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Empires Fall

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“Mejor morir de pie que vivir arrodillado.”

—Emiliano Zapata. 


In the early 80s, there was a man who ruled the Cocaine, Weed and Heroin business. And that man was Cassian Andor, the twenty-six years old Mexican who hadn’t waste any time in getting his dream to a reality. He was a man of many faces and many secrets. Taking him out was the number one priority of the DEA. Of Jyn Erso, who was obsessed with his cartel. 

The Guadalajara Cartel. 


Guadalajara , 1978

“Échele pa’ tras, mijo!” A man yelled as the truck was parking on reverse. “Damn it, Solo, can’t you park like any man?”

The man behind the wheel laughed. A laugh that only a millionaire could make. “Andor, Andor. Calm down, hombre. The product is safe and the cops didn’t stop me all the way here.” He finally found a way to park and turn off the ignition. 

“Of course they didn’t stop you. I paid them. They work for me, dumbass.” Cassian Andor said as he began opening the truck. “If they did, their families would be dead.”

Solo got off the truck and walked towards Cassian, he then proceeded to give him the keys and his trademark smile. “Ahora que lo pienso, there was a cop who looked at me funny.”

Andor rolled his eyes as he took the keys. “Grab your friend and a couple of men and get me all of this to the warehouse, now.”

Solo did a hand gesture. “Como ordené, Jefe!” And he was out of the picture. 

Han Solo was the best of the best. A born smuggler. Through out his career, he smuggled thousands and thousands of shipments of Coke to the US without even getting caught. His cocky personality made him a disirable man for the woman and his ruthless methods made him a dangerous man. Wanted by all the DEA.

Cassian mumbled something along the lines of ‘dumbass’ and ‘genius’. He walked to his car and sighed. The day was already stressful as it was, and yet there was more. He got in and turned the ignition, he put his sunglasses on and drove away. 

It had been six months since they left Sinaloa and moved to Guadalajara. It had been six months of trial and today was the day he could show the other traffickers his improvement over the shipments and price of the product. He could show them that working all together could benefit everyone. Especially him. 

He drove the streets of Guadalajara in a hurry, he was needed elsewhere and afterwards, he needed to be sure everything was in place for the banquet. Everyone was attending, the governors of other states, deputies, traffickers, police, everyone Cassian needed to make his business work. He was not going to let his dream go down the trash for some unplanned events. He needed to get everything ready. 

Cassian Andor, better known as “El Hombre de Negocios” The Business Man. He was the golden boy of the Narcos world. He saw what others didn’t and he improved what others made. At just twenty-six years of age, he accomplished what no one thought could be accomplished: A whole organization of traffickers. A cartel. 

His phone suddenly went off as he pulled in a stop. He looked down and took the call. 


”Cassian!” The voice of his best friend and business partner rang from the other side. “We have news.”

Cassian sighed. “What kind of news, Kay?”

Kay cleared his throat. “Bad news, if you could say.”

”Did any of the traffickers pulled out?”

”No, no todos están de acuerdo. It’s more of international news.” Kay cleared his throat. “DEA news.”

Cassian snorted at that. 

Yes, he knew the DEA had been following his tail for a while. But it didn’t worry him. The DEA was an a American organization which had no power in Mexico. They were sent to watch and report any unusual activities involving the traffickers but to act on such intel, they had to ask the Mexican government permission. And just Cassian’s luck, he paid the government for their silence.

”What happened to our favourite gringos?”

”A new agent came in today. From California, the informant said. Not much is known of the new agent except that.”

The light went green but Cassian stayed put. There was no one behind him and he needed to think. A new DEA agent could mean two things. Either the organization was finally seeing the whole picture and realizing that the whole system was corrupt or a newbie decided to join the action. Either way, the DEA was gonna lose. But as the careful man Cassian Andor was, he decided not to take any chances. 

“Mira, keep an eye on the agent. Tell me if there’s anything worth my time. Right now everything’s need to be perfect so this stays between us two.”

”And what about my informant?” Kay asked. 

“Kill him.”

He hung up and continued driving. 

Jyn Erso wasn’t your typical DEA enforcement. She had a passion, a drive to do the right thing. She was ambitious and she believed in justice. That’s why when a job opening came, she was the first to throw her self into it. Of course, she didn’t have the minor idea what door she had just knocked. Better say, who’s. 

She thought Mexico was a beautiful country with such beautiful culture. She had only been there once before and that was when she was a little girl. Now, she was a woman determined to fight the bad guys and bring them to justice. 

Guadalajara had such nice weather. Just at the west coast of the country. It was such a shame that beautiful city was becoming a cockroach hole for the traffickers to build their empires. 

When she first saw the department she was gonna work, the first thing that came into her mind was ‘could be better’. It was a big place, of course. With windows everywhere and desks all around but the action? The men and women who worked there didn’t seem so determined to win the fight. 

She shook that feeling away as she walked to the secretary. 

“Hi, um, Jyn Erso? Mrs. Mon Mothma’s new agent?”

The secretary gave her a warm smile. As she was expecting her to say that. “Of course, Mrs. Mothma is waiting for you down the hallway.”

Jyn returned the smile and a ‘thanks’ just as she headed to her boss office. 

It wasn’t such a walk. It was just a few minutes away from the entrance. 

“Ah, Agent Erso.” Mon Mothma said. “Welcome to Guadalajara.”

A man, a hard-looking man was with her. He didn’t say anything and just looked at her as he was studying her. 

“Happy to be here.” Jyn commented.

Mon Mothma looked at the man and then at Jyn. “This is General Draven. He works over the embassy and comes time to time to give us news.”

”Nice too meet you, sir.” 

Draven just grunted as a sign of politeness. 

“I hope you like it here, as you can see, we are not much but we work with what we have.” Mon Mothma smiled. 

“If we’re giving our all, it can suffice.” She meant it. 

“What do you know about the trafficking business here in Mexico?”

Jyn shrugged. “The basics. I know there’s small territories called plazas. I also know the Mexicans are not well-organized which could work in our favour.”

Draven snorted at that comment because it was true. Those Mexicans couldn’t even hide their weed good. They fought and killed each other without reason. Beasts trying to act like men. 

“Indeed, that could work in our favour. But be careful about what you say outside this building, the Mexicans don't like the Americans even if we help them. Those drug lords have brainwashed the people and few are loyal to us." Draven spat in disgust as if the Mexicans betrayed them, even if they never said they were loyal.

"I understand." Said Jyn. "And I'll be careful. So, when do we start?"

Draven smiled and it was an ugly smile, on that showed mockery. "Are going to tell her or am I?"

"Tell me what?"

Mon Mothma cleared her throat, clearly uncomfortable by the sudden turn of events. "You see, the DEA is a guest here, we don't have any power to make arrests, we can't get involved in such things like they do in California. The best we can do is observe and inform the Mexican government, they will send the information to Washington and hope they'll let us do something."

Draven snorted again, he knew the system wasn't the best but this was another country, one they were just simple guests.

Jyn understood, too. And that's when she knew why those agents were not determined. The DEA was just observing and waiting, they couldn't do anything than wait. That was not Jyn's style. "Oh."

Mon Mothma knew how the newbie felt. "Don't worry, Agent Erso, just be patient and you'll see results."

Jyn wondered if they would ever see results that way. She will need another plan, if she ever wanted to bring those dirt-bags to justice. 

"Why did you need me here again?" Cassian groaned and he thanked God the sunglasses didn't let his eyes show the annoyance he felt.

The other man, seemed amused and scared about his boss's reaction, he knew him for a while but he was still afraid of what he could do under pressure. 

"We need to get more containers, Boss. The supplies are beginning to overthrow the containers, it seems like Kay's weed ranch is paying off. But without more containers, we would lose 5% of our profits."

"I can't afford to lose more than 3% of our profits, Kes. Those old vultures will try to find a flaw in our system and will defend the plazas again." Cassian sighed. "Mijo, go and buy the containers, alright? Hard problems usually have easy solutions." He smiled.

Kes Dameron was Andor's voice and ears when it came to material that was needed. He supervised the shipments trajectory and punished anyone that failed to deliver or lost the product by killing their families. He was so good at his job that it was a fact that if Andor fired him, his profits would drop. And the son of a bitch knew that, he trusted Kes because the kid had earned it.

“Como diga, Patrón.” Kes smiled. “You’re getting fancy for the dinner?”

Cassian laughed. “Don’t worry, mijo, I’m always gonna be from Sinaloa, not even the green paper can change that.”

”I know, Boss. Thanks again for providing the money for the containers.”

He was going to walk away when Cassian grabbed him by the shoulder. It wasn’t a friendly gesture but it wasn’t a rude gesture either. It was more like a father when they know their kid did wrong. 

“And tell your girlfriend congrats for me, will you?” Cassian’s tone had undergone a change. It was low and dangerous but could be interpreted as wise advice. 

Kes smiled confusedly. “No entiendo, Patrón.”

Cassian smiled back, although his eyes showed no kindness. “For the pregnancy, of course. Now more than ever you should work, right?”

Kes’s eyes had no longer any trace of confusion or amusement. They were frightened. “Yes, Boss. You’re right.” He could control his voice, however. 

Cassian cleared his throat and the whole moment was gone. His eyes now showed kindness again and went along his smile. “Well, I should keep going, I got to visit Kay before going to the Hotel.”

Kes nodded. “Thanks again, Boss.”

He couldn’t begin to understand. How could he known? He and Shara had been very specific and strict over telling anyone about the pregnancy. Hell, they haven’t even told Shara’s parents because they knew it would put them in disadvantage. How could Cassian Andor know when they had only talked with each other about that?

“Thanks to you, Kes. You’re very important for this organization and you know that. Thanks to you, the gringos are very happy with their weed.”

Cassian then patted Kes on the shoulder before leaving the warehouse. He had other business to attend now, a quick visit to Kay and then off to check the final touches of the banquet he had worked so hard for. 

The message was very simple: I know your weakness and I know your secrets, one wrong move and they’ll get it.

Cassian was building an Empire and he needed to make something very clear for the people who worked there. 

He was Boss and they worked for him.