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Interlude B21

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God smiled as His wife sat back and popped another chocolate into Her mouth. Quite a few of the less pleasant families down there might doubtless be wondering how their boxes of Celebrations just happened to be missing all the Maltesers and Bounties.

“Yes, we can now truly say that our little angel has become a man”, He said.

“Sixty-four times so far this month!” She agreed, missing His wince. She paused thoughtfully them smiled as there was a distant ding from the next room. “Make that sixty-five.”

God sighed. That pinging noise from Her counter-thingy every time their son sounded just like an oven when it was don.... no, that was so not a good analogy.

“It will probably never be a good time to have this conversation”, He said carefully, “but we seem to be missing an archangel?”

“That would be Raphael”, She said airily. “I sent him somewheres.”

He frowned.

“You mean that you sent him somewhere?” He asked.

“No, definitely somewheres”, She said magicking up another Malteser. “Fourteen thousand, eight hundred and sixty-nine somewheres if I recall. I may have been a trifle Annoyed at the time.”

An unwise spouse would have inserted a snarky comment here, but God was one of those Supreme Beings who quite liked that thing called existence so He refrained.

“What are the chances of getting him back together again?” He asked.

“Well”, She said, “I did once read a theory that everything comes back to where it started sooner or later. We shall just have to wait and see if that applies to annoying whiners who want to pick on sweet darling little cutesy-wootsy angels like my beloved Castiel.”

“I suppose that we will”, God agreed. “Any chance of a Galaxy? The mini bar, not that horrible truffle.”