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JoJo: Hunger Games Edition

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Johnny had wasted no time in pursuing higher ground, though how he did so is unknown, he was the only one to follow this (reasonable) course of action. In a bid for a peaceful moment, Jonathan and Mista decide to pick flowers. The entire concept of a “Hunger Games” made JoJo very uncomfortable, but Mista, on the contrary, didn’t mind.


Speedwagon, unknowingly followed by Josuke, found a small river. Speedwagon took note of this, as it could be useful later, and makes his leave. Josuke however, lingers and starts to fish. He glances at his reflection and feels a sort of guilt. He remembers Angelo’s words about being a killer, and the guilt intensifies.


It was a short while later that a couple of sponsored packages arrived, one for Jolyne, and one for Gappy. Each one felt grateful, as this could well give them an edge over the others. However, this first day wasn’t going so well for some people. Funny Valentine and Sex Pistols No. 4 were sat at opposite ends of the same small cave, staring at each other. Maybe it was the situation they had been placed in, but they both felt like they were unravelling slightly.


In the centre of the arena, was a large tree. Giorno had snapped off twigs and stripped some bark, and managed to craft a slingshot- he was now building up a collection of weapons, it would seem. Yasuho had had an idea: she would climb up high in the tree and hide there. She was getting on okay, but then, alas! He hand slid, and she tumbled down. She caught herself, but not before obtaining a long gash in her side. She took off a sock to try and quench the bleeding. As she was falling, she had snapped off a branch, leaving one end lethally sharp. Unfortunately for Pucci, Kira found it and made the decision to drive it into his chest.


Jotaro had built up quite the camp, all on his own, but it was not going to last, which he should have realised. Whilst he was out exploring, it was raided by Hol Horse, Alessi and Midler, who were lead by Diavolo, who wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was quite the blow to Jotaro when he found out. Steely Dan had remained solitary, retiring up a tree as darkness fell. Nearby, Kars had found Dio and decided to tend to his multiple wounds.




When darkness had completely fallen, there was a lull in activity as the dead were honoured. A cannon ran out in the night, four shots, one for each fallen tribute. With each one, a hologram of them and their name glowed, visible to all:



Noriaki Kakyoin

Joseph Joestar

Enrico Pucci


There was a silence, lasting a considerable amount of time before the calm was shattered once again.



Alessi, who desired to survive, at least through the night, remained alone, and hummed quietly to himself, in a bid to calm himself.  Nearby, but all 3 alone, Midler, Jolyne and Josuke hear this melody. Josuke slowly drifts into a troubled sleep, as Midler and Jolyne stare at the starry night sky, each filled with a mixture of regrets and fears.


Gappy saw Kars and Dio and decided he wanted to join them. This greatly annoyed Dio; he refused to share with a Joestar. In his absence, Kars and Gappy discussed those left alive. Shortly after taking his leave, he runs into Speedwagon, Hol Horse and Johnny, who reminded him of Jonathan, in a way. He was just about to move on when Johnny placed his hands around his neck and asked him to kill either Speedwagon or Hol Horse, or he himself would be killed. For Dio, this was an easy decision. He knew Speedwagon had been allied with Jonathan, whilst Hol Horse had been one of his own. He swiftly ended the former’s life, running away, a creeping feeling following him.


In the distance, there is a fire, which could be seen by Mista, Steely Dan and Valentine. It did not bother Dan or Mista, but this nags at Valentine’s already frayed nerves, keeping him awake all night. This was also causing problems for Giorno, whom it was distracting, whilst he was trying to treat a particularly irritating infection. Kira was doing a similar thing. Rather ironically, whilst he was attacking Pucci, the branch had grated away the skin on his hands, leaving them red and raw. He was painstakingly bandaging them with bits of his Killer Queen patterned tie, which he was slightly sad to lose. It annoyed him; this was the complete opposite of the quiet life which he so desired.


Diavolo had been running ever since the bloodbath, with fear in his eyes. He ran into Yasuho, who was wincing with every movement, caused by her earlier injury. Not wanting trouble for himself (he didn’t really care what happened to Yasuho), he decided to call a truce, at least for the night. They retired for the night behind a cave, where Jotaro and Jonathan were taking shifts sleeping. It seemed like a safe place.