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Perfect, it had been so perfect. 

The Autobot’s had won and Sentinel Prime decreed that all the surviving Decepticons be sold off as slaves to the highest bidder.  Flashwing had planned on buying one, a very specific one.  Finally, he and Skywarp would be together and no one, especially that Pit spawned Starscream, could do anything about it! 

Then, that morning, he was visited by some officers.  They had a warrant for his arrest.  Flashwing remembered the confusion, all the questions spinning in his processer on why this was happening.  He recalled being tempted to fight, to flee, but knew that would just make things worse for him.  It had to be a mistake that would be cleared up once he was in front of a judge! 

Only it wasn’t a mistake.  Not at all.  Somehow, his former superiors found out about a little deal attempt.  That time when he offered Megatron encryption codes for Skywarp.  The Warlord had refused, saying it would make things ‘too easy’. 

Damn fool.  If he had accepted, it would be the Autobots in the slave pits, not them! 

And he wouldn’t be in a cell right beside them.  Stripped of all his possessions.  A slave collar around his neck.  T-Cog disabled.  All he could do was sit on this berth that was not an appropriate size for a seeker and await whatever fate was in store for him. 

Unfortunately, he had very limited knowledge of what happened to slaves.  He had heard rumors about sex slave brothels and sadism pits, but those were public venues.  What private owners did?  Limited only by the imagination…. 

…and he didn’t relish the idea of finding out for himself. 

Flashwing had considered attempting to tamper with the collar.  However, the location of the release mechanism made that next to impossible.  He would need two mirrors to even see it and there was always the risk of the device having a ‘kill mode’ in the event of tampering.  Not to mention there were too many guards and cameras here. 

No, it was better to find out where he was going to be sold to first.  Plan his escape then.  He should be able to figure out how to reenable his T-Cog on his own with the education he has.  Probably would need to either steal or engineer his own medical tools for that purpose.  As to where to go?  He’ll figure that out once he has more information. 

“S613,” a gruff voice spoke from outside of his cell.  “Move to the back of your cell and face the wall.” 

Flashwing scowled at the guard, not moving from his seat.  “That is not my name,” he retorted. 

Almost immediately, a strong shock coursed through his body.  Flashwing stiffened and cried out, falling to his knees once it had passed.  It didn’t even last a nano, but it had felt like a whole klik. 

“You will respond to whatever name we give you, slave,” the mech growled.  “On your feet and move to the back of the cell!  Facing the wall!” 

Flashwing hissed, but complied this time, but slowly, just to spite him.  Once there, he heard the cell door open and two bots walk in.  His hands were grabbed and cuffed behind his back before he was roughly lead out of the cell. 

He wanted to ask where they were taking him but held his glossa.  At best, they wouldn’t answer.  Worse, he’d get another shock for daring to ask a question.  Instead, he took the opportunity to glance into the other cells as they passed them. 

It was a surprisingly mixed bag of attitudes.  Some had hardened expressions, other’s looked terrified.  Yet others were curled up in a corner, looking already like they had lost all hope.  He didn’t see any he recognized, let alone Skywarp.  Then again, the command trine was likely being kept in an even higher security sector.  He wondered what methods they used to keep Skywarp from just teleporting out? 

Not his concern right now: that was information he can find out later.  After he escaped this unjust situation he was in.  For now, he had to wait and see where he would end up. 

He would quickly discover just how badly stacked the deck was against him….