her thoughts. He's holding her still.


  Miu stares into his loving eyes. Does she want that life? Yes. She wants them. She yearns for it to happen.


  So she answered him.




  “Yes I want that…” she whispered softly, landing her head on his shoulder, listening to the birds.


  “But we can't…”


   They both look at each other as they say that together out loud, at the same time expressing the crushing blow and the reality that they must keep this a secret. They fake a laugh.


  Taehyung let go of her softly and walk to his table, opening the drawers. He seems to be searching for something. He then closes them with a loud thud and turns to face his lover again.


  “Here.” he hands Miu a few pills. There are at least two boards of them. Miu looks up to meet his gaze, confused.


  “It's been three days, right? I came inside you without any form of protection so...hope this will help.” He says a disappointed tone laced in his words. His hands still offering the pills, and Miu hesitantly took them in her hands.


   Birth control pills.


  But it's only been three days. There's no way Taehyung's sperm would enter her eggs within these three days. No way.


  So no babies for them.


  “I'll wait downstairs. This time, I'll prepare breakfast. Ok?” he wasn't asking though. But Miu shakes her head, disagreeing.


  “I'll do it. You can't cook anyway, Oppa.” she turns her head away from her brother at his angry voice, his laughter resonates in their love lair.


  “Fine. I'll just make coffee or something. But Miu…”


  Miu turns to him.


  “Please take the pills. Now.” a sad tone. He doesn't want this. But he has too.


  When Taehyung briefly smiled at her, he closes the door to let her get ready for breakfast. Miu looks down into her palms, and there it is. The pills.


  Miu sighed heavily. She reminds herself again that morning as she grips the pills tightly in her hands. She took the water bottle on her brother's desk and popping open one pill to take for today. She then swallows them and drank some water to relieve the bitterness away.


  Sometimes, it's not what you want. It's what you have to do.







Chapter Text

Why can’t I give up on you yet
I hold on to these faded memories
Is this greed?
I try to look back on these lost seasons
I try to turn back


 -V, BTS, Autumn Leaves

  The ICU is a horseshoe-shaped room with about a dozen beds nurses, who constantly bustle around, reading the computer printouts that churn out from the feet of our beds recording our vital signs. In the middle of the room are more computers and a big desk, where another nurse sits.


  Miu has two nurses checking on her, along with the endless round of doctors. One is the man from earlier who says, her brother can't come for her even though it wasn't confirmed. The other, a nurse, was tall as a model with pretty skin, her hair brunette. She constantly calls her “sweetheart” and other lovely pet names and she always straightens Miu’s blanket, as if she kicked them off of her. That's ridiculous. Miu is comatose, after all.


  There are so many tubes secured to her that she can't count them all: one down her throat breathing for her, one down her nose, keeping her stomach empty, one in her vein, hydrating her, one in her bladder, peeing for her, another one on her finger, recording her pulse.


  The only people who's been checking up on her was the doctors, nurses and the social worker. Gran still hadn't visited her in the ICU. maybe they're still grieving for her parents because they passed on in that condition. Maybe it's too unbearable to look at her because only she survived. So many thoughts came into her mind at the moment. So many things on her mind.


  The social worker were the ones who talked to Gran. Miu heard what the lady says; “Your granddaughter is in grave condition." Grave. That's not a good word. Not at all. A grave is somewhere you'd go when things don't work out here. A grave is bad. Her stomach was in knots when she heard that she is in so much danger at the moment.


  Then Miu shifts her thoughts to the earlier conversation the three doctors had in her room. Your big brother can't come for you, little girl. How dare he said that? How dare he concludes that Taehyung can't make time for her, as if she's not important to him? How dare he make that kind of assumption? He doesn't even know who's the real Kim Taehyung is. He doesn't know what her brother and her share throughout these years. How dare he said that just because he's a sophisticated, science - genius guy in a white coat who examine her?


  “Do you have any other family member that we can contact?”


  The only one she’s thinking about is her brother. Her lovely, loving, soft as velvet brother. Her brother who has a big heart. He's the only one that should be informed first regarding her condition as of now.


  Miu could see her Gran’s eyebrows furrowed a little, thinking. Taehyung. She must be thinking about Taehyung. He is, after all, the right person that they should be contacting. But Miu knows Taehyung is a busy man. Although, she hoped that he's not busy at the moment and pick up the calls.


  “Her brother! Oh, I should have told you to contact him, first… I guess I forgot since he's a busy man…”


  Miu doesn't blame her Gran one bit. She knows the woman doesn't have a cellphone. They only talk to her through her telephone house once a week and occasionally come for a visit. They live pretty close to each other so traveling to their house wasn't a hard job at all. Miu knows it's not anyone's fault. He's just a busy man and it's hard to reach him is all.


  The social worker nods her head as comfort Miu's grandmother by rubbing the old woman's shoulder lovingly.


  “It's ok. What's his name? I'll try to reach for him as soon as possible, alright ma'am?” She says a warm smile etched on her face.


  "Taehyung. Kim Taehyung's the name." Her Gran says, eyes full of hope.


  “Alright. Now, don't you worry We'll get him here, ma'am."


  Miu wants to believe that Taehyung is coming for her. She hopes they will reach for him as soon as possible because Miu needs to see him the most. Miu misses her brother. She wants to kiss him like she used to. She wants to hug him and hold him. She wants to touch him and feel him. She wants Taehyung to hug her limp and lifeless body. She wants her brother so much.


  She looks out the window, and the sky is still gloomy, just like her. She hopes Taehyung could make it.








  It's a hit again.


  Everyone was doing a great job. Taehyung and the rest of BTS were dancing, performing with all their might as the music played. The Love Yourself tour is a hit again. The crowd went crazy with their performance. ARMY. One of the highlights in Taehyung's life screamed the fan chant as usual. Taehyung smile and wave at them. Even though he's anxious, the presence of ARMY around him gave him some kind of comfort at the moment. Even when Taehyung has a lot in his mind at the moment, seeing such happy faces screaming their name with adoration made his heart calm a little. Taehyung's eyes search for the three most important people in his life, scanning the sea of people hoping to find his parents and his little sister Miu.


  Earlier he sent some text to his sister, even though she didn't reply. Before he went on stage, he sent out text for her. Are you coming? Where are you? He asks in the text. Before Taehyung realizes it, time is up and he went on stage to perform.


  And he still hadn't seen her.


  Taehyung seeps some water and wipes his mouth with the back of the hand. It's the end of the show already, and Namjoon is saying thank you as always. Taehyung is quiet tonight. His legs burn from the dance and his throat is kinda sore from the singing but he'll be ok. Like always. Taehyung set his eyes at those people, trying to search for his loved ones, but able to find them. No mother. No father. No Miu…


  The all walk out of the stage and enter their dressing room where staffs and makeup artists stand to wipe them off of their faces. Taehyung doesn't feel like smiling. He can't wrap his mind from all of this. What is going on with his parents? With Miu? He did tell them about the date of Daegu tour even gave them tickets. And they promised to come. Miu, his lover, promised she'd come. And Taehyung smiled at her warmly and held her hands in his. Because he knows Miu would come for him.


  His face was so forlorn. He doesn't care about anything anymore so he flops himself on the couch and starts zoning out. Everyone's still hyped up especially Hobi hyung and Jin hyung. They still kid around with Jimin being the cute dongsaeng. Meanwhile, the rest of them just laugh. Taehyung can't smile. Not now, at least.


  Jimin must've noticed how sad he is because he walks to him and cuddles his larger body. He starts stroking Taehyung's hair, seeing his puffy eyes, anyone could see that Taehyung is holding in his tears. Now, everyone has their eyes on him. He could feel it. They're concern about him. He tries to hold it in. His tears. He tries to act tough, but Jimin's hand that's stroking him lovingly wouldn't allow him to and the other member's “Are you ok, Taehyung-ah?" Isn't doing a great job at all.


  So he broke down.


  He's hiccuping so hard and bury his face in his knees while Jimin still stroking him lovingly, trying to calm him down. Taehyung's in tears. And he knows he shouldn't be crying but he is. Then he felt everyone surrounding him and Jin hyung hugging him on his right and Jimin on his left. Everyone is concern about him.


  All Taehyung want is his parents. His Miu. But why hadn't they answer any of his calls? Why didn't they come to his concert today?


  Taehyung keeps on hiccuping and crying with his red blotchy eyes. Even when he's curled up in a ball, they still could make out his red eyes. Jin's hand starts stroking him little by little and patting him, comforting.


  “What's wrong, Taehyung-ah? Are you ok?” He could hear Namjoon's soft voice asking him.


  No. No, he's not ok. He's so sad and confused. He's so puzzled by his family's action. Right now he just wants a hug and that's all that he wants. He doesn't care anymore about the tour or anything at all. Right now he feels like taking a drive to Geongchang and go home to see his parents and his sister. His sister…does she continues to hate him like she used to? Is that it?


  Their relationship is paying the price. Miu probably hates him again for leaving her. She probably doesn't want this relationship. She must've despised him with all her might and decided to not come for his show. His parents? Probably too busy. That's right. That's why they didn't pick up his calls. It’s easy as that. And Miu? She hates him so, so, much that she decides not to pick up his calls or reply to his texts. That's why. Yeah, that's it. That has to be it.


  He can't believe he's that stupid to not realize that she's slipping away from his fingers. Again.


  Maybe, being an idol isn't it. Maybe it's not a job that he should be doing in the first place? Because of his career choice, the relationship between him and his little sister was strained. And it is, again.


  It's beginning to get bland between Her and Taehyung.


  Lord knows how they start off as normal siblings. They were close, loving, siblings who understand each other and couldn't part as if they're twins. But everything changed when Taehyung left to become an idol. A successful idol at that. He doesn't call her on a daily basis anymore as his schedule became tighter and tighter throughout the years. And if he were to come back to Geongchang, he always tries to persuade her so that they could be close as usual but he was wrong. Miu's anger was stronger than her love for him. But as you all may know, everything changed when Taehyung came home as an adult at that time. And Miu overheard him crying and went to check him up. And that fateful night, they made love for the first time with no protection and continue their sexual activities and become romantically involved with each other. Taehyung succumbs to the incest passion and Miu falls into his web of love. But seriously, it's Miu who made the first move. She practically begged Taehyung to bed her that night. And just like that, their love expanded. Until today that is.


  Taehyung became awkward and shy at breakfast, even when their parents are nowhere to be seen due to work. He didn't speak a word to his sister nor does he smile to her. Miu doesn't understand. What could she be doing wrong? She just got out of her bedroom after she took the pill that he gave her and shower. Then she comes down to make breakfast and eat with him. She doesn't understand!


  He looks down at his plate and not looking up to her. He continues to eat as if Miu is not even there. It's not like he hates Miu. It's just that… he starts to think maybe, just maybe, this relationship won't give anything back to them. How stupid. Of course, it won't give anything back to them! What kind of future does he hold if he continues down this doomed path and most importantly, what kind of future would Miu holds if she's romantically involved with him?! Taehyung knows that he's going to ruin her future. He's going to make it worse for them. He's making it worse for them.


  When he tries to talk to her, it felt like he's swallowing bricks in his throat; painful and sore. He tries to start a conversation with her; say something, just say something, idiot! But he couldn’t. He tries to remember the date they had, the steaming sex in the car, the way she slept with him in his room and the sex this morning just a few feet away from their parents, the way she got so turned on from that and their conversation and desires to have a baby although that's just a dream. He tries to get back to those times but he couldn't. It had felt so magical and full of love. So why are they distant this morning? Everything was so perfect until this morning which doesn't make sense.


  In the end, they finished their breakfast without any conversations at all. No smiles, no lovely moments, no closeness between them, no eye contact, no nothing. He picks up his plates and washes them. Even when he's not directly looking at her, he could feel Miu starts questioning their sudden distance. He could feel his little sister, screaming at him mentally. He could feel her confusion. But Taehyung was so ego to not say a word. Then when they were about to walk out of the kitchen, he was about to go first but Miu also took her step at the same time as him. Being a gentleman, he had to let her go first, right?


  “You go.”


  “No, you go first.”


  The politeness is killing him.


  At dinner, mom and dad still at work. It's the two of them again like earlier. Normally, Miu wouldn't complain; she'd rather have Taehyung with her, all alone like this than having their parents among them. But right now, Miu wished they'd come home now so they would break this silence between Miu and her older brother and so she could walk to her room. At least, she doesn't feel totally left out than she is now. She had cooked dinner for them. A bowl of rice, as usual, some radish kimchi, Samgyeopsal, and Sundubu-jjigae. Miu didn't dare to look up and meet his eyes. She was so scared. So confused.


  Earlier, after breakfast, Taehyung and she hadn't been intimate at all. They didn't even speak to each other, as if one of them did something wrong which was...confusing to Miu. She still thinks about it; did she do something?


  Or maybe, just maybe, Taehyung is sick of her? Maybe Taehyung was only using her for sex and pleasure? Maybe she's just his experiment and nothing more? Maybe...she’s the only one who’s fucked up in the head and her brother is the normal child in their family? Maybe...she's just a tool?


  Then their date the other day really was just a brother-sister hang out thing. Nothing more.


  Miu looks down at her food. The world is right. There can never be anything between a brother and a sister. There can never be anything between Kim Taehyung and Kim Miu. Because, after all, they are siblings. Common sense will always win. Guess, love can't conquer everything, after all. Because as of now, this is just a one-sided love in Miu's part.


  From the way he's acting, he's sure Miu is so confused with his attitude. The silence is killing him. The only sound right now were their lips chewing food and the sound of their hands shuffling with chopsticks to grab their meal. Taehyung wants to compliment Miu. He really does. He wants to say, “you make good dinner, little sis. I love it!” So that Miu knows how much Taehyung loves her and appreciate the things she did. He wants her to know how much he loves her cooking. Everything about her. Everything she does. But he fights that want. Because he had this feeling that he's ruining her future if this sick relationship continues. And the guilt twits deeper, and deeper in his heart.


   When they finished eating and washing their dishes, he was about to walk away from the kitchen and went to his room, Miu's sobs made his feet stopped moving. He could hear her crying behind him, at the table. She has no idea how much it hurts to hear her cry. She has no idea how much it pained him knowing that he’s the one who hurts her in the first place. He turns around and as he calculated in his head, she's at the table and tears dripped down her porcelain skin. His heart shattered at the image.


  Scratch all these ‘he should stay away from her’ bullshit. His previous mindset was thrown away as he marches to her aid and kneels down to her knees level, holding her small hands in his larger ones. Her sobs echoed in the kitchen, and his heart breaks even more now that he could see her face in such painful twist and her heart-wrenching sobs directly in front of him. He could feel how devastated she is with his sudden cold action. He was wrong because he did that. He was wrong to make her feel like that.


  No words were left out of his lips as if he's mute. She continues to cry with her big brother in front of him like this.


  “Do you not like me, now?” She asks, her eyes red from the crying session. Her lips trembling due to holding the heart-wrenching sobs. Her hiccups were audible and it didn't make Taehyung feel any better. He felt worse.


   No. No, I still like you. I love you! He screams in his head but his lips were sealed shut. If he answers this, what will happen? If he answers her, will their relationship change to better or to worse? If he answers her, will her future become bright and untainted? Or will her future becomes dark and sinful? He aches to say it. To just say how much he loves her. He wants to yell at the top of his lungs about how much he loves her. How happy he was when she became his lover. When she entered his life.


  But Taehyung freeze when he thought about capturing her tears in between his fingers and wiping them away from her face. He was too afraid. Too afraid to do something he’d regret all over again. He's too afraid he's going to make his sister's life miserable if his love continues for her. Taehyung knows he's going to ruin her and it's only been three days since they consummate their love. It’s better if he walks away, now. The only thing he did was...kneel and listen to her cries.


  “You don't love that it? I'm just an experiment for you. I'm… I'm an experiment!” She cried. Miu knows she looks so ugly right now but she could care less.


  It’s as if Miu is talking to a brick. She's talking about her thoughts. About what she feels when Taehyung began to ignore her. But Taehyung can't form any words. His head is screaming at him for making her cry. But his lips were shut tight. His actual common sense told him to shut up, although the damage has been done already. But he knows there's still time for him to fix this. Hopefully.


   “You’re only using me for sex, isn't it? You don't love me, right, Oppa?” She sobbed, cuddling her knees with her hands as her tears stream down her cheeks again and again.


  There can never be anything between them. Yeah, she tries to wrap this in her mind. She tries to picture her life without Taehyung. The taehyung that entered her life as a lover and made love to her this last three days. The taehyung that made her happy as a girl. The Taehyung that took her to a date. That night…was so beautiful. She remembers the way Taehyung held her hand in his as they listen to Jo Sumi. The smiles he put on for her, the walk by the river under the starry skies and them talking about their forbidden love. And the steaming sex in the car. How beautiful it had been. But she knows now that it's just a facade.


  “You don't love me…”


  That's when Taehyung grabbed her into a tight hug.


  He loses all his self-control when he hugs her. He doesn't know why, but his heart and his head can't handle the fact that Miu thinks that he's using her for sex. He can't accept that because he never did uses her for sex. He can never see himself like that. He won't use her and will never. He loves her deeply and madly. Soon, he finds himself in tears as well. He listens to her sobs echoing and the way her chest moved from the sobs. How can Miu think like that? That she's just an experiment for him?


  “I love you…” he muttered as he's in tears.


   “I love you so, so, much…” he says, meant every word, when his left hand cupped her head and rubbed it, soothing her.


  “Then why are you ignoring me?” Her voice cracked when she asks that. And it's true, that Taehyung feels the need to hold her a little longer. To protect her.


  “I'm not ignoring you. I'm not, I swear! I just… I don't want to taint you anymore. I want to free you from this crazy love that we created. This sick...meaningless…foolish love…” he muttered, his own voice starts cracking as he talks. Miu’s timid grip around his waist then became a tight hold.


  “I don't want to lose you. I don't want to let you go. But do you know how I feel when I think about me ruining your future if we continue this?” He asks, pulling away from their hug and facing her, his eyes staring into her soul.


  “You're too young to let me ruin you. You have lots of good things ahead of you. Like that audition, you're thinking about going. But will you succeed if they found out about us? Should I choose my lust without thinking about your future?”


  “You mean everything to me. Everything. But if I stay any longer as your lover, than I'll jeopardize your future. What kind of life would you have if they found out about us? About what I've been doing with you?”


  He brought his grips around her cheeks, staring into her eyes still. He needs her to understand that everything he's doing is for her. All for her.


  “My life without you is like...a dark road, Oppa. It’s so painful. And hard to see...without any form of love and light. It'll feel like I lost my eyesight…” she responds, her eyes tearing up again.


  “Miu, I'm serious-”


  “Well, I'm serious, too!”


  “I mean it when I say that! That I'll be blind without you…” she cries.


  “I don't care about my future. About the audition. As long as I have you in my life than that's all that matters. You matter more than this stupid world who can't accept our love!” She yelled, and Taehyung hugs her again to comfort her.


  The kitchen was filled with the siblings’ cries. They both comfort each other with love, and with warmth. Although it's not the kind of love that you thought from a brother and a sister, it's still love. Even when it's forbidden. And wrong. So wrong.


  “Don't ever think I'm using you for sex. I'd never! Never…” he says, sloppily kissing her side profile and connecting their foreheads together.


  He brought his lips closer to hers, and kiss her intently. It wasn't intense as usual, but it's his way of comforting her somehow. How wrong was he to think that Miu would be able to live without him? How stupid of him to make Miu cry. Again. How stupid he's been from all this stupid, ‘logic’ mind of his. He was made for Miu. And Miu was made for him.


  He started kissing her softly, and grasping her waist gently and molding her body in between his as the two siblings kissed that night. Without anyone or their parents to disturb them. This is a way for Taehyung to say how sorry he was for his attitude. The way he acted to his little sister right now is a form of comfort for his lover. He continues to kiss her, hard, soft, then hard and soft again on the chair, until Taehyung tries to scoot to her and sit on the chair with his baby sister and making out with her.


  “I want to do it…” she mutters, her lips still locked with his. “Here…” she continues.


  And who's Taehyung to refuse?


  Taehyung then travels his lips towards her neck, planting kisses there a little, and continue to feel her up. Each of her curves, he inched his large hands and squeeze them until his hands find its way to her bosom. Lightly, he grabbed them and fondle them only to realize that she's not wearing her bra. He smirked against her neck but continue to feel her up, excited. He starts to pinch both of her nipples, earning a cry from the little sister as he could feel her shake in his arms.


  “How naughty…you’re not wearing any bra. Were you expecting me, little sis?” he asks, his voice was so low and it had felt so good just by hearing his voice. Miu nods her head.


  “You and I always made love to each I figure, I don't need to wear them anymore…” she mutters, and Taehyung hum in agreement, nuzzling his face at the crook of her neck and playing with her breasts.  


  “Are you not wearing anything underneath?” He asks huskily, making Miu clamp her thighs together from his words. He continues to fondle her and kissing her neck, playing with her.


  “...yeah…I’m not wearing anything underneath, Oppa..” Taehyung's lips stretched to a wider sly smile.


  “Great. ‘Cause I want to make love to you right now, softly.” Oh, God, Miu is so wet right now.


  “Please do me, Oppa…” she whispers, already tugging his shirt as her life depends on it. And Taehyung's hands prove to be too much for her. She starts moaning loudly and clamping her thighs tighter together as if it could relieve the ache between her legs if she did so. Taehyung hum seductively, making her even more desperate.


  Taehyung lifted her, putting her on his lap, making her naked folds sits perfectly on his bulge. The girl whimper from the feeling, desperate to have her brother inside her this instant. The brother could feel the front of his pants getting wet from his sister's slick of arousal. His grip on her waist tightens even more. Taehyung's touch drives her crazy each time.


  “Oppa...please put it in me. Please…” she pleaded, feeling like she could burst from the teasing. Desperately, she grabs Taehyung's hand and places them back onto her breast, hungry for his touch.


  Miu lift herself when Taehyung gave her the signal. He starts to undo his sweatpants easily, the elastic wasn’t like the jeans that he wore outside of his house. He takes out his cock which was hard and red and already dripping so much precum from just touching his little sister. He hissed when the cool air hit his hard cock. He licks his lips, and look into her eyes.


  “Go on. Sit on me before mom and dad come home.” He says, his eyes were so soft even though his words sounded demanding coming from a man.


  So Miu listens to him. She sits on his lap, on his cock to be precise, and a piercing scream emerges from her throat and her brother's. She starts going in, and in, ignoring what would the neighbors think if they heard them and finally, he's inside her fully. Her stomach feels so full, so fulfilled. Her clit twitched from the stimulation with just one go. Taehyung grabs her waist once more and made her bounce on top of him, up, down, up, down, and her moans collided with his. Even though it's almost one day she hadn't feel her brother's touches, it felt like one year or longer without his warmth. Without their lovemaking session.


  Oh, they're so addicted to each other.


  “God, you squeeze in me like that, ah, it felt so good…” he mutters, placing his hands on her breast again and fondle them. The chair creaks from their animalistic thrusts and Taehyung's sure that it will break soon.


  “Oppa… I want to- to- ah! ” She squealed when Taehyung grabs onto her breast aggressively and thrust up into her walls. He was rougher than her. More aggressive. More demanding. It made her weak in the knees and her pussy got wetter by the second when her brother keeps on pushing into her like this.


  “I want to come…oh, God, I- I… AHHH!” she screams when Taehyung thrust into her one last time and stilled inside her, coming inside her without any form of protection, again…


  Miu leaned onto his body, completely spent from their sexual activities. The two of them suck in a harsh breath, completely drained from the intense sex. Taehyung has his eyes looking up at the ceiling, his mind blanks and the only thing he had in mind at that time was her warmth squished in between his body like this. He held her again, hugging her sweetly, listening to each other’s heartbeat.




  Taehyung looks into her eyes, and notice that she's crying. The trickle of her tears starts staining her flushed cheeks again. She buries her face on his broad chest, surprising her brother.


  “Hey… was I rough? I'm sorry… I'm really sorry babe…” he says, hugging her closely and listening to her whimpers and cries.


  She looks up to him.


  “It's- it's not like that… it's… I- I just…”


  “I’m just so happy that you're touching me… that we’re back to normal again…”


  Taehyung nodded in agreement, brushing her hair away from her face. He smiled. “Yeah. I feel the same way…”


  “Listen, Miu. I'm sorry for being so cold to you. I'm very sorry for what I did to you. You must be very confused, right?” His eyes soften when he ask her this.


  “Oppa's so sorry for making you feel bad… I guess… I just want to protect your future…”


  Miu silenced him with a kiss. It’s not long, but it sure made a statement that she doesn't care anymore.


  “And I'm not doing a very good job at it. I just came inside you. Again and again.”


  She smiles and played with his brown hair. “It’s ok. We have the pills, remember?”


  “But still…”


  “Oppa, I like it when you shoot inside me…” she sternly says, gripping on his shoulders now, making it obvious how much she liked being pregnant by her own brother.


  And Taehyung swore he could feel his cock getting harder when she said that. Fuck, it's 10:15 p.m they can't go on for another round! Their parents could be coming home right now!


  He swallows his lump, tempted from the confession.


  “Alright, I won't argue with you anymore about this...preference of yours.” He slyly says, burying his face into hers, “God, you smell so good…” he mutters.




  He looks up to meet her gaze.


  “What if I'm already pregnant?” She asks.  Taehyung smiled, showing his famous boxy grin that made fans love him unconditionally.


  “That's impossible. This is the third day that we'd done it and you took the pill after we woke up, baby. And I came inside you again, which means you’re going to take the pills again today. There’s no way you can get pregnant. My sperm has, you know?”


  It made her blush, but both Miu and Taehyung agree. There's no way she’d get pregnant. Impossible.


  And it made Taehyung and Miu disappointed at the thought of not having children together.

  “Are you…?” Taehyung heard his sister's voice, gesturing towards his slightly hard dick even after they've finished making love. He blushes and looks away.


   “Yeah, but it'll go away soon. We need to take a shower so… cold shower.” He says, patting Miu's thighs telling her to sit up.


  “Maybe we could go for a round 2 in the shower, Oppa?” She asks seductively, grasping his arms and brought it closer to her bosom, nuzzling his muscle. Fucccck him. He's whipped for her.


  He shakes his head with a smile. “No, you need to clean this mess and Mom and Dad could be on their way right now. I need to shower.” He says, kissing the top of her head leaving the girl to take a quick shower.


  So he went into the showers and run himself a cold as ice shower to kill his boner. Yeah, wouldn't it be lovely if he’d be able to take his sister in the shower for round 2? But he can't be selfish. At least not now. He runs his fingers through his brunette hair, the end is long now like he had never cut off his mullet. Gosh, he missed that hair.


  He starts to think about this relationship with Miu. For Miu's sake, he won't leave her. Not again. Miu herself admitted that she loved him since...since day one? Since he left? Since she's just a child?


  Well, the same goes for him. When he grew up and he was only 13 and his little sister was just 9 years old, his feelings towards her started changing. No matter how many girls confessed their love to him, his heart only belongs to his own sister. He felt guilty back in that day, yes, but now? Now that he knows he's not a sicko and Miu returned his love in that way? No, he didn't feel bad at all. Not at all.


  When he left her, it was so hard for him to look at the girl that he loves cry and yelling out “don't go!” To him. He had to convince her. He had to tell her that what he's doing right now is for their sake. Taehyung only wanted happiness to fill her life. But unknown to him, her world was snatched away because he decided to leave…


  When he was away, rising up as a star, known to the world as the man with a deep voice, beautiful chocolate eyes and boxy smile, he never stopped being the real Kim Taehyung. The Kim Taehyung who loves his family. The Kim Taehyung who wants to provide for his family. The Kim Taehyung who loves his sister romantically. No matter how many women he could get, actress, idols, model, he only wanted her. His beautiful, sweet, baby sister.


  So how did he even think about leaving her?


  He walks out of the shower with only the clean towel wrapped around his waist and his chest bare. There, his sister on his bed, holding another towel in her hands.


  “Oppa!” She cheerfully calls out his name, beaming at him. He returns the smile, walking towards her and sitting beside her.


  “You should go and shower. It's bedtime.” He says, stroking her hair.


  “Let me just dry your hair, Oppa. Come on, sit in between my legs.”


  “You really want me to eat you out?” He joked, earning a smack from her. He moved, sitting perfectly in between her thighs, zoning out, enjoying her touches. Anyone who'd see them like this right now may be thinking, how cute, the Kim siblings are soooo cute!  they are more than siblings. They are more than that.


  Taehyung never uploads a picture of his sister. Nor does he ever upload the pictures of them when they were kids. He has to protect her no matter what from the fans.  


  “You hair is so fluffy, Oppa…” she mutters, drying her brother's hair. He laughs softly.


  “Do you like my hair?”


  “Yeah! Especially your mullet hair. I keep thinking about it. You look so handsome with that hair…” she mutters softly, hands working on his hair, still.


  He looks up at her with big, doe eyes. “I’ll grow it again for you if you want.” Reaching out his hand, he stroke her cheeks lovingly.


  Miu went into the showers after, leaving Taehyung alone in the bedroom. He crawls to his bed and lies down in his blanket. He thinks about what would his parents think of if they knew about their children screwing around when they're gone.


  What would they do with their children? Would they separate Miu and him? Would they cast them out? And his agency…what would they say about this? Will Mr. Bang kick him out of BTS? his beloved fans that he grew to love...what would they say about his incestuous relationship with his little sister? Will they hate him? Or will they still support him?


  And his friends…what would they say? Will they be disgusted with him? Will they hate him? What will Namjoon hyung say about this sick relationship Even though he is the modern thinker, the sensible one when it comes to this kind of things, but one would encourage this fucked up thing. But he loves her…he wants her…


  What will Jin hyung say? Will he not talk to him anymore? Will Jin ignore him? Will he stop cuddling him when they sleep together? Will he stop joking around with him? Will he not listen to Taehyung's problems anymore? Jin is his favorite person to go to when he's in trouble aside from Jimin. Will the dad joke guy hates him?


  And Yoongi. Will the older man beat the shit outta him? Trying to get him to come to Taehyung's common sense? Will he spit fire to him, making remarks about how disgusting Taehyung is for loving his own biological sister? Will he hates him, too?


  And his Hobi hyung. The sunshine of the group...will the older man stop smiling at him? Will he stop loving him as a younger brother? Will Hobi hates him as the rest of them will?


  What about Jimin and Jungkook, his best friends? Will they too loathe him? Will they stop talking to him as well? Even when Jimin and Jungkook are his favorite friends, the people that he's comfortable in talking about his heart and what he feels, he still hadn't said a word to them about this sick relationship with his sister. He didn't dare to say anything to them. No, he can't. They'll hate him. They'll cast him away.


  And he'll lose them, forever…


   “I'm so disappointed with you, Taehyung-ah.”


   Namjoon would say, his eyes shows just how much he's disappointed with Taehyung.


   “I can't believe you’d do such a thing!”


   Jin's yelling could be heard, and it's not his hilarious yelling that is.


   “You disgusting motherfucker. Get the fuck away from me!”


   Yoongi's judgemental voice rings in his ears.


   “Taehyung-ah…I don't know what to say…”


   Hobi's disappointed look crushed his heart, his usual sunshine-like smile is gone from his face.


   “Taehyung-ah… I feel like I don't know you…”


   Jimin’s eyes were so sorrowful. He claimed he doesn't know his own best friend.


   “Hyung, you are disgusting…”


   Jungkook hissed at him, his eyes cold and full of hate unlike usual.


  Taehyung turns around, flipping himself to his left side. The shower is still running meaning Miu is still in there, washing off of their sweat sticking together. Normally, Taehyung would wait for her, but his mind was so full of the hate comments delivered to him if this relationship were known to the world. He closes his eyes when he felt Miu scoot into the covers beside him, hugging him from behind and putting her one leg on top of his body. He grabbed her leg, acknowledging her presence.












Chapter Text



  Taehyung is still crying in Jimin's arms.


  Nobody knows what exactly is going on in his head and why he cried. Taehyung is a crybaby, they all know that. But the state he's in really worry his friends. They all look at him concernedly. When he finish sobbing, he looks up to see Jin holding a glass of water for him along with his kind smile.


  Taehyung looks straight ahead. After a while, he takes the glass and drink.


  “You don't want to tell us what's wrong?” Namjoon asks, sitting close to him.


  He takes a deep breath, “give me a sec…”


  They all wait for him patiently until he opens his lips.


  “I’m just sad that…my family isn't here today.” He confesses, looking into his glass of water that Jin poured for him. There's a moment of silence when Taehyung finally spills the bean.


  “Maybe they're busy?” Jungkook interferes, and Taehyung knows that everyone agrees with the maknae.


  “There’s more to it! These last few days, they hadn't answered my calls or my texts. They always do!” He protests, the need to cry is still in his chest. He has his doubts and he's worried as hell for his family. What if something did happen to them?


  “They didn't answer your calls?” Jin asks, a bit weird out from Taehyung's confession.


  “Yeah…they didn't answer me. My mom. My dad. My sister. Neither of them…” he says and as he remembers Miu, his heart just aches. Again.


  “I texted my sister last night and earlier before the show. But she didn't answer me. She always answers me!” Taehyung hiss, gripping his hair in his hands. Jimin rubs his shoulders because he’s worried for him. Worried for Taehyung's mental state right now.


  When Taehyung said that, Yoongi eyes him suspiciously. In the past when Taehyung talks about his sister, he didn't feel anything nor did he feel “weird” when Taehyung talks about her. But ever since Taehyung and Yoongi came back to Seoul, he knows there’s something fishy about Taehyung and Miu. There's definitely something between them.


  But he didn't say a word. He just stays quiet, like the Min Yoongi everyone knows.








If it weren't for the visit to their Gran's house the next few days, things would turn badly for both of them. Taehyung probably would walk away despite their lovemaking session that night and Miu would've been heartbroken. But no, things are beautiful still because of the memory they created at Gran's house. And turns out, they’re still going strong. They're still loving each other as usual and the thought of Taehyung ruining her future flew away like the wind. It had been so easy.


  Mom and Dad joined in as well. Actually, it was their idea because they had been so ‘stressed out’ from their workload. Taehyung understands. He completely does.  He has a job of his own and he understands how it feels to work yourself to the bone and do everything you can to provide for your family. And so, they decided that morning to have a brunch at Gran's house. Taehyung let their father drives and stay at the back, sneakily holding his sister's hand in his.


  “Gran!” Miu shouts, running to her grandmother and hugging her. Taehyung looks at his lover with a smile. He knows his sister is very attached to their gran because a), she was so spoiled rotten by the older woman and b), she acted like a mother to her because of their mother's busy schedule as a writer. When they were younger, their parents would drop them at Gran’s and come pick them up when they finished their work. They would spend their days sleeping at their Gran's place


   Miu hugs the older woman and her grandmother stroke her hair gently. Taehyung and his parents walk towards the two with a smile.


  “My, is that Taehyung? Oh, how you've grown so much, young man! Let your Gran Gran take a look at you!” Taehyung smiles shyly and walk to his grandmother and let the older woman touch his face, feeling her rough skin on his. He smiled.


  “Hi, Gran…”


  “Oh, how handsome you are… do you have a girlfriend, my dear?” She asks, smiling at the question.


   Yeah. She's beside you, Gran… Taehyung forces a smile at the question and shakes his head. He notices Miu's eyes on him at the question.


  “Oh please, come in, all of you. You must be hungry. How about we go make that brunch?” His grandmother pushes Miu into her house with their parents tailing them from behind and Taehyung eyeing the house. The house hasn’t changed, even when time passed by. When he was a kid, he often sleeps here with Miu and their grandfather was still alive back then. Even though it's already 3 years since he died, Taehyung never forgets his Gramps who practically raised him and Miu. His kindness and warmth reminded Taehyung all day that he needs to do only good things in his life.


  “Yeah sure, mom. Taehyung and I should grill some beef at the backyard. You ladies go make kimchi or something.” His father pats him on his back, signaling him to follow the older man.


  After they’re gone, Miu, her mother, and Gran walk into the kitchen to start making food. Her grandmother orders her to cut some onions. Being the obedient granddaughter, she did as she was told. They decide to make some stir-fried pork because Gran knows that her family loves it. Especially Taehyung. He's such a foodie, even with a good build. This also leads Miu to think that her family indeed, love her brother more than her. She quickly brushes the thoughts off of her mind. This is not the time to think about that.


  Her grandmother talks about her life. How lonely she is right now without Gramps, even though it’s already 3 years since he passed away. Miu knows that the old woman prefers at least one of them to stay with her but Miu couldn't. She rather stays with her brother at the moment. For this upcoming 3 week. How often can Taehyung stay with them? She already let her time go to waste with her brother back then. So she needs to make it up now.


  She starts to think about Taehyung and their relationship. She starts to visualize what would happen in the future if her family knows what exactly going on between the two siblings. If they found out about her incestuous relationship with her own brother. Even though they already talked about this, but still...she can’t help but think about this all the time. Things could happen if they're not careful. But Miu promise she will fight till the end for her love. If Taehyung is willing to risk it all, so will her.


  “...iu… Miu!”


  She turns around immediately at the voice. Gran. Gran was calling her. The older woman looks at her with a smile.


   “Do you like it that your brother is here?”


  Yes. Yes, she likes it. She loves the fact that he's with her right now, even though their time together is so short due to his work. She loves that Taehyung is hers now. She loves that they both feel the same way. She loves that Taehyung is holding her in his hands now and he doesn't plan to let her go. She loves that they didn't let moral break them apart.


  She smiles.


  “Yeah. I like him being here for me…”


   And all mine.









  4 bone-in thick center cut, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons paprika, 2 teaspoons salt, and 1 teaspoon black pepper.


  These are the ingredients that Taehyung always use if he barbeques with his father. Since he was a little boy, Taehyung learned all that he needs from his father and his grandparents. Gramps used to do the grilling as well and as a young child, he only tends to them without grilling anything. His father taught him how to season the meat at that time. But when he reached 14, he started grilling and he would use this recipe when he and the boys would have barbeques. They were surprised the first time he grilled and cook something. Usually, it's Jin hyung and he's not the type to cook at all. But it turns out good in the end. They even said he ought to open a barbeque port or something.


  “You remember what I thought you, don't you, son?”


  He nods his head along with a cheerful grin and starts preparing the meat with rubbing both sides using the olive oil while his father heats the outdoor grill to high heat which was exactly 500-degrees Fahrenheit.


  “How was your work? I'm sorry I don't get the time to ask you what you've been doing with your idol life. Your mother and I are busy, you know?” The man says, now helping Taehyung to prepare the meat.


  He smiles. “Its ok, dad. I understand. By the way, I'm fine. The band is going great and I'm not stressed out now.” He smiles, smearing the oil on both sides of the meat. He smiles warmly. Did he really mean it when he said that?


  Yeah, Taehyung knows that his parents work to the bone for them so that they can provide for Taehyung and Miu. Since he’s a child, he saw how busy and tired they were. Taehyung knows that whatever they were doing, it's all for them. Even though he can provide for them now, they still want to work for his little sister, not wanting to rely on their only son fully. But he also remembers how lonely they were when they were just children. Always being thrown out to their grandparents’ house when their parents were busy.


  Taehyung is a grown up and he understands how the world works. But Miu? He knows she ‘hates’ them for always...leaving her alone. Knowing his parents, they definitely away at work for hours until Miu fell asleep. At least that's how things were when he was a boy and a teenager. He was the only person who took care of Miu when he was 14 and Miu was only 10. At that age, Taehyung was trusted to take care of her and Miu learned how to cook. At that time, they were always alone. Always together. And Taehyung knows...he’s the only one that Miu needs even now.


   Even though Miu didn't say anything about their parents, but he knows that her feelings were bitter towards them. He knows his little sister; she can never hate them, but there's definitely anger in her heart regarding Mr. and Mrs. Kim. He'll wait for Miu to spill the bean to him patiently. Who knows? Maybe she'll say something? He is her lover, after all. So they weren't supposed to have secrets. He prays silently that she would say something.


  “I just...want you guys to know that we love the both of you…so much.”


  Taehyung’s hands were still, stopping his every movement at his father's words.


  He knows that. He knows how much they love him and his little sister. He knows that very well. But truth to be told as he said earlier, he’s not sure about what Miu is thinking about regarding this ‘mommy daddy issues.’ Since he was a kid, he was always left alone to carry the burden to care for Miu. No, she's not a burden. She will never be. He never regrets taking care of her since. But he also felt that loneliness as a child. Although he does understand that it's all for a good cause, but he admits sometimes he was saddened at the memory of only being with his gran and gramps more than his parents. And his baby sister…


  He hardly hears his father and mother saying ‘i love you’ to him as a child and now…now that he said it… it felt so surreal. Like he's floating in the deep ocean and could barely breathe until a pair of hands fishing it's way into the cold water and pull him up to the ground. It’s like…he’s revived. It feels like...there's hope to fix this dilemma. Taehyung looks at his father and saw how the older man smiles and has tears in his eyes.


  His wrinkly eyes made Taehyung tears up as well. How many times he has left like this?


  “My son. How you’ve grown so much. I mean, I look at you and I you are now a man. Not my little brave boy anymore.” Dad says, smiling happily as he wipes his tears.


  Taehyung tears up, wiping away his tears as well. “What do you mean? I'm still your brave boy, Dad.” He tries to act all tough.


  “You could be someone else's father soon, son.” His father laughs and Taehyung cracks out a laugh.


  “No. No, i don't think so…” unless you count Miu…


   “I know we didn’t care for you much. We're always out there, making money since the two of you were children. Your mother and I made you do the job as a babysitter to your sister. And your gran and gramps.”


  “And as time pass by, you grew up even more, and so does my little Miu. She grew up to be so responsible and she does all the housework and cooking. She was always alone with you…”


  “I made the two of you go through a lot. How foolish I was to let my children face this. I'm sorry, son. I'm sorry for being a selfish old fool and let you do all the work that I should have done…”


  Taehyung doesn't know which is hard to hear; his father's confession, or his tears.


  “You were the only friend that Miu had, aside from Nayeon. You were her true parent. Always taking care of her...always with her. She ran to you if something bothered her…”


  “And when you left for the audition, she was so heartbroken. She wouldn't talk. Wouldn't eat for weeks. It was harder for her than it was for us.”


  Taehyung couldn't believe his ears.


  Is this true?


“She felt so alone. She missed you...everyday…”


  “That's why she hates me…” he mumbles, as the pieces of the puzzle unite together and he got his answer.


  “And I'm glad everything’s ok, now. That the two of you became close again.”


   Became lovers.


   How Taehyung wants to correct his father and scream at the top of his lung that he is her lover.


   “What did you do to her, by the way? I mean, out of nowhere she became close with you again after 7 years?”




   I sorta fucked her? I fucked her? Yeah, I fucked her…


   Taehyung smiles.


  “I persuaded her just happened…”


   By sleeping with her.


   “Well, I hope the two of you would last.”


   So do I.


   At 9 am they sit at the backyard with a roast pork chop that Taehyung and his father made some kimchi, stir-fried seaweed, and other dishes. It's a lovely day with the sun shining brightly and some orange juice to quench their thirst. Miu knows that a day like this won't last forever and she secretly cherish it. Mom and Dad were busy people and they don't get to go to Gran's house as they used to when they were kids (she still didn't learn to drive even though she is 19). Everyone is talking and smiles plastered on their faces. Mom and Dad catch up with Gran and Taehyung, but Miu just stayed quiet and listen. She just looks at her brother the whole time.


  He's sitting beside her like this and it's hard to not smell his scent. That strawberry scented shampoo in his silky brunette hair, that men body wash odor. He smells like honey. Miu only pays attention to him and only him because despite the situation they're in, she can’t help it. The way he talks...the way he smiles…it’s such a soft smile for someone as big as him. And his broad they are. How Miu is tempted to just run her hands on them and kiss them like she’d do when they make love.  


  God, she's positive she's turned on right now.


  As if he could feel it, Taehyung suddenly puts his big hand on her thighs. She jumped a bit and she freezes at the gesture. 3 seconds pass until Taehyung starts moving his hands again slowly, still talking with their family. He runs it, up and down and Miu suddenly realizes how big and good his hands feel on her silky smooth thighs. She did not realize how amazing his hands feel against her skin the previous night when he made love to her, and the other nights they did it. Now, she could feel it. Really feel it.


  He answers their question with that innocent smile plastered on his face. If only they know what Taehyung is doing underneath the table. Oh.


  Miu could feel her cheeks blushes madly at his touches. Then Taehyung begins to move his hand up, up, and up slowly until it reaches the front of her panties. She curses herself silently for wearing a skirt today because it most certainly would give Taehyung easy access to her wet pussy.


  Miu swears he could see that devilish smirk on his face. He then rubs her slowly and carefully on her clothed clit, making Miu squirm and knees buckle as she silently whimpers. She prays that her parents or her Gran won't realize what's going on underneath the table. She closes her eyes when Taehyung continues to play with her clit without directly touching her clit or hole and as she feels streams of her wetness runs down her thighs like she’s peeing. How lewd.


   Fuck, how am i supposed to stand up?!


  Taehyung remains calm and collected, smiling and talking with his hands on her clothed pussy, finally running his fingers on her hole despite the panties getting on his way. His hands were slow, and Miu could feel how frustrated she is, how badly she needs her brother. In her head she pictures Taehyung fucking her in this very backyard on the wooden table they currently eating on in front of their Gran and parents as Taehyung makes her cum again and again. Oh, she could just cum at the thought of that in her head. It didn't help that Taehyung's big and rough hand is on her pussy. She's positive Taehyung could feel her wetness seeping through.


  She looks at him with lips parting and half-lidded eyes. If they were to look at her right now and thank the Lord that they're busy talking, they obviously could see that she's being assaulted by her own big brother.




   As if Taehyung listens to her silent plea, he turns around to face his little sister and look at her, smiling innocently.


  That's when Taehyung captures her clit between his thumb and index finger and pinch it slowly, making her legs buckle and a very loud whimper came out of her. Before she knows it, they look at her with a surprised look.


   Oh God. No!


  What should i do? What should I…


  No. Act natural. Act natural!


   “Miu, dear? What's wrong?” Her mother asks, eyeing her suspiciously. Fuck.


   Make some excuse, Miu. Come on, you're a smart girl!


   Thank God Taehyung's hands stops moving. Because she knows that if Taehyung still moves his hands on her clit, then it's the end for them.




  She looks at Taehyung.


  “A bug bit me. It hurts…” she says meekly.


  Her Gran was worried, her father and mother laugh at her. She’s not so sure if they're mocking her or something.


  “Ah, this is the backyard. Bugs could bite you anytime. It didn't help that you're wearing a skirt, dear.” Her Gran says.


   Yeah. A big bug is ‘biting’ me indeed.


   “Oh, by the way, since you're waiting for a college call, maybe you should do volunteer work at that elementary school?”


  Mom is talking about the school that’s 2 blocks away from their house. Yeah, Miu admits that for this three months, she is a lazy ass just sitting in the house without anything educational to do. Before Taehyung came back, all she ever did was practicing her vocals because she thought about her career path. And she thought about auditioning as an idol, following her brother's footsteps.


  Before she even finishes high school she already practices her vocals as a student. She entered a lot of competition as a singer at the age of 14 until she's 18. She’s kind of a…’pride’ for their school. But she's not bragging.


  She thinks about it until Taehyung's hand starts moving again, circling her clit intently making her thighs shake and a whimper almost escapes from her lips. The blush on her cheeks should be enough to show how she's receiving a clit play by none other than her brother.


  Taehyung's fingers circles her clit then moved to her hole. He spreads her thighs a bit, demanding her to open wider so he can play with her at the moment, in front of their parents like this. How lewd. Yet Miu likes the way he manhandles her.


  He collects her juices as it overflows from her aroused hole, her clit twitching once in a while from the lack of attention as it was assaulted earlier. She bites the inside of her cheeks as he continues to fondle her.


   “Umm...umm, I- I think, urgh… that's a good idea... AH!” As she stutters, Taehyung’s fingers were busy circling her wet hole until he pushes one big finger in making her let out a yelp. Again.


  And they all look at her once more but Taehyung doesn't stop there. He continues to finger fuck her hole underneath the table at full speed. It's just a finger, but it's too much for Miu to handle. She clenches her thighs together only to be spread open again by her brother. He continues.


  “What's wrong with you, dear?” Her mother asks, raising an eyebrow at her.


  She gives them an awkward smile and stands up.


  “It's nothing. I...I need to go to the bathroom.” She explains, unable to resist the urge to just rub her clit to her heart's content. As she tries to stand up, Taehyung pulls out of her hole and brush his fingers against her clit, making Miu restless.


  When she stands up she can feel her arousal trickling down her legs. They continue to talk about their previous topic and Miu's sure that they didn't pay any attention to her as she walks away from them.


  What Taehyung did is crazy. They could get caught! Their parents and Gran would separate them if they found out that Taehyung is fingering her underneath the table in broad daylights. How crazy this is. How crazy!


  The thought of losing him always scares her ever since this relationship started. It's 5 days since their forbidden love story started, and within these 5 days, she can't help but think about what will happen if everyone found out about them. About what the superstar Kim Taehyung has been doing to his little sister. What will happen if, if the world knows?


  They will blame him. The world will view Taehyung as a rapist. A sex offender. A brother who forces his sister to satisfy his ugly needs. His agency will fire him. His bandmates and his friends will banish him from their lives. His parents won't call him a Kim anymore. He will go to jail. His fans will hate him. They'll separate Taehyung and her.


  The thought of it makes her want to scream.


 As she thinks about what would happen to Taehyung's future, her head starts spinning, like someone stirred the inside of he head making her brain, her eye socket, and the things swirl together trying to find its way back to be placed exactly where they are supposed to be. Her head is hurting like crazy. She stops walking, stopping at the wall and hold on to it. Why is her head spinning?


   Her head is so dizzy. Why? Is she tired of walking around this morning and helping out in the kitchen? No, it can't be. She's used to it. Or is it because the weather is too hot today and they're in the backyard without an umbrella? Or is it because of all the sex that she had with her brother that's making her fatigue?


  She heard about it. That too much sex can make you dizzy. These last 5 days they did have sex way too much. Starting from the first time when Taehyung first arrive at their house, then the second day after the Sumi Jo performance, and the third day at 2-3 a.m where they fucked in front of their parents’ bedroom door and later that evening when their parents were out for work in the kitchen, yesterday in Taehyung's bed at until 4.00 am. Taehyung came and came inside her. And she took the pill as they planned.


  Today marks the fifth day of their relationship. And Taehyung just fingered her underneath the table.


  As her headache got even worse, she decides to rest a little in Gran's restroom. Opening the door slowly, she closes it with a loud thud and slowly moves towards the queen sized bed and curl up in a fetal position.


  This is the room that she slept in when she was a kid. It hadn't changed, not even one bit. It still has that same smell. The distant medicine, Jasmine-like the smell because Gran likes to put fresh jasmine in every vase of every room in her house. Miu’s right. When she turns towards a familiar vase at the corner, she saw jasmines in it and the fragrance came from there. But it didn't help her at all. It made her feel...dizzier. She stops complaining and lies down on the bed slowly, hissing at the pain.


  Five minutes later her phone starts ringing, the ringtone signaled that someone texted her. Lazily, she grabs the device and enters her lock pad. It's Taehyung.


   Oppa: where are you? Are you ok?


  Taehyung is overprotective, she should have known by now. She's debating whether should she say that her head is spinning like crazy or not. But Taehyung won't like it. He wouldn't like it if she lied to him or hide the truth. He was always like that; when they were kids, Taehyung always told her to tell him if anyone bullies her so that he can have a talk with them. And she always…always told him if anything was bothering her then. Now?


  Knowing Taehyung, she sighed and starts typing.


   Miu: I'm in Gran's guest room. Where we slept when we'd visit. My head is spinning like crazy…


   Taehyung was quick to reply, much to her surprise.


   Oppa: Ok, I'll be there


   She leaves it at that, waiting for Taehyung to arrive in her room. She lies down on the bed, closing her eyes until the door busted open to reveal her brother, smiling warmly at her. She smiled back.


  “Hey…” he says, closing the door with a thud and locking it. He moves to Miu immediately and sits beside her, running his fingers on her cheeks to remove her hair a little.




  Miu hummed, looking at Taehyung with a saddened face. She looks...pale, Taehyung admits.


  “Are you ok, baby? You look so pale. What happened?” He asks, putting Miu into a sitting position so she would be comfortable. Taehyung’s sympathetic eyes were enough to make her feel all sorts of emotions. Out of nowhere, her tears start to well up in her eyes and it bursts when Taehyung held her in his arms.


  “Hey… what's wrong? Baby?” Surprised at his lover's sudden outburst, he wipes her tears slowly and listens to his sister’s cries when he finally pulls her into a tight hug. He didn't understand. What's wrong with his sister?


  “My head is spinning… it hurts…” she whispered, crying and holding onto Taehyung's collar for dear life. He strokes her hair and listens to her little whimpers that made his heart broke.


  “Hey, shh… listen to me, baby. It's ok…” he whisper, rocking her in his arms and kissing the top of he head, the tear tracks on her cheeks, and lulling a song for her to calm her down.


  Miu hugs Taehyung even tighter than usual. She doesn't know why is she so emotion out of a sudden. It just happened. She starts feeling so stressed out for some reason and the need to just cry her eyes out were triggered when she saw Taehyung, so worried for her and him hugging her to comfort his little sister.


  So that afternoon they drive off with Taehyung gripping her hands at the backseat. Miu turns to Taehyung and he was already looking at her with such love. She smiled.


  And Taehyung smiled.


















Chapter Text



   Taehyung waits for the feeling to stop.  But it obviously didn’t. In fact, it got worse as he lies down on the couch alone with no one’s comfort. 


   The tour stopped now because they’re going to film some performance of them singing their old songs from their old albums. Taehyung knows he should go on and practice his vocals like Jungkook, Jimin and Jin hyung, but instead of practicing like his friends he’s here on this couch feeling lost. Alone. And missing Miu.


   He fiddled with the collar of his shirt and let his thoughts wander. He’s done crying yesterday and this morning that he lost the will to cry anymore. His eyes were dry, yet his feelings were the same. He still bore this thought that Miu hates him at this very moment. He hasn’t heard from her what felt like…ages if he’s being honest. This sick and hurt feelings is pushing him to the edge.  The need to just hug his sister in his arms… to just feel her heartbeat against his own creeping in his chest. Taehyung wants to whisper to her how much he loves her. How much he adores her. And that he’s ready to throw all this fame just to have her in his life like he had 3 weeks ago. If there’s sacrifices that needs to be made, then he’s ready to risk it all for his love.


   Before he knows it Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hobi walks in the room. All of them look at him with a sympathetic look and smiled at him.


   “Come on, Tae. It’s time to film.” That’s what the leader of the group said, and Taehyung is obligated and professional enough to not decline. So, he stands up and walk to his friends and enters the room where he sees the rest of his friends. They’re ready to film BTS Talk Show.


   The cameraman smiled briefly towards him and the other boys. Taehyung, known as a sweet man, smiled back and sits beside Hobi and Jin.


   “Everybody relax your throat. We’ve done this a lot of times already and even though there’s no dancing involve we still need to be serious. Give it all you’ve got.” Namjoon said, and Taehyung made it his mission to set aside his personal feelings. He really did. Until the BGM of Just One Day starts playing that he realizes just for one day…if he could just spend that one day with Miu…then maybe, maybe his relationships with her would be…


   As Yoongi starts singing his verse, Taehyung let himself be swayed by the lyrics, the song that perfectly represent his situation. Yeah, indeed… if only he owns just one day…if he could just buy that one day with all the money that he has…he would. He would buy whatever the cost is. Just to be with Kim iu, his sister. His lover.


   Taehyung remember the days…the weeks where he would cuddle his sister on his bed and smelled her sweet scent. He remembers how it felt to have her in his arms and the feeling not wanting to let go of his lover. Those past 3 weeks of their budding love were the best thing that ever happened to him. The days where he could be himself with no one to judge him. The days where he doesn’t need to be worried about what people think of him. If only Taehyung could get away from all his busy schedule just for one day and stay in her arms…in his bed with his lover…



   Taehyung remembers that day where they went shopping together and the way Miu put up her hair into a ponytail. How beautiful she had always been. But that was his favorite hairstyle of hers. The way it revealed her dainty, milky neck making Taehyung all worked up. The urge to just take her in his arms and kiss her lips and neck, marking her the way he always did surge inside him that faithful day. That day he hugged her waist as they walk around in their own world and when they’re alone…he whispers to her how much he loved her.


   And Taehyung remembers the feeling he got when he saw her up the stairs that night on their very first date.  He was sure that his heart stopped beating for 2 seconds. 


   All the lovely moments he had with her when they held each other at night. The way her face was glowing by the moonlight outside of his bedroom window. The feeling he got when he made love to her. The sound of his breath interlacing with hers when he held her in his arms and placing her underneath him. The way she said his name. The times Taehyung would moan in her ear from pleasure.


   The clear memory of Taehyung taking her virginity that night when he first arrived in his home town Geongchang. The way she coyly seduced him to submitting to her, to their forbidden love. And the way he finally fell for her that night, making love to her that first time where he too loses his virginity to his own little sister. That first time…where he experienced her hands on his cock and the first time where Taehyung touched her for the first time. How liberating it felt to know that he was the first man to breach his own sister and owned her, every day since that. And so did her. They both complete each other that first time.  


   And ever since he came back here, how he yearned to touch her every day, every night since it had become his habit the previous 3 weeks when he made that discovery. Every night, in his big bed, in his lonely and lifeless room, how he dreamed of having her with him. How he imagined her in his arms, Miu’s eyes staring back at him and the way she smiled at her brother.


   He knows he’s helpless for imagining that… and that it’s impossible. Because he can never buy the time or make the time to be with her. So he just lies down alone in his bed with his own meaningless dream.


   Taehyung only listened to those lines and fight the urge to cry. How he yearned it to be real. How he wants to hold her hand, to feel the heat of their limbs together on each other. If only… he could just be with her now.


   Taehyung was too entranced in his own world. He tries hard not to cry for his fans sake. For his members. For the production crew that is working hard in filming now. He gave a bitter smile to no one, his mind focused on the lyrics that’s mocking his secret love life. If he wasn’t an idol, would he be able to go out freely with his ‘girl?’ To go wherever he desires with her? To travel all around the world with her? If right now, he could just be with her and hold her close like he always visualizes, would the world mock her? Or would it ruin both of them? Either way, it didn’t appeal to him at all.


   Maybe he’s crazy. He wants to have this relationship. He wants to save this relationship, even back when he and Miu were clashing and weren’t lovers in the first place.  He was a fool to think that she wouldn’t hate him. He left her then, so he should take note, right? Instead, he made her wait for him to return again. He was wrong. How could he ask Miu to wait? He should’ve quit the band for her. For his own happiness. Not letting himself getting hurt and wondering like this. How stupid. How stupid!


   But is he wrong to think that they’d be able to last?


   What’s wrong about hoping for his partner to remain the same in their relationship?


   No matter how many times he claimed that everything he’s doing right now is for her, he knows now that he can’t change what she thinks about them. He keeps saying that he’s doing this for her, but how far was that lame excuse was true? He barely showed any effort for her then and now. He could barely call her since the tour got crazy!


   He’s not worthy of their love. Her love.


   “Just one day, if I can hold your hands,” Taehyung sang, closing his eyes.


   “Just one day, if I can be with you,” He sang again, meant every word.


  “Just one day…” he whispered meaningfully.


   The rest of the song goes on as Taehyung daydreamed about his sister. He swallows the lump in his throat to prevent a sob from emerging in this live broadcast. Taehyung imagine in his mind how he would grab Miu by the waist and look into her beautiful hazel eyes, the similar eye color was a constant jarring reminder that it’s his sister that he’s falling for. But it never stopped him from loving her every single day.


   He imagined if tomorrow he woke up to have her in his arms in his hotel bed. He’d kissed her good morning and stare into her eyes. He imagined having breakfast in bed with her that morning while watching tv, and that night, under the light of the full moon outside his hotel window, he’d tell her how much he loves and adore her. And soon, they’d make love.


   If he can only own that 24 hours instead of more… than that’s ok. At least that 24 hours won’t go to waste if he’s with her.


   What Taehyung didn't realize is that his phone has been ringing since he walked out of the previous room. 



Chapter Text


  Miu was sitting on the plastic chairs, waiting for Taehyung. And as time pass, she starts getting fidgety and anxious even more.


   It’s been approximately 4 hours since they contact Taehyung. But they hadn’t been able to reach her brother. He’s the only family left that still doesn’t know what’s going on with her. Both of Miu’s parents are an only child. That’s why the ICU room isn’t too crowded in the first place. Because Miu only had her gran and her brother from now on. The reality suck, and it made her feel uncomfortable with the thought; but she knows she must suck it up. Swinging her ‘ghost’ leg around, suddenly in the lobby, she hears a footstep coming closer and closer at her direction.


   And there, Nayeon is running. She looks out of breath, and just by looking at her Miu could feel how rushed she is to come here. Nayeon couldn’t drive. She has a license already, but her mother is overprotective and wouldn’t like it if she drives on her own. Her mother always had to accompany her anywhere they go even to Miu’s house. That explains why Mr.’s Kang is behind Nayeon in the first place, running towards her child.


   “Nayeon! Nayeon, stop right there!” she screams toward her daughter but Miu is positive that her best friend could care less about her mother at this moment. The older woman finally catches up to her child, stopping right in front of Miu’s ghost form. She couldn’t see Miu though. But Nayeon is right in front of her, standing and catching her breath from all that running. Her mother looks concerned but Miu knows Nayeon is concerned towards her best friend; Miu.


   “Nayeon, slow down…” the woman mutters, her eyes showing concern towards her child.


   “No, I won’t slow down! I can’t! not now, at least…” she slowly mutters.


   Miu saw how Nayeon’s mother eyeing her child with sad eyes. Their family is quite close even though they’re not exactly neighbors. Miu knows that look. The look of total heart break. The look of devastation. Sadness. And Miu knows that they are concerned about her.


   “I know you’re worried about her. I know. But rushing won’t do us any good, honey.” Nayeon’s mother strokes her hair, soothing the troubled girl. Miu knows how much Nayeon loves her. How much the girl cares about her and Miu values that a lot. She wants to hug Nayeon. She wants to tell her how much she appreciates this. Her hands twitch, aching as she runs towards Nayeon in a tight embrace.


    I’m right here.


   Mrs. Kang hug Nayeon in Miu’s behalf. Her daughter isn’t crying. She just stays in her mother’s embrace, feeling her warmth as the lobby is silent with only the two of them here. Miu wanted a hug herself. She wants to feel her loved ones embrace so bad. She wants someone to tell her that it’s ok. That everything’s going to be okay.

   “I miss her already…” Nayeon mutters, tightly hugging her mother. Mrs. Kang answered with a hum and stroking her daughter’s hair softly.

   “I know, baby. I know. I miss her too...”

   Why are they talking like this?

   The atmosphere is so sad and uneasy, to the point Miu feels like walking away. She knows she should walk away, but her feet are glued to the cold tile of this hospital floor and it felt as if she couldn’t move at all. She saw Mrs. Kang’s tears flowing out of her eyes down to her porcelain skin. She’s crying. All because of her.


   She cried because Miu’s parents died in this accident. Miu smiled bitterly at the memory. Mrs. Kang and her mother were quite close because Miu and her family often goes to Nayeon’s house or dinner and so does them. Mom and Mr.s Kang were quite the ‘soulmate. ‘Even without Miu and Nayeon to tie them up, the two mothers would occasionally go out on their own and have a date. They’d discuss about mom’s book and talk about mother’s thing. Mom and Dad weren’t supposed to die. Miu let out a sigh and feel her own tears well up in her eyes.

   “Oh? Who are you looking for, miss?” a gentle voice of a woman suddenly came out and they all turn towards the voice directly behind Miu. It’s one of the female doctors that worked on her. She seems tired. But her gentle smile make up for it.


   Nayeon’s mother let go of her and wipe her tears away. She returns the smile to the doctor.


  “I want to see Mrs. Kim. Kim Miu.”


   The doctor nods her head with a soft smile. “Yeah, Mrs. Kim. She’s in there.” She pointed towards Miu’s room. The ICU where she’s been put into after her operation.


   “Who would you might be, Mrs...?”


   “Kang. Kang Nari. We’re close family of Mrs. Kim.” She answers.


   The doctor nods her head. “All right then. If you excuse me…” she was about to walk away until Nayeon stopped her.


   “Wait! If you don’t mind can you please tell us what’s going on with Miu?” her best friend asks, eyes pleading and Miu could clearly see how desperate she wants to hear regarding her best friend.


   “Well, to start, Mrs. Kim is now comatose. She’s been like that for days. And her brain is in grave danger as of now. She’s experiencing a brain trauma from all this accident. Her body, her brain is in a trauma state because she’s thrown out of the car pretty far, similar to the late Mr. Kim. Her lungs experience internal injuries which is extremely dangerous, and her left leg is broken. I’d say the most important is her brain. If her brain goes to brain dead state, then we have no choice but to end her life because she’s not going to wake up when her brain is in that state.” Her voice is calm as she explains this.


   But Mr.s Kang and Nayeon weren’t. Nayeon cups her mouth from shock and even though she’s not crying, Miu knows she’s concerned. As for Mrs. Kang, she burst into tears immediately when she heard about Miu’s chronic state.


   “Mom…” Nayeon tries to persuade her mother to stop crying, yet the older woman couldn’t stop. She keeps on crying until she lost the will to cry anymore. The doctor puts her hand on the woman’s shoulder for support, as if saying, I understand, ma’am. Nayeon was silent, and Miu is so worried about her reaction. She knows Nayeon too well. She knows she can’t console her dear friend right now, although she wants to do so. Nayeon is not the type to cry at all. In fact, Miu never saw her cry even when they’re friends since they were children. Not even once, she saw Nayeon cry.


    Miu knows Nayeon is holding on.


   “You’re saying my friend could be…dying?” she asks with shaking voice, something Miu never heard before.


   The doctor gave a soft, bitter smile; “we’re doing the best we could, miss.”


   The doctor left them, and Mrs. Kang still hadn’t stop crying. Nayeon always said; “My mom is so emotional over every little thing. She just… can’t help herself from crying.”


   Miu had laugh from Nayeon’s confession when she said that.


    “Last week I fell down the stairs because our cat was tailing me, and she cried from that. Jesus!” she says, running her hand in her long, soft hair.

   “She can’t help it. She’s a mother. Your mother, Nayeon. She can’t help but be concerned.” Miu had advised her friend then. But the girl shook her head and sinisterly smiled.

  “I mean, we could be like that as well when we’re mothers, right?” Miu said using her logics then. The girl beside her let out a laugh.

   “I’m never going to be anything like that, Miu!”


   “You’ll never know.” Teasingly, Miu express her point of view.


   “Crying over something as stupid as that? I don’t think so, Kim Miu. You know better what type of person I am.” Nayeon proudly said.

   But Miu knows. Miu knows that this is not a stupid thing. This is a matter of life and death. So, crying is never stupid in this situation, right? It can never be stupid, right?

   The fact that the doctor said that she may never wake up. That she could die, scares the hell out of her. Give her the chills.

   Where is Taehyung?







   Nayeon walks in the room in silence, listening to the beeping sound of the machine. Miu’s life is beeping, the line isn’t straight, so it’s a relief. Nayeon had asked her mother to stay with gran (she couldn’t come in without bursting in tears after all) so Nayeon figured that she ought to come in alone. She walks further and sit down on the chair that’s provided beside Miu’s bed. She smiled bitterly.


   “Hey…” she muttered.


   Miu felt surreal. Nayeon looked like a doctor in hospital gown and gloves. She let out a broken laugh to herself.


   She looks at Miu. Too long that it made Miu uneasy for some reason. She clears her throat, and her nervous laugh left her lips. For some reason, Miu could feel her sweat gathering on her best friend’s porcelain skin.


   Nayeon smiled; “you know, when I heard that you’re in a hospital, I freaked out. A lot. And that’s not me at all.” She says and again her laugh left her lips.


   Miu knows that what Nayeon is saying is true after all. Nayeon was always the calm one between the two of them. She could handle any kind of situation meanwhile Miu would be a nervous wreck in any kind of emergency. At one point in Miu’s life, she wished that she’s Nayeon. Calm and collected, cool as a cucumber, a girl with loads of talent. He can do anything without much effort.


   At one point, she envied that about Nayeon.


   “I feel so scared to be honest. I was so scared that I can’t be calm and collected as I usually did.” There’s a pregnant silent.


   “I keep telling myself, she’s going to be ok. She’ll be just fine. When I get there, she’s gonna be on her bed, conscious and she’ll be greeting me with that stupid smile of hers. Like she always does. I even asked mom to drive me because I know she won’t let me drive anyway.”


   “But when I heard that you’re in ICU at the desk, I feel that it’s almost impossible for me to move. Even though I keep telling myself that… that somehow, you’re gonna be ok, I know deep down in my heart things aren’t ok. Why else would you be in ICU, if everything’s ok?”


   Miu could feel a part of her heart cracks a little.


   “But when the doctor told me that you could possibly die…I was scared shitless. So scared…”


   Nayeon still hadn’t cry.


   “When I heard that, it felt like it’s possible. It feels like you’d die soon. Although I don’t want you to die, but I can understand if you…if you don’t want to wake up.” She mutters slowly.


   “But I want to tell you something. You’re not alone. You’re not fucking alone, Miu. You still have your brother, me, your Gran. We’re here for you, Miu.”


  Without realizing, Miu’s tear fell. She let out a broken sob that couldn’t be heard by her best friend.


   Nayeon looks away and into the machine that’s beeping right now. She stares at it too long that her eyes seem to be glued at the machine for whatever reason. How can she let her best friend go through this? How can she let her loved ones go through thus?


   “Please don’t die. Please. Just please don’t…don’t let go of your life, Miu. You still own this great life ahead of you.” She whispered.


   “I’ll get your brother for you. I promise. I’ll bring him here. Until then…” a long pause was heard.


   “…don’t give up…”


   Nayeon whispered one last time and she stand up, walking away from Miu’s body that’s lying on the bed. 


   Miu is still crying, watching herself on the bed. She walks out of the ICU room with a heavy heart and a broken sob. She walks away with a tear stained cheek and shaking lips. All those people walk pass her made her head spin because she’s in her own world. She’s all alone in this dimension. All alone.


   Suddenly there’s this young child in front of her. For a moment, Miu think she’s like everybody else who didn’t notice her but her eyes that’s staring at her ghost form made their eyes connected with each other. Miu’s breath is stuck.


   This is the first time a human could actually see her.


   “Hi!” she beamed at Miu and her smile is so pure, so familiar. As if she had seen it somewhere…


   And those eyes. Her face. It looks like…


   “Don’t you wanna say hi too?” she asks, hazel eyes wide staring back at Miu.


   “Y-you can see me, little girl?” she asks with oddity. Miu couldn’t stop staring back at the small girl. It’s like… she knows her from somewhere.


   Have they met?


   “Of course, I can see you! I can see ghost clearly, you know!” she happily said and Miu was stunned at this point.


   She looks so calm...


   “Well, come on, come on! Let’s play together!” she says, gripping at Miu’s hand and pulling Miu to her. Off to somewhere that she doesn’t even know.


   But she looks so much like Taehyung and herself…







     Taehyung walk further and further in the garden with blooming, colorful flowers. He didn’t remember how he even got here in the first place.


   “What is this place?” he asks to himself while walking. The sweet smell of flowers filled his nostrils and it’s a pleasant smell. Taehyung adores flowers. And he remembered how as a child, he used to pick up flowers in the garden, at school, anywhere and gave it to his kid sister because she was always so sad. Taehyung figured, he’ll make her happy with flowers.


   Even when they became romantically involved, Taehyung keeps giving her flowers. Roses is his favorite flower, so he often gifted it to her. And with the most enchanting smile ever, she smiled and held the bouquet in her arms. Taehyung had been so happy when she loved his gift.


   Taehyung pluck the flower from the bushes and sniff it with a smile. Miu would love it if she’s here with me, he thought to himself. The lover that he longed to see is not with him, yet he wished she’s here somehow, so he could embrace her.


   Suddenly, the sound of footsteps on the ground where he stands is heard. Someone is walking, coming this way towards him. He turns around immediately and there she is. Walking towards him with pale skin and dressed in emerald dress. She looks heavenly. Lovely as always.


   “Miu…?” he asks, looking at his sister whom he’s been dying to see after all these days. His tears fell as he ran towards her. “Miu!” he screams and finally, she’s in his arms. He sobs at the feeling of her body pressed up against him imagined when they meet. He couldn’t stop sobbing as he strokes her head lovingly.


   “Where you’ve been, baby? Oh…oh god, I missed you so much!” he screams and continue to hug his sister.


   But she wasn’t responding. She didn’t hug him back. She didn’t talk, nor does she smile at him when he looks at her. She….


   “Miu?” he asks, bewildered with his actions. Miu is not like this at all whenever they’re together. She’d never be silent like this. She’d hug him back, smiled at him and kiss him. What’s wrong, Miu? he asks himself while looking at Miu.


   Suddenly Taehyung is embraced by his sister tightly. She presses kisses on his clothed chest and stroking Taehyung’s back. Finally, she tips toed and press a passionate kiss on his lips.  The kiss was something he yearned for.


   “Come for me, Tae. Please… I need you…” she whispers.


   Taehyung squint his eyes.


   “I am in front of you, babe. I’m here…” he replied with a forlorn look.


   “Come for me, Tae. Hurry. Before it’s too late. Before something bad happened…”


   “Please come for me, Tae…”


   Taehyung spring up from his bed with beads of sweat covering his body. Everywhere.


   What is that dream? Why is he dreaming like this? What does it mean? What could it possibly mean?


  “Before it’s too late…”






Chapter Text

   Taehyung look at his phone the first time that morning.


   They had a little free time this morning so he’s able to open his phone. It’s a little breather. They have been on the road again and practicing along with filming for ARMYPEDIA. It’s hectic but it’s something Taehyung knows he can’t complain. This is his life in the last 5 years ago.


   What really puzzles him is that an unfamiliar number has been calling him continuously today. It’s really confusing, and Taehyung knows he’s not the type to answer unknown number’s calls. But this… what could be so urgent that this person is calling him since yesterday?


   His finger was about to tap the unidentified number, but when he’s about to do so, the door swing open and their manager, Seijin, looks at him dead in the eye with so much seriousness that it made Taehyung feels scared. His heart is hammering from how long the Seijin is looking at him. He knows there’s something Wong here.


   “Seijin? What’s wrong? You’re scaring me...” he said with a laugh to lighten the mood. His manager didn’t smile though, and that somehow scares Taehyung.


   The older man walks towards him with a straight face and grab his arms suddenly. Taehyung struggles surprised at his manager’s sudden behavior.  


   “Tae, come on, follow me.”


   He says and he’s not smiling in the slightest. Taehyung knows Seijin very well. He always smiles to them, to everyone and he’s always making jokes in any situation. But not this time. It feels so strange, like Taehyung doesn’t even know who this person is standing in front of him. He let Seijin drag him outside of the dressing room, too shocked to even do anything.


   “Seijin, what is this all about? Why are you dragging me outside? We have to rehearse; the concert is in 2 hours!”


   “Come on, Tae. It’s urgent. If it’s not, I won’t be dragging you here, silly.” Seijin mutters under his breath and drag Taehyung further and further, his other members saw this and is shocked. They step closer towards Taehyung and Seijin.


   Seijin, Tae. Where are you guys going?” Namjoon asked and Jimin is quick to rush towards Taehyung. Before Taehyung could answer Namjoon, Seijin stepped in and answered for him instead.


   “There’s someone here to see you. And it’s very important.”


   Taehyung’s eyes were wide at his words. In his head, he keeps thinking about his family. Maybe they came here for the second day tour in Daegu? That means his parents is here? His lover?


   A flash of hope lights on his face, his heart skipped a beat.


   “i- is it my family? Are they here, Seijin, are they…”


   His hopes crashed when he saw Nayeon, his sister’s best friend walking closer and closer towards the group. Her tired eyes with bags under them and her pale skin made him even more bewildered. What is wrong with Nayeon? She even looked like she cried recently.


   Why is she here?


   “Nayeon?’ what are you doing here?” he asks, and they all wait for the young girl’s answer. Her eyes were puffy now that she’s closer in front of him. Taehyung feels uneasy. He gets this annoying feeling in his chest at the sight of the troubled girl. Taehyung knew her when they’re growing up, and they’re not that close. They talked to each other in the presence of Miu. Why is she here, visiting him?




   “Is my sister here?” he couldn’t help himself, so he asked for his secret lover.


   “No, she’s not here. In fact, Miu’s the reason why I’m here...” she mutters silently but enough for everyone to hear her. The group and Seijin waits for her to answer Taehyung curiously, anxiety suddenly creeps in their bones.


   “Your sister… Miu, she…”


   “What’s wrong with her?” Taehyung quickly cuts her off, eyes wide as he ask Nayeon this.


   “There’s been an accident, Tae.”


   At that time, Taehyung could feel his world stopped.


   “Your family got into car crash a few days ago. They were on their way to Gran’s house. But… they crashed….”


   He couldn’t believe this.


   “It’s been days. We tried to contact you, but you’re out of reach. So, I came here…” Nayeon mutters, her lips trembling.


   “Miu. Tae, you must see her. She needs you right now. She needs you the most…”


   Taehyung stood there, not saying a word. This is so much for him to process. Without realizing, his tears stained his tanned skin and flowed like the river. He couldn’t stop crying even when Jimin hugged his shoulders and shush him. In fact, his best friend were the ones who cried beside him. Taehyung couldn’t react his face is so blank, so he let his tears speak for what he really feels.


   So that’s the reason why Miu didn’t answered any of his calls.


   Where were you when she needs you the most? When your parents need you the most, Tae?


   Then Taehyung remembers. He remembers that dream last night. He remembers seeing Miu in the flower garden and he remembers what Miiu said to him;


   Come for me before it’s too late.


   Taehyung walk slowly towards the exit to the car, not caring about the fans that is waiting for their performance. Everything seems to be spinning around him. He heard what they said. What they all said. They were talking about him. They were talking about the tour. They were talking about Miu. They’re calling Mr. Bang to inform him about this issue. They’re telling him that they need to cancel the day 2 tour.


   Taehyung feels numb.


   But when Jin reach for his arms and pull him into a hug, he cried on the eldest chest like a child who got scolded by their parents. He cried so hard that Jin started crying on his behalf. He cried and cried harder if possible at the feeling of his friends hugging him all together. He could feel their sincere tear and love. He could feel his friends touches.








   He’s here.


   Miu was sitting here in this ICU area with this unknown little girl who came up to her out of nowhere. They were sitting and talking on this plastic chair in their own little world. Before Miu realize, she spilled a lot about her life. And her family. Her brother… but she didn’t go too far and exposes their incestuous relationship. What Miu told the girl is that her brother rand her were awfully close and that he’ll be here soon for her.


   And he does. Oh, how Miu yearn to touch him and run to him in his arms. He’d kissed the top of her head like he usually does and hug her with all his might, not wanting to let go. Miu knows, Taehyung would do that and be all loving to her. Because he loves her.


   There he is, along with his friends and another man that Miu assumes is his manager. And Nayeon beside him. And Miu doesn’t like the look on his face. He looks…devastated.


   Then comes Gran walking towards Taehyung slowly, and when the woman is in front of him, he burst into tears and hug Gran so hard. Miu remembered that Taehyung cried like this and the last time was when Gramps passed away. Miu remembered how devastating he looked and that was when they hadn’t made up yet. And now, now that he had those looks yet again on his face…Miu wonder;


   How will he react when he finds out that mom and dad is gone?


   Miu stand up and ignore the young child calling her to get back. She run as fast as she could, until she reaches them. Taehyung is still crying, his head buried in his gran’s chest and Miu could hear his broken sobs. They sounded so…sincere and broken. Miu couldn’t stand it anymore. She can’t.  She knew it’d be something like this with Taehyung since he’s a crybaby, but somehow…it’s selfish of her to think this way, but…she wished Taehyung could tough it up and hold on.


   She asked too much.


   Miu reach out her hand, trying to touch him. But he stops herself, walking away from the scene and back to the small girl.


   “Is that Taehyung? The girl asks, looking at her feet swinging around. Without denying the girl, Miu nod her head silently and stare at nothing in front of her.


   “He’s handsome. Like my father.” The girl said, continuing to swing her legs around with nothing to do. Miu didn’t pay attention much.


   “By the way, why are you here? Where’s your parents?” Miu asked, turning towards the girl now. The girl smiled sweetly and played with her fingers.


   “My mom. She got into an accident. She’s still not waking up and my dad is looking out for her now...” the girl says, her voice sounded so small from sadness.


   Miu look at her. She felt a wave of sympathy creep in her chest. This child must’ve been waiting for her mother to wake up all this time. Miu can’t believe such a young child is brave to face this.


   “Why aren’t you in there, with your mom? Your father must be worried about you.”


   The girl only smiled at the confession and shook her head. “It’s ok. My dad is not worried. He knows I’m with the right person.” She said, a soft, sincere smile plastered on her face as she said this.


   Miu didn’t understand a word. Right person? Who? Miu?


   “Haa?” she tries to ask until then girl stands up and run off to god knows where.


   “I’ll see you soon, sis!” she says, waving her hand goodbye and Miu is all alone now.


   Those brown, chocolate eyes. Brunette hair. Boxy smile and her face…


   She looks so much like Taehyung…


Chapter Text



   The room is in complete silence you could almost hear a pin drop. The sky is blue, and the weather is cold. Awfully cold that it reaches the human’s bone. One could say it’s because they’re in the morgue. That could be true. But Taehyung knows, even if he’s out of here, it’s still cold out there.


   His eyelashes stuck together with tears, his bare skin is red and blotchy with tear tracks on his tanned skin. His lips parting, trembling just like his hands that is pulling away the white cloth from a body. Although it’s covered, Taehyung knows. He knows that it’s his loved one body. He knows it all too well.


   They’re all waiting for him. His friends, the detective, the doctors, and the social worker that’s been checking up on his sister when he’s not. They’re all waiting for him to unveil this body.


   But he can’t.


   After a few minutes of debating, slowly, the trembled hands that belonged to Taehyung pulls away the white cloth from the body.


   And it’s like he could barely breathe. Like he’s in the deep blue sea gasping for air, head in a state of insanity. His breath is cut off at the moment, when he saw his mother. The woman who raised two children and a husband. The woman who is a backbone to their family. His mother, a kind, gentle person that resembles an angel. His mother who bought him a trendy jacket for him to go to Seoul to avoid rich kids making fun of her son. Taehyung couldn’t believe it.


   Again, streams of tears escaped from his eyes.


   It’s almost unfeasible for Taehyung to recognize his mother. How can he? The skin of her face is gone. There’s only the muscle as it was peeled off of her. She looks unrecognizable, almost making Taehyung wants to scream and said that this woman is not his mother. But when Taehyung saw her wedding ring on her finger, he knows this is her. His mother.


   Taehyung thinks about his Gran. It must’ve been hard on the woman, seeing her daughter in law and son’s body earlier. Taehyung form a resentful smile to himself. Where were you when they need you?


   He couldn’t move. Not even an inch. The social worker understood his silence and walk towards his father’s body, unveiling it. his face is pale and cold. Unlike mom, Taehyung could recognize this man as his father. Taehyung stare blankly at the man’s body, his lips trembling from the pain shooting inside his stomach.


   “Mr. Kim. These are your parents’ body. We had the autopsy on the first day they arrive at this hospital. Your grandmother signed the form already.”


   The doctor says, looking at Taehyung who’s crying.


   “Your parents were pronounced dead on the spot of the accident where they crashed. You sister on the other hand…were barely breathing. But she’ll manage. I’m sure.” The doctor continues.


   “The result shows that your mother is thrown out of the car when it crashes against the tree. She crashed her face first against the tree, making her skin peeled off her and there she is pronounced dead.” The doctor says as Taehyung sobs again and again from the pain of losing his parents.


   “As for your father, he is thrown out of the car as well. When we operated him, we conclude that the reason of death is his internal organs suffers bleeding. Internal bleeding, to be precise. And his brain is in a trauma state. We rushed him to the hospital, but he died during the process of getting him here. We couldn’t do anything then…” the doctor trailed off, sympathy laced in his voice.


   Taehyung couldn’t do anything. All he did was stand there, crying like a helpless child. He couldn’t stop himself from crying, even when he heard his members saying don’t cry to him. He knows he shouldn’t. He knows he’s not allowed to. But it hurts so much…


   “Your sister Miu is in the same position as your father. She suffers severe internal bleeding in the internal origins of her body. Her head is damaged and had a contusion. We’ve been monitoring her for a while, and her head injuries is till in that state. She’s in a comma and her lungs couldn’t breathe on its own. That’s a rather dangerous sign, Mr. Kim.” The doctor says, his face forlorn.


   “And she also –” 


   The doctor stopped his sentence when the social worker stops his word, the both of them talking in a hush tone suddenly. Taehyung didn’t even realize there was something he ought to know about his sister. He was crying so hard and sobbing at the loss of his parents and his comatose sister. Taehyung feels so small. So, so, small and helpless.


   The members heard what the doctor was about to say but didn’t dare to ask. After all, it’s Taehyung’s sister and Taehyung’s rights. They can’t be intruding his personal problems all the time. They kept quiet and hugged Taehyung with all their might. At times like these is when Taehyung need them the most.


   “We’re sorry for your loss, Mr. Kim. Please be strong. And as for Miu, we hope she’ll wake up soon. If not…” the doctor says, holding Taehyung’s shoulder to comfort him and walking away from the morgue.


   That’s when Taehyung dropped down on the floor and cried. He cried so hard and sobbed at the ache of losing in his heart. He wants to scream. He wants to scream. He needs to scream. Ugly tears stained his cheeks yet again from the stabbing pain of losing both his parents.


   The innocent trip to the waterfall turns into nightmare.


   The reality slapped him in the face. He’s an orphan. Orphan. His mother is dead. His father is dead. They’re gone.


   “Taehyung, please, pull yourself together. Don’t be like this…” Jimin said, crying as well when he saw how broken his best friend looked. In fact, they all cried.


   “My parents... my parents are gone. Mom, dad…” he cried, bawling his eyes like a child and sobbing. Soon, his hiccups were heard. And it breaks everyone’s heart. No matter how much he grows, Taehyung will always be childlike. And he will always be their baby. How pathetic, he thought. He should be strong at times like this. But he always… always, become so weak. He’s weak. Useless.


   “Tae don’t be like this. Your parents may be dead. But… but you still have your sister. She’s here. She’s still here. Don’t forget that, Tae.” Jin said, voice cracking, sharing the same pain as his friend.


   That’s when Taehyung’s mind flashed to her. His lover. And again, his tears fell.


   “Miu… Miu…” he calls out, voice hoarse from crying so much. His heart hurts. His eyes hurt. His lovely Miu whom he left alone. His beautiful sister whom he promised to go back to. His lover, lying in the ICU room, all alone battling with death.


   How cruel. How cruel he’d been not being there by her side when she needs him the most.


   “Miu… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… baby, I’m sorry…” he cries, clawing at the floor that his nails hurt. He’s positive their bleeding.


   “I’m a bad brother to you… I’m a bad brother. I failed mom and dad. I failed you…” he sobbed.


   “Tae, you didn’t fail them. You did everything you could to be a good son. Don’t ever say that you failed them. You didn’t. You never did.” Namjoon said, rubbing circles on Taehyung’s shoulder to ease him.


   Taehyung couldn’t hear what Namjoon said. He couldn’t process the member’s encouraging words at all. All that is implanted in his head is that, he failed.


   When he steps out of the morgue, he glances back at his parents’ bodies with a forlorn look on his face.


   Taehyung didn’t say a word when he walks out of the room. He walks straight ahead with the members following him from behind. What they didn’t know is that, Miu is beside them, walking with them and monitoring Taehyung herself. She was so scared to see his reaction that she couldn’t bear to get in with them. But she heard what they said. What he said.


   “You think Tae is gonna be ok?” Jungkook ask, looking at Namjoon with worry. Yes. They all worry about Taehyung. They can’t help but think of the young man. Namjoon just let out a defeated sigh.


   “Right now, we ought to look out for him. He needs all our love and support. We’re all he got now, guys.” Namjoon said walking with his team, eyes on Taehyung.


   “What do you think will happen to his sister? I mean, she’s still not waking up. And the doctor said that she’s in serious condition. I’m so scared for her…” Jimin butts in, thinking about Miu without knowing that the girl is here as well.


   Hobi looks at Jimin and sigh as well. What could he say? But to be honest, he’s also scared for the girl. For Taehyung. If he too loses her, then…


   “We don’t know. Maybe… maybe she’ll wake up. Let’s just hope she’ll wake up soon.” The man says, when Seijin run towards them with the look of panic on his face. He takes in a deep breath when he finally stops in front of the 7 group.


   “I already told Mr. bang that the day 2 tour is cancelled. I told him why.” The older male says, breathless. Taehyung looks down at his feet.


   “He said he told the fans and the whole thing is trending in Twitter. All around the world. We must let out an announcement somehow. Eventually, they’ll find out as well.”


   Taehyung sighed and again, tears well in his eyes.


   “Thanks, Seijin. But what about…” Namjoon was cut off by their manager.


   “Don’t worry. I asked for security in this hospital and they’re giving good service we won’t let fans in here. We’re covered.”


   They all nod their head in understanding and relief. Taehyung need all the time and privacy as possible with his sister. This is the time for him to be taking care of his sister, not handing out autographs to fans.


   “Mr. bang said he’ll swing by for a visit tomorrow. He needs to take care of this first.” Seijin turn towards Taehyung with a sympathetic look.


   “Tae, I hope you’re strong to face this. We’re here for you, ok?” the man says, and Taehyung just smile from the comforting words.


   “Thanks. I appreciate what you’re doing for me. But I must see Miu..” he says, heading towards Miu’s room without knowing that his lover is here with him.


   When they all pursue Taehyung, Yoongi stops for a while and turn behind him, his eyes like the eagle, searching for its prey. Miu is behind him, and it makes her heart skipped a beat. Yoongi didn’t stare right at her like the young child did. After all, she could see her clearly. But he was scanning the room like someone is watching the group’s movements at the moment. And that person is indeed, Miu. Yoongi stare at the ceiling, then his shift moved towards the whole room. He seems alert.


   Huh…? Positive someone is watching us…


   Yoongi thought to himself. He ignores the presence that’s bugging him and continue to walk towards the group. But the more he walks, the stronger the feeling of being watched gets. He shrugs the feeling away when he saw the group waiting on the plastic chairs without Taehyung. Puzzled, he asked.


   “Where is Tae?”


   “He went in to see Miu.” Namjoon answered, leaning against the chair, exhausted.


   Yoongi finally settles beside Namjoon and lean his head against the chair.


   Miu walks away towards his lover, ignoring Yoongi’s weird behavior. Can he also sense spirit like the girl that she met earlier?


   Inside her room, she could see Taehyung talking with the nurse. Curious, she walks closer.


   “I want to take care of her, nurse. Please.”


   That somehow make Miu’s heart flutters.


   “From now on I’ll be taking care of her. So, you don’t need to do it.” He continues, looking at Miu’s body from afar lying on the ICU bed, unaware of her surroundings.


   But she is here…with him.


   “Of course, sir. If anything’s wrong, you can call for me.” The nurse offer, and Taehyung murmurs a soft ‘thanks.’


   “It will help if you talk to her, sir. Say encouraging things to her. It’ll help motivate her to wake up.” The nurse adds, making Taehyung curious all of a sudden.


   “Can she sense that I’m here?” Taehyung’s eyes were glistening with hope. 


   Miu looks at her brother when he asked this. Taehyung hoped that Miu could be here with him, just so he could hear him out. He hoped for Miu, because that’s all that he wants for now. Miu knows that Taehyung is desperate for her to wake up. Desperate to be in her arms. And so does Miu herself. She wants to wake up. She yearns for it.


   The nurse seems hesitant, looking at Miu. “I don’t know that for sure. We don’t know what’s going on in a comatose person’s head. Where they’re going right now, what they’re thinking about. But we do encourage the family member’s words. Say a few things that’ll bright her up.”


   Miu look at the kind nurse.


   “Somehow, let’s pray for your words to reach her.” She says, and Taehyung bore his hazel eyes onto Miu’s form on the bed.


   “Nah, I know your words will reach her, Mr. Kim.”


   Taehyung turns his head towards the new female voice. It’s the doctor. Taehyung knows she must be one of the doctors that is taking care of Miu. She smiles.


   “I know she’ll hear you. In fact, I’m positive that she’s listening to us right now. She’s watching.” The female doctor says, and Miu felt her heart stopped beating for a while; she’s right. 100% correct. Miu is indeed here right now, watching them, listening to them. Miu look at the trio who’s talking about her.


   “Doctor, how can you be so sure?” the nurse asked, confused for a while at the doctor’s words suddenly.


   “Mr.Kim, please tell her only good things. Encourage her to come back to this world. Tell her that she’s welcome here.” The doctor walks away but then she turns towards Taehyung.


   “After all, you’re all she has now. She needs you the most, Mr. Kim…”


   What the doctor said is true after all. Taehyung knows that. He knows that he’s the only family member that Miu has. She’s counting on him. She’s waiting for him. And Taehyung is counting on her as well…


   When she wakes up, Taehyung will make sure to hug her in his arms and kiss her. He’ll take a long break to take care of his little sister. He’ll make sure she won’t ever be lonely when she’s with him. He’ll make sure to be a great parent for her. He’ll…


   He’ll be whatever Miu wants him to be.


   Taehyung excuse himself and walk away to his friends. He needs to be considerate of them as well. He’s positive that they’re all worried about him and Miu. They all look up to him with a worried look.


   “Tae..” Hobi calls out to him.


   “I’m ok. Just… please don’t come in. I want to take care of Miu for now. I ought to bath her.” Taehyung says, turning to head back to Miu’s room.


   “Tae, you should rest, really. You look tired.” Jimin said, concerned for his best friend. Taehyung turns to Jimin smiled.


   “it’s ok. I’m not tired at all, Jimin. I can handle it. Besides, Miu needs me…” Taehyung mumbles and walk away from them.


   “Tae…!” Jungkook call out to him, but Taehyung ignore the boy and stroll towards Miu.


   Yoongi, still leaning his head against the plastic chair, space out and think about Taehyung and his sister. It’s odd for a big brother to be cleaning up his little sister. He’s going to see her naked and won’t be awkward? Taehyung should have let the nurse take care of it, but he is too stubborn right now. He knows Taehyung must be anxious about Miu all the time and wants to be by her side 24/7. He tries to not let his suspicious get the best of him, but he can’t help it.


   He looks at the rest of the gang with silence. He’s positive that they didn’t realize that he’s watching them. He’s always been the type to be watching out from afar. These guys hadn’t realized anything, yet. Yoongi thinks to himself as he pretends to be asleep. Of course, he can’t blame these guys entirely. They just met, and the tour started so they don’t know what’s really going on in each of their lives these days.


   Besides, he saw what they didn’t last 3 and a half weeks ago in Geongchang.  


   Back in the ICU room, the kind brother named Taehyung is sitting beside his sister Miu and smiling at his sister.


   “I’m here now, babe…” Taehyung says, listening to the beeping sound of a machine. Miu’s life is the machine, signaling that she’s alive. Taehyung couldn’t bare to see her like this, but he forces himself to be strong and hold in his tears. He smiles, his usual boxy smile is showing, and it made Miu angry at him. How can he be this cheerful? Why isn’t he crying like he cried for his parents?


   You’re trying too hard to be strong, Tae…


   Taehyung take in the sight of his sister. Her face is pale. She’s wearing an oxygen equipment to keep breathing- the doctor said that she can’t breathe using her own lungs because of the internal damage during the blow. She has so many wires attached to her and she looks…dead. Taehyung let out a defeated sigh and reaches out to pat her head lovingly. He stares at his lover, lips trembling.


   Not now, not now… he urges himself to not cry. Crying won’t solve this problem. She’s here now, and that’s all that matters. The fact that Miu is living right now and in front of him makes Taehyung recall the nurse and doctor’s advice- tell her something encouraging.


   “Miu...? it’s me, your big brother. Your Tae…” he says, stroking her hair.


   Miu wants to cry. No, she is crying. She’s crying because she desperately needs to tell Taehyung that she’s here. With him. She needs to tell him that she’s with him and she hears what he’s saying. Watching Taehyung trying to talk to her is enough to make her break.


   “I’m here. And I want you to know, I’ll wait for you… no matter how long it takes… I’ll always wait for you.” Grasping her hand, he puts it on his cheeks as if Miu is cupping his face. His big doe eyes staring back at the comatose lover.


   “I love you… I love you so, so, much…” he trails, kissing her hand lovingly and romantically.


   Miu is standing in front of him with tears streaming down her cheeks.


   I love you, too.









it's been 6 days since Taehyung and Miu's forbidden love started


   That early morning, the two lovers rise and early, surprisingly. Taehyung woke up that fuzzy morning when Miu was in the showers, the soft volume of the water hitting the bathroom tiles and into the drain never woke him up until this morning. Sure, Miu was always an early bird than him because for this 3 week, all he wanted is a good sleep in. It’s the sixth day since he came home from the tour and he never got up early, until today. How surprising.


   The shower stopped, making Taehyung realized that she was done showering. She stepped out of his bathroom when Taehyung took a quick glance at the alarm clock on his night stand. It’s 7.45 am. Usually at the dorm, he’d wake up 2 hours earlier for a quick workout or for practicing with his friends. But now, he could finally have a day off. Miu walks to his closet and pull out his old sweatshirt. His sweatshirt when he wore for his soccer practice in the afternoon when he was a school boy. That had been…10 years ago and he kept them away for the sake of memories. He didn’t pack it along when he left for Seoul.


   And God she looks so stunning in his clothes.


   She drops down her towel that wrapped her perfect body on to the floor. And there, she stood naked in front of him. She hadn’t realized how he’s ogling her and undressing her with his gaze. Soon, he could feel his breath labored and dick hardened. They didn’t made love yesterday because Miu was sick after they arrive from Gran’s house. He didn’t want to be a douche, so he didn’t force her or demand sex from her. He couldn’t. Not when she’s in pain.


   Her wet hair and her still dripping body were enough to get him all riled up. He could feel the familiar coil in the pit of his stomach rising when she looked like this. How impossible for him to resist her.


   Without Miu realizing, Taehyung walks towards her and not suspecting a thing, he hugs her from behind childishly and let out a giggle as he buries his face in her neck. She was surprised, but she laughed with him as well when Taehyung sneak up on her. They stayed like that, feeling each other’s warmth that morning.


   “I didn’t know you were awake...” she teased, feeling his heartbeat quickened from her heat against him. He smiled.


   “Yeah… suddenly I’m all awake and you happened to be naked changing clothes in front of me.” He giggled.


   “I hope you don’t mind. I’m wearing…”


   “My sweatshirt?”


   Miu shyly smiled and look down.




   He smiled. “That’s ok. I don’t mind.”


   “If anything, you look quite sexy in my shirt.” He whispered seductively and his arms around her waist got tighter as he breathes in her scent. His arousal is burning from not touching her last night. Without realizing, he grinds himself against her buttocks, making her feel his hardness.


   “Are you…?” she asks, looking back to face Taehyung a little and he could make out his flushed cheeks and his half-lidded eyes looking into hers with his lips parting slowly.


   A quick nod from Taehyung was enough answer for her. She could understand why he was so worked up in the first place. Yesterday he fingered her at Gran’s house and after they got back they didn’t do anything because her head was spinning. Taehyung has been taking care of her ever since and made sure she was warm, and all bundled up in her blanket with him until she fell asleep. He must’ve been hard since.\


   He spins her around and hold her close, breathing in her scent and placing his lips on her soft delicate neck, lightly grazing it with his teeth.


   “I want you…” he whispered seductively and starts wandering his hands on her stomach and up. He looks at her expectantly.


   “But you’re sick.” He says, withdrawing his hands from her body and ready to walk away until she caught his hand to stop him. He raises an eyebrow.


   “I’m not. So…”


   “Well, you need to clean up. We don’t have time for this, ah!”


   Miu palms his hard dick through his sweats like it was a normal thing to do. Like it’s something decent for her to do in the first place and Taehyung feels like he could die in embarrassment from her crazy touches. She continues to fondle him like this as he bites his lips.


   “Come on… I’m horny too...”




   “The cleaning can wait. I’ll suck you off here, ok?”


   There’s nothing he could do other than watch his sister drops to her knees and hungrily pull off his sweats and pull out his cock that’s alive and dripping with clear liquids. The head is shining with precum when she suddenly swipes her thumb underneath the sensitive skin under his head that made Taehyung hissed and throwing his head back.


   “You’re so hard, Oppa. Were you expecting me?” she asks, stroking him slowly yet torturously as his knees buckle from the intense pleasure he felt. He could feel himself ready to come, but he holds himself off from the need that’s pulsing through his body.


   He nods and let out a whine when Miu kitten lick his head. The action alone made him want to burst and it didn’t help him at all. He’s shaking from pleasure and only Miu could make him feel this way. He sighed.


   “I’m sorry for being sick...” still stroking him, she mutters those words. Taehyung nervously laughed.


   “It’s not your fault, baby. I understand.” He says, stroking her hair a little until he let his hand fall away from her head as he hissed when Miu gently kissed the underside of his cock. A long, throaty moan escaped from him as he let his head fall, hanging on to the closet.


   Miu opens her lips wider and starts inserting the head of his cock in her mouth and more down her throat slowly. The nausea creep in when her brother fills her mouth perfectly, but she stops herself from withdrawing his penis out of her mouth. Instead, she went on until Taehyung hit the back of her throat. Again, the nausea threatens to rip from her, the urge to spit out her brother’s arousal is burning. But she wouldn’t. She wants it to be perfect for him.


   Taehyung is a moaning mess. She starts to slide the hard piece of flesh even more until the tip of it what was left in her mouth only to swallow the big hardness of her brother again. Her tongue slide on his head again as she swallows him in. Miu starts to slowly bob her head up and down and moaning around his dick sending delicious vibrations on his cock. She was sure that her saliva is coating his dick.


   Taehyung’s thighs shake from the pleasure that he felt when Miu bob her head on his dick, sucking him off like her life depended on it. He opens his mouth and moan; a long groan erupts from his throat. He leans his body against the closet and let the girl play with him.


   Miu let his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and they both could clearly see the saliva connecting it with his cock. It was clearly an obscene sight that made his dick harden even more. Taehyung could feel the cool air hitting his dick that was covered with his sister saliva. Not long, the warmth of her lips engulfs him again as she sucks him off making him moan yet again.


   “Ah, shit! Stop, stop, you’re gonna make me…”


   Soon, ropes of Taehyung’s come filled her mouth and it felt like he was coming so much that it even dribbles out of her lips. Taehyung must say that the image is too erotic. He sucks in the air like he was losing them from running. Trailing his eyes down, he could make out her tongue darting out to lick up the remains of his cum on her chin. Taehyung chuckled and got on his knees to wipe off the cum on her chin. He smiled sweetly at his sister and swipe his fingers on the creamy substance that he produces and place them in his own lips, tasting himself.


   He kissed Miu, muttering a ‘thank you’ and help her stand.


   “Are you gonna be ok? You need me to…?”


   Miu shake her head. “No. I’m gonna be ok. Beside we got time for tonight…” she says, walking away from Taehyung after putting on his sweatshirt.


   They ended up cleaning the house together with Miu vacuuming the house and Taehyung picking up the rugs and helping her out. Although Miu insisted on Taehyung to not help her, he also insisted on cleaning the house with her; I can’t let my babe do the work all by herself, can’t I? Was what he said to her that morning as they clean the house together.


   After vacuuming and arranging the furniture, they rest on the couch. Miu lean on the chair tiredly and sighing from the pain on her back. How odd. She’s not new to cleaning and she’s a grown girl. All her childhood and life, she was the one who clean the house while mom and dad went out for work. Why is she experiencing this kind of pain? Especially back pain?


   “I already told you we should eat breakfast first, now look at what happened, doll.” Taehyung came to the living room with four sandwiches and a boxy grin, teasing his sister. He sat the food and drinks down on the coffee table and sit beside Miu, grinning like an idiot.


   “It really hurts…” she whimpers, massaging her back with a twisted look on her face. Taehyung felt sorry, scooting closer towards Miu and gently massaging her back. He’s careful to be gentle and listening to Miu’s soft whimpers from his hands massaging her tight muscle.


    “You ought to be careful, babe. Maybe you should just let me clean up the house for these 3 weeks and you cook. How about that?” he ask, massaging her back still.


   “No way. I’m afraid if I listen to you, then I’ll be lazy and won’t clean the house after you left. I can’t do that!” Miu hissed, leaning on the couch and let Taehyung massage her. They stayed quiet for a while until Taehyung’s eyes wander towards their family picture, hanging on the living room wall. The four of them, smiling happily. A perfect family. Taehyung was 13 then and Miu was 9. Their parents smiled proudly in the picture. Taehyung is on his knees, hugging his then small sister by the waist, their cheeks meeting each other, and their grins made the picture even more lively. Miu was hugging her big brother by his shoulders and smiling as well. They look happy. Complete. Taehyung stares at the childhood picture.


   Who knew that their innocent siblings’ ties result in to this sick, romantic, incestuous relationship?


   “Hey… you remember that day? When we took that picture?” Taehyung ask his sister, staring at their family picture. Miu noticed, looking at the said frame as well.


   She smiled. How can she forget?


   “Yeah, I remember. We were having a brunch and then dad said he wants to take a family photo of us. We got to the studio and pose.” Miu says with a smile, now leaning her head on Taehyung’s chest lovingly.


   He smiles.


   “You didn’t want to let go of my shoulders.” He teased, raising his eyebrows playfully. Miu smack his chest teasingly and whine.


   “You didn’t want to let go of my waist.” Miu says, fighting back with a grin and cockily raising her eyebrows as well. Taehyung pouted.


   “Did not.”


   “Did to!”


   “Did not!”


   “Did to!”






   Taehyung tackles Miu by her waist and now, he’s on top of her with a sly grin. Miu scoffed.


   “You can’t handle competition, can’t you?” she says, looking away, blushing when Taehyung’s handsome face is now in front of her like this. His brunette hair frames his forehead beautifully, making him better looking than before. Her heart flutters when Taehyung look into her eyes like this.


   “Well, I’ve always been the jealous type, babe.” He says, connecting his forehead to hers and smiling. Miu slowly turn towards Taehyung and her heart skipped a beat from his stares. Only Taehyung can make her feel this way.


   “I don’t want to lose you.”


   Miu says, cupping his face with one of her hands and smiling. She meant every word. The thought of losing Taehyung always occurred her and make her feel scared. So scared.


   “Me too…” he replies.


   “I always feel like you could be snatched away from me anytime. When I think about the things that could happen anytime soon, my heart just…breaks. Is this what you feel when you love someone?” Miu ask, grabbing Taehyung and slamming his body closer towards hers, making him bury his face in her neck. They hugged.


   “I won’t ever let my heart change. It only belongs to you. Only you…” Taehyung whisper, nipping on her earlobes and listening to her moans.


   “You don’t know that, Oppa… you could choose someone better than me. I’m- I’m a nobody in this world…” she replied, blushing when Taehyung blow soft, cool air on her sensitive ears.


   “You are someone in this world. You’re a loving sister. My lover… don’t ever think lowly of yourself, ok?” he ask, looking into her eyes.


   “I won’t. I won’t turn my back on you. Only you. You…”


   Taehyung whisper again, and he brought his face closer to hers and stare deep into her eyes.


   He inches closer until their lips meet.


   Kissing her, Taehyung undo his waistband and let his rock-hard cock out, still frustrated from not being able to be inside her like he usually does. He groans.


   Miu let Taehyung slide her skirt away from her thighs and her panties were on the floor. She spreads her legs, showing him her wet arousal from sucking him off. Taehyung take in the sight of her, he grinned.


   “I want to take you on this couch so bad…” Taehyung whisper, gripping her waist and already positioning his hard cock in front of her entrance, soon, he begins pushing inside her extremely wet walls without much trouble. He groans, finally getting the relieve that he yearns for. Miu arched her back from the pleasure of being taken by her brother after long hours of emptiness. She could feel Taehyung pushing in and in until he reaches her belly button if possible.


   Taehyung made her feel so full that it made her cry.


   “Miu, are you ok?” Taehyung ask, worried at Miu who’s crying. Miu, through her tears shake her head and smile.


   “I’m fine. I’m ok. It’s just that… I’ve missed you…”


   Miu whisper, and Taehyung returns the smile. His heart swelled with love and relief, knowing that Miu is all right, and that she loves him with all she got. He thrust forward after a few minutes of silent, earning a yelp from Miu.


   Taehyung pick up the pace, thrusting inside her like crazy, with each thrust she could feel his cock rubbing her walls deliciously, hitting her g spot each time. Taehyung was panting, and Miu is drooling from lust.


   She looks disheveled, but somehow, it’s a turn on to him.


   “Oppa…” she whines, grasping for Taehyung to reach her hands. He intertwined them together with his, panting. He slams inside her harshly, making him moan and Miu whimper from the roughness.


   “Say my name…” he hissed, still pounding inside her viciously yet deliciously. Taehyung keeps on hitting her spot making her eyes roll back.


   “Say it…! Say my name, babe…!” he hissed again, going faster if possible.


   “Oppa…” Miu call out, when suddenly Taehyung grasp her by the waist making her in a sitting position and he’s still pounding in her like crazy. The sweat on his face trickles down his body, and his face is too erotic for Miu to handle. She cries from the abuse Taehyung caused on her g spot.


   “…My name… say my name… my name!” he screams.




   “Say it, Miu!” he screams while pounding into her.


   “T-Tae! Tae… Tae!” she screams again desperately clinging onto Taehyung’s shoulders and burying her face on his neck when she came with a scream.


   Taehyung’s hips stilled, shooting semen into his sister body until it fills her up. The two take ragged breaths, lying down on the sofa finally.


   Taehyung crawl towards Miu and give her a big hug, spooning her and kissing her face.


   “Call me Tae, babe…” he whispered, still hugging his sister.


   “Why all of a sudden?” Miu ask, her face sweaty after the sex.


   “Just please. You’re not just my sister anymore. You’re my lover…”


   The answer made Miu so happy. She smiled, hugging back Taehyung who is smiling like an idiot. The siblings take in each other’s scent.


   The door suddenly rings making both of them frozen in spot for a while. They look at each other and the bell continues to ring throughout the room of the house.


   Taehyung put on his pants properly and made sure he looks presentable and so did Miu. She grimaced at the feeling of Taehyung’s cum glued to her panties when she put them on again. She sits up and made sure her hair is alight. Taehyung turns to her.


   “I’ll see who that is. Relax.” Taehyung advice his sister, walking towards the door. He can’t help but wonder who that is. Both of their parents have their own keys, so they don’t need to ring the bell or something. Taehyung opens the door and…


   Yoongi is standing in front of him with Yeontan in the cage.


   He smiles awkwardly.


   The grumpy man chuckles. “Been sleeping, huh Taehyung?” he asks, and Taehyung sheepishly smiled back.


   “Come in, hyung. Sorry if I’m late answering the door. Didn’t mean it.” He says, letting Yoongi walk in ahead of him as he let out Yeontan from the cage and pick him up. He smiles toward his pet.


   “Hi, Tannie…” he greets, cuddling the fluffy dog and bringing him in. he walks to the living room to see Miu pouring Yoongi a tea on the table. He smiles.


   “This is my sister, Miu. Miu, this is Min Yoongi of BTS.” He says, sitting beside Yoongi and cuddling his dog. Taehyung coos at the pet in his arms.


   “I came here to drop your dog. Remember? You let him stay with me for a couple of days. I thought you’d swing by to pick him up but... so I came instead.” He says, sipping his tea. He looks at Taehyung’s sister curiously. The boy rarely talks about his sister. There’s not even a picture of her with him in his room. Odd.


   Taehyung smiles showing his very charming boxy smile and cuddle Yeontan even more. The dog stays silent in his owner’s arms. The dog suddenly jumps off Taehyung’s lap and run in the living room to roll on the rug that Taehyung cleaned earlier with his sister. He let the pet be.


   “So, this is the sister of Kim Taehyung? How odd. You never even once spoke about your sister. All we know is that you have a sister and there’s that.” Yoongi says, smiling at Miu. The girl blush and turn away.


   So her brother never even once spoke about her? After all these years of living together? Why? Was she so unimportant that Taehyung decided not to talk about her? Or is it because he dislikes her ever since that silence treatment years ago that made Taehyung refuse to speak up about her? Or maybe…


   “Come on, hyung. You don’t talk much about your older brother as well.” Taehyung defend himself, pouting.


   Yoongi smirked. “I do talk about that guy. I just don’t talk about him in public. But I spilled everything to you guys, remember?” the older teased, sipping his tea again and look at Miu with such gaze that it made her heart skipped a beat.


   What’s with this guy? She asks herself, smiling shyly at Yoongi as if acknowledging his presence. Taehyung could sense that his sister is uncomfortable with Yoongi and speak up.


   “By the way, hyung how is Holly?” Taehyung ask out of nowhere and the older smiled like a proud father.


   “Yeah, she’s great. Yeontan was with her so they played a lot. I saw how she looked when Tan had to go.  She looks rather sad. I feel bad for her now.” Yoongi says, smiling at the mention of his dog. Taehyung laughed loudly, and it rings in the living room.


   “Oh! I forgot to ask you something! How are the others? I didn’t open my phone since I’ve arrived here. I need privacy you know?” Taehyung smirks, glancing at Miu with a knowing smile. His sister caught on what he did and blush. Privacy… yes, privacy for him and Miu.


   “They’re all right. Jungkook and Jimin went back to Busan. Namjoon went back to Ilsan and so does Hobi to Gwangju. But Jin hyung went to Paris with his mom since he’s a mama’s boy.” Yoongi laugh when he makes fun of his hyung and Taehyung pouts.


   “I’m going to report you to Jin hyung. He won’t make meals for you anymore, hyung.” Taehyung threatened and the look on Yoongi’s face is precious. He looks like he could die anytime soon with Taehyung’s deal. He starts panicking.


   “Don’t you dare do that, you brat! If you do, I’ll… I’ll tell Hobi that you steal his boxers!” Yoongi screams at the younger boy. Taehyung was about to answer back but they all ended up laughing.


   “I’ll make more snacks for us.” Miu excuse herself and walk in the kitchen to grab food and drinks. Yoongi stops laughing and let Taehyung laugh all he wants. The older man turns his head to Miu, analyzing her movements. She’s a beauty. Just like her brother, he says to himself as he stares at her.


   But there’s something about her that seems fishy. He can’t point his finger on it, but he knows there’s something going on with her. Something…


   Yoongi turn his head and face the still laughing Taehyung. There’s something going on with this young man as well. There’s a glow on his face that he hadn’t seen in his entire life for as long as the older man been living with him.


   Taehyung looked like he’s in love.


    Yoongi turn towards Miu again, looking at her glowing face that’s coming closer and closer towards them.


   So she’s in love too, huh?




Chapter Text


   The cafeteria is surprisingly quiet at this hour.


   You expect a lot of people would come by for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. but that’s not the case here. There’s only member of BTS here and they all look tired and can’t really function. It’s as if they’d break soon from the stress that’s been piling up on their shoulders. Not to mention sleeping indecently on plastic chairs didn’t help one bit.


   Right now, they could barely eat. Jin looks at the food and silently judging it; it’s not appealing one bit – boiled mixed vegetables, and God knows when is this mash potatoes were. He could do better, he chided to himself. He pushes the food away and chug his water bottle.


   Jungkook is half asleep, waking up time to time because the untimely sleeping schedule since the tour started. He’s always been this way. In fact, they all are- they could never think of sleeping at this time because they’re supposed to be taking care of Taehyung.


   Jimin just stare out of nowhere, thinking about Taehyung and his little sister. He knows he should go and check up on his best friend, but he’s too tired to move and Jimin knows that Taehyung doesn’t want to be bothered. He wants to be with his sister for as long as possible. They’ve been separated long enough. In fact, Taehyung never even told about how…close he and his sister are. Not even to Jimin. He always assumes Taehyung is a private person when it comes to family matters and didn’t think much then. But now that he witnesses what a loving brother Taehyung is towards his little sister, he felt very weird that Taehyung hadn’t spoke about her not even once to any of them. In the end, Jimin just shrug the thoughts off and lean back on his chair.


   Yoongi is already asleep cuddling with Hoseok but now, both are awake. They couldn’t sleep too long. Not with the way Taehyung is in trouble, not with the buzzling sounds and worry they had for the Kims. They just stare at the food with no interest.


   Namjoon and Seijin were both in deep silence. Both thinking about Taehyung, and how to handle the situation. They’re not in a good mood and their states of mind isn’t stable due to anxiousness that they’re facing. How will they survive this?


   There’s no answer when will Miu wake up. Until then…


   “The tour is cancelled for a long time as you all may know. Tae needs to be here for Miu until she wakes up.” Seijin broke the silence, sipping his water again. The exhausted face of BTS’ were on him at the moment.


   “I know. Tae needs to take care of her. But he needs rest, as well…” Jimin butts in, a worried look on his face.


   Seijin looks at Jimin dead in the eye. “Are you implying Tae doesn’t need to take care of his sister and continue the tour?” he asks, venom laced in his words. He never knew Jimin is like this at all.


   “No! all I’m saying is that… even though he needs to take care of his sister, he also needs to take care of himself! I mean he didn’t come out of the ICU room at all ever since we arrive yesterday and when we send him food or try to get him out of there, he brushes us off and didn’t say anything… the look on his face…he looks… dead. I’m so worried for him…I-”


   Jimin stops only to let his tears fall on his face.


   “I’m so worried for him…” Jimin cries, hunching on the table. Everyone was stunned with how Jimin express his words. Jungkook reach out to grab Jimin’s hand.


   “It’s ok, Jimin, it’s ok. Don’t cry…” Namjoon butts in and the look on Seijin’s face is pure horror. He shouldn’t have said what he said. It tore his heart when Jimin cried.


   “Jimin, I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m not saying that you didn’t care about Tae, I just-” he was interrupted.


   “It’s not that! I’m not crying because of that. I’m crying because I was so worried about Tae! I’ve never seen him like this at all…” Jimin brokenly said and they all fell silent in understanding. It’s true that they have never seen Taehyung like this- shutting every human out and closed in a room, waiting for his sister to wake up and forgetting all about eating and every other thing. He probably didn’t sleep well for all they know.









   Waking up slowly, Taehyung blink his eyes and realize how his hand is wrapped around Miu’s waist and his head on her bed.


   He lifts his head a little, then getting away completely from the bed to see Miu, still supported by the machine to breathe and that same annoying beeping sound echoes in the room that’s only occupied by the two of them.


   This is not a dream.


   Miu is in a comma, lying on the bed.


   His parents are gone. They died in the crash.


   They arrive yesterday, and he shuts all of them away.


   He’s been staying here, taking care of Miu.


   This is not a dream.


   “Good morning, sweetheart…”


   Taehyung mutters to his beloved sister, despite the back aches because of the sleeping posture he was in. Taehyung smiled through the discomfort that he felt. He leans on the chair and grit his teeth from the slight pain sleeping on the chair propped up.


   As always, no response from his beloved sister. She’s silent as always, and the only answer Taehyung heard in return was the beeping sound of the machine, breathing air for Miu.


   Taehyung smiled; “I’m so lucky to see you this morning, even though you’re not awake, baby…” Taehyung mutters, reaching his hand and stroking Miu’s head lovingly like he would do when they were little to comfort her from nightmares. Taehyung smiled.


   “I’ll be right back, ok? I need to brush my teeth and wash up.” Taehyung says, walking to the bathroom the room provided and reaching for his toothbrush. He looks at himself in the mirror, studying his features. His disheveled blue hair, his tired eyes, his stressed skin and cracked lips from stress. He looks so miserable it’s hard to even recognize himself anymore. His eyes threaten to slip those meaningless tears, blinking them away and forcing himself not to cry. He walks out of the bathroom and sit down beside Miu again, not bothering to get food or drinks anymore.


   Things like that won’t kill him anyway.


   “Do you like my hair?” he asks, brushing his blue strands through his fingers, smiling sheepishly, he reaches out once again to interlace his hands with his lover. He smiled as if nothing is wrong to her.


   “I thought you’d like it. The last time when we were together…my hair was brunette, and I dyed it. I thought why not try blue? So, I got this color.” He paused, squeezing her hands in his.


   “I want to show it to you. I want to see your reaction. But…”


   He turns away from the pain that he felt. How can he be this weak? He can’t. he can’t! he can’t be this way. He must be strong. He must be calm and collected.


   It’s ok. It’s ok. She’ll wake up soon. This is only temporary. She’ll wake up soon to greet me and hug me. She’ll wake up. She’ll wake up…!


   “I want to see you so much and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to have you in my arms and hold you. I can’t wait to hear your voice, to hear you talk to me. I want it so much. I…” Taehyung mutters until he heard the door swinging open out of a sudden and there, 9 people walks in with forlorn looks on. Taehyung stare at those faces: his friends, Seijin and Mr. bang, his boss. They’re all looking for him with concerned look on their faces. Taehyung looked away.


   “Taehyung…” Mr. bang’s voice were heard when he call out for him. Taehyung froze on the spot and could feel his heart broke.


   Taehyung knows that they’re all worried about him, but he can’t help but feel as though he’s so fragile and need to be taken care of. He doesn’t. he’s ok. He can handle it. Losing his parents doesn’t mean he’ll lose his sister as well, right? So, he’s gonna be ok. Why are they treating him like a baby?


   He doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy. He’s fine.


   “Taehyung, are you ok?” Mr. bang ask him, walking towards him and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. The touch subtle, warming his heart. He continues to look at his sister although he realizes he’s not alone with Miu.


   A quick nod was the only answer he gave to them. He can’t say that he’s actually not ok with this situation. It’s not that he doesn’t trust them, but he needs to be tough, you know? He needs to be strong and prepared for every possibility out there that could strike.


   So, he’s ok. Right?


   “Taehyung, how about we go ahead and get some fresh air for a little, hmm? You need it.” Jungkook says, reaching a hand to lead Taehyung away from his comatose sister. He didn’t move an inch even when Jungkook, one of his best friend, place a hand on his shoulder. He still didn’t move.


   He stayed silent and he knows they’re all waiting for his agreement. For his agreement to get away from Miu. They all said he needs a break.


   “Tae…it’s just for a while. You need to eat. Just a little…”


   “You need to get away from here for a while we’ll take care of Miu for you. I will. So please, go and eat, ok Tae?” Jin offers, his voice mixing with three others, swirling in Taehyung’s head as he pays no heed to all the words thrown to him. He could care less. He could never leave Miu, not when she needs him the most.


   “Tae…” they call out to him, but still no response from him. He continues to look at Miu.


   “Tae, it’s not healthy for you to keep staying in this closed up space. You need to get out. Even for a short while.”


   Namjoon’s voice laced with worry, but he could barely hear him as he stares at his lover.




   He turns towards them.


   “Guys, please leave me alone with my sister.”


   No one said anything, the room fell into a deep silence when Taehyung finally spoke. But his voice is so low. He has no cheery tone like it always did. Taehyung did nothing but stare at his little sister. His voice was emotionless like his face.


   “Taehyung, please… let one of us look after Miu. You go on ahead and eat. It’ll be ok…” Jimin persuade him and he shook his head firmly.


   “Tae… come on…” Namjoon call out to him as he reaches out and place his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, lightly grabbing it.


   “Let go of me!” he screams, his eyes full of frustration rather than anger. He looks at them and he screams. Everyone was stunned with Taehyung’s sudden lash out. His eyes were filled with tears but for some reason they could see that Taehyung is holding it in, refusing to release his tears ever since he first saw Miu in this state. Sure, he cried when he sees his parents’ dead body, but not Miu. With Miu… perhaps, he has faith that she’s going to be ok. That she’ll wake up.


   “Please leave me alone. Please…”


   “I wanna be with my sister.”


   “Please…” Taehyung says, his voice sounding so small. Even he himself couldn’t hear what he’s saying.


   Still no tears in his eyes.


   “What’s wrong, sir? I heard screams.” The nurse was quick to jump in the room. The members look at her, eyes wide.


   “Please don’t disturb the patient. Too many visitors are not allowed at one time. The patient needs to rest. Please exit this room” The nurse says, her face stoic and serious. She’s probably tired that she can’t handle anymore stress than she’s already facing as a nurse on a daily basis. Taehyung silently thanked the nice woman. Hopefully, his friends leave him alone. He appreciates that they’re all worried about him, but he wants to be with Miu. He doesn’t need food. He doesn’t need water, nor does he need sleep. He’s all right, sitting by his sister’s bed and looking at her comatose body. He’s all right with that. Even though she’s not responding to him, that’s enough for him.


   The other stayed silent. Every one of them looking at Taehyung in silence, not uttering a word. They’re ready to leave, but their hearts were a little heavy to let go of Taehyung alone.


    The nurse didn’t say a word, but Taehyung knows she’s watching them with eagle eyes, demanding that they’d leave her and Taehyung alone. Without another word, they walk out of the room silently, frustrated yet agreeing that Miu needs a peaceful environment.


    “I’m sorry that happened sir. I-”


   “That’s ok, nurse. Please leave me alone with my sister. And don’t allow them to come in.” Taehyung says, not looking at the kind lady as he spoke, his voice so low and emotionless. Taehyung continue to look at his sister.


   Without another word, the nurse walks away, sympathizing the young lad that looks like a dead person. But there’s nothing she could do other than listen to what he wants. She knows she couldn’t possibly wake Miu up to ease her brother’s suffering. And she knows that she can’t revive the two’s parents. The only thing she could do is understand the situation and pray.








   “So what kind of person is Taehyung?”


   The little girl asked, swinging her legs around while licking the lollipop happily. Her question made her look at the child, taken aback.


   The little girl came back after a few hours when Miu left her depressing room. She couldn’t stand looking at her own brother sitting motionless on the chair and not being able to offer any kind or comforting words to him. Miu couldn’t bear to see Taehyung talking to himself, as if Miu is awake and alive. She couldn’t see Taehyung’s angelic face when he fell asleep, one hand wrapped on her stomach. She never felt helpless in her entire life. Not even when her mother’s body lying there in front of her and she couldn’t do anything about it. So, she left.


   But there she was, sitting on the chair, waiting for Miu.


   Miu was lost in thoughts. What kind of person is Taehyung… kind, thoughtful, childish yet mature, a good brother, a good lover. That’s Taehyung to her. And Miu couldn’t put it into words about how in love she was with Taehyung. What a magnificent human being he is not only to her, but also to his fans all over the world. Everyone loves Kim Taehyung, but they can never compare to her love for him for her love is greater in comparison to theirs.


   Miu smiled and look at the girl’s face who’s smiling back at her.


   “He’s… a gentleman. A good person.”


   “Adorable when he’s angry or sulking. Cute when he’s smiling and giggling. He’s wonderful. Caring. Intelligent despite his childish behavior. He always cheers up everyone that needs it and he always…always made everyone feel better about their selves.”


   She smiles and continue. “But when he’s crying, when he’s sad and depressed… you can’t help but feel like you have to protect him. You feel this need to care for him. It breaks everyone’s heart when he’s crying. As it did mine. I couldn’t bare to see him cry. Because I know I will cry with him.” Miu explained, remembering the look on Taehyung’s face when he cried. And every time…she feels like dying.


   Miu isn’t sure if the girl understands what she’s saying. She’s a child after all. She couldn’t be understanding what adults saying. But Miu spilled her guts, because she just…had this strange instinct that she must say it to the girl. It’s hard to explain but Miu just went with the flow.


   The girl did nothing but nod her head at the statement. She’s licking the lollipop, staring ahead at the hills that’s outside of the hospital’s window.


   “You really do, love him, didn’t you?”


   The question, even though a young child asked it, it had felt like an adult ask her this. The innocent child licking the lollipop in front of her made her think about the question. Of course, the child asks her this because Miu said that Taehyung is her brother. But Miu knows better that he’s not just a brother to her- he was more than that. He’s her lover. It feels as though, the child asked her this like she knew that Taehyung is indeed her secret lover that she’s been hiding from everyone since a month ago.


   What was she supposed to say? Of course, she loves him.


   “Yeah. Yeah… I love him. So much…” she whispers with a soft smile.


   More than anyone else.


   “Let go of me!”


   Taehyung’s screams were heard, and Miu was quick to turn her head towards her brother’s sudden distress yelling. The child also looks at the tightly closed door and Miu was sure that her heart’s beating so fast. She stands up and walk towards the door and enter the room, watch as her brother’s face is twisted in a way Miu never saw before. Taehyung is a bright guy, he hardly gets angry and he was always so patient when it comes to everyone’s antics. You could barely see him get angry on a daily basis. But this is the first time Miu ever saw him like this.


   “Please leave me alone. Please…”


   “I wanna be with my sister.”




   His heartbreaking voice resonates the small room. I wanna be with my sister…Miu’s heart shattered a little at her brother’s honest confession. Taehyung wants to be with her. He wants to be with her…alone.


   Miu saw his face; he’s not angry at them. He’s just frustrated that he can’t have his privacy with his beloved sister. He’s desperate for his time with Miu because the clock is ticking not waiting for them.


   Taehyung is afraid that he won’t have enough time with his sister.


   Namjoon and the rest of his friends were shocked at Taehyung’s sudden out lash. It’s not long until the nurse rushes in the room and looking at them with anger. She asks them to get out and they did, quietly obeying her commands.


   And now it’s just Taehyung and Miu.


   Taehyung was silent for a solid minute until he smiled and look at his sister.


   “I’m sorry you have to witness that, baby. I’m sorry I yelled. It’s just that… Namjoon hyung tries to drag me out of here. They want to separate us. I can’t allow that!” Taehyung says, grabbing her hand and stare at her sleeping form.


   Miu couldn’t take it anymore.


   “I don’t want to walk away from you…” Taehyung whisper, grasping her hands in his. He clenches his teeth, lips trembling and walking away. He shuts the bathroom door tightly, disappearing inside. Miu walk towards it and lean on the wall, sitting on the cold hospital floor.


   Taehyung stare at himself in the mirror, blinking away the tears that’s threatening to fall from his eyes. He stares at his own reflection, feeling so pathetic and useless. So useless that he couldn’t bare to even look at himself anymore. He thought about the things that he could do if he didn’t leave for the tour. If he could turn back the hands of time, he’d never become an idol. He’d rather live with his family and stay by his sister’s side. If he could choose, he’d walk away from BigHit building and return to Geongchang back in that day. If he could, he’d stop the crash. Somehow, if he could… he’d stop the crash.


   Taehyung slips down on the floor with tears, feeling powerless yet again.


   Here Taehyung was, 24 years old, like a baby.


   He felt helpless because he couldn’t stop his family from falling apart. He felt so helpless because he couldn’t stop his parent’s inevitable death. He felt useless because he couldn’t make his sister wake up from her comma. Not even when he’s here now. At this moment.


   Here Taehyung was, 24 years old, sobbing on the cold tile in his sister’s ICU room, his lips parting slowly as he wailed like a child would.


   He’s crying in the bathroom because he refuses to let his comatose sister listen to his cries. He’s supposed to say only encouraging words to her if he wants her to wake up. Taehyung cries without end for the first time. But it was more for his sister rather than her parents. He couldn’t tell. The feelings all mixed up and he can’t make up which was right, and which was wrong.


   Here Taehyung was, 24 years old, screaming from the pain he felt.


   He’s screaming because it hurts. It hurts that he’s losing his parents. It hurts that he can’t help but think that he’s going to lose his lover as well. He’s crying because it hurts him when he realizes, Miu hadn’t hear him say I love you yet to her. He’s crying because he needs Miu to wake up and greet him with her beautiful smile. He’s crying because he misses her. He’s crying because he’s hurting.


   There Miu was, 20 years old, crying outside of the ICU bathroom.


   She’s crying because she heard his wails. Because she heard could feel him hurting and aching cries. Because she knows how tough he’s been since coming here. How strong his hopes were, hoping she’d wake up. She’s crying because he’s crying. She’s crying because it hurts even more, realizing that she’s the one who’s causing this pain to her own lover.








   “Frankly, I’m a bit worried about him.”


   The doctor says, looking at the others as their eyes widen at the confession that the doctor stated. They had no idea that Taehyung has been acting weird since arriving here. They know it’s tough for the young man, but still…


   They had no idea.


   They all look so worried. Taehyung’s grandmother had tears in her eyes when she listens to the doctor. It’s not enough that she lost her daughter in law and her son and that her granddaughter is in a comma. Now his grandson…


   “It’s true, doctor. I heard him talking with his sister, as if she’s awake with him. He sounds... disturbing…”


   The nurse says, her face shows just how much she’s worried with Taehyung. The rest of them had their lips gaping open from the discovery. The doctor seems to be thinking, deep in thoughts as he nods his head from the confession from the nurse. He looks at the nurse.


   “I want you to keep an eye on him, nurse. Check up on him and tell me exactly how he acted day by day. It sounds like it’s serious.” The doctor’s voice is laced with concerns. He sighed.


   “Are you sure that…” Namjoon asked but is cut off by the doctor.


   “The signs are all there, Mr. Kim. Agitation, catalepsy, mutism, negativism, stupor, unusual mannerisms. Those are the symptoms that I’ve seen in my previous patients and I’m positive Mr. Kim is having this illness. With all the stress that he’s handling. The death of his parents and his sister in a comma. And his abnormal speech towards his comatose sister, I know he needs help from us.” The doctor says, his face serious.


   “My poor baby…” Taehyung’s grandmother utters, her wrinkled face is filled with tears. She cries, feeling sad about the whole situation.


   “Mr. Kim is suffering catatonic depression.”




Chapter Text

It’s been 7 days since Taehyung came home from the tour



   Taehyung lie down on the bed that morning, thinking.


   He starts to wonder if this is real.


   Today marks a week since Taehyung and Miu started their love. Today marks the day Taehyung didn’t become just a brother to his little sister, but also her lover. A week ago, he came back home and years ago, he lives his life wondering, desiring for his sister. It never dawned on him that this is actually happening.


   His shirtless body was covered with only the blue-black duvet, his chest bares as the blanket only cover his lower half. He glances at the clock beside his head; it reads 3:00 a.m. and Taehyung was startled from his sleep at this hour. He turns his head to the left, watching his lover sleeping so soundly.


   She looks like an angle. Her chest rising slowly, peacefully as she slept. Her lips were plump and red from the kissing that they shared together numerous times last night and other nights. Her hair was all over the place as she falls into deep slumber, not realizing that her lover is looking at her. His eyes fell on the love bites that is on her neck.


   The color was still red and the previous ones that he implanted on her had turned purple-ish. There are too many of them, on her dainty neck, above her collarbone, and even on the skin of her breast. Taehyung knew that he’s the one who gifted them to his own sister.


   He let his hands wander on his love bites on his own skin.


   As Taehyung marked his sister, she also did the same thing. He’s marked by his own sister and he’s happy with the memory. The memories that they created. Taehyung smiled goofily. His marks were around his collarbone and down to his broad chest. He smiled, letting his hands wander on the marks.


   Sometimes he wonders about how the fuck their parents hadn’t caught them in the act yet. Taehyung knows they’re busy with their own jobs. His father being a supervisor at a company he works on since he was younger, his mother working as a novelist in Geongchang, not knowing what is rest until she finishes her novel and came home late with his father. Taehyung could see that it’s almost impossible for them to have children and care for one. But they had Taehyung and Miu, after all.


   Now that he’s seen how life was for Miu, he understood clearly. He understands why she was so angry with him. And he understands how lonely she must’ve been before he came home. Taehyung realize that he has given joy to his little sister. He realizes what impact he has on her. He continues to look at her with love and admiration.


   Just when he’s about to go back to sleep, Miu inch her body closer to his. She wraps her arms around his waist and place her head on his chest lovingly without a word. Taehyung isn’t too sure if Miu is asleep or not. But he’s wide awake, looking up on the ceiling of his childhood bedroom. Looking back at it, he remembers how innocent they were. Miu would come in his room when she was younger and listen to Taehyung reading stories for her. Since she was born, Taehyung acted like a second mother to her and they became very close with each other without realizing. Taehyung continues to look at the ceiling, remembering how Miu would come in his bed and slip in beside him, telling him how scared she was with the storms or how scared she was with the nightmares she had. But somedays she didn’t even have fears and sleep with him, asking for stories rather than comfort. She was a bright child.


   Suddenly her hands landed in between his legs, grabbing at the naked flaccid cock out of nowhere. She strokes lazily while humming softly. Taehyung let out a moan from the treatment.


  “Seriously? You want me again?” he asks in between moans and bit his lips, clenching and unclenching his feet from the sudden blood rush on his crotch area. He whimpered.


   “Yeah, I do…” she whispers, and Taehyung moans softly. It’s not long until he gets fully hard just from her hands. Ever since Taehyung discover what real sex was, he became easily aroused than when he was single. He’s keener to his body, more ‘mature’ as they call it. Taehyung whimpers again and again when Miu keeps stroking him. She finally let’s go of his cock earning another whimper from her brother.


   Miu licked her lips from the sight of her brother getting worked up, his face scrunched up from pleasure and his lips parting from Miu’s erotic treatment. It’s impossible to believe that she’s aroused all the time; yesterday she sucks him off in the morning, then after cleaning the house they fucked on the couch, later that night they made love again like they had been doing since this started. Taehyung wonders if secretly…his sister is a sex addict?


   How can that be? Her first time was with him.


   “You’re so horny… ah, all the time…” Taehyung moaned as he pushes back his hair away from his sweaty forehead. He didn’t even realize that Miu shifted on the queen-sized bed to kneel beside him, pushing away the duvet from Taehyung’s body. That’s when Taehyung realized that she now moved her position and she has revealed her body in front of him like she had previously done, numerous times.


   The cold creeps in his body as he is now bare without anything to cover him. His hard cock was visible and very large (not that it’s not even big when it’s not aroused) as it curved perfectly on his toned abdomen. Miu thought he looks so hot like this, helpless, pretty with a hint of masculinity. She crawls to him. Sitting on his lap with their genitals rubbing against each other. Miu hissed as her wet slit was rubbing against his large hard piece deliciously. She starts grinding back and forth against it with whimpers and curses leaving her lips. Taehyung is the same. He moans, his deep, throaty voice made Miu even wetter if possible. He grabs at the headboard above him, moaning from the feeling of her lips parting and rubbing obscenely against him.


   Taehyung look into her eyes, looking back at him with moans escaping him as she rubbed against him like a mad person. He cheekily smiled like an innocent boy, grabbing her waist with both hands and starts feeling her up and down.


   “When are you gonna let me fuck your pretty pussy, babe?” he retorted, not quite focus with his surroundings when what’s in his head is fucking his sister only. She snickered in response, placing her hands on his abs as she grinned against him again, harder.


   Without any answer, Miu lift her hips a little and grab his cock, guiding it directly on her hole and sunk down on him with groans escaping their lips. Taehyung closed his eyes as the warmth of his sister’s walls engulfed him. His hands were still on her hips, as she kneaded the small waist with pleasure coursing in his body.


   “You’re still…tight as ever…” Taehyung hissed, and oh when Miu starts riding him. Both lovers were moaning, as curses leave their lips from their love session. Taehyung lied down on the bed with nothing to do, only watching his sister’s face contorted with pleasures that Taehyung too felt at this very moment. Her hips moved sensually, slamming on his with obscene, squelching sound resonates the room at dawn. Her moans grew violet as she rode him again and again, placing her hands on his chest as she slams herself with force and the sound her hips made when it meets Taehyung’s…it was, by far, the most satisfying noise he ever heard.


   “That’s…because…you’re ah, you’re big…!” Miu hissed, moving up and down on Taehyung as they moan. His cock was deep inside her, and Miu was sure that it even reached her belly button’s level. It felt…long, reaching her stomach’s pit, and the thickness is not average. It’s above average that it made her head feel dizzy from the pleasure of feeling this huge thing hitting her all on the right spots. This is the most pleasurable thing that ever happened to her. Taehyung filled her just right. Every room in her vagina was full.


   Miu’s hands that was on his bare chest soon find its way to his nipples, pinching them with a mischievous look on her face. It made Taehyung yelped, biting his lips and moaning when his sister starts rubbing them and teasing him, getting him even more aroused.


   His nipples never felt this sensitive before. he never knew it could be pleasured like this, like women does. He never knew it could feel this great and pleasurable, having it getting teased and pinched like this. So many feelings enveloping him when Miu added the newly discovered pleasure to his body; there’s slight pain but more pleasure. But the pain just adds the thrill in his body when Miu pinched his nipples. He whimpers like a child, moaning, then whimpers again from the pleasure. His dick is so full of pleasure, getting rubbed by her inner walls and his nipples were pleasured with slight pain.


   That’s when Taehyung knows he’s secretly into pain play.


   He didn’t know what drove him, but he flips Miu and fuck her senseless, hitting the spots that she loved the most and listening to her cries of pleasure getting higher and higher when Taehyung manhandles her like she loved so much. The skin slapping skin was heard and the obscene sounds from his cock nailing her pussy made them even more restless than they already are. Taehyung slams inside her body back and forth, back and forth with her legs wrapped around his waist and breast bouncing against his broad chest. With one final thrust, Taehyung slammed hard inside her body and groan when he fills her cavern full of his load, spamming inside her pussy as she felt herself too, coming from the pleasure of getting cream pied by her body. With a high-pitched moan, Miu came around his big cock, milking him deliciously. Taehyung’s face was so close with hers as he held her waist, still coming. Miu reach out her hands and cup his cheeks with both her palms, moaning still from the feeling of getting filled.


   They shared a kiss, a passionate one that early morning.









      Take one pill each day. Take your pill at the same hour, daily. When you finish your pack of pills, start a new pack the next day. You shouldn’t have a day without a pill.


   As long as you take the pills, you are protected from getting pregnant.


   She hopes so. Popping the pill in her mouth and reaching for the glass of water that she poured, she swallows the water with a grimaced look. She never enjoyed swallowing pills anyway. If possible, she’d avoid pills whenever she got sick. But now, she couldn’t do anything about it. she started her sex life with her brother a week ago and on the early third day, she took the pill for the first time. And it goes on, since that day. Miu didn’t stop taking her pills on the hour, daily. It was something she needs to do to prevent something even more despicable than this incestuous relationship.


   Taehyung is downstairs, getting the coffee ready for the morning. Miu promised she’d be downstairs after she finished bathing and taking her pill. Even though her brother doesn’t know how to cook, but that never stopped him from helping out in the house. And for that, Miu is always grateful. She smiled, thinking about how sweet and caring her husband-like-brother is. Taehyung never once complained about the things he does for their family, although Miu admit that instead of helping her with the house, he ought to rest for the rest of the week because when he came back to Seoul, he’d be too busy for the tour.


   2 more weeks, then…


   They’ll be separated like before till the day Taehyung would come back in her arms again.


   Suddenly her phone rings making her startled. She glances at her phone that’s on the small table by the window. Who could be calling her at this hour? It’s too early still. Walking towards the noise, she held the phone in her hand and Nayeon’s name is written on the screen.




   Meanwhile Taehyung was fixing the coffee downstairs. He looks at his phone and smiled like an idiot from his friends chat in their group.


   Yoongi hyung:  I met Taehyung yesterday. I dropped Tannie because the brat is too lazy to pick up the pup


   hobi hyung: really? Wow, you must tell him off yoongi hyung. You have to!


   Yoongi hyung: I bet the kid is still asleep right now like the rest of the two brats lol


   Namjoon hyung: I just woke up and you guys are bad mouthing Taehyung- ah. What a nice morning to wake up too


   Taehyung pouted angrily. How dare they? He laughed a little, still not responding.


   Hobi hyung: good morning, Namjoon-ah! Sleep well?


   Namjoon hyung: as cheerful as always, Hobi lol


   Yoongi hyung: by the way did I told you guys that Taehyung’s sister is cute


   Taehyung’s eyes widen at the brute confession of his hyung. Cute? Cute, as if in, cute? Yoongi was never the type to compliment girls for as long as he knows. Yoongi would keep quiet about girls, no matter how pretty they are but this? Jealousy surges Taehyung’s body when he thought about Yoongi trying to make a move with his sister. An ache starts to form in his heart when he thinks about the older man trying his luck with his Miu.


   He starts typing a reply.


   Taehyung: wow, you really think my sister is cute?


   Taehyung: that’s a surprise, Yoongi hyung. You never said any girl cute before. What a surprise.


  Taehyung admit that his texts sounded very bitter as he typed them out. When he thinks about, it’s really irrational of him to be this jealous at one of his trusted friends, a person he even considered his brother. But really, his jealousy took over his feelings that lead him to type such…bitter texts. They must’ve been puzzled with the way he’s acting.


   Hobi hyung: wow, good morning, Taehyung-ah! What savage brute you are this beautiful morning lol


   namjoon hyung: lol what’s up with you, Tae?


   Yoongi hyung: period or something? Lol


   Taehyung rolled his eyes at the statement and continue texting.


   Taehyung: no, unfortunately. And stop talking about my sister. Jimin-ah and Jungkook-ah might want to seduce her or ask her number from me. I’m not letting that happen.


   Hobi hyung: lol, why? I mean she needs to get out and find herself a bf eventually, right? What’s wrong with that? And where is Jin hyung?


   Namjoon hyung: haha that’s right, Tae. Lighten up. Girls her age need to have some kind of experience, you know?


   Experience? Experience? She already had experience. They already had that. Taehyung was frustrated and jealous at their text. How dare they said she needs experience when the only thing she’ll ever need is him all along? They’ve already fucked a week ago and they won’t stop. She’s his lover and he’s hers. What more experience she needs? Taehyung feels like typing their forbidden secret on the keyboard, pouring his heart out and telling them to back the fuck off from his sister and warning them for he is her lover. But he stopped when he’s about to get controlled by anger, frustration, and jealousy.


   Yoongi hyung: why are you so uptight, kid?


   Taehyung was about to reply but that all stopped when he heard Miu’s footsteps walking down the stairs, towards him. He quickly put his phone in his pocket and sighing. Why was he so angry out of a sudden like a storm? He doesn’t remember being this emotional.


   Miu walk towards her with a smile, dressed in white t shirt and jeans. Taehyung raise his eyebrows. Why was she wearing jeans? Why not some comfortable joggers? Are they going somewhere? Miu grab the pan and starts taking out 4 eggs, 2 slices of cheese and lots of bacons. She also grabs a hotteok mixers in the cabinet and warming up toasts. That’s odd, Taehyung thought to himself. Miu was never the type to eat a big breakfast before and she never had this big appetite in the morning. Usually, she’d eat a fruit with oatmeal. But this? Taehyung thinks it’s a little too big for a breakfast.


   He walks towards her. “That’s a big breakfast you’re making, sis.” Taehyung says, smiling knowingly at her when she’s busy cooking the scrambled eggs and bacon. Taehyung watches as Miu smiled warmly at him and not responding to his question. She walks to the fridge and grab a carton of milk with a jug of orange juice. That made Taehyung even puzzled as she pour the tall glasses with milk and orange juice. The two cups of coffee that he made was there and she could clearly see it.


   What’s wrong with his sister?


   “I have this sudden craving for bacons. Toast with melted cheese and scrambled eggs. And oh, hotteok!” she exclaimed while stirring the scrambled eggs to prevent it from burning on the stove. Miu smiled happily, hands quick to stir her breakfast. “I can already feel my mouth watering! ~” she sang, making Taehyung bewildered with her weird behavior.


   This is really weird, he thought to himself.


   After a few minutes, Miu set the food on the table happily, smiling ear to ear with the food that she made. She sits down on the chair and slowly sip her coffee but quickly sip her orange juice than move to her milk. She took a big gulp as she did so, making Taehyung’s eyes widen with her glutton’s appetite. As long as Taehyung remembers, Miu was never the type to eat a lot. Or chug down drinks that big like drinking beer. Taehyung eyes her as she made some noise while eating the scrambled eggs and bacon, moaning.


   “Is it really that good?” he asks curiously, and Miu turn towards her brother slowly. She smiled.


   “I told you, I’m craving.” She huffed, and Taehyung lightly laugh, watching his sister eat.


   Yoongi hyung was right; his sister is cute. When she’s eating, when she’s studying, or even just staring blankly ahead. Taehyung eyes her and realize how much she resembles him. The reminder that he’s involved in a dangerous relationship and making love with his sister, a carbon copy of him, made it exciting and his cock twitched curiously in his pants. He blushed. What was he thinking?


   Taehyung then remember what he’s going to ask his sister.


   “That’s right! I wanted to ask you. Why are you wearing jeans? Are we going somewhere?”   


   Miu who’s about to shove spoonful of deep-fried bacons halt her move and smiled hesitantly. The food that was about to be shoved inside her mouth drops on the plate when she looks at Taehyung with big doe eyes.


   “About that, ughh…”


   “Nayeon called me earlier. You remember about that volunteering work Mom said I should enter? Yeah it turns out Nayeon already planned everything because her mother wants her to enter it as well. I guess mom and Mr.’s Kang already made up their mind and teamed up. So, I’m gonna go after I eat.” She says. Sipping her morning coffee with cautious since it’s still hot.


   Taehyung nodded, sipping his coffee as well and smiled.


   “Ok, I’ll send you and your bff Nayeon while we’re at it. how about that?” he asks, and a nod with a smile and that was enough answer to Taehyng. Soon, Miu grab her stuff from upstairs and Taehyung was left alone and deciding to clean the plates when he came back, he scrolls his phone and saw a notification that says, your horoscope for today! – Capricon


   Excitedly, he smiles and tap the notification bar excitedly. It’s all Jin hyung’s fault for dragging him into this horoscope games that supposedly can tell your fate. Of course, neither of them don’t believe in this type of thing. It’s just for fun, he said to himself.


   But what he reads today is a little odd.


   Something is coming your way. Something big and beautiful is on the road for you and your partner! Take good care of the gift that you’ll receive!


   Taehyung look at his phone, puzzled.


  “Ok, Tae, I’m ready, let’s go!”


   Taehyung look at his sister, then hesitantly put his phone in his pocket. How weird, he thought while walking towards the car that his parents left for them. He enters the car and starts driving to Nayeon’s house, his head full of the horoscope reading.


   Something is coming for he and… Miu? He turns to his sister who’s playing with her phone. What could be waiting for them? What gift that he’ll be receiving?


   Take good care of the gift that you’ll receive!


   Taehyung turn to Miu again, then shift his gaze on the road with a full mind. A week ago, this relationship started, and Taehyung never expected flower roads forever in this relationship because indeed, this is a dangerous game to play. Taehyung thinks about that time when Miu said she’s dizzy back in Gran’s house. Taehyung thinks about Miu’s back ache when they’re cleaning the house together and… Taehyung remembers about her appetite this morning. How much she ate, how she was having meals with three different water.


   Is there something that he needs to know?