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Full-episode scripts for Game of Thrones Season 8

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A note on comments:

I haven't watched any Actual Season 8 yet, so please kindly keep spoilers out of your comments for now (or use spoiler warnings). I'm excited for the new season, I just wanna stay immersed in my version of the timeline for juuust a bit longer, since I'm so close to finishing it. :)

Also, be advised that I love the show A LOT, including and especially the most recent seasons. This was never meant to be a "fix-it" or an attempt to one-up D&D -- the suggestion makes me uncomfortable, though I appreciate that it's generally meant as a compliment. I understand that it's a bit of a fandom hobby to denigrate the show, and Season 8 in particular (which I haven't seen yet). But in my case, insulting the show in harsh terms makes me sad. And I write less prolifically when I'm sad.

All that said, I love love LOVE reading your comments, so please do leave them! :D Every single one lights up my whole day -- they are my best and primary reward for the time I've poured into this project. I have my own original medieval fantasy story that I hope to develop for television, and these scripts have kinda been my self-imposed education on how to write TV in particular. Let's think of it as a cheaper alternative to getting an MFA, yeah? To date, I've spent about a year of full-time labor on this.

A note on ships:

This fic is primarily an attempt to create a believable continuation of the canon TV series. It's not a wish-fulfillment or romance-oriented fic, so if you're here primarily for the ships, you may be disappointed. Not every tagged ship features heavily in the story, and none are guaranteed a happy ending. Here are some ship-specific notes (vague spoilers ahead, e.g. what could be inferred from chapter numbers):

  • Jon/Dany: this ship has the most "screen time", though it has ups and downs and, again, is not guaranteed to end well.

  • Jaime/Brienne: a lot less screen time. The chapters that feature or mention their relationship are 17, 52, 55, 66, 82, 83, and 91, though they also feature as individuals in other chapters.

  • Arya&Gendry: it's left ambiguous whether their relationship will ever become romantic, at least in what I've written so far. But they do have a sweet reunion scene that's been well-received by Gendrya shippers -- chapter 65. They also have a fleeting interaction in 69, and a more substantial one in 96.

  • Sam/Gilly: these two only really have one scene together, in chapter 96. Their relationship is also referenced at the end of 92.

  • Cersei&Jaime: I've tagged it Cersei&Jaime rather than Cersei/Jaime mostly to avoid outright spoiling outcomes in my tags. As noted above, there is an explicitly romantic Jaime/Brienne relationship in this fic. Jaime and Cersei do interact, but I don't want to indicate upfront whether it's as enemies, lovers, or something else. Their relationship is referenced throughout Jaime's chapters. They also have an interaction in chapter 112.

  • Also, although the fic is rated "explicit," the "romance" scenes are not especially explicit, by AO3 standards. This fic is rated that way mostly because of the violence, and because of a sexually explicit seduction scene that takes place with another character, who is not part of any tagged ship.

    A note on style and formatting:

    My goal here has been to create scripts that could theoretically pass for leaks (though I would never try to literally pass them off as such). I've given myself permission to ignore certain constraints (e.g. number of episodes, actor incompatibilities, budget), but aside from that, I strive to make everything feel as authentic as possible. To that end, I've carefully studied these genuine Game of Thrones scripts that were publicly released for the Emmys, and have imitated their tone, writing style, and conventions:

    S04E10 - The Children
    S05E10 - Mother's Mercy
    S06E09 - Battle of the Bastards
    S07E07 - The Dragon and the Wolf

    I have also used professional scriptwriting software to generate custom HTML and CSS for authentic-looking screenplay formatting (WriterDuet, in case you're curious). On AO3, I've had to do a bit of kludging with work skins to make it show up more-or-less as intended. I'm not super confident that it looks acceptable on every browser and screen size, however, so just in case things show up wonky for anyone, I'll also link to the corresponding permalink at the top of each chapter. I have much deeper control over the code for my own site, so the formatting should be reliable there.

    I hope you enjoy! <3