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Road to Stardom - A Super Mario Party Epic, But Not Really

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Release Date

Eight Months Ago...

Friday, October 5th, 2018

It was just an ordinary day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Among many others of course... and we do mean MANY. Anyways, we’re getting off track here.

As I was saying, it was just an ordinary day in the Mushroom Kingdom. And it was well on its way to shaping up to be just that... but not today.

Today was going to be a very special day. Why, you ask? Because it’s October 5th, 2018... which is when it came out.

It was... no, it is the game that succeeds all of the other Mario Party games in the series, in its own unique way... on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s... Super Mario Party!!!

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Chapter 1:

Summer Vacay(tion)

 Eight Months Later...

Friday, June 21st, 2019

“Yay! It’s summer!” Toad cried out happily. “Yay!” “What are you talking about?” Toadette inquired curiously, having only just woken up. “There’s absolutely nothing good about summer! There’s bugs, there’s the terrible heat, and don’t even get me started about the cicadas!

Toad blinked silently for a moment before realizing why she’d said that. “Have you forgotten... IT?!” “What do you mean, 'it'?” Toadette asked, genuinely confused as to what her friend was talking about.

“I’m talking about...” Toad paused suspensefully before continuing. “... THE SUPER MARIO PARTY SUMMER EVENT!!!” “No way!” Toadette exclaimed. “I thought that thing wasn’t for, like, another eight months! Are you sure that it’s really today?

“I’m sure!” Toad responded. If you don’t believe me, just look at the calendar! The calendar’s never wrong!”

Toadette sighed in defeat at his words and grabbed her iPhone instead. Sure enough, when the lock screen popped up, the date was June 21st. It only took a few moments for Toadette to fully understand the magnitude of that.

HOLY CRAP!!!” Toadette shrieked like a banshee as her eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets.

“Yep! Not only is today the Summer Solstice and the start of summer vacation,” Toad said. “It’s also... the first day of the Super Mario Party Summer Event!”

“Hey, I thought we agreed it was summer vacay, not summer vacation!” Toadette protested jokingly. “Ah, whatever! Let’s go and do this thing!

“Yeah!” Toad agreed. “We’ll be impartial judges and, at the same time, be hype children!” “Yeah!” Toadette replied. “We’ll get two free tacos and - wait, what?!” “What?!”

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Chapter 2:

Hype Children & Their Terrible Driving

“Hey Toad?” Toadette asked. “Yes, Toadette?” Toad replied. “Are you sure that you can drive that thing?” She pointed to a very worn-down vehicle that was in their driveway next to their mushroom-shaped house.

Toad gasped, mock-offended. “Why, Toadette, this is not simply a thing!” He defended vigorously.

Toadette sighed in exasperation (something like, “Oh, brother...”), knowing full well what was coming next. As much as she liked her friend, she couldn’t endure his rants for the life of her. Especially the ones about Mario Kart DS and its greatness.

“Why, it’s...” Toad said as he pulled a red cloth (that somehow appeared out of nowhere) off of the vehicle he was about to praise. “A legend!

“Oh, God,” Toadette said weakly. “Please take me away from this terrible, terrible fate.”

Toad ignored her comment and continued to speak. “That’s right!” He declared. “What you are feasting your eyes upon is none other than... the 4-Wheel Cradle!

“Are you kidding me right now?!” Toadette exclaimed in shock and disbelief. “That thing’s gonna make us look like babies! Not to mention that it’s literally a cradle!!!

“Well, according to some people beyond the Fourth Wall,” Toad said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. “We apparently already look like babies, and are treated and characterized like them! Yep! Poopy diapers and everything!”

“I... have no words for that,” Toadette replied, clearly mortified by what she’d just heard. “Just... just no, okay? Just no.” “Wanna go racing now?” Toad quipped with a smug smirk on his face.

“Yes...” Toadette groaned in defeat as she got in the vehicle with him. “Anything to rid my innocent mind of this horrendous shame.” “Then hold on tight,” Toad warned. “Because I ain’t holding anything back!”

He let out a maniacal laughter that could only mean absolute chaos as his prized vehicle zoomed on down the road towards their destination.

All the while, Toadette’s screams of panic and Toad’s shouts of enthusiasm could barely be heard over the resulting clusterfuck of their terrible driving.

But, despite everything, they both managed to make it out alive and well (the 4-Wheel Cradle, not so much). Oh, and they made it to the Super Mario Party Summer Event, too.

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Chapter 3:

The Welcoming Party

“Remind me,” Toadette grumbled as she and Toad dragged the fragile burnt remains of the 4-Wheel Cradle behind them. “To never ever let you drive again if I want to keep my head.”

“Welp, it could’ve been worse.” Toad admitted. “For example... even though I look like a burnt chicken nugget, I still love-” “Stop. Just stop.” Toadette said as she clapped her ash-covered hand (like the rest of her body and that of Toad himself) over her friend’s mouth. “Don’t recite dead memes. Please don’t.

“Gasp!” a familiar voice (one that they knew all too well) uttered in well-acted mock offense. “Did I... just hear... somebody say DEAD MEMES?!” “She is guilty, your Honor Ivan!” Toad declared in response as he pointed at Toadette. Toadette only scoffed in reply to the exchange.

“I’ve told you a thousand times that that’s not my name!” A green Hammer Bro protested as he made his appearance. “Just because I look like an Ivan doesn’t mean that I am one!”

“Hey, Bro, how are you doing?” Toad greeted, dropping his stuff as he and Hammer Bro fist-bumped each other. “I’m doing just fine, Toadie! What about you?” Hammer Bro responded happily. 

“Well, I was having the best Mario Kart race of my life,” Toad said before halfheartedly glaring at Toadette. “But then, Ms. Sourpuss Bread here snapped me back to the reality that kart racing isn’t allowed on central roads used by traffic!”

“And then what happened?!” Hammer Bro asked, frantic to know what craziness had gone down because of his friend.

Meanwhile, in the background, Toadette took it upon herself to try to take the remains of her friend’s prized vehicle to Lakitu’s Kart Workshop (where it could hopefully be repaired), not caring about how hard it would be to do so all by herself.

“By the time I’d snapped out of it, it was too late!” Toad continued. “There were bits and pieces of kart everywhere! Man, you should’ve seen Toadette’s face! She was so terrified!

Sudden (but not surprising) anger boiled over Toadette, causing her to once again shriek like a banshee: “ARE YOU DULLARDS GONNA HELP ME WITH THIS OR NOT?!” “Coming!” Hammer Bro and Toad said in unison, knowing far better than to mess with their female companion when she was mad. And so continues the story, but in a different perspective...


Dry Bones eagerly collected his supplies as he prepared for his trip to the Mushroom Kingdom, where its residents were holding the first-ever Super Mario Party Summer Event. Where in the Mushroom Kingdom, you ask? Why, in Party Plaza, of course!

As a technically immortal being, he (for some reason) thought that it was his duty to least try the firsts of everything that he possibly could. But that wasn’t his only reason for going to the Super Mario Party Summer Event, oh no.

Nostalgia came flooding back into his mind as he remembered all of the good times that he’d had in Mario Kart DS. He remembered all of the races, victories, and achievements that he and his team had worked together to accomplish. And they had done so under only one name... the Serpentine.

Who were they, exactly? Well, the Serpentine were very well-renowned for being the most accomplished team ever in Mario Kart DS. And it was all thanks to the cooperation between four motley teammates: Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, and Dry Bones himself.

With that being said, he had a lot to proud of already... but he felt incomplete. It was when he had felt that way that he’d been able to reflect back on his life and its purpose, realize that his job wasn’t quite finished yet, and that he could strive to do even more then he had before.

And when Super Mario Party finally came out... for the first time in a long while, he felt whole. And so, without a doubt, he knew that he was destined to once again do something great.

Especially when he’d been announced on the character roster as one of the four characters (being Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dry Bones himself, and Pom Pom) who had somehow been changed from “locked” to “unlocked” prior to this tremendously historical event.

But, above all else, he knew that he couldn’t do it without his team.

Thus, these were the reasons, among many others, why Dry Bones was attending the Super Mario Party Summer Event. And he was determined to give it his best shot. Now, if only he knew how to get there. Perhaps a few friends of his could help him out...


“Hey! Have you two slackers finally caught up yet?!” Toadette shouted from the hop of the hill, gesturing to the gateway behind her. “Party Plaza’s right here, ya dimwits!

“You still think she’s pissed off?” Hammer Bro asked sarcastically as he struggled to crawl up the grassy slope. “Definitely.” Toad answered as he did the same as his friend.

Being forced to carry the parts of the 4-Wheel Cradle had been bad enough, but when Hammer Bro had accidentally called Toadette “Ms. Sourpuss Bread”... well, let’s just say that whatever unforgiving labor they’d done to exhaust themselves so much was basically the only reason why they were still alive at all.

“Yoo-hoo (Hello, Toadette)!” A familiar primate voice called out. “Ooh-hoo-hoo (It’s nice to see you)!” “Donkey Kong!” Toadette exclaimed cheerfully, apparently forgetting all of the bad things that had happened to her as she quickly turned around and ran over to hug him. “My favorite ape in the whole Mushroom Kingdom!”

EHHHHH?!?!” Toad and Hammer Bro exclaimed in confused unison at the sight before them. “IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!?!” “Aw shuddup,” Toadette replied as she cuddled with Donkey Kong’s face (she was that small compared to him). “You’re the ones who cussed me out with that 'Ms. Sourpuss Bread' insult.”

“Ah, so that’s what that racket was about.” An elderly Yoshi’s voice... in actual English... suddenly uttered from behind. “Whoo-ooh-ooh (Yikes, yowzers)!!!” Donkey Kong hooted in surprise, startled into dropping Toadette on the ground.

“Hey, what the heck, man?!” Toadette exclaimed. “That was, like, my only good thing to come out of today! Well, besides getting to go to the Super Mario Party Summer Event, that is.”

“What that was, missy, was bestiality at its worst!” The elderly... slightly bearded, half-blind, and terribly scarred... English-speaking Yoshi spoke. “Nasty stuff, if ya ask me. Besides, there’s a better man for ya than that punk!”

“No, Yoshmyre! How many times do I have to tell you about this?!” Dry Bones interjected, putting himself between the apparent Yoshmyre and Toadette. “It’s not bestiality unless... ugh, never mind. It’s not worth talking about, and it’s gross anyway.”

“Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi (Besides, it’s an E-Rated game)!” Yoshi (not Yoshmyre) said in agreement. “Y’all suck lollipops!” Toadette said before scoffing and childishly pouting. “You’re lucky that I’m too tired to deal with you and my shitty mood swings.”

“Watch your profanity!” Lakitu sang in a childish and mischievous tone of voice. “Or the big ol’ Chain Chomp’s gonna get ya!” “Oh, fuck off and grow up already!!!” Bowser shouted angrily. Oh dear... whatever will happen next?


“So, is that everybody?” Lakitu asked. “I looked, and I looked,” Flutter responded in a flowery voice. “And it appears that everybody is here. Want to check the roster list?”

“Sure thing. Thanks, Flutter.” Lakitu said as he was handed the roster list, feeling a light blush on his face as he watched her, well, flutter into the night sky.

He brushed it off and started reading the roster list, quietly naming off all thirty-one of the attendants (two hosts, three spectators, six factors including himself, and twenty players), who were fortunately all present.

When he was done, he found himself very sleepy and exhausted. Luckily, he could just go to bed in his cloud, so he proceeded to do just that.

“Yaawwwnnnn... today was crazy... and so was the welcoming party, for whatever it was supposed to be.” Lakitu yawned as he started to drift off to sleep. “Hopefully, tomorrow’s meeting won’t be a total-”

“GRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr... (Watch your language...)

“... Frick-up.” Lakitu whispered in a tiny voice, genuinely fearing for his life (he damn well knew only one Chain Chomp who’d make such a big deal about profanity).

“Grrrrr... (Better...)

Only then did Lakitu finally go the fuck to sleep.

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Chapter 4:

The Meeting, Part 1 ~ Assembly & Cookie Stealing

 The Next Morning...

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

“Alright, ya hooligans!” Lakitu called out as he rang the morning bell. “Time to rise and shine!” “Ugh... five more minutes, please...” Pom Pom groaned in pain due to her new (but unsurprising) headache.

“Nope!” Lakitu responded. “All of ya have gotta get up NOW!” He banged the bell even louder than before... which proceeded to wake everyone up, but at the cost of being cranky instead of enthusiastic for the meeting.

Nevertheless, Lakitu had already fucked it up.


“Alright,” Lakitu said. “Is everyone here?” “I think so.” Mario replied eagerly. “Well, just in case,” Lakitu spoke. “I’ll do a roll call for players... starting now!

“To start off for the players, Mario!” “Here!”

“Luigi!” “P-present...”

“Peach!” “Right here!”

“Daisy!” “Tomboy present!”

“Wario!” “Here for Coins!”

“Waluigi!” “Already here!”

“Yoshi!” “Yoshi Yoshi (I’m here)!”

“Rosalina!” “Present!”

“Donkey Kong!” “Yoo-hoo-hoo (Thumbs up)!”

“Diddy Kong!” “Eep (Yessir)!”

“Pom Pom!” “Yeah!”

“Dry Bones!” “Long live the Serpentine!”

“Hammer Bro!” “Oh yeah!”

“Boo!” “Keeesh shaaahahaha (I’m a spoopy ghost)!”

“Bowser Junior!” “I’m the prince, suckers!”

“Monty Mole!” “Eep-eep peep-peep (I’m ready to rock)!”

“Koopa Troopa!” “I’m ready to troop to victory!

“Shy Guy!” “Weer (Present)!”

“Goomba!” “Keekeep (I’m ready)!”

“And finally, Bowser!” “And I am the king!

“Alright, that seems to be everybody!” Lakitu announced. “There’s already been a roll call for factors, spectators, and hosts, but I’ll do it again to make sure!”

“To start off for the spectators, Yoshmyre!” “I’m right here!”

“Truman Troopa!” “I’m a man who’s true to my word, sir! Even though I’m not a human!”

“And finally, Perry Paratroopa!” “I’m not a platypus, ma’am!” 

“And that does it for the spectators!” Lakitu declared. “Next are the factors!”

“Whomp!” “Gimme Coins if you wanna pass!”

“King Bob-omb!” “You better believe that I’ll blow you away!”

“Chain Chomp!” “Woof woof woof (I’ll take a bite out of you)!”

“Flutter!” “Ready to open shop!”

“Kamek!” “I’m ready to spice things up!”

“And finally, myself, Lakitu! I’ll personally make sure that you get a boost and a chance to win!

“And now,” Lakitu said. “I will announce the hosts, who will also be impartial judges!”

“Toadette!” “Right here, Lakitu!”

“And Toad!” “Let’s go, everybody!”

“Alrighty, that’s everybody who’s attending the Super Mario Party Summer Event!” Lakitu cheered. “Now for the meeting!”

What?!” Hammer Bro exclaimed. “I thought that was the meeting!” “Nope, it was just the roll call!” Lakitu replied. “You all now have thirty minutes to prepare for the meeting! Get dressed and ready to go! We’ll also have lunch during the meeting, so make sure to bring that too! Now, skedaddle!


“Wow,” Lakitu said, genuinely  impressed at the sight before him. “That took you less time than I thought it would.”

“You do realize that only a few of us actually wear clothes, right?” Daisy questioned, with confusion written all over her face.

“Um, yeah...” Lakitu admitted, highly embarrassed at his own stupid mistake. “I wasn’t really thinking about it.”

“Who cares about mistakes?!” Toadette exclaimed, not meaning any offense whatsoever. “Everyone makes ‘em! And besides, we’ve got a lot more to worry about than that!

“Yeah!” Toad concurred. “I’m pretty sure we’re all starving, so I say it’s SNACK TIME!!!” “HELL YEAH!!!” Everyone shouted in unison and agreement.

And thus began both the meeting and snack time for everybody. But, first things first, the place needed to be set up... and that was going to take a while (not to mention that everybody would be tired and hungry while doing so).


“Now then,” Lakitu spoke. “Since my voice is all worn out, I’m gonna ask our hosts to cover for me.” He looked over to Toad and Toadette. “Will that be okay with you two?”

“Oh, yeah!” Toad replied. “We can do that!” He and Toadette both proceeded to take Lakitu’s place in the center of the clearing in front of everyone where they were seated.

“Attention, everybody!” Toadette said loudly to get everyone to focus on her and Toad. “We’ll now be discussing the rules, the Board Game Maps, and of course, the Minigames!”

“Hey!” Pom Pom exclaimed when she opened her lunchbox. “Who took my Chips Ahoy?!”

“Geez, these cookies look really good!” Bowser Junior said, holding up the aforementioned food... which happened to be Pom Pom’s Chips Ahoy... with a hungry and mischievous look in his eyes. “It’d be a real shame if somebody... ate them.

“Why, you little brat!” Pom Pom yelled as she immediately gave chase to Bowser Junior, who had no intentions of handing over what he’d stolen from her. “I’ll teach you to mess with me when I’m hungry!”

“Daddy!” Bowser Junior cried desperately. “Heeeellllp!!!” “Sorry, Junior.” Bowser responded. “You got yourself in this mess, and now you’ve gotta fix it. On your own, of course.”

“Ooh, savage dad!” Hammer Bro said as he watched his girlfriend (Pom Pom) chase the royal prince of the Koopa Kingdom. “You go, girl! You go! I’m rootin’ for ya!”

“As I was saying,” Toadette continued in strained frustration, trying her best to ignore the calamity occurring before her. “There are rules to the Super Mario Party Summer Event.”

“For example,” Toad went on. “You cannot bring any objects of any king that might interfere or tamper with anyone’s playing of any Minigames, or, better yet, break the rules and mess up the results of those Minigames.”

“You can’t bring anything that’ll mess with your identity, either.” Toadette said. “War paint, face paint, hats, bandannas, and headbands are okay, but anything that completely covers your face is off-limits!

“In addition to that,” Toad continued. “If anyone playing the Minigames is found not complying to the dress code, breaking the rules by using forbidden objects, and or cheating, you will be immediately disqualified for the rest of the Super Mario Party Summer Event!”

“You will also be unable to compete in the Final Trials of the Yearly Grand Champion of Honor!” Toadette stated. “And you won’t be able to participate again until next year’s Super Mario Party Summer Event!”

“In conclusion,” Toad finished. “Just follow the rules, and you’ll be just fine!” “If you have any questions about the rules that we just went over,” Toadette said. “Please raise your hand now and wait your turn to be called on.”

Hammer Bro raised his hand. “Yes, Hammer Bro?” Toad replied. “Just a quick question.” Hammer Bro said, glancing over at the scene of his girlfriend standing victoriously on Bowser Junior’s arms and legs as she ate her Chips Ahoy (much to the Koopa prince’s chagrin).

“Uh, I heard that somebody was planning on taking something called 'Flex Tape' to try to fix stuff when they’re not supposed to in the Minigames and cheat themselves out of losing.” Hammer Bro continued, looking pointedly at Bowser Junior. “I know that this might already be obvious, but... is that allowed?”

“Well, in the way that you’re describing it... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!” Toad answered. “That’ll definitely count as cheating!” He then shot a disapproving glare at Bowser Junior, who had a guilty look on his face as Pom Pom got off of him and sat down next to her boyfriend (Hammer Bro).

“Hand it over, Junior,” Toadette said, holding out her hand for the Koopa prince to hand over the Flex Tape. “You’re lucky that your dad’s here. Otherwise, you would’ve already been disqualified just now!”

Bowser Junior grunted in defeat as he stood up, walked over to Toadette, and gave her the Flex Tape. “Thank you for cooperating, Bowser Junior,” Toadette spoke as the Koopa prince sat back down in his seat, with embarrassment and shame warming up his face. “You have been forgiven. But don’t try anything else, or you really will be disqualified from this event.”

“Now then,” Toad started, wanting to change the mood of the meeting’s atmosphere. “Let’s talk about the Board Game Maps!” “There are four Board Game Maps to play on, but only one is accessible right now.” Toadette continued. “But don’t worry! More Board Game Maps will become available in chronological order!”

“That means that you can only unlock another Board Game Map after completing the one before it!” Toad stated. “In addition to that, you can only do so one at a time, meaning that you’ll have to play all of the Board Game Maps at least once at some point!”

“Right now, the only one that’s available is Whomp’s Domino Ruins.” Toadette said. “You’ll know what I’m talking about when the Minigames start up tomorrow.

“Or the next day, if things get too complicated.” Toad continued. “Anyways, now to talk about the Minigames! There’s eighty of them in total, eighty-one if you want to get technical, but we’ll only be playing around sixty-eight of them due to complications in planning for this event.”

“There are twelve Turns in each Game, and there will be a Minigame to play for each Turn taken. Each one will be different from the last.” Toadette described. “In total, there will be forty-eight Minigames played over the four Board Game Maps, with a Break Time for each Game after finishing playing on their respective Board Game Maps.”

“Plus, there will be an Afterparty of Minigames, in which there will be twenty Minigames played nonstop without any Break Time.” Toad went on. “However, after that, the Super Mario Party Summer Event ends and doesn’t pick back up until Thanksgiving.”

“That’s when the Final Trials of the Yearly Grand Champion of Honor begin,” Toadette said. “And its purpose is to serve as a final test to determine, well, who the Yearly Grand Champion of Honor will be.”

She paused before continuing. “What will really happen is that we’ll tally up how many Wins each player has and compare the scores to see which one is the highest!” Toadette went on. “So, really, it’s not that much of a trial, after all! Actually, it’s more of a trial for us, because we’ve gotta go through all of the recordings of every Game and Minigame!”

“It goes on from Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas Day. As for the names and types of the Minigames, as well as the Board Game Maps,” Toad stated. “There’s a list of their schedule up on the wall next to us. Just read it, and you’ll know what you’re gonna be playing!”

“On that note, there will be a second part of this meeting!” Toadette announced. “But that won’t be until this afternoon, so try to get here on time when that happens!”

“In the meantime, try to get to know each other and see if you could organize yourselves into Teams of eight as well as choose your representatives!” Toad continued. “That’s because only four people can play at a time in Games and most types of Minigames, while only sixteen people can play at a time in Team Minigames! It’ll be important for later! For now, just go have fun!”

“The time of the next part of this meeting will be shortly announced as a PSA in Party Plaza,” Toadette finished. “So try not to wander off! I’m looking at you, Junior! See ya later!”