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Let Me In. We are Perfect for Eachother.

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Considering the fact that he was part of the Mafia, Gelato thought he had a great life.
A wonderful team, always drinking the best wine together, and a wonderful partner in crime.

The only two problems in his life was caused by this said partner.

One was surprisingly simply fixed recently thanks to the new Boss. Their team’s status was upgraded from just a hitman group to the Boss’s personal army. They were pretty much doing the same as before, just more killing and way more pay than ever before. The promised pay was enough to make his partner completely forget all thoughts of wanting overthrow the Boss.

Gelato’s other problem was his relationship with his partner. Sorbet was the love of his life from the moment they met. However, he felt that his feelings were hopelessly one-sided.

The moment their eyes first me, Gelato couldn't breathe.
It was as if he was choking, unable to swallow something.
Something stuck in his mouth.
A sensation that, for some reason, made him want to scream in pain, agony, and pleasure
Yet, the choking suppressing any sound.
From that moment, he felt that his body and soul, his entire existence needed Sorbet.
Unfortunately, Sorbet showed clearly in action that he had other plans. Every time Gelato tried anything, Sorbet ran away. From any physical contact to just asking to spend extra time together, Sorbet ran away. To Gelato, it was as if Sorbet wanted nothing to do with him.

This made the ambitious Gelato yearn for more.

They had known each other for a few year, and been partnered up for most of that time. With Sorbet’s dangerous and idiotic mission gone, Gelato thought that this would be his chance to get closer.
Somehow, any way possible.

Wanting to know more about the other, he broke into the other's room. He didn’t know what he was searching for, but somehow he knew he would find something. Anything.
Anything that can let me in.

Walking in, he slowly closed the door behind him.
The room was just as he imagined. Simple, no high-end designer furniture like Prosciutto, no weird modern art hanging on the wall like Melone.

He knew that Sorbet won’t be back from the meeting for at least an hour. Still, he wanted to be swift and quick as possible.
Walking toward the desk, he put on some gloves and opened the top shelf.

He felt his heart stop.

He couldn’t move, as his whole body trembled.

On top of a pile of papers was a small glass bottle.

Half filled with a dark blue liquid, that almost looked black.

Unable to look at it any more than 2 seconds, he slammed the shelf close and felt his legs give in.

Falling to the ground, he covered his gloved mouth to stop himself from screaming, as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Why? Why?! WHY!?!?!

Still muffling his wails with his hands, Gelato screamed internally.

Out of the hundreds of nail polish brands that are out there and millions of colors that exist in this world, why did you have to have the same color from the same brand as me?

Finally, having enough strength to move his legs, he stumbled out of Sorbets room, almost running back to his own.


Why don’t you let me be yours?

Why don’t you let me in?

We are perfect for eachother.


It was a few weeks after the new Don had officially taken charge that they were invited to meet him. They had all been busy doing a few small jobs here and there, but because of a fairly big mission coming up, the Don had invited the whole team to properly meet him.
They were called to visit the penthouse suite room of one of the luxurious hotels that Passione ran. Although peak tourist season, Gelato noticed that the hotel seemed empty. Walking through the lobby with the rest of his team, it seemed that there was no one other than them and the hotel staff in the hotel.

As they all got into the spacious elevator, Risotto finally broke the silence.

“You will all respect our new Don.” He glared at a few of the members. “I know that many of you don’t trust him yet. But remember that he has given and promised us more than what our previous Don had ever offered.” Everyone’s silence was a good enough answer for the leader.
As the doors of the elevator opened to a hallway, they walked toward two large mahogany doors. From the other side of the door, Gelato could hear voices talking.

“ . . . and are we really sure we can trust them?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Really? I know for a fact that you remember what happened last time.”

“Yes, and we also discussed this the last time . We’ve done everything to change it all.”

Arriving in front of the door, Risotto knocks the door.

“You may come in.” They all hear a firm voice from the other side.
Pushing the door open, all nine entered into what seemed to be the living room of the suite, elegantly decorated in red velvet, gold, and wood. There were two dark brown long leather sofas that comfortably fitted the 9 of them, and a large wooden coffee table that matched the doors they had just walked through. Adjacent to the other end of the sofa was a large chair, as decorated as the rest of the room, looking like a throne for a king.
In the large chair was a young man, looking much younger than most of them. However, Gelato could feel that this young man was the person most fit in the entire room to be sitting in such a chair. Gelato could almost say that because of his age, this young man should be called a boy. Yet it felt that somehow the word ‘boy’ was inappropriate and inadequate for him.
His golden hair shining even brighter than any gold that had decorated the room. The white fur on the collar of his suit jacket was like a frame that brought out the beauty even more from the perfect face. The two eyes that looked back at the team was more elegant than any precious stone Gelato had ever seen, yet it felt as if those eyes were piercing their souls.
Gelato would never admit it out loud but at that moment he knew that this person in front of them was the most elegant yet most powerful being that he would ever meet in his entire life.
Standing next to the throne was another young man, probably barely 20. Wearing an oddly shaped hat, the man wore a black tailored suit that could not hide his muscular build. However, from even only a glance Gelato could see that the strength that radiated from him could not be only explained by just his muscles.

“My name in Giorno Giovanna. I am the new Don of Passione and your new boss. Come.”
As all nine had filed into the room, the golden-haired young man stuck out his hand in front of him. Understanding the meaning of this notion, one by one they walked forward.
Coming in front of Giovanna, they each got down on one knee, taking hold of the delicate hand to kiss it.
After kissing the hand, it seemed that each member could not help but stare up at him for a moment in awe as Giovanna whispered something. Even Prosciutto, of all people, looked tame once standing back up to turn back to them.

Before Gelato’s turn, it was Sorbet’s.

When Sorbet stood back up and turned back to them, their eyes met. At that moment, Gelato felt that same sensation he had felt the moment they had first met. That strange sensation of pain, agony, and pleasure, in a split second.

Shaking off what was left of the sensation, he averted his eyes and walked toward their new Don.
Getting down on one knee, he took the hand. Looking up into the eyes of the Don he felt hypnotized. Unable to look away, Gelato said his vows and leaned in.

As soon as his lips touched, he felt as if a bolt of lightning had shot down his body.

His eyes widened as he saw a burst of shimmering gold right behind Giorno Giovanna, and a small grin appearing on the light pink lips.

Wanting to say something, anything, he opened his mouth.

However, he was quickly cut off by a soft and tender, yet strong voice.

“Please Gelato, can you promise me not to take your own life, this time?”
Although unable to comprehend the words he just heard, Gelato could not ask for an explanation. He felt his body automatically reacting.

“Y-Yes. Of course.” His head slowly nodded and his lips moved as if hypnotized.
Before he knew it, Gelato was walking back into line to his spot next to Sorbet.

What was that . . .

“Alright, then. Please, have a seat.” Giovanna nodded to them. “Let’s discuss about the mission.”


It was revealed that there was a crime organization that was slowly growing in the south. Seeming to be originating in the Middle East, still very small in Italy and very under the radar, Giovanna made it clear that it needed to be checked out.

“I understand that this is not your usual work.”

“Sir, couldn’t you have people that are more specialized in intel do this?” Risotto’s question sounded like a demand.

“That is very true. However,” Giovanna looked straight into Risotto’s eyes. “I am not sure how much this said organization has contaminated Italy, as well as Passione.”
They all felt Giovanna’s eyes look into them, one by one.

“You are not only one of my best teams, but are also one of the only teams that I trust at the moment.”
For one moment, they could not help but hold their breath.

“I understand.” Risotto slowly confirmed.

“Also,” They saw a flash of a small smirk on the corner of the young man’s lips. “If you find that they are even slightly a threat to us or our city and its people, I want them eliminated immediately.”

“Yes, sir.” There was a pinch of delight in the sound of Risotto’s voice.

“Now then.” He looked over to his weird hatted companion, who handed him a silver platter. “Here will be the keys to your rooms for the night.” Giovanna’s face had suddenly softened slightly.

They all stared back at him in confusion.

“Wait-” Formaggio was the first to speak up “You mean, keys to rooms, here ?”

“Yes.” Giovanna answered matter-of-factly. “You have all worked very hard recently, especially after I took over.” Putting down the platter onto the table, he pushed it toward them. “And, with this mission coming up, it may be a while until any of you will be able to take a proper break. I want you all to at least get to relax tonight.”

“W-we get to stay in this hotel?” Gelato could almost see Pesci’s eyes shining.

“Of course.” Giovanna’s face fully softening into a more genuine grin. “I have had suite rooms prepared, one for each of you. Enjoy dinner and drinks either at the restaurant or in your rooms. Everything is on me.”

There were a few delighted gasps heard from a few members.

“Sir. Are you-” There was actual worry in their leader’s voice.

“Do not worry. Just make sure you are all back here in this room at 11am tomorrow morning for brunch.”
Most floors had only one suite per floor. Luckily for Gelato, the keys for the bigger suites were quickly grabbed by the other members, leaving him no choice but to be in a smaller suite room on the same floor as Sorbet.
Wanting to take this as some sort of sign, while walking out the door, Gelato tried to swing his arms around Sorbets.

“Let’s grab some dinner! I know you’re not one to say no to free food if it’s delicious!”
Unfortunately, his arm was peeled off of Sorbet’s shoulder by Sorbet himself.

“I’m already very tired. I’ll be heading straight to my room to sleep.”
Gelato bit his lips to conceal any emotion that may spill out of his mouth.


Gelato found himself with a few of his team members in the hotel restaurant. Which, apparently they had all to themselves thanks to their overly generous boss. The food was truly exquisite, but Gelato couldn’t enjoy himself at all. After only finishing half a glass of wine and barely finishing his main course, he had excused himself to go back˙ to his floor.
When arriving at his floor, he found himself in front of the door of the suite nextdoor. He could hear the TV on, he knew Sorbet was awake.

I should just knock. Just go in.

Putting his hand against the door, he couldn’t move.

No . . .

Although still barely 8pm, Gelato took a quick shower, threw on the complementary bathrobe, and climbed into the softest bed he had ever touched, hoping for a slumber that would somehow ease the pain.

He doesn’t want me.

He will never want me back.

He has and will not ever love me back . . .








Eyes slamming open to the darkness of the room, Gelato almost screamed.
He quickly covered his mouth, muffling his screams, cries, wails.
It was as if in one measly second, everything came back to him.


How his childhood was like, before


How he had met Sorbet, before


How he had entered Passione, before


How he had a very special power, before


How he loved Sorbet, before


How they loved each other, before


And, how they had died together, before


In just one measly second, Gelato had remembered everything from his previous life.
Feeling his eyes water, he slid his hands away from his mouth to cover his eyes.
Unable to hold back, he opened his mouth.

“S-Sorbet . . .” His voice came out in a whispering cry. “Sorbet . . . I love you . . .”

“I love you too.”
Surprised, Gelato quickly sat up, and looked over to the source of the voice.

There, on the couch, was Sorbet.
His face hardly visible by only the moonlight. Still, Gelato could see the streams of tears.

“Sorbet . . .”
The dark haired man stood up and slowly walked toward the bed.

“Gelato, my love-” Sitting next to the blonde, Sorbet softly cupped Gelato’s face. “Why did you commit suicide?” There was a faint grin of the man’s face.

“I-I couldn’t live another second without you. There was . . .is- there is no reason to live, without you.”

“You idiot.” Sorbet smiled weakly. “I gave into dying because I wanted you to live. I wanted to save you, my sweet sweet Gelato.”

“I know, but I also know you would have done the same. Wouldn’t you?”

“Of course.” Sorbet whispered as he leaned in to bring their lips together.
Feeling the other’s warm lips, Gelato’s body trembled and pulled away.

“W-what’s wrong?” Gelato had never heard Sorbet sound this scared in this lifetime before.

“Why . . .” grabbing onto the blanket, Gelato inched away from the other. “Why did you hate me this time ?”

“What do you mean?” There was still fear and now confusion in his voice.

“This time. This lifetime. Before you regained your memories . . .” Holding the blanket up to his chest, Gelato looked down. Feeling his eyes watering again, he closed them. “ . . . Before you regained your memories, you ha-hated me . . .”

“What are you talking about?”

“You avoided me, every chance you got!” Blinking back the tears, Gelato looked back up at Sorbet’s face. “Every time I invited you out, every time I tried to touch you, you ran away. You-you hated to be even moderately close to me!!”

“No Gelato I-”

“Even today! I asked you if you wanted to go to get dinner with me! You pushed me away!” Unable to hold back any longer, Gelato closed his eyes, allowing the tears to crawl down his face. “You proved to me, over and over, how you wanted nothing to do with me!”
Silently, Sorbet grabbed the other, and pulled Gelato into a tight hug. Slipping one hand up, he ran his fingers through Gelato’s messy blonde hair.

“Let go of me! Go away! I don’t want your love if it’s just a hand-me-down from our past life!!” Gelato almost screamed into Sorbet’s chest, trying to push the other away.

“This feeling is not a hand-me-down.” Sorbet held the other in a stronger grip. “I have loved you since the first moment our eyes met.” Gelato’s body stopped still hearing those words. Feeling the lack of struggle from the other, Sorbet loosened his grip, but did not dare to let go.

“What are you saying . . . What are you talking about?”

“I know that you felt it as well, my beautiful Gelato. The moment our eyes met, I felt the horrendous sensation of a million knives slicing my body. From my toes, and up to my scalp, in one moment I felt my whole entire body sliced into pieces.” Sorbet pulled away and looked down at his sobbing partner. “However, at that same time, I also knew that you are the love of my life.” Sorbet gave a warm grin. “That is why. No, I will not let you go. I am never letting you go.”

“Then-then . . . then why . . .” Gelato’s forehead fell onto Sorbet’s warm muscular chest. “Why? Why have you been pushing me away all this time?”

“I wanted to protect you. I knew- I somehow knew all this time that if I let you in , it would ruin your life. I honestly didn’t know that it would be death. However, I knew that keeping you away would be what would promise your safety.”

“You know that I wouldn’t care-” Gelato grabbed onto the fabric of Sorbet’s shirt. “Danger or no danger, it wouldn’t have mattered for me. It still doesn’t.”

“Yes, I know. Fortunately or unfortunately, the person I love is one of the most important things in my life, and that means I want to keep him as safe as I possibly can.” Sorbet sarcastically stated.

“And, who is that person you love so much?” Gelato cheekily asked back.

“Let me show you,” Sorbet leaned into Gelato’s ears. “-to the core of your body and soul, that you are the one that I love. One of the most important things in my life.” Sorbets deep husky voice made the blonde shiver and let out a small gasp.

Slowly, Sorbet licked the shell of Gelato’s ears. Tracing around the metal that penetrated the earlobe with the tip of his tongue, he nibbled at Gelato’s soft earlobe. Sliding his mouth downward, planting gentle kisses on the soft tender skin. Reaching to his collarbone that was barely hidden by the bathrobe, Sorbet lightly bit onto the skin. Hearing a pleasure filled hum, Sorbet bit down a little harder and sucked onto the skin. Pulling away, with his thumb and middle finger, he gently pinched the red mark he had made on the pale white skin.


“Possessive as always, aren’t we?”

“And, sensitive as always,-” He slid his finger further down into the bathrobe, knowingly stopping right above Gelato’s nipple. “-aren’t we?”

“Or, maybe you just know too well how to make me feel good.”

“I hope so.” Giving a devilish grin, Sorbet slid his finger onto the center of Gelato’s nipple. Seeing the other’s face melt ever so slightly, he rubbed the nub with the pad of his finger in slow circles.

“Mmmmmm-“ Gelato bit his lips to stop a moan.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” While playing with the sensitive nub, Sorbet pulled at the bathrobe, which flowed off of Gelato’s body like water. “It seems as if you are more sensitive than I remember. Or, is it just my brain romanticizing?”

“Shut-u-up“ The blonde let out a short gasp as he felt large callused hands kneading his ass cheek.

“No. I will never shut-up about how wonderful your body is.” Taking his hand a few inches away from the round surface, he quickly gave a loud sharp slap, causing a surprised moan out of the other. “Especially when you make all those pretty little sounds.”
Dipping forward, Sorbet took the unattended nipple into his mouth. Lathering it up with his tongue, he softly bit down.

“You kn-kn-know you’re always such an ass.” Gelato did his best to sound angry, but the tinny moans in between didn’t help him. “A-always, jus-st toying with me so much. H-hurry up and fu-fuck me already!”

“That.” Swiftly, Sorbet stopped everything and brought his face up to Gelato’s. “Is something that I cannot do either.” Lightly pecking the other’s mouth, Sorbet pushes the smaller one down onto the bed.
Pushing the blanket away, Sorbet marvels at the beautiful site of the fully naked Gelato. Lovingly, he slides the backside of his hand against Gelato’s cheek, down his neck, his chest, stopping above the half hard member.

“Even more beautiful as I remember.”


“As spotless and hairless as I remember.” He grazes his fingers along the base of the hardening cock. “Although, I am surprised that nothing much is pierced.” He states, sliding his fingers back up to Gelato’s chest.

“I guess more than a few things were different, this time.”

“Well, I love you, and them , just as much anyway.” Sorbet chuckles, as he playfully flicks at a nipple, still sensitive from the teasing it received only a few moments ago.

“Mhm-” Gelato closes his eyes and flinches at the short-lived mixture of pain and pleasure. “You douche!”

“However, some things seem to have not changed.” Gelato quickly opened his eyes to see a familiar small tube being shoved into his face.

“How did you-“

“You thought I’d forget?” Taking one leg into his arms, Sorbet forcefully opens Gelato’s thighs. “Your dirty dirty little habit of needing to masturbate in public places? Do you still enjoy closets more than bathroom stalls?” Popping the bottle open, he lathers his fingers.
Keeping total eye contact and without looking down at all, Sorbet slammed his pointer finger into Gelato in one solid move. With practice ease, he directly hit Gelato’s prostate.

“SOR-SORBET!!” Unable to keep any control, Gelato’s back arched as he let out a loud moan mixed scream.

“Yes, sweetie?” At an achingly slow pace, Sorbet slid his finger back out of the dripping hole.


“What is the problem?” Slamming in against the other’s prostate again, Sorbet chuckled.

“Y-you . . . sto-stop . . .” Letting out small mewls as his request was ignored and his hole was slammed over and over. “P-PL-PLEASE!!”

“Why would I ever? Your body is showing that it obviously is enjoying the treatment.” Sorbet felt his own heart beat faster and faster, seeing his lover’s eyes water.

“I-I-I k-kyan-!!” Biting down his own lips, Gelato uses all the strength he had in his body to try and lift his body up. “S-Sor-. . .please , , , I’m g-gonna cum-I don’t wanna-cu-cum-yet!”

“Oh?” Genuinely intrigued, Sorbet stoped his finger mid-thrust. “You don’t want to cum, you say?”

“J-just not like this . . .” Looking into the other’s eyes with his still watering eyes, Gelato frowned a little. “Like I was saying before . . . Things are a little different . . .”

“And, that is?”

“Like you said before, I may be more sensitive than before . . . because, this time, I’m a virgin . . .” Somehow feeling embarrassed, Gelato’s cheeks turned redder as he looked away.

“But you-“ Furrowing his brow, Sorbet struggled to form a sentence. “Last time you were obviously-. . . I mean, you were the one who-”

“I remember how I was before . . .”


“I guess, kinda like how you felt the need to stay away from me . . . I might have felt the need to stay a virgin for someone . . .”
Upon hearing this, Sorbet pulls the other into a tight hug.

“My sweet sweet Gelato . . . I am so overjoyed to hear that I will be in charge of taking away something very important from you.” Pulling away, Sorbet plants a soft kiss on Gelato’s forehead.

“So, yeah . . . That’s why I’m probably more sensitive . . . I’ve never had anything longer or thicker than my own finger . . .”

“I see. So, you have not played with any toys either then?”

“Sh-shut up!!”

“Well, we can soon fix that.” Still holding the other in his arms, he put his finger back into the other. “But tonight, let’s just enjoy each other’s company.”

“D-don’t play with me . . .”

“Do not worry.” Letting go of the other, Sorbet lightly pushes the other back onto the bed. As he slammed this second finger into Gelato, Sorbet took hold of the tie of the forgotten bathrobe. Before Gelato could blink twice, with one hand and his teeth Sorbet had tied the base of Gelato’s red hard cock with the tie. “Now you will be unable to cum until I let you.

“Y-you- . . . hngggg!!!”
Gelato was silenced as a third finger was too quickly added.

“I see that all that masturbation does pay off. It seems that you are already ready for me.”
Letting go of the other, Sorbet slides away and stood up at the foot of the bed.

Feeling the emptiness, Gelato unconsciously pouts, but easily forgets about the lack of the other in him.
Quickly, yet in a fluid and smooth motion, Sorbet unbuttons his silk black shirt.

Gelato felt his inside burning.
The sculpture like muscles of Sorbet’s chest and arms.
The hair that covered his arms and chest.
Gelato could almost smell the disgusting manliness, even from where he was.

Sorbet’s belt and slacks also disappeared in an instant.
He knew he was panting and he knew he looked desperate, but Gelato didn’t care. All he could think about at that moment was the fully hard long thick member.

Gelato couldn’t help but lick his lips.

Unlike the rest of the body, it was so clean and hairless.
Pre-cum dripping down Sorbet’s thick thighs.

“It seems that you are very hungry.”

“I haven’t enjoyed that inside of me for decades, you know.” The sarcasm in Gelato’s voice only came across as a desperate plea. Sorbet crawled back onto the bed, inching himself closer and closer to the smaller lover.

“Yes yes, I will stop making you wait, my princess.”
Leaning forward, Sorbet spread Gelato’s legs. Positioning himself right against the entrance, he stopped.
He held the other’s head, and pulled the other into a tender kiss.

“I love you, Sorbet.” Gelato whispered against the other’s mouth.

Hearing those words, Sorbet couldn’t hold back any longer.
Grabbing onto the other’s hips with his spare hand, he slammed with full force into the other.

“SORBET!!” Holding onto the sheets for dear life, Gelato cried out for the other.

“Oh, Gelato . . .” With a low moan, Sorbet grinded against the bundle of nerves inside his lover. “Scream for me more.”

“Y-you’re being an ass again . . .” Gelato panted, trying to buck against the other’s hips. “Just-PLEASE- fuck me, P-PLEASE!”

“Patience, my love, patience.” Grabbing onto one of Gelato’s thighs, Sorbet lifts the leg up to his shoulder. Seeing sheen of sweat, he leans in to slowly lick the inside of Gelato’s knees.

“nnnnHNNNN!!” Gelato lets out an odd moan.

“So delicious.” Sucking at the soft skin once more, he grins. “I could really just lick up every inch of you.”

“Y-ya-you’re dis-. . .disgus-t-ting.”

“Why, thank you.” Plopping the leg over his shoulder, he lift’s the other’s lower body and leans closer in. “As a reward for being so nice, let me give you what you keep begging for.”
That was the only warning that Gelato got before Sorbet started to pound into him at full force at the perfect angle.

Every time, coming out of Gelato’s hole almost completely before pounding back in.
Gelato felt himself lose all control of his body. All he could do was cry, scream, and moan for Sorbet.

The most pleasure he had ever felt in this lifetime.
As impossible as it may be, it felt as if with every penetration Sorbet was going in deeper and deeper.
He couldn’t help but feel euphoria from the pain his body was feeling. The rawness of his hole, his restricted member.

“Ge-Gelato . . . My love, Gelato . . .” Even with how loud he was himself, his body tingled hearing his lover’s moans. Repeating his name, over and over, in that deep beautiful voice he that he had always longed for.

“I’m going to cum- . . . I cannot hold back anymore. Let me pollute your virgin hole with all my seeds.” Sorbet panted against Gelato’s ears.
Before he could even think of any comeback to say, he felt the tie being pulled off of him.

Immediately, he fell apart.

He felt his own cum splatter all over himself, onto his stomach, his chest, and even on his chin.
As his entire body clenched, he heard the low yet loud moan from Sorbet. He felt the warmth filling inside of him.
Gelato could not help but tear up at the sensation.

So foreign, yet so nostalgic.

It was as if something he was missing his entire life had come back.

“What’s wrong, love?” Slowly pulling out, Sorbet laid next to him.

“I missed you, Sorbet.”

“I missed you too, Gelato.”  Sorbet gave a warm grin. “Let me take you to my room. I will clean you up, and we can sleep in a clean bed together.”

“Can we have sex in that bed too?”

“No.” Gelato flinched, as his forehead was flicked by Sorbet’s middle finger.

It was a few minutes before 11, but the team was all seated in the dining room of the Boss’s suite.
They were all silently eyeing each other.
However, Gelato didn’t care. He enjoyed sitting on his lover’s lap, arms around the other’s neck.
It was Ghiaccio who finally broke the silence.

“OK. So, is NO ONE going to talk about the FUCKING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM???” He angrily waved at Sorbet and Gelato.

“You almost never used to complain about us before, Ghiaccio.” Gelato teased.

“I knew it!! I knew it!! You guys also-.”

“No, Ghiaccio.” Their leader stood up. “It seems that we have all regained our memories. Isn’t that right?” He looked at all of his members.
They all silently nodded.

Gelato looked around at his fellow teammates. He could see many types of emotions seeping out of each person. Some looked as if they were about to cry in joy, some looked like they were falling into despair.

“I understand how many of you are feeling right now. However, what I said yesterday still stands. You will all respect our new Don.”

“Thank you, Risotto.” Everyone looked toward the door to see Giorno Giovanna entering the room with his bodyguard behind him.


“Risotto, I am very sorry.”

“Excuse me?”

“I am sorry that you and your team all died the last time. I truly wish that it hadn’t happened the way it did.” Giovanna motioned Risotto to sit as he sat down himself. “That is why this time, I have done all that I can to stop the deaths of everyone here.”

“What is it that you want from us, Giovanna? As far as I can remember , your team killed half of us.  And, from the sound of it, after I died your team killed who ever was left.” Prosciutto interjected. “Did you jog our memories to torture us or something?”


“It is alright Risotto, I understand how Prosciutto may feel that way. However, I do not wish to do anything of the sort.” He smiled warmly. “As I said yesterday, this team is one of the best teams Passione has ever had. But also, it was last time as well. After we defeated Diavolo last time, I was the Don for about 10 years. During that time I was able to research about all of you. The more I found out about you all, the more I wished that things were different. You all were assets I wish I had before.”

“But why bring back our memories? You didn’t need to bring back our memories to have us work for you. If anything, bringing our memories back might make us turn against you.” Risotto asked calmly

“That’s what I said before, and I keep telling him.” The bodyguard came forward and put his hand on the Don’s head, shrugging. “But apparently he’s had his mind set from before we got reincarnated.”

“Mista . . .” Gelato almost heard a growl from under Ghiaccio’s breath.

“Anyway.” Giovanna glared up at the bodyguard, as he quickly pulled his hand away. “My decision to restore all of your memories is my way of showing that I trust you all. And-“
Gelato once again saw a burst of shimmering gold as Giorno Giovanna’s stand appeared. In its hands was the very familiar arrow.
“I will restore the stands of whom pledge to trust me back.”