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His eyes. Full of strength. Vitality. Vigilance. Yet the same pair that tear at the slightest mishap. The same pair that begs for a release that big brain is still learning to understand. Those stunning emeralds- asking. Always asking.

His skin. Soft yet firm. The transition from innocence to experience. Under God's watchful eye here lies his sickness taking him in bountiful waves. Waves he welcomes, waves he craves. Lulling him into the bedrock where all his other sins harbor themselves. He's home.

Home to his boy. His precious boy.

He'll be the death of the Number One hero.

Watching him swells such a withered heart. Blooms a sunflower, soaking the warmth and now occasional sweet seed.

Why must his seed be so sweet? So addicting.


He can barely digest a slice of bread but is more than willing to gulp down sticky hot sin.

His precious, precious, sin.

He can't blame the boy for his sickness. No matter how much All Might tries to rationalize that he may be the cure.

If anything- the younger man is poison. Sucking him dry. Not that he wouldn't mind.

Speaking of sucking him dry, he finished already hasn't he?


All Might peers down, just as he suspected his protege is still inspecting his cock with that mouth. He'll allow it for a while longer. It's oddly quite comforting, to have himself in that gorgeous mouth. Wet and warm, yearning and inviting. Always, always, always curious.

All Might lets out a sigh, enjoying the light sound of Izuku's sucking and licking. The hero relishes the thought of the boy later writing more notes about his cock.

After Izuku is satisfied with his studying he releases the cock with a small pop. He can't help but miss its presence.

"Did I do good?" Izuku asks sweetly, innocently. His eyes betray such innocence, his face absolutely flushed. If All Might were to look any lower he'd see the the blurred lines his growing boy walks on.

He really is sick, isn't he?

All Might frowns. These thoughts are ruining the much more important praise that needs to be administered.

"You did great, my boy." He attempts to smile, it falters into a frown not too soon after.

Izuku scrunches his face as he tries to decipher the tone. At his realization he fights back the stinging in his eyes and the softening in his pants.

All Might almost jumps at the soon to be display, bringing himself to his boy, regretting his carelessness.

"Oh no, no my boy I-" He brings his hands to cup Izuku's supple cheeks, "No you did wonderful, you always impress me." To affirm this he plays chaste kisses on those pouty lips.

He pulls away, his face softening as he sees tears slipping through his fingers. Did he make it worse?

"Please don't cry," Two more kisses, "don't cry," Three more, "you're wonderful- so wonderful," These words muttered between one long kiss. Quickly Izuku deepens it, pushing too hard- undoubtedly regaining his passion. Almost too quickly All Might notes.

All Might runs boney fingers through the younger's tresses, massaging his scalp as his tongue is urgently accepted.

If he was any younger this spit swap would have him hard again.

"Oh Gosh," Izuku moans, palming himself through his pants. He hastily unzips his cock free, threatening to burst from the session. Lately he's been picking up on All Might's daydreaming. Not that it bothers Izuku to have his kind of teacher-boyfriend paying attention to something other than him.

What ever these thoughts are bothering his idol Izuku will try his best to help.

Tasting the older man in his mouth gives him such a thrill, he can't help but feverishly jerk himself off. He knows that this taboo gets All Might off just as much as it does for him.

"Fu-fuck," Izuku huffs, goodness he craves for those powerful hands to touch him all over. Delicate fingers that can close his windpipe so easily. Large hands that can hold his embarrassing underdeveloped member whole. Loosening skin graced with dots from the sun against his own tight even toned skin. If Izuku doesn't lose himself just yet he can focus enough to catch the hidden accent in All Might's words. It's easier to detect when the hero is coming undone, and if Midoriya happens to be lucky that day he'll hear foreign slang.

"Ah-Toshinori-!" Izuku moans, gripping his lover's cotton shirt. All Might continues to whisper the sweetest things reserved only for Izuku.

"My sweet boy."

"So beautiful."

"You sound lovely."

God he's almost over the edge, he can feel the heat bubbling in his abdomen. He pumps faster, hand tightening as he urges for his cum to spill.

"Such a handsome young man for me," All Might tuts, sounding ashamed, sounding as if-

As if Izuku is wasting his youth on him.

Izuku curses as he sprays the hero's calves, small high pitched moans as he strokes out each increasingly pitiful spurt of cum.

He pants as he rests his head on the older man's thigh. It's funny he thinks he can try to wind down with a tasty treat right there beside him. He chuckles lowly to himself, All Might sure is a treat. A privilege.

"You're..." Izuku says breathlessly, "you're not old..." He smiles at his words.

All Might plays along. "No, I suppose not."

"Not for you that is," He teases, ruffling the boy's hair.

"T-Toshi-!" Izuku chokes out, did he just get called out?

All Might laughs heartily, "I'm only teasing, my boy." He presses a kiss to a sweaty forehead.

Maybe his boy is the cure.

Maybe if he keeps him a while longer- busy himself with his boy- they will leave him alone for once.

"Why don't we go wash up?" All Might suggests, tilting Midoriya's chin up to get a good look at his dazed face.

With a lazy smile, his boy says, "As long as I'm with you."


All Might admits he has an addiction to his sweet poison.