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Pieces of Me

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Ae has been tired of his life lately.

He does not necessarily lack anything,

He has a good job as a Manager of the Marketing department in an Engineering company in Thailand,

He has his own apartment,

He has a happy, simple family that he could go home to when he feels so alone,

He has good friends that he could have fun with,

But he does not understand why he feels so empty, he knows he is not sad, just empty.

Today, is another day like the others.

He woke up, took a quick breakfast, prepared himself to go to work.

"I need to smile again all day." He thought to himself. The whole idea is already so tiring to him.

People at work loves him, no, they actually adore him. Ae is particularly strict but very reasonable. He likes every task done as perfectly as possible but he also listens to his team for ideas. He is a type of boss that you would like to work with. He is straightforward with his criticisms but will definitely provide explanations. He cares for his team welfare and development.

Many of the single employees, both ladies and gents, admire him. Many have tried to capture the heart of this polite and handsome bachelor but none has been successful.

It has been a mystery for them why someone like him is still without a partner.

"Good Morning, Sir Ae!" says the lady receptionist as Ae enters the building he works for.

"Good Morning, Sandra. Any documents for me today?" he replied politely with the smile he has mastered all throughout the years.

A smile that always brings a pink blush on the receptionist cheeks as she replied. "None for today, Sir."

"Thank you." Ae replied as he walks to the elevator.

Ae started to work on the documents on his desk and his schedule for today when his bestfriend comes barging in his office.

"Ae, are you busy today?" Pond shouted as he comes in.

"Don't you know how to knock, Pond?" Ae retorted as he was startled by the sudden intrusion.

"C'mon! It's not because I didn't knock. It is because you are too stuck up this early of the day!" his outspoken bestfriend argued back.

"So are you busy?"

"I have just one meeting in the morning. My afternoon is free. Why you do you ask?" Ae replied while shrugging his shoulders because he knows Pond will not stop pestering him until he answers.

"That's good then. Come with me later. I have a lunch meeting with one of our new client. I need the marketing department with me. And don't look at me like that, because you will come with me. Period!" Pond, who happens to be the Manager of the Business Strategies department, stated before leaving the room, not giving his bestfriend a chance to rebut nor decline.

Ae just sighs, admitting his defeat.

"Atleast, there will be something different today." Ae consoles himself as he brings his attention back to the documents infront of him.