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The Call

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Steve sat quietly on the bench in the park after a solo run. His deep blue eyes settled on the New York horizon as the sun rose slowly, bathing the city in bright orange rays. He let out a small sigh as he watched a woman run by, pushing a stroller. His eyes lingered a bit longer than he expected and he sighed again. Sam plunked himself onto the bench next to him, huffing heavily as he caught his breath.

“Damn, you even had time to sit down and stare off into space.” He chuckled and took a deep breath before uncapping a bottle of water and taking a long sip. “What’s got you all serious?” Steve leaned back and straightened his legs, flexing his calf’s to relieve the growing, post run tension.

“One of the thing’s I’ve always dreamed about, was having kids and a little family of my own.” Steve said simply. Sam raised his eyebrows curiously.

“Yeah? I can see you as a dad. What’s stopping you from adopting a kid with Tony?” Sam asked, sending a fiery red blush blazing up Steve’s cheeks all the way to the tips of his ears. Steve sat up and cleared his throat.

“Well I haven’t asked Tony. He’s busy with the company, and inventing and...stuff. He doesn’t seem to want to be a dad as much as I do. Plus searching for Bucky has taken up the very little free time I had.” His blue eyes settled on something in the distance, refusing to look at the patronizing glance he knew his friend was giving him. “Plus, being an Avenger means not being home and SHIELD missions. A kid can’t just be left alone while I run around blowing stuff up.”

“Steve, you do know Tony would do anything for you, right? And I mean anything. The man adores you. He’d find a way to watch the kid if both of you were gone. Plus you’ve got a whole team of people. We rarely all get called out together.” Sam offered, taking another long gulp of water. After a second of silence as the world awoke around them, he set his water bottle down and stretched his legs. “Look Steve. We only get so long in this life to do what we want with those we love. I think...the two of you could be damn good parents, and if that’s your dream, why not go after it? At least think about it man.” Steve leaned back into the bench and sighed.

Steve thought about it quite a bit.

While searching a local department store for a gift for Bruce’s upcoming birthday, his eyes wandered over to the children’s section. He looked over all of the cute little clothing sets. T shirts, dresses, little pairs of shoes.

Slowly, he wandered into the toy section, and he was transfixed by all of the cute little stuffed animals. He could easily imagine a kid running around excitedly with a stuffed bear or fox tucked under their arm.

He bought a single stuffed rabbit with a white ribbon tied around its neck, and downy brown fur.

The next morning, on his run, he looked a bit longer at the playground than he used to. He imagined pushing a little girl or boy on the swings and chasing them around the play equipment.

Steve stopped by a café to pick up some breakfast. He couldn’t help but glance at the kids menu and eye all of the child friendly options, imagining ordering fruit salad or a donut for a hungry and happy kid, bouncing excitedly as they waited.

That night, Steve sat down on the edge of the bed as Tony exited the shower. His partner dried his short brown hair haphazardly with a towel, a stark phone in his hand and a confused look in his deep brown eyes. Steve sat quietly, stock still as he turned the soft rabbit over and over in his hands, fingering a white satin ribbon that was tied around its neck.

“Whatcha got there Steve?” Tony questioned as he sat on the bed and peered over his shoulder. “Need a teddy bear to sleep now?”

“No, nothing like that. I just thought...can we have a serious conversation about something?” Steve suddenly asked, turning his body in Tony’s direction, as the man hung the towel on the edge of the bed cocked a brow.

“Yeah, sure.”

Steve opened his mouth and paused, drawing his lips into a thin line before finally speaking.“I was talking to Sam and I realized I’m not getting any younger.” He said. Tony’s mouth twitched up and his eyes looked up at the ceiling before looking back at Steve. Steve resisted the urge to roll his eyes, because he knew Tony was going to make a wise quip about him being old, but decided against it. 3 years of dating made his body language crystal clear to his partner. “We should have a baby.” Tony flinched visibly, eyes going from wide with surprise, to squinted curiously.

“A baby? Like a physical baby? I don’t know if you had sex ed back in your day, but we don’t exactly have the parts required for that job.” Tony said, leaning back against the pillows behind him, with a small smirk tugging at his lips. Steve rolled his eyes and deadpanned him.

“Tony I’m not an idiot. I know that. I didn’t mean physically have a baby...adoption is a thing.” Steve trailed off quietly, leaning back to join his partner against the plush pillows against the headboard.Steve turned on his side to reach over and gently thread his fingers into Tony’s. “We could be good dads. Just imagine us with a little one.” Steve whispered, blue eyes staring into hazel. Tony sighed shifting the bed slightly. He rested his hand on Steve’s hips, a look of sincerity evident on his handsome features.

“Steve this is something I’ve never really considered. I’d really have to think about it. I mean I know you would be a good dad, but growing up under Howard makes me question if I can ever be one. Plus with work and being an Avenger and-“ Steve cut him off with a shake of his head.

“We could plan something in case of an emergency. Other than shield missions, I don’t do much. I could watch the baby most of the time. And if I get called out Natasha loves kids. And Clint has plenty of experience. We can figure it out, together. Just...can you think about it? Please?” Steve asked, giving him a pleading look as he used his thumb to caress Tony’s rough palm. Tony could not say no to that look. He crumbled under the pressure and huffed.

“I can think about it.” He whispered, enjoyed the soft touch of his husband. Steve quickly pulled him into a hug, causing Tony to squeak, as he mumbled thank you’s into his hair.

They were...potentially going to have a baby.