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I am just waking up as the train pulls in to Whitechapel station. When I exit the station I am greeted by a cold rainy Autumn London afternoon. Good to know that good old London hasn't change much. I grab my small bag and take off. I know the assassin's have taken back London so I don't have long to get what I need, The Shroud of Eden.

According to the documents that I stole from the brotherhood archives in France, the shroud should be located in a vault in Buckingham Palace. Dammit, the notes aren't complete. That what I get for not looking them over before I left Paris. I decided that I need to make a base of operations so I can try and find some more information. With some notes on the Shroud stolen the 3 assassin's located in London will be on high alert for and suspicious activity. Jacob Frye and his twin sister Evie Frye are the two assassin's who freed London from the grip of the Templar's 2 years ago. With the help of another Assassin's and Evie new Husband Henry Green and Jacob gang the rooks. I will have to make sure that I don't stand out.

At a quick glance I look like you average 22 year old. I have long fire red hair, that is currently braided into a nice bun. I am fair skinned stand at about 5ft 5in. The one thing that makes me stand out about all else is my eyes. My eyes shine gold. So as long as I keep my head down I should be fine.
The sun is just setting when I fine a nice inn in central London to make base for a bit. I wash up quickly and get out of my traveling clothes and get into my fighting gear. To top it all off and I a assassin gauntlet that i acquired from the Parisian Brotherhood before I left France. I throw a cloak on the match everyone else out in the rain and set out for Westminster.


The sun has finally set when I arrive at St James park outside the Palace.  I pick a high tree in the park where I hope no one will be able to see me and I start studying the Guards patterns to see if I can find a way thru without triggering the alarm.  I do this for the next few evening picking a different spot every night to study a different pattern.  It isn't until the fourth day that I realize the number of rooks in the park is growing.  Which means news of my break in has reached London.  I just hope that none of the guards at the archive remember my face.  As the night progresses even more rooks show up. I now if the sun rises I will be spotted right away.  I decided to get out now and try again later.  I try to quietly and quickly as possible get out of the tree and the park before I am seen, sadly my eye are easier to see at night.  Just as I am about to exit the park I hear a rook yell "BOSS WE FOUND HER"  and I know this might be then end.


I turn around quickly and see some rooks with to assassin's with them.  One male and one female, who are guessing are Jacob and Evie Frye since the look similar.  I throw a few smoke bombs down and take off running as fast as I can since I am not up to fighting this big of a group.  To be honest the Master assassin's would kick my butt if they caught up to me.  I am a few blocks away and I turn into a alley to take a break.  I can hear foot steps approaching quickly so I look for a place to hide.  All I have around me is a cart of hay which looks to obvious so the only way is up and I start climbing the nearest building.  When I finally make it to the top and take of at full speed again, being careful of the icy roof tops,  cold rainy Autumn London days lead to cold icy London night.  After a few minutes of ruining when I though I made a good distance away from my pursuers, I hear and odd sound and see the two assassin's come flying onto the roof, aided but some sort of gadget attached to their gauntlet.  I really need to update mine now I say to myself.


I start to pick up speed when I look up in front of me and realize that I am soon going to run out of roof.  If I continue I am going to fall down on the tracks bellow.   Behind me I hear who I expect to be Jacob yell


"You have nowhere else to run"


Its true from them, if they jump they will break something and be outs for months for me I will be fine.  I start to pick up the pace again  when I hear a train approaching.


"I think she is going to jump Jacob" I hear Evie yell to her brother

"She would be a bloody fool if she did.  We wouldn't have to do anything if she kills herself"  He said in reply


With no more roof left I jump on to the train, landing with a loud crack which I can only assume is my leg.


"You bloody fool how are you going to run now" I hear Jacob say as they reach the end of the roof finally


I smile and look at them just as my eye start to grow brighter and then my broken leg starts to heal its self.  I give them one last smile, jump off the train with my now healed leg and finally lose them.