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JoJo: Hunger Games Edition

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Upon leaving a sleeping Diavolo, Yasuho had run into a weary Jolyne, who showed no sign of hostility. They agreed to search for resources, and meet up when they had obtained a reasonable amount. Dio and Steely Dan were doing a different type of hunting: they were hunting for other tributes, rather than supplies. Whilst they did spot glimpses of some of the other tributes, they weren’t fast enough to capture any of them.


Kars and Gappy’s truce had not lasted. Kars was now running for his life, for Gappy was clearly the most terrifying individual he’d ever seen in his life - and was far more powerful than Kars. This had started to when he had woken up to the sight of Gappy looming over him, holding a rough spear. He had been running ever since.  


Goods were arriving from the sponsors: a hatchet for both Valentine and Sex Pistols No. 4, which were received eagerly (slightly less so for Valentine; he was slowly going insane). These could be helpful, in multiple areas.


Kira had run into Jonathan, and despite his appearance, decided he would be good for protecting him. He beckoned him away from the camp and Jotaro, and they ended up practising archery. Whilst they were absent, Jotaro busied himself constructing a shelter, in the hopes that it would be more secure than a cave. He had deduced this from the fact that: a) his open camp had been raided and b) last night his cave had been invaded.


Even though Sex Pistols No. 4 had received a hatchet, this was pushing him to the edge. He already had awful luck, it was no wonder he was here and felt this way. He had awoken Diavolo, which he thought he could use to his advantage. The leapt at Diavolo, begging him to kill him. Diavolo considered this and concluded that this could bring extra attention to him and his identity, declined. Sex Pistols No. 4 didn’t know how to feel. He still had his life, but it was torturous. He tearily stumbled along, before bumping into Hol Horse, who was staring at the ever-expanding pillar of smoke in the sky.


In a bid to compete with those who had received weapons, Johnny had decided to craft himself a slingshot. He thought himself to be very resourceful and decided that a slingshot would be appropriate, as he could sling rocks far from his hill. Nearby, Alessi was alerted by the sound of something landing in a puddle. He was instantly on high alert, looking for the person who had thrown the rock. Unbeknownst to him, it had been launched by Johnny, but unfortunately for Josuke, he was the nearest to Alessi. In a fit of fear, Alessi whipped around and grabbed Josuke round the head, Plunging a sais into his chest, and then his head. He was repeating this action over and over again until he realised what he was doing, and by that time, it was too late. He was holding Josuke’s lifeless corpse.


Mista and Midler had both been exploring individually and ran into each other somewhere along the way. They were walking along together when they happened upon a river. They were drinking the water, the first they had had for a while when they noticed a red streak creeping along. Midler and Mista followed it along until they reached Josuke’s corpse, which was bleeding out into the crystal clear water. Midler screamed at the sight. Giorno emerged from a woodland patch where he had been picking flowers (and probably talking to woodland creatures). He gasped quietly, and wordlessly placed the flowers he had been saving for his treehouse on his chest. They stood and paid their respects for a while.




As darkness settled over the arena, the daily cannon shots could be heard, echoing through the dusk. Today there were only two names in the sky:





Dio could feel the creeping feeling all over again (he was adamant it wasn’t guilt), and Alessi felt lost- after all, he had killed someone he didn’t know over something as trivial as a small sound, which seemed to him to be an overreaction.




Johnny didn’t know that it was his fault that Josuke had been killed, nor did he care. He cooked his pitiful rations over his fire, the crackling flames being the only sound he could hear before he put them out. Now alone, Kars could see the faint glow from his fire. It doesn’t really concern or interest him, so he decides to ignore it, it’s kind of comforting, after all. Funny Valentine could see the flames as well but wasn’t sure if he was sane, so he ignored it, just like everyone else.


Midler had left Mista behind after their disturbing encounter and was now prowling around in the low light. She seemed to be harmless, she was clearly unarmed, just like Yasuho, who was creeping up behind her. Yasuho grabbed her arm, twisting her around. She looked kind of threatening in the low light, even if she was usually the least menacing person to exist, the atmosphere and light cast strange shadows across her face. Out of sheer fright, Midler used as much force as she could muster to whip around, which pushed Yasuho to the floor. She was so scared, and she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be attacked again. As these thoughts raced through her head, she realised she had overpowered the younger girl, shoving her face into the ground, suffocating her. She hid the corpse in a shady patch and ran from the area.


Far away, Jolyne has a nightmare- she could hear muffled screaming, and she was wandering around in a secluded area. Just before she uncovered the identity of the corpse, she awoke in a cold sweat. She looked around, and Yasuho had gone, causing a sick feeling to arise in her stomach. She prepared to leave, hoping that Yasuho was still alive, somewhere.


Jolyne’s footsteps in the fallen leaves were moving rapidly and were the cause of quite some confusion among the other tributes. One person who heard this was Steely Dan, who decided to leave his position in the tree, to scope out the cause of this noise. The first person he ran into was Kira, who didn’t look too phased by the events so far. For some reason this mixture of smugness and calm annoyed Steely Dan in an indescribable way, causing him to shove the blonde out of pure, petty malice, who stumbled before his head smashed into a jagged rock. Kira’s life slowly faded away, but Steely Dan had no regrets, he was glad he had gotten rid of someone like this, all smug and annoying.


Alessi, still slightly bothered, had been seeking shelter, when he had stumbled upon Giorno’s treehouse. It had a calm atmosphere and was occupied by Diavolo and Dio as well. Everyone in there seemed to be fine with each other, which to Alessi, seemed unusual. Alessi thought it was drugs, but as we all know, Giorno Giovanna has a dream, and that dream so happens to be against drugs. He clambered up, and in exchange for shelter, agreed to take part in the sleeping shifts they had set up. Down below, Gappy was still prowling around, gripping his sickle tightly. Unfortunately, Sex Pistols No. 4 happened to stray into his path and was greeted by a slit throat and being left to bleed out, not that he minded. Dio didn’t mind either, even if he had a clear view of the massacre below.


Jonathan had gotten lost on the way back from archery and was now meandering around the foliage, kept awake by paranoia and sheer will. However, this was waning fast and he found himself blacking out for short periods of time, before collapsing out of pure exhaustion. Further away, Mista and Hol Horse were huddled together, Mista still haunted by the image of Josuke’s lifeless face, heard the thus of Jonathan hitting the ground and gulped, squeezing his eyes harder shut. The fact that Jonathan hadn’t returned was bothering Jotaro, he couldn’t lie. But, he decided that he needed to sleep, and so he put his fire, the one he used for cooking, out, and retired for the rest of the night.