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JoJo: Hunger Games Edition

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Kars, still looking for Gappy, was now running from Jotaro, another terrifying human being. He had been cornered and masterfully diverted the other’s attention in the nick of time and rushed out of there. Gappy, meanwhile, had found Jolyne, and they agreed to work together, even if just for the day. With the way things were going, it looked set to be an okay day.


Jonathan, Dio, Hol Horse, Johnny and Mista had split up. Jonathan had returned to Midler, with the reasoning that he enjoyed her company. Hol Horse had decided to divert his efforts to something more creative and was constructing his shack, all on his own. We bow to his independence. Dio, out of (possibly) pure spite, had spent the majority of his day whittling a wooden spear. He felt that having a pointy object close at hand was comforting, which is slightly odd.


When Jotaro left, looking for someone (this was just before he attacked Kars), Steely Dan soon followed suit. He had found Johnny, sat on the floor, looking very angry. Steely Dan agreed that, in exchange for 12 rupees, he would carry Johnny, like a taxi. However, after a while, Dan began to wear on Johnny’s nerves, and Johnny yanked his hair, so he was dropped. He claimed that it was because he thought they would be able to gather resources faster if they were on their own, but in reality, Dan is just incredibly annoying.


Mista had found Funny Valentine huddled in some sort of ditch, and in a bid to haul him out of his misery, proposed that they could find, and then pool their items together, putting them on an even field. This seemed to cheer up Valentine somewhat- or maybe it was just because Mista was younger than him. It still seemed to be a good day- it was peaceful, and nobody had died yet.




As dusk settled, the daily cannons rang out, which was unexpected, considering the peaceful nature of the day. It was not long, however, before the remaining tributes made the connection between the disappearances yesterday and the cannon shots now shattering the silence.


Bang! Diavolo

Bang! Giorno


As the noise faded away, the organisers of the event sent in sparks, torching the treehouse, and the tree it was in. It served as a reminder to the others that being peaceful amounts to nothing.




Kars had run into Dio, and upon deciding that they would ignore the food chain for the night, and had an intelligent conversation, regarding who should eat who, and also sleeping shifts. However, for Jolyne, it wasn’t so easy to sleep- she could hear Johnny screaming in pain, the sound drifting to her on a small breeze. Mista was also asleep, or nearly, for he had passed out due to exhaustion. He had been looking for Giorno’s treehouse, hoping to set up camp there, but had passed out before he got to the towering tree. Everything seemed to be going slightly downhill.


Jotaro had given up on Jonathan ever returning and had adjusted to Steely Dan having taken up permanent residence, and they were now talking in hushed tones, debating over those left. On the subject of Jonathan, he was now very far away, having lost Midler (who was now clutching hands with Funny Valentine, for some unknown reason), trying to treat a nasty infection. It had started with a simple scratch, but now the skin had taken on a greenish tone, and it was concerning him.


In a secluded area, far away from all the others, Gappy was alone, or so he thought. He regretted his earlier actions and was now hiding so that no-one would try and take revenge. There was a rustle in the nearby bushes, and from them, emerged: Hol Horse! Gappy wriggled away, before changing his mind and begging for death. Hol Horse refused- he was honourable, and wouldn’t kill someone without reason. He backs away, leaving a curled up Gappy alone, for the rest of the night.