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My Vixen ~ OHSHC x Reader

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*Alarm beeping* "Yes, it's the first day of school!" You run down stairs to cook breakfast for 13 people including yourself. (Whatever you want to eat) (also I know nobody really says that when they wake up, but deal with it)

After that was done you hurried to the bathroom to brush your hair into a (Whatever style you want).

After that you went to wake up your brothers so they can eat.

Then you brushed your teeth after breakfast and went to the door to got to school.

"Bye Brandon, Nathan, Hunter, Bryan, Brady, Noah, Lukas, Luke, Jake, Alex, Sebastian, (Black Butler😂) and Joshua!" (dang that's a mouth full) "Bye Y/n!"

Time skip because I'm a lazy @$$

(Oh yeah I'm not going to make my readers wear that monstrosity of a banana just wear anything that looks like you go to school)


(But if you want to wear it just wear it)

But some . . . events happened so you were pretty tired.

You ran into the pink school looking for the office, but failing. You then asked this girl with short brown hair wearing the boys uniform.

"Oh hi my names Haruhi I( )'ll (can) show you (the world🎶) to the office."

"Hi, I'm Y/n and thank you." After a few minutes as you guys were on your way to the office you blurted out to her: "Are you a crossdresser?" (smoooth👌) She stopped in her tracks suprised. "Wait, you know?"

She asked. "It's not that hard to tell." You answered. "You know us "commoners" as they say, need to stick together, right? . . . *mutters* because I can not deal with these rich people." "Right, so now we're friends!" You exclaimed.

After you got your schedule you checked to see if you have any classes together and sadly you didn't. "Since we don't have any classes together why don't you come to Music room 3 after school." She says. "Ok bye!" You say in agreement heading to your class.

Le time skip brought to you by Honey stuffing his face in cake and being cute.

To Music room 3

You opened the door to find 6 men and Haruhi. "Hey Haruhi who are these guys." "Hey Y/n, these are-"

"Hello fair maiden, this is the 'Host Club' where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands, just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful." Tamaki explains interupting Haruhi.

"Oookaaay?" All of a sudden you were lifted of your feet and spun around. "Can you please put me down!" You shout getting dizzy. "Sorry, but you were so cute, can we keep her mommy?" The blond weirdo says.

"Mommy?" You questioned.

*sighs* "Y/n, these are Kyoya, Mori, Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Honey." Haruhi says pointing at each of them.

"Still, can we keep her?!" Tamaki said using his puppy eyes (of death!).

"Fine, but it's up to Y/n, she can be our first hostess." Kyoya states.

"Sure, sounds fun." You said.