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Dangancross:Cruise for the Extraordinaries

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Imagine This

You are a middle aged teacher,

a young musican,

a red haired zombie,

a scarlet vampire,

a galatic adventurer,

a trans cartographer,

a man in a bunny suit,

a girl in a bear suit,

a scaredy mouse,

a confident robot,

a artificial nun,

a defective gem,

a grumpy fixer,

a joyful NEET,

a smart squirrel,

or a lying leader,

One moment your'e doing something.

Maybe it was karaoke at the bar?

Mabye you were preforming?

Maybe you were preparing for the next performance?

Maybe you were drinking tea?

Maybe you had just realized you hadn't got your money?

Maybe you had just changed the world?

Maybe you were trapped purgatory?

Maybe the purgatory was an over reaction on your part?

Maybe you were thinking about what to write?

Maybe you needed a recharge?

Maybe you were praying to someone above?

Maybe you were eating a torta?

Maybe you had just won a battle against someone that pissed you off?

Maybe you had just won a battle of baseball with your bros?

Maybe you had just finished karate training?

Or maybe you just logged off the group chat for tonight?

Either way, now it’s getting pretty late and bed seems like a miracle right now. So you sat good night to anyone that’s around you, and locate the nearest bed.

However just as you turn off the lights you feel as though something is wrong. But what exactly? The lights are turned off as they should be. You feel like you’re in good sleepwear. There’s a green light near to your bed.

Ah, that light is what feels wrong to you. What exactly is it? It wasn’t there yesterday, at least to you knowledge. It certainly wasn’t here a few moments ago though. Otherwise you would have noticed it. At first you think maybe it’s a night light. The. You realize you never bought one and that as you’re and adult you don’t need one. But after a few more guesses you’re still left clueless so you head towards the light to reveal...

...a tablet. There’s some text on the screen and they match the color of the glow so you assume that’s where it’s color came from. But you still have no idea what it says so you read it out loud or in your head.

”Thank you randomly chosen winner on reviving the S.S Irina cruise tickets. You, along 15 other people from diffrent u&:\{£$€5 have been selected for being the most extraordinary workers in your field and have been dubbed extraordinaries. You will be greeted with fine dinning, excellent activities and will visit locations that you never even knew had existed, all without ever having to pay for anything. That's right, it's free! However, there is a catch that shall be explained later on the cruise. You have to verify your tickets for your cruise within the time limit 24 hours by clicking the ones on screen bellow. If you don't verify your tickets they shall be sent to another extraordinaire. Have fun

-Your hostess extraordinaire, I.R


At first your'e a bit hesitant to do so as it doesn't mention how long the cruise is and that mysterious catch kind of gives you a bad vibe. There's also the weird glitch between the "diffrent" and "have" which only give you an even worse feeling of dread. But then again, your'e in desperate need of vacation or in desperate want of one anyways. Plus, anything pre paid is something you can't pass up. After thinking about the pros and cons for a little while you decide that you'll accept.

So you click the tickets and all of the sudden the text changes color to red.

"You have to choose to board the cruise. That's great. Now then, I hope you don't mind sleeping gas. ;3"

All of the sudden you hear a loud thud from behind you. You turn around to see what it was. There is some sort of mysterious container with the lid open and out of it flies some the sleeping gas. Being logical you try to cover your nose and mouth but by then the gas has already entered your body. Evidence of it shows as you start to cough followed by...a strange sense of...relaxation rest.


...By now you understand that this is what has happened to 16 randomly selected computers.

You've figured out that is what had happened to a middle aged teacher,

a young musican,

a red haired zombie,

a scarlet vampire,

a galatic adventurer,

a trans cartographer,

a man in a bunny suit,

a girl in a bear suit,

a scaredy mouse,

a confident robot,

a artificial nun,

a defective gem,

a grumpy fixer,

a joyful NEET,

a smart squirrel,

and a lying leader.

Each one had clicked "accept" for reasons various.

For the teacher, she was desperate for a break.

For the musician, he wanted to meet new people.

For the zombie, she wanted to share her music.

For the vampire, she was sick and tired of staying in her mansion.

For the adventurer, he needed to advertise his taxi company.

For the cartographer, she felt as if it was an award.

For the man, he needed an escape from his punishment.

For the girl, she figured it would be nice to get out of suit.

For the mouse, he wanted to be more brave.

For the robot, he figured he could meet some fans.

For the nun, she wanted to know more about humans.

For the gem, she was just bored.

For the fixer, he wanted to find new fighting partners.

For the NEET, he didn't really read the inscriptions and just accepted.

For the squirrel, she wanted to meet with great minds like hers.

Finally for the leader, he wanted to know if he really was worth being called two things.

But now they are asleep. And soon they shall awake. And soon a few will sleep again. And soon those few shall turn to all. And soon all will know what it's like to be hopeless.

「な」Theature 0

The first thing I realized when I got up was that this wasn’t my room. Second thing I realized was that was pretty much all I knew.

Nanako:*hungover* Great, that really helps. *sighs* And I had my whole weekend planned out too.

Usually people would be alarmed in this situation but I was still recovering from a hang over from last nights karaoke duel so I wasn’t as frightened as I should be. Infact, I don't think I could feel anything besides a mixture of happiness sleepiness and it felt good. I think good feelings like that should last forever, unless they make you wanna kiss everyone within a 5 meter radius.

Nanako:*yawns* Well, I guess I have to get out of this bed eventually...just maybe five more min-*falls out of bed* Ouch...

Well since I was out of bed I figured I'd get a better look at my surroundings. Let's see...well the yellow walls are a nice touch, it matches my hair, like really matches my hair. Hold on, that's the same shade of yellow as my hair!...probably not a big deal though. You know what is a big deal, that weird cabinet filled with all sorts of clothes. Was that a mascot of some sort of cat? And what was with that weird princess dress? I mean at least my casual outfit was there...wait, why should it be here if I'm in a place that's a completely different room...or maybe I got remodeling done...stupid hangover.

Nanako:It also looks like there's a door...*surprised* Ah, it is a door.

Well of course there's a door here why wouldn't there be one? It's upside-down though, wonder why that...Ah right, still facing upside down.

Nanako:*trying to get into a standing up position* Hrnnnnngggghhhhhhhhhh!...*sighs* I tried at least.

This was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life...okay maybe it was more like in my top five or so, but that's besides the point. Eventually though I managed get up and finally got a better look at the room.

Nanako:Huh...yep, I have no idea where I am. Maybe I'm at Yui's place? *chuckles* Oh my god, she must be pissed after vomiting all over her carpets. *smiling* Maybe I could prank her little cousin Konata and tell her to do her homework~. *pauses* Wait...Izumi graduated last year. *worried* OH GOD SHE'S AN ADULT WHICH MEANS THE OUTSIDE WORLD HAS TO DEAL WITH HER NOW!

In case you couldn't tell, I fear for that girl's influence on the real world. For all that I know the next day I could wake up, she's prime minister of japan & I'm forced to wear a maid outfit while I teach.

Nanako:*looks to the right* Hold on, why would either of them have a gigantic wooden sign with the words "room of the extraordinary Homeroom Teacher, Nanako Kuroi!?"

What the heck?

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Music: Ocean Waves

Kokichi:*reading* Room of the Extraordinary and Ultimate Supreme Leader. *sarcastic* Well that isn’t suspicious at all.

Okay, this isn't a big deal right? I mean I’m sure Shumai and Kiiboy are worried sick about little old me but at least I'm not dead, right?... Oh my god, what if I am dead and this is what hell is like?

Kokichi:*looks out window* But if this is hell...then why are we staring at the middle of a nice calming ocean with a dock nearby? If I died then maybe I'm actually in heaven...*laughs* As if I'd end up in heaven. So then...maybe this is the cruise that the invitation was talking about?

I mean, I don't exactly remember dying. What I do remember is clicking "accept" for the invite to some sort of cruise. The next thing I know I had inhaled some sleeping gas or something then went unconscious. Next thing I know I'm in this thing...perhaps this is how the company puts people on the cruise line. They must be very secretive or something like that, I most likely don't even have a phone on me, probably so I can't leave a bad review.

Kokichi:*checks pocket* Yep it's missing alright! And I have a strange feeling that my closet is full of an endlessly supply of my clothes.

I opened up the closet to see if my theory was correct but to my surprise, despite there being a few repeats of clothing every now and then, they were not all the same outfit. It was also clear that the majority of them weren't randomly selected outfits either, for I had worn the majority of these outfits before, and at least half of ones I hadn't were either ones that I wanted. Some of the outfits though I was very confused by, however.

Kokichi:*examining clothes* I don't see any reason that I'd need to wear pink metallic armor with way too long boots or some pink European dress with some fake bat wings at the side. *smiling* Not that I'm saying I wouldn't want too though~.

...Hey, you've got your fetishes I've got mine.

??????:*knocks on door* Hello? Is anyone in there?

Huh, there's someone else here? She sounds feminine and doesn't seem to have any knowledge of who I am so...Nee-heehee, it's perfect time for a prank if you ask me.

Kokichi:*jokingly* No, nobodies here! Sorry ask again in 5 minutes when you hear the beep. BEEP!

??????:*unimpressed* Very funny. Now open this damn door or else!

Kokichi:*keeping the act up* Gee, you sure are a grouchy grouch. *smiling* Cheer up you're on vacation! Don't you remember?

??????: I don't remember anything from last night, I was drunk at the time & I think I'm still recovering from the hangover.

Kokichi:*gasps* A high school student shouldn't be drinking, *smirk* of course since DICE pretty much runs the town I guess I could make an exception to the cops just this one time.

??????: First off, I'm 27 and graduated high school a few years ago. Secondly, I don't care who you are, now isn't the time for jokes.

Kokichi: You think I'm joking? But I've never been more serious in my li-

??????:*angry* That is it! I'm using this Guest Handbook thing to open the door if you refuse to open it.

And with that she did. I heard some sort of scanning noise and she opened the door. By her, I mean the lady from before who clearly looked like an adult so she must have been telling the truth. And even if she hadn't she doesn't seem like a liar...unlike me.

Kokichi:*suprised* Huh, I've never been I think it's only supposed to open for the owner.

Nanako: Yeah, *angry* I'm leaving a bad review on this cruises website when we get out of here.

Kokichi: I just said the same thing a few paragraphs ago.

Nanako: Paragraphs?

Kokichi: You shouldn't worry about it, the fourth wall has already been broken beyond repair.

The lady had on a matching outfit that was in my closet blue bow and all. Well, actually it was an almost a perfect match the only difference being the weird spot that I can only assume to be vomit. Anyways she looked at me confused for a moment but decided that asking me about it would only make her more confused.

Kokichi: Soooooo, this is just a wild guess but...*tilts head* I'm guessing you were also chosen as an extraordinaire?

Nanako: Y-yeah, I think. My room mentioned something about it being my room and it called me the Extraordinary Homeroom Teacher.

Kokichi: What? *fake crying* But I only accepted the invite because I thought there wouldn't be any teachers here!

Nanako:*stares at him* Judging by that reaction, I'm gonna guess that you're a student right? My name's Nanako Kuroi by the way, but you'll just have to call me Kuroi Sensei.

Kokichi: No! I'm not calling you anything until you agree not to give me homework.

Nanako:*putting both hands up* Calm down, I'm not pretty sure you're in my class Besides if I had homework prepared don't you think I would have given it to you by now?

Kokichi:*shakes head* You're probably just saving it for later Karoi-san. But I've got a group chat thing going on so I probably won't get it done until later.

Nanako: Let me guess you're the Extraordinary Procrastinator am I right?

Kokichi:*shakes head* Nope, read the wall and you'll see what talent I really have.

Nanako:*turns to the wall* You're the Extraordinary and Ultimate Supreme Leader?

Kokichi: Yep, that's my talent alright. And it comes with a free name too! I'm Kokichi Ouma, the Extraordinary...well you know!

That background used to have a lot more color to it. Aw well.

Nanako:*confusion* Supreme Leader? What does that even mean?

Kokichi:*Putting finger over mouth while smirking* Oh, I'm just the Supreme Leader of an evil secret organization that's all.

Nanako:...*shocked* What?

Music:Rise of the Ultimates.

Kokichi:*angry* Yeah what are you death or something? I said I am the Supreme Leader of an evil secret organization. *smiling* And I gotta say it's pretty impressive, it has over 10,000 members.

Nanako:O-okay, is that really what being a supreme leader entails? Leading a secret organization that probably works like the yakuza or so-


Kokichi:*winks* Maybe it is maybe it isn't, who knows? After all I'm a liar.

Music:Finding Peace Party

Nanako:Eh? So that isn't why you were chosen as an extraordinary?

Kokichi:Nope, that is exactly the meaning of it! But even if I told you that, you wouldn't believe me since I just told you I'm a liar.

Nanako:...*playing along* And perhaps maybe I was lying to you about being a Homeroom Teacher. For all that you know I be a math teacher or not even a teacher at all.

Kokichi:Nee-heehee, Nice try but liars know liars and you...despite not being a 100% honest person, still have little ways to go before you reach my level of lying.

Nanako:Well then, if your'e so good at lying why don't you tell me the name of your organization and I'll determine if your'e lying about it or not.

Kokichi:Do you not know what the point of a secret is? It means your'e not supposed to tell anybody. If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret anymore now would it?

Nanako:Well then if you can't tell me about that organization then I guess your'e just lying about being a supreme leader.

Kokichi:*points to the sign* Well I may lie, but the sign don't.

Nanako:Or maybe it does, you could be the mastermind behind my kidnapping for all that you know and in reality you don't have any sort of talents. After all, one of us has to be a mastermind.

Kokichi:You mean the captain of the ship? Well I'd think I'd recognize if he was a member of dice if we got to see him.

I change my mind, I like this woman. She's suspicious of me and she things I'm annoying. She'll be fun to mess with while my beloved classmates lack in my annoying

Music:Beautiful Lie

I hate this kid. He's way more suspicious then I'll ever be and he acts like a 10 year old kid. Is this what parents have to deal with all the time?

Kokichi:But enough about me, what about you Sensei?

Nanako:*shocked expression* Me?

Kokichi:Yeah, your'e the only other person in this room and your'e the one who wanted me to call you sensei so...what's your life like as a homeroom teacher?

Nanako:You really wanna know? Hmm *thinking*...Well I guess I could tell you a bit of it. Although I'm listed as the homeroom teacher, my primary subject would be the World History Teacher of Ryōō High School.


Nanako:Sure being a teacher isn't really that fulfilling pay wise and some of the stuff they teach in other classes they'll most likely never use again. *smiles* But hey at least with history your'e reminding people about the worlds' past like learning about why World War II started and when Japan was first colonized.

Kokichi:I could learn all about those two things and more from Bill Wurtz' History of the World, I guess and in less then 20 minutes.

Nanako:Really now? *thinking* If that's the case could you maybe find a link video if there's any computers on this thing, and if not maybe you could show it to me when we get off? If it helps the students out then it could be useful. One of my former students kept on using it as an excuse to get away from her homework but I wouldn't allow her to do that.

Kokichi:Ah so your'e also a youtuber?

Nanako:Nah, more like a Nico Nico Douga user.

Kokichi:*slapping* I've actually been meaning to get an account on that!

*flashback end*

Nanako:Did I mention I'm also secretly incarnated from a dragon god named Xeoron and I'm married to a handsome young man named Jin Kuroi who is half angel half demon.

Kokichi:Well that's 100% a lie.

Nanako:*sighs* Guess you've figured out I'm single then, huh.

Kokichi:Yeah...*staring at her chest* with a bust like that don't I don't get why, all the straights should be running towards ya.

Nanako:That would be 5 minutes detention. *stands up and leaves* But unfortunately this isn't a school.

Kokichi:*follows suit* Yeah, and I don't think that ships have detention rooms on them so...*'happy'* guess that means I'm free to go sensei?

Well first off, I don't trust that kid because I'm not sure what the title of supreme leader even implies. On the other hand I don't think he's gonna cause that much trouble while he's here and if he somehow does I'll just have to give him a little lecture about discipline.

Nanako:Sure...*staring with dominance* but if anything bad happens and it's your fault then I will find some sort of punishment for you. Now go on, go have fun within a reasonable limit that doesn't require me to do anything that's the equivalent of a punishment.

Kokichi:Yes Sensei! *runs out of the room.*

Music:Ocean Waves

...I fear what I have unleashed mayhem onto this cursed cruise. At the very least I can be satisfied knowing I don't have to deal with the gremlin for a few minutes.

Music:Lavender Bonnie Music Box [FNAF 2]

?????????? (Male):...*eeriee* Hello, can you hear me?

Huh? Who said that?

Nanako:*Turning around* Y-yeah, I hear you.

When I turned around I saw that there were 14 other doors besides mine and the gremlins'. Each door was colored the same but had a different logo on it to give them some personality. Each logo had a pixelated avatar on it, but I never good a real good look at them.

?????????? (Male):Interesting...the walls are not sound proof. If someone were to scream they would be heard. But what would be the cause of screaming I wonder? Prehaps it would be what appeared to be a splatter of blood, or perhaps they had seen the sight of a dead body. *threatening* It could just be a simple sewer rat but no one can be sure in this situation now can they.

Nanako:*freaked out* Uh...

?????????? (Male):Of course, one can never say for certain on these types of things after all, all of this could just be a coincidence.

???? (Female):*assuring* Listen good sir, now is not the time to be freaking the poor girl out. Young lady, whoever you may be I would recommend not panic for I am positive that we are all on the same boat here.

????? (Male):*chuckes* Pun not intended though right?

Nanako:I hope not otherwise it would have been real inappropriate timing.

???? (Female):I agree with you, for this is no joking matter! We seemed to be trapped in or rooms.

????? (Female 1):*angry* Y'all better explain to me what the heck is going on or I'm gonna have to finish ya off Texas style.

???????? (Female):*sighs* Dude, does it look like I have any idea?

???? (Male):*nervous* I don't know, I can't see what see what you like.

?????? (Male):*angry* Of course you can't see her. None of us can see each other, the damn doors are closed!

?????????? (Male):Well then we gotta put all our Muscle and Hustle on these here doors to get out of them!

???????? (Male 1):Yes darlings, and I think we put all our strength into doing one thing. Pushing the doors hard enough so that we can escape.

????? (Female 2):Or we could just, you know, pull the door nobs twoards you instead of trying to push them away? Any normal being would do that when using these kinds of doors.

Nanako:Yeah, I think that the girl who spoke has a better idea then you do sir. That's what I did after all.

????? (Female 1):Well then, are y'all in agreement?

Music:Those Pirates Are Fast [The Pirates Fate]

???????? (Male 1):*mad* No! I'm a celebrity I know what I'm doing. And I know that we must PUSH!

Seriously? How stupid are some of these people? Do doors that you need to pull bobs

?????? (Female 1):*sighs* I'm already reminded of the band in the worst way possible.

Nanako:*nods in agreement* And I'm reminded that this is about some of my students are like.

?????? (Female 2):*suprised* Spell cards don't seem to be working!

?????? (Male):DORA DORA DORA DORA DORA DORA DORA! *deep breaths* And crazy diamond doesn't seem to have affect either!

Nanako:Spell Cards? Crazy what now?

?????? (Female 3):*nervous* Uh...I actually know how it works but I'm gonna need some time to come out. I-I've got some makeup to put on.

???????? (Male 2):Yeah...and I'm just worried that the moment I step out someone is gonna kill me. Of course, I'm such a scaredy mouse so I'm probably just being paranoid.

Nanako:*confused* You mean scaredy cat?

???????? (Male 2):*alarmed* THERE'S A CAT!? WHERE IS IT?!

????? (Male):He's right here and he's gonna give you a piece of his mind if you don't come out!

Nanako:*sighs* I highly doubt that your'e really a cat but could you at the very least try to be kind to that person and maybe not kick his butt.

????? (Female 2):You just need to pull on it, how hard is that?

????? (Male):*sighs* Well I can't exactly reach it...

Nanako:*observant* Wow that is at least the 5th time someone had sighed today.

????? (Female 1):Don't worry lil' critter. We'll get ya out of there. *pulls opens door*

????? (Female 2):Yeah, I'm not gonna waste anymore time talking. It's time to get us out of here! *pulls open door*

Nanako:I agree, everyone else is wasting time, I might as well just come over to your doors and unlock them with the handbooks.

?????? (Female 3):Wait, I still don't have enough makeup on yet.

Nanako:Too bad. *opens the door* Now come on out and show your face. *turns around before seeing said persons face.*

?????? (Female 3):If you say so.

The next few minuets were a blur and an exsaughsting one too. I ran around unlocking as many doors as I could but may not have been paying attention to the doors all that well because one, I think that the other two girls may have opened a few doors too and two, the eerie man from before had opened the door on his own while I was trying to scan the handbook.

Speaking of the handbooks, you’re probably wondering about how big they are. Well they aren’t that big compared to a handheld tablet but I’d say that they’re still bigger than a handheld phone. They also had better resistance, I know because I had dropped it at one point but the screen wasn’t cracked when I had picked it up. If only the rooms had the quality of the tablets, mabye then I could actually get this place at.

There were also a few people that feel while trying to open the door but they had their tablets on them. Even the girl who threw something at me, but I didn’t see what. Eventually everyone was out of their rooms and I had barley caught a glimpse of their faces. I was so exhausted that I needed to take a few deep breaths.

Still not as fun as an online RPG, but at least it got exercised.

Music Fades out

Nanako:*Out of breath* Phew...*pants*...that’s every...*pants again*

Kokichi:*smiling* Yep that’s everyone all right.

And Kokichi’s back, that’s great.

Chapter Text

Music:Beautiful Dead [Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc]

Nanako:*sarcastic* So, how did your little investigation go? I’m geussing not very far.

Kokichi:*disappointment* You’d be right about that. Apparently all 16 passangers are required to head out of their rooms before the doors open.

Nanako:Is that really the case, *fake gasps* or were you just bored of being alone?

Kokichi:Even if I say yes *smiling* it could be a lie~. But your little adventure getting everyone out certainly seemed to take the energy out of you, "Kaori-Sensei".

We'll talk about sass later young man.

Nanako:Yeah, *points behind her* can you believe some people have never heard of the phrase "push don't pull before"? I mean seriously, how dumb can some people be?

Kokichi:*gets a good look* Well, did you even see any of their faces? Mabye human isn't the appropriate word for some.

Nanako:No I actually didn't, but now I think should. Also, *turns around* What do you mean human isn't an appropriate word for some of...

*CG:Full Cast Picture*

Nanako:*scared* Wait, is that a vampire? And a fox walking on two legs? There's a robot too, and is that a squirrel in a bikini...*disappointed* I'm still drunk aren't I?

Kokichi:*confused* Hey why's the robot part of a drunk hallucination? I mean it's not the robot I know but still!

Nanako:...Uh, what do you mean your robot?

???? (Mastiff boy):*happy* Who cares what he meant? We did it team, we got to the other side of the doors!

????? (Fox lady):*annoyed* Yeah, thanks to us smart people who've heard of the phrase "push don't pull!" Plus we aren't a team, we've only had like one real conversation together! This one!

Nanako:I was just telling this gremlin here that a few minutes ago!

??????????? (Man in yellow hoodie):High 5! *gives high fives to everyone*


????????? (Mouse):*panicked* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

?????? (Zombie Girl):*nervous* I-I won't eat your brains, I swear! *at Nanako, annoyed* I told you I didn't enough makeup on yet!

Nanako:Really? Cause unless your'e a real zombie then I think you have more than enough on.

Knowing how drunk hallucinations work she might be a real zombie I'm just sounding way too ridiculous even for a drunk person.

?????? (Bear suit girl):*stares at the man in the bunny suit* Damn, and I thought I had it bad.

?????? (Purple being):*upset* There's no food here so I'm the one who has it the worst.

????? (Cat):Okay quick question, where exactly is here?

?????? (Vampire Girl):*thinking* That blonde with the blue on seems to be a religious figure. Perhaps your god has blessed us to enter into their world above...or the world bellow if we're being honest.

?????????? (Rabbit suit man):*looking up* this what hell...or is this the closet thing to heaven I could afford is like?

???? (Blonde Girl):*nervous* I-I hope not, I'm still fairly young and I don't think my time to depart from the earth would come for like 50 years or so?

Kokichi:Well perhaps this a place where robots get dick attachments?

???????? (Robot):*stares at him angrily...somehow* Darling, does it look like I have a dick?

Kokichi:I don't know? *thinking* Maybe your'e hiding it beneath all those robot parts and when we aren't looking you pee out oil or something of the sort! *excited* Ooh, or maybe it's a human dick that was cut off during gender surgery that you stored in your hard drive!

???????? (Robot):*looks at Nanako* Do you hear this kid?

Nanako:Hey he ain't mine, don't blame me for how he acts.

?????? (Delinquent boy):Either way, I don't think that it would be necessary for a fox or a human to be here if it was for robots only.

?????? (Bear suit girl):*stares at the delinquent boy* Then perhaps it's a barbershop. Not saying names but I think some one here might need to get a haircut that makes it seem like they're from the 1950's or something.

????? (Delinquent boy):*pissed* Oi! That's not my hair your'e talking about is it? Because if it is then-

????? (Squirrel):*cuts the delinquent boy off* Well we ain't gonna get answers by simply waitin' 'round here are we? We should go explore this place!

Nanako:Hmmm...*to Kokichi* you think the doors are open by now?

Kokichi:Only way to find out, there's one just this way! *runs off in the direction they're facing* Well hurry up guys! I don't wanna look ridiculous like a robot dating a detective and a supreme leader without even realizing that they're dating each other for months until some guy on a group chat pretending to be a mastermind does it.

Nanako:...what was with that oddly specific simile?

???? (Mastiff):It's probably nothing to worry about.

Your'e right talking mastiff, similes are the least of my worries about this situation. The things that worry me the most are 1.How on earth are you talking, 2.Why the hell where we kidnapped and 3.Is there a bar in here I can get to drown my worries away?

Music:Beautiful Dead [Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc]

????? (Squirrel):*thinking* The mastiff is right, what we should worry about the most right now is where we are and our reason for being here in the first place.

?????????? (Bunny suit man):*nods* Indeed. If we look back at our memories surely the real answer will become clear, am I wrong? Even if the past is filled with stuff...not settling* to the human mind.

Nanako:Okay, so to start, what was the last thing everyone was doing last night? *sweat-drop* I was drunk so my memories aren't exactly the best, but I think I was just heading home from a karaoke bar.

????? (Cat):*thinking* Well me and my partner had just closed down business for the day and I headed back to our own homes. I made it back to mine without any trouble but I never called my partner back to find out if he was home because...there was something on my kitchen table.

???????? (Purple Lady):*suprised* Hey! Something similar happened to me to. I was in my room practicing my skills, eating a few donuts, y'know the usual stuff, when all of the sudden I hear a strange song. I don't remember all the lyrics but I do remember one of the verses being *singing* "Ru Ri Ra Ru Ri Ra Sa Ru Ri Ra". *stops* So I follow the music and there I see it, some sort of tablet.

?????????? (Bunny suit man):I will not go into the exact details but I shall conform that I too, had found a tablet and heard a song.

?????? (Bear suit girl):Yeah, that's what happened to me too. *at Nanako* What about you?

Nanako:*sweatdrop* I'm gonna be honest here and I say that I really dunno. I'm still recovering from the hangover. Hell, I still think that the lady over there with the sunglasses and hat is a walking talking fox. Crazy right? *laughs*

????? (Fox):I am a fox though...although 'lady' isn't exactly what I'd call myself. But let's focus on one thing at a time. My answer the bears question is yes, I indeed get something similar to to what you say. *thinking* There wasn't a song that played but I did see a screen of sorts lying on my bed.

Nanako:Okay then, everyone else who remembers getting a tablet of some sorts that wasn't drunk raise your hand.

Not surprisingly everyone all 14 raised their hand, or paw, or whatever you want me to call them at this point I'm so confused!!! 

??????????? (Yellow hoodie boy):*happy* Hey we've got something in common! YATTA!

????? (Squirrel):This ain't exactly somethin' to high five about.

?????? (Vampire):*serious* and I bet it thanked you for receiving tickets or sorts because you were randomly chosen?

?????? (Zombie girl):Y-yeah, it also said that 15 other people would be there because we were the greatest workers in our fields and had been dubbed "extraordinary". *counts* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14...*gasps* and if you count Kokichi that would mean we have 16 people on board now.

?????? (Vampire):So you think that this is the cruise then?

Nanako:*nods* What else could it be?

????? (Squirrel):*thinking* It would make the most logical sense. More proof can be found in the rooms, that say this is the room of Name the Extraordinary Talent. But none of that explains why in tarnation they had to use a sleeping gas on us.

????????? (Bunny suit man):*thinking* Perhaps there's a more sinister plot to this cruise. What seemed like a simple cruise in reality could result in us getting sold as human property. Yes, that could be it but it could also be that we are going to be used for inhumane experiments on life or death. *creepy* Or maybe there is a hidden killer on this ship that will kill us one by one until only they alone survive.

???? (Nun):Or it could be that they want the location of the cruise to be a secret. *everyone looks at her*...I try to look on the bright side of things. It isn't easy, trust me.

????? (Squirrel):Well we're gonna need ta' stay as possible as we can in this situation.

????? (Cat):Easier said than done miss.

Nanako:Well it could be worse, we could be abducted by aliens and forced to do their bidding.


???????? (Robot):*disgust* Oh don't make me barf darling. First you ask if I have a dick and now you want us to follow you just because you say so? Ha! You may think your'e the boss of us, but your'e only just a lost little kid. We're the ones with seniority here. We'll go whenever we feel like it.

Nanako:And that time is now. Let's go guys! *follows Kokichi* Last one out the door is a rotten egg!

???????? (Robot):Really? I was trying to prove a point here

?????? (Bear suit girl):Well at least she wasn't kidding about the hangover.

????? (Zombie):*starts running, confused* Do they usually last this long or...?

With that we ran out the door, up a few flights of stairs and onto...

Music:Beautiful Lie [Danganronpa v3:Killing Harmony]

*CG:The Top Deck*

Kokichi:Wow, there's a whole water park on the top deck! I certainly wasn't expecting that.

Nanako:Well it's more like just a couple of slides and a pool. A real water park would be a lot bigger.

????? (Cat):*observant* Seems a bit to big for just 16 people though. Then again, better too much than too little.

Nanako:Unless that much relates to food. Speaking from experience.

???? (Mastiff):*excited* I wanna go on the yellow one!

*CG End*

???????? (Purple Lady):*shape shifts into a slide* Or the purple one.

Okay either I'm still recovering form the worlds longest hangover or this is actually happening. I hope it's the first.

?????? (Vampire):*nervous* Uh...does anyone have an umbrella I could possibly borrow? Most of you know how the sunlight is for my species. 

????? (Fox):*points behind the vampire* Yeah, there's a few behind you actually.

???????? (Mouse):*nervous* Could I have one too? I don't want the sun getting in my eyes and I don't see any shades around here.

?????? (Zombie):I'll take one too. Don't know what sort of effect the sun will have this close to me. *thinking* Do zombies get sunburns?

Kokichi:*smiling* No, but the sun could hurt you in other ways. Like melt your face off.

Sakura:*grabs umbrella and hands it out too the other two who asked* Here you go!

Nanako:So how should we explore this place. Is it best to stick together or should we-

Before I could Finnish that sentence everyone but Kokichi and the squirrel had left.

Nanako:...split up. *disappointment* What do you want Kokichi

Kokichi:*nods* Well I figured that I could be your investigation partner, and if you refused I could just annoy little Ms.Astro-squirrel over there soooooo, *smiling* it's a win-win situation for me. Nee-heehee.

And a lose-lose situation for me. If he goes with me he'll just annoy me all night long, but on the other hand if he goes with the squirrel I'll bored to death by myself. Speaking of the squirrel I could see where Kokichi's nickname had come from. The outfit made it seem like she was an astronaut from NASA about to be launched into space. Notable changes to the outfit included the pink flower on her helmet and the acorn on the chest instead of the logo. Of course, I highly doubt that she's a real astronaut but...Should I say it?...Screw it I'm gonna say it.

Nanako:*stressed* Okay look, at the time I thought that this was my hangover affecting my vision but now I think that there's an actual talking squirrel staining in front of us. Do you not find it a that a squirrel is walking on two legs and talking to us in almost fluent Japanese?

Kokichi:*nods* Yeah, it sort of weird, there aren't any talking squirrels in my organization and I'm pretty sure that they'd tell me if a species of talking squirrel was discovered. None the less one that speaks perfect Japanese?

???? (Squirrel):*confused* Now what are y'all talking about? I'm not speakin' Japanese, your'e speakin' english!


Sandy:*surprised* Hol' on, you shouldn't even be understanding me in the first place at all & you hoo-mans ain't supposed to be this small...or mabye I got bigger in my sleep and didn't know it. *smiling* Either way this is a major scientific discovery! At least one of us has been affect by a machine that changes sizes of organic matter without causing major damage to the brain and without hurting them either. I wish mah mind could have been the one to think of it. But where are mah manners, I've been rambling about mahself without even getting your names.

Nanako:...I'm still a bit uncomfortable about the fact that I'm talking to a squirrel's Nanako. Kuroi Nanako. Extraordinary Homeroom Teacher. And this little gremlin is Ouma Kokichi, Extraordinary Supreme Leader.

Kokichi:*bows* I'm also the Ultimate Supreme Leader. *peace sign, immitating Junko* Charmed I'm sure!

???? (Squirrel):*chuckles* Despite the dick jokes form earlier, I think he's funny. And I had forgotten about those Extraordinary Talents we were assigned. So I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. Names Sandy Cheeks *backflip* and *spins* I *jumps* am *flips* the *landing* Extraordinary Marine Biologist!

 Sandy:my That’s what everyone calls me anyways but it's really Sandra Jennifer Cheeks, Sandy is a bit quicker to talk about...what is it now?

Kokichi:Two things. *impressed* Firstly, with that agility you might get confused with the ultimate gymnasts. *puffing his lips* Secondly, there was no need to brag about it.

Nanako:*thinking* So...somehow a squirrel became a Marine Biologist. She also somehow managed to grow to the size of a human...or we've shrunk to squirrel size, learned how to speak Japanese...or english for all that I know, and also somehow has the agility of an athlete.

Sandy:Well I've got other hobbies besides the main Marine Biology.

Nanako:Other hobbies? Like what?

Sandy:*counting* Well there's karate practice, inventing invention, fast food dining, barbecues, potion making, spaceship traveling, worm fighting, country singing, hibernating during the winter, *stops counting* And ah could go on and on but the two of ya probably just wanna hear about how I got my talent don't ya. can she even many so many hobbies and have time to study marine life? I think she's gonna tell us now 

*flashback start*

Sandy:*remebering* Ya see, I live in a tree dome under the sea, not too far from a pineapple and a little town called bikini bottom. Considering that most of the residents are aquatic critters like sardines, lobsters, etcetera it shouldn't that surprising that the life I wanted was found.

Nanako:*suprised* Wait you've lived there since birth?

Sandy:*shakes head* Naw partner, I was born an' raised in the lone star state called Texas, and by god I loved it there.

Nanako:*confused* Then...why did you leave exactly? If you liked it so much then-

Sandy:*silences her* I think I've said enough about that right now. In the mean time though, what about you? What's it like being a homeroom teacher? *to Kokichi* An' being an Ultimate supreme leader sounds interesting too!

*flashback end*

Nanako:Oh...*sighs* well to be honest it isn't really that great. Infact it's pretty dull to be honest. You have to grade assignments and-

Kokichi:*interupting with a smug expression* No one cares about your damn school life! *too the squirrel* I'm sorry but it's the Ultimate Supreme Leader, and the point of being the Ultimate Supreme Leader is that I don't tell anybody anything about my organization. Sorry lady but if you want info your'e gonna have ta catch me! *runs away but is immediately karate chopped by Sandy* OW! *falls over* This is definitely not what I had expected to happen.

Sandy:*dust hands off* That's what ya' get when ya try to run form a Texas girl. And stay down there until your’e ready to behave like a normal high schooler or ready to talk about this secret organization of yours.

Nanako:*jokingly* If he actually does that it'll probably be there for the rest of this trip, maybe even a little bit afterwards.

Kokichi:*stares at the sky*...actually, if the view is as good as it is right now, *smiling* I think I'll stay here for the rest of my life. A beautiful blue sky with clouds floating by and the sun shining's so relaxing.

I decided to look up too. What I saw was exactly what he described. There was the bright sun, white clouds were floating and other than those the sky was perfectly clear. That's how the sky was supposed to look, so that means that we were probably on earth or at least least a planet that looks similar to it and also has breathable oxygen. That was good news. Still doesn't outweigh the bad news but it's good news one the less. 

Sandy:*looks up as well* Y'know after staying in the sea for so long I seem to have forgotten how the sky had actually looked. And after seeing it again, *sighs* yessiree, it's still beautiful.

Nanako:*observant* This also officially means it's daytime, and since the sun is closer to where east would be on a compass it must be somewhere between 7 AM and 12 PM. The exact time still remains unknown.

Kokichi:*sighing* Whatever man, you two just go ahead without me. I'll just stay here

Nanako:Okay let's go then Sa-

Sandy:Actually, I think there's someone you need to apologize too before we can split up. *gestures at the robot*

Kokichi:There's no way i'm gonna apologize to the robot. Nothing you do will ever make me feel-

Kokichi:*bruised up* Sorry. I shouldn't have asked you about if you had ever had a dick or not.

This was the kid who had asked if I had a dick or not, and while I don't think I do I wouldn't reveal it anyways because my main purpose isn't a sex robot after all. Of course, seeing him beat up like that did make me feel a bit bad.

???????? (Robot):Although I still find it rude that you talked that way about a celebrity, *satisfied* I'll let it slide for now. *extends hand* Just make sure you think about what you say the next time you speak darling. Got it?

Kokichi:*shakes his hand* There, are you happy now Ms.Cheeks. Were those Karate kicks really worth it?

Sandy:*nods* I'd say they are. You seem to have learned your lesson about picking on Robots.

???????? (Robot):Isn't that child abuse?

Sandy:He's a teen, and he was pretty much askin' for it. *smiles* Don' worry we'll make sure he doesn't ask you about your privates ever again.

Nanako:Yeah, don't worry sir! We'll make sure he doesn't cause any more trouble for you.

???????? (Robot):*curious* Are you positive that he isn't your kid? Because you really are starting to sound like your mother.

Nanako:I'm positive that I've never raised this kid throughout my life. I've never been married...*panicked* to a man with purple hair before and even then I'd never keep him if he were mine. I bet his real parents are worried sick.

Kokichi:*thinking* Yeah...Mom probably is calling the police as we speak. At least I hope she is.

???????? (Robot):Well she shouldn't have to worry since I'm here. After all, I'm a celebrity, you've certainly heard the name of Mettaton haven't you? What they call the Extraordinary Robot even though he deserves a better title?

Mettaton:*angry* I mean seriously, what monster hasn't heard the name Mettaton before? For humans I can get as I'm still relatively new to their world but that monster of a squirrel should know my name

For some reason she looked annoyed at the mention of that word monster and looked like she was about to karate chop deck. Of course I've got 999 defense in this form, and she clearly knew that organic manner can't karate chop metal all that well so she decided against it. 

Nanako:*surprised* Hold on a moment, monsters? You mean like the stuff under the kids beds or something?

Mettaton:Hey the only reason we were under there was because of the war between you humans and and us monsters.

Nanako:...Huh? War? What are you talking about?

Mettaton:You know for a history teacher you sure seem to be lacking in knowledge in history.

Kokichi:*angry* What? You mean you skipped out on an entire war of monsters and humans?

Mettaton:See, this kid gets it! You should be teaching monsters about these kinds of things.

Sandy:I don't remember any darn war either!

Huh? But she's a monster herself isn't she?...Or maybe she's playing dumb because she wants to hear the music!

Music Stops

Mettaton:Well don't worry darlings, because Mettaton is here to spell it all out for you! Darlings. Pay attention closely you three because this is the history that she forgot to teach, he never learned and she dosen't remember.

Nanako:*facepalm* Oh my god he's going to sing isn't he.

Kokichi:*confused* Sing? *happy* No one told me I'm in a musical! My injuries are feeling better already!

Mettaton:You aren't in a musical, AT LEAST NOT YET! Mistro!


*flashback start*

Music:Once Upon a Time [Undertale] (Lyrics by:Alex Beckham)

Mettaton:*singing* Long ago, men and beats.

Kokichi:*excited* Sing it!

Mettaton:*singing* Ruled the earth and had their feasts.

Then one day, came a war.

Blood was spilled as ne'er before.

Nanako:I need another beer.

Mettaton:No monster, will now love,

No monster belongs in the world above.

Mettaton:*lead* Seal them     

             Kokichi:*backups* (So why wasn't I sealed with you?)

Mettaton:*lead* Underground      

             Kokichi:*backups* (I'm a monster too.)

Mettaton:*lead* Seal them     

             Kokichi:*backups* (So why wasn't I sealed with you?)

Mettaton:*lead* Underground      

             Kokichi:*backups* (I'm a monster too.)

Mettaton & Kokichi:*duet* Let this barrier surround them.

Sandy:*suprised* How did ya' sing in unison like that? 

Nanako:I don't care I just need a drink, Sandy let's go before the next verse begins.

Kokichi:Not a musical fan huh? Aww well, more singing for us.

With that the two ladies left and it was down to me and the human boy. He's got a surprisingly good singing voice, and although I'm still mad about the dick thing I gotta admit he can sing. So let's keep it up.

Mettaton:And a one and a two and a one two three four...


Sandy:Geuss you ain't a fan of musicals huh Ms.Kuroi?

Nanako:*sighs* Firstly, Just Kuroi is fine. Secondly, we have any musicals in japan and the ones we do get were never really my thing. I mean, a prince of tennis? While it worked in the anime the musical just wasn't my thing. I'm not trying to say that I wouldn't mind going to see a musical with a loved one if they wanted me to go with them, but the thing is I-

Sandy:Ya don't have anybody to love?

How did she know? Is she like some sort of super genius or something?...Wait considering her hobbies form earlier, she just might be. Then again, it wouldn't have been that hard to figure it out, after all

Nanako:...*disappointed* Yep, I'm a virgin. You'd assume at 27 years old, you would find the man of your dreams, go on a few dates, he'd propose at a fancy restaurant in Italy, you'd  get married and you'd move to his personally owned tropical island with free helicopter rides everyday...*grunt* but NOPE instead your'e living alone in a home on a futon with only online games and christmas cookies to comfort you.

Sandy:*confused* Christmas cookies? What do you exactly mean by that Kuroi?

Nanako:Sorry, but if I told you my whole life story now it would probally take the whole day.That and I don't think now is the appropriate time to talk about it.

Sandy:That's a fair point.


*thinking* Speaking of life stories...There's still 12 people you haven't meet right? I bet that they've lived interesting lives of their own. Maybe one of them is looking for a gal to call their own. Or maybe he could-

Nanako:Sorry, but I don't think I could make it work with Ouma-kun since he's underage and I'd get arrested if I tried to, y'know, mate with him. And even if he wasn't he's still...*annoyed* a pain in the neck?

Sandy:*surprised* WHAT? Definitely not 'im. Ah know how human children look even if I hadn't seen any in a while. Besides, I was was talkin' 'bout the robot!

Nanako:*eyebrows her* Did you get married to a robot?

Sandy:No, but one of my friends did.

Nanako:One of your-

Sandy:*stops her* Like you said, if I told ya the story of mah life form birth to the big jump, we'd just be wastin' time when we coulda been explorin'! *thinking* Plus, judging by the looks of things we could be here a while, so we may as well get ta know our fellow extraordinaries. Am I wrong?

Nanako:...*thinking* Do you really trust the gremlin will be safe?

Sandy:Hey if he's kicked the bucket by the time we came back to the table, jus' blame it on the robot.

Fair point, Cheeks-san.

Nanako:So, whose up first?

Chapter Text

Music:Beautiful Lie

The answer didn't come all that long. The first that we had meet (or fourth, in my case) was the mouse who appeared to dress very formal for a rodent. While his fur was orange and white his outfit consisted of more green than anything. It consisted of a green suit, a darker green shirt underneath it, long olive pants and a red tie that stood out amongst. He probably was either a businessman or a really rich guy...who either doesn't know what a shoe is or prefers barefoot then anything.


Sandy:*waves her hand* Howdy!

???????? (Mouse):*turns around to see the squirrel* Oh, hello there.

Nanako:*imitating a general* General Kenobi, you are a bold one.


???????? (Mouse):*stares at her confused*


Sandy:What is it?

???????? (Mouse):My name isn't Kenobi and I'm not a general...Is there something I'm missing here?

Nanako:*angry* Come on, it's a Star Wars reference. Sure the movies relatively new to Japan but in America, where the squirrel is from, it should be the greatest movie of all time!

Sandy:Ya do realize that ah had spent most of my life underwater?

???????? (Mouse):Are you feeling okay?

Nanako:*sighs* Just forget about it. Names Nanako Kuroi. Just call me Kuroi. Ultimate Homeroom teacher...and apparently the ultimate obscure culture referencer.

Sandy:*holds out here hand* And I'm Sandy Cheeks. Ultimate Marine Biologist. that means I study sea life. Nice ta meet ya partner.

???????? (Mouse):*cluthes his hand close* In any normal situation I'd say that it would be nice to meet you too but...I can't exactly trust anyone at the moment. This situation is a bit...odd wouldn't you say so

Nanako:You mean the fact that a mouse is talking to a human and the human is mouse sized.

???????? (Mouse):That...among oyher things. *thinking* Like say for example, the boat wasn’t able to start. We would still be in an unknown location, presumably in the middle of nowhere.

That's true. There don't seem to really be any buildings outside the window. Plus, we don't know how far away the nearest town could be.

???????? (Mouse):*still thinking* Of corse if the boat does start up we’d still be facing problems. For example, we could lose our direction and be stranded out at sea forever, or until we could run out of food.

That is another reasonable claim. Another think we seem to lack information on is how much food we have. Although I'd like to believe that we'd be getting a full supply of food to last us the trip, I'm pretty sure considering our earlier services that might be a little to much to hope for.

???????? (Mouse):*nervous* And don't forget the most terrible thing that could happen...what if a sea monster attacks the ship?

Now your'e just being paranoid.

???????? (Mouse):*scared* Or what if the sea monster is actually a gigantic robot made by an evil organization to destroy us all? Or what if a real sea monster appears and joins us in the fight with the robot! *really scared* Or what if we crash into an iceberg like that one movie but instead of dying we're taken to an underwater society that takes us as prisoners. Or what if the sea monster attacks they're along with the robot and we lose oxygen because we can't breath in water. Or what if-

Nanako:*slaps the mouse*

Damn that felt good.

???????? (Mouse):*shock, then smiling sweat drop* I'm sorry about that Kuroi, I overacted. I tend to do that because I'm such a scaredy mouse.

Nanako:Isn't the expression "scaredy cat"?

???????? (Mouse):*jumps up terrified* Cat!? Where!?

Nanako, you stupid bitch. How could you forget that mice are the natural enemies of cats?

???????? (Mouse):...*calms down*...maybe I shouldn't worry that much. I mean at least there isn't a cat here, right?

Nanako:Actually there is.

??????? (Mouse):*screams*:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Nanako:*slaps him again*

??????? (Mouse):*sighs* I deserved that too.

Sandy:Ya should leave the slappin' ta me next time.

??????? (Mouse):*worried* Please don't. We've already gotten off on a bad leg.

Nanako:Yeah...and we haven't even gotten your name.

??????? (Mouse):*realization* Oop! I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton. I run the most popular newspaper on mouse Island. It's called the Rodent's Gazette.

Nanako:Oh so your'e the Extraordinary Newspaper Company Owner or something like that?

Geronimo:*nods* Yeah, the introduction is usually how I start most of my stories. Figured someone would have paid attention at some point.

Sandy:*confused* All yer wut now!? Also I ain't heard about no Rodent's Gazzete.

*flashback start*

Geronimo:*not disappointed* Well your'e not from Mouse Island so I didn't expect you too. It's basically the entire island's only newspaper and that's probably the reason why it's so popular.

Nanako:*nervous* Owning a business like that must be hard considering you own it all by yourself, Stilton-kun.

Geronimo:*put his hand behind his back* Actually, I'm not the only owner. There's also my grandfather and I'm pretty Thea may also have some sort of power. And even if I was alone in my business I'm pretty sure that at the very least I'd get some help from the other workers.

Sandy:*curious* How many other workers are there in yer little business?

Geronimo:*thinking* Hmmm...well I already mentioned 2 of them but there's also my prankster of a cousin Trap, my nephew Benjamin and his friend Pandora...or maybe it was Bugsy Wugsy? Either way that's just those in the family.

Sandy:*suprised* Geuss little is an understatement huh.

*flashback end*

Geronimo:*scared* Oh man, the company is sure to notice if I'm not there! They've might have thought I've died in my sleep and my body was taken by a mad man for experimentation.

Nanako:Well...*smiles* On the plus side that means that they're gonna come and look for you at least. *disappointed* Pretty sure my students probably just think I'm sick or something.

Sandy:*nods* Either that or they just don't wanna find ya so they can get away from homework for a day.

Nanako:Jokes on them, I've got a substitute teacher who assigns them extra homework everyday just to make sure they don't come.

Geronimo:*nervous* Well I have to go now and explore the place, good bye! *runs away*


Sandy:So Long Partner! *leaves*

While Geronimo seems like a good guy, he certainly isn't exactly the most bravest one here. He also needs to work on trust. After all if we can't trust any body here, we'll all be dead before sunset.

Nanako:*confused* Wonder why he suddenly had to leave?

Sandy:*looks at her handbook* Mabye he wanted to obtain more Bond Bits?

Nanako:*confused* Bond bits?

Sandy:Do you still have your handbook on you.

Nanako:*checks and finds it* Yes I do. It was in my pocket. *realization, freaked out* How the hell did it fit in my pocket?

I mean seriously, it was big, around the size of an iPad (like i said before), so it definitely shouldn't have fit in the space on my pocket.

There were 5 tabs listed at the top


I decided to click what it said under "YOUR ID" before seeing what these bond bits were about. What I saw looked similar to an actual ID, there was a picture of me along with my extraordinary talent, a thing I like and a thing, Room Number (#15) and a status space. Good news is the status space said I was alive. However, this probably means I could die and there probably has been a death on this here cruise before.

Nanako:Hey do you see this?

Sandy:*observant* There's something similar in my ID, except there's my picture in it and facts about me. I'm guessing that I would be listed under "GEUST ID" where the bond bits are.

Since it was the only other thing available at the moment except theme I decided to oblige.

Underneath it was a list of names and above the names were pixelated icons of all the...beings that were here. They were arranged in english alphabetical order.

Geronimo-[1/6] NEW!
Kokichi-[1/6] NEW!
Mettaton-[1/6] NEW!

Nanako:Interesting. *looks* Now I'm no super genius but I bet that the ones that have 1/6 by them are the ones we meet and the ones that have 0/6 are the ones left to go. You know what that means right?

Sandy:*nods* You an' gotta go and meet 11 more partners.

Nanako:So where should we go next?

Sandy:*points* Why not up that flight of stairs that was right behind Mr.Stilton?

And so we did just that. It was a long, long set of stairs that went in a spiral. The first few stairs followed the pattern of three pink steps, three red, two yellow and two black. I didn't really pay attention to the rest of them but at the very least there was 2 black at the end too. I was more focused on the symbols on the back. At the top of the long staircase were a mysterious black box with a door in it, a green waterslide with a gigantic x next to it, and 2 more of the guests of the cruise line. One of them was the blonde nun from earlier who now seemed to being wearing something...straight out of one of those weird fighting games. Perhaps she's also a cosplayer? Her outfit consisted of a red tie, a white unbuttoned shirt, silver accents over a mini skirt and a golden buckle black belt connecting them. She had also gained some white gloves and red holsters...are those guns? I couldn't tell if thigh-high socks were what was underneath the nun outfit but now that they were noticeable I had to point them out.

The next guy, or cat for that matter, is a much easier guest to describe. He appeared to have had yellow fur covering its body excluding the muzzle area with his red nose. Despite the fur coat he still felt the need to wear a blue onesie with a light purple hood and green googles between his triangular ears. Unlike Sandy & Geronimo, he was not the size of a human adult and appeared to be just a bit taller than a toddler. But I decided that it would be best keeping that comment to myself. Dunno why he was squinting.

Nanako:*thinking* Wonder what those 2 are doing?

???? (Blonde girl):*turns around* Ah, hello there fellow victims of the extraordinary title.

Nanako:*surprised* Oh! I didn't expect for me to see you.

????? (Cat):*waves* Well even if she hadn't turned around we could still tell that someone was here thanks to the sound of the footsteps that you made.

Sandy:Really? Ah didn't think they were that loud. *smiling sweatdrop* But then again, I thuh one am wearing a space suit.

Nanako:I'm guessing you also heard my question from earlier.

???? (Blonde girl):Yes, and to answer it, we are investigating.

Gah! That's right, we may not escape this weird cruise right away so we need to find as much information about it as possible about the layout to get possible escape routes.

???? (Blonde girl):*puts hand on fits* So far we've determined two things. Firstly this, *points to mysterious black box to the left of her* is a changing booth. Inside it are an infinite number of clothes that you can change into.

Sandy:*confused* An infinite number of clothes?

???? (Blonde girl):I don't know how to explain it. Perhaps it would be best if you saw it for yourself.

????? (Cat):*nods* And that waterslide, *points to waterslide to the right of him* is unfortunately closed at the moment so that means we shall have to wait for a chance to ride it.

Nanako:Although riding the water slide should the be the least of our priorities, *smiles* I suppose we could go down it when if and when it's open. It could be fun leisure time.

???? (Blonde girl):*smiling* Indeed, we all need to unwind at some point in our lives. *serious* But priorities do come first. Am I right to assume one of them should probably be introducing ourselves.

Nanako:Nanako Kuroi, Extraordinary Homeroom Teacher. You may address me Kuroi.

Sandy:*nods* Mah name is Sandy Cheeks and I am the Extraordinary Marine Biologist.

???? (Blonde girl):It is nice to meet you two. As for my name I am Noel Vermillion, and as for my talent I am Extraordinary Nun...a-at least I think.

????? (Cat):*pride* Well I can't really blame ya for saving me for last toots. Spitz is the name, Cabbie is the game. Extraordinary Shotgun Cabbie to be exact.

Okay that last talent was really specific. Also, since you don't have a last name I'll just refer to you by your first.

Noel:*nervous* U-uh, was that good enough for introductions?

Spitz:*tilts his head* Why are you worried about that?

Noel:First impressions matter.

Nanako:Well so far our impression of you has been fine. You seem like a hard worker and a nice lady to hang out with. I do notice that you have a confidence issues, but I'm sure that cat over here will help you out with that.

Noel:I believe he can, if he wants too.

Spitz:I can, toots! *pay me gesture* Buuuuuuut, it will cost you a few bucks.

Noel:*nervous* W-what? *apologetic* I'm sorry but...but I don't have any money.

Spitz:Dang it! *feels his own pocket* Well it looks like they forgot my wallet too.

Sure enough when I checked to feel my own pocket there wasn't a wallet there. I’m not sure if squirrels had wallets to begin with but I’m pretty sure that acorn currency was off the table for her.

Nanako:*angry* Is their solution to the low budget, just rob everybody of their money so that they seem richer?

Sandy:*puts her firsts togehter* They’ve gotta sick sense of budgeting then.

Nanako:*calms her down* Woah there, let’s safe the karate until after we actually see the people behind it, and what their ittentions are.

Spitz:It would be a lot quicker if I had something to make them go, “Ka blooey!” but you never know what these aliens are like.

Noel:*worried* A-aliens!? You belive that people from another planet have done this?

Nanako:Do you not think that is a teeny bit of a stretch? That’s like saying that a ghost is behind this whole thing!

Sandy:*shocked* You mean that ya never seen a ghost up close before?

Noel:Or a werewolf?

Spitz:Or an alien, like I said originally?

Nanako:No, which is why it's...*looks at crew* Actually considering the shit I've seen so far anything is possible.

Noel:...*looks down*

Nanako:Oh! I believe Vermillion-San mentioned something about infinite clothing?

Noel:*suprised look* Your'e actually interested?...*looks down* B-but I'm just a nun.

Nanako:*tries to be positive* An extraordinary one!

Noel:*disapointed* Actually...I'm not sure if I really am the extraordinary nun.

Sandy:*sighs* Well relyin' on a screen to tell you that your'e extraordinary when said screen literally only gave you only 24 hours to accept ain't exactly the smartest idea.

Noel:...*smiles* That is a fair point, Nanako are you ready to go?

Nanako:Yeah, I'm ready. Let's check it out.

With that me and Noel walked towards the mysterious black box. However the door wouldn't open again and I could see why. There was a lock, again.

Noel:Don't worry, I think I got the idea down. *scans ID and it accepts her, opens the door* But you have to hurry, the lock will only stay open for 2 minutes *points to timer*, we have hurry up.

I think that we could have made it in less than 2 minutes but then again, who am I to judge an already shitty cruise?...I don't think I usually curse this much in or out of head, it feels surprisingly good.

*CG:Inside of the box*

Nanako:...There's nothing here.

Noel:That's what I thought to originally, but then something incredible happened! *nervous* Incredible, but also a bit scary.

Nanako:*stares at her* Really, what ha-?

Before I could answer the room lit up in a shade of lime green. Tons and thousands of holographic clothes appeared on the wall and they extended all the way down too the floor as well. However, they were all covered in shadow so we couldn't have figured out what colors they were, nor if they had any buttons on them. Oddly though the zippers did appear visible along with patterns that some undergarments had. We were then scanned by something that I couldn't see and that's when things got even weirder.

Robotic Voice:Welcome Kuroi & Vermellion. I am CL0TH351NG C88NG3R. But you may call me "Clothes Changer" I change your clothes into any outfit you so desire. Do you want to change your clothes or not?

Nanako:*:0*Oh god it talks.

*CG end*

Clothes Changer:No, I do not talk. Talking is something humans do. I am an A.I. and also the Unofficial Extraordinary Dressing Room. I was invented by Professor auhgnlahrtalukghahtrl, *unglitchy* who could not join us on this trip.

Nanako:I can see where all the budget for the cruise went.

Noel:Indeed, it seems that the creators of this ship had wasted the most money on a dressing room which is not usually what one would spend money on a cruise line for, no matter how high tech the technology is.

Nanako:I mean the water slide might also be good and they must have spent some money on the entrance, *sarcasm* you know knocking us unconscious and all.

Clothes Changer:Please for give the head of this thing. "I.R" as you'll see, is a bit crazy. Anyways, may I help you idiots out?

Noel:*angry* I'm not an idiot!

Nanako:*shrugs* I'm not either but I'm a drunk, so that actually feels more like a compliment to me.

Clothes Changer:*confusion* Is idiot not a compliment? That is what "I.R" and Professor auhgnlahrtalukghahtrl called me after I was born. I had come to the logical that it was a friendly way to communicate with others.

Nanako:*shakes her head* Nope, it's actually the worst insult you can give. I think your'e the one who may need help, in psychiatry. And I don't think I need a change of clothing right now.

Noel:I do, I would like the outfit .

Clothes Changer:Understood. Now covering Kuroi's eyes. *Robotic Arms come out of the ceiling and do exactly what the robot just said*

Nanako:*angry* Hey what the hell? I-*mouth gets covered too* Mmph!

Clothes Changer:Please do not resit. We are only doing this so you do not see Noelle's body in the nude.

It was a dark world for the next few seconds with the only noises being me struggling like a dog and the robotic arms doing...something with Vermillion-San that involved an outfit change. What exactly? I don't know! the description would probably make this story sound way more erotic then it should be. For this is not a romance novel, oh no. This is a novel of-

Clothes Changer:Noel is now back in her nun outfit.

Oh hey Noel's done. The robotic arms was removed from my breath away and I caught my breath for the second time today. Once it was normal breathing, I got a better look at that outfit I was talking about. White headband over a long, black habit, floor length dress and a high collar. She looked like a completely different person then the one I was talking to earlier.

Noel:*prays* Thank you o holy one for not having destroying this outfit and also keeping me alive in the progress of clothes changing a second time. *embarrassed* Though next time, I should probably be more careful in telling you what I want. Is it possible that you can do it a bit more gentler the next time when you are changing me? Or perhaps I should do it myself the next time Mr.Changer?

Clothes:Thank you for the formality, but it really is not needed Vermellion.

Noel:I-If you say so Clothes Changer.

Nanako:*curious* Uh what exactly did he do to you to change your clothes?

She told me and just I had thought it was to lewd to describe in a teen rated novel so I'd recommend you just use your own messed up mind to imagine it what it looked like.




Satisfied? Good. Now back to the show.

Nanako:*disgusted* Gross.

Noel:It was gross. But I'm sure that he meant no ill harm. *fist pump* I have faith in it.

Nanako:Is that what your religion is about? Faith?


Noel:Kind of. You see my religion is about the god who turns the wheel of fate. Every day when a battle comes in my town the announce that "the wheel of fate is turning" followed by "rebel 1" and that's followed by "begin." It also happens when we have soccer tournaments, rock paper scissors games and basically every single competition ever, including. *sweat drop* It does kinda make it seem like my world is part of a fighting game or something but, that's probably interesting.

Nanako:Does he say other things besides that?

Noel:*irritated* Firstly, it's a her and secondly...actually, I don't wanna get to into my religion right now. *realization* but that should be enough for a buddy bit.

*flashback end*

Nanako:Hmmm...*checks handbook* Yep, there's a notification for a buddy bit for both you and Spitz, though I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of it is exactly?

Noel:Well perhaps they are signs for something? Like how close we are as friends?


Noel:Hmmm...that might be it. Wonder if that means that if Sandy bonds with Spitz the two of them will get a bit bond?

Nanako:I think that there's only way to find out. *turns around and points to the door*

I got another bit bond! I got another bit bond! Oh! But play it cool.

Sandy:So what's a taxi cabbie's life like?

Spitz:*sighs* Well it's a cabbie's life. It's not that interesting if I'm being honest. I mean really I'm just a humble cabbie of Diamond City's only taxi service.

Sandy:*curious* I ain't heard of no Diamond City before, what's it like?


Spitz:Well it's more like an island than a traditional city, and let me tell you there are some pretty weird residents there. I think I mentioned my partner Dribble already but there's also a high schooler who is also a part time Jack of all trades, a man who doesn't know that disco is a no-no, kindergartener ninjas who are also twins and I could go on and on and on.

Sandy:Dang, sounds like life can be pretty chaotic for ya with all that weird stuff happenin’

Spitz:*shakes head* Nah, weird is kind of the norm in diamond city. Infact, outside it I’d probably be excitrd by paint drying of a wall!

Sandy:So paint don’t dry like that in your town?

*flashback end*

Spitz:Depends on what you mean by "like that". *tilts head* How does paint dry underwater?

Sandy:It don't unless it's under a tree dome like my home is. There's a fast food chain there though, is that interesting.

Spitz:A little bit...*sticks out tongue* but the last time I had a meal that was under the water it did not sit well in tummy. My stomach hurt for at least a week and I am lucky that I'm still alive after that.

Sandy:Well bein' underwater most for a few years, I managed to adapt to the taste maybe if you move there you might be able to as well.

Spitz:But why would I move there when I've got Dribble!

Sandy:*intrugeD* Ya keep on mentioning your cabbie partner but ya never even told me what he's like?

Spitz:Oh trust me he can be a handful sometimes, *hand behind his back* or rather he'd be if he could fit in my hand. *finger guns* Luckily he's got me as a guide to keepin' it cool...and directions too. After all he's the one who does the drivin' and I'm the guy that has-

Sandy:*points behind her* We've got company.

Spitz:*turns around* WHAT THE-NOEL? NANAKO!?

Sure enough it seems we had some eavesdroppers in our little conversation, in the form of two blondes.

Oh shit, it seems we've been discovered.


Judging by their faces I know that they've discovered that they have been discovered.

 Act natural, act natural, act super natural.

Nanako:*akward* Spitz, hey...

Noel:*down on her knees* Forgive me, I did not mean to sin. I was only doing so I could make sure that Kuroi was not doing anything weird.

Sandy:*Stares at her* Well I bet that ended up well for you.

Spitz:Chillax, I'll forgive ya *pay me signal* If you have a few bills.

Nanako:*sarcasm* Gee I dunno no let me check...*cheks pocket* Nope! wallet didn't magical appear from pocket.

Nanako:Well Sandy, you ready to go meet everyone else?

Sandy:Actually, if you don't mind, I'd like to keep talking to Spitz he's a character all right. 

Nanako:...*disappointed* If you say so. Guess I'll be going at it alone. *sighs*

As much as I hate to admit it, Sandy was a better traveling companion than Kokichi, because while she may have been a talking squirrel at least she had a good way of talking and she was actually pretty cool. Plus she definitely wasn't as annoying as the gremlin. Honestly, it would be nice having a travel companion during the whole quest but...I guess I can handle going at it alone. At least that's what I thought...but then Noel spoke.

Noel:*holds her hand out* No wait, I'd actually like to come with you! We both have green eyes and blonde hair, and we both went into the changing room together. Plus I think I'd think I too would like to enjoy being blessed with Buddy Bits and if you are going to meet any one then it would be best if we stuck together. I-If that is alright with you.

She kind of sounded a bit inhumane but I could tell she meant it.

Nanako:...*shrugs* Eh, why not, all right follow me.

With that, there were only 9 left to go. Who's next? 

Chapter Text

Music:Cool Morning [NDRv3]

After waving goodbye to Squinter Cat and Texas Squirrel climbing down the flights of stairs me and Noel eventually meet our next little friend. She appeared to have green skin and a scar on her head, but she was also the one that said she needed to put make up on so I'm guessing that was her makeup. Why she wanted to look like a zombie I had no idea. Her hair was maroon and her eyes were a lighter shade red. She also had a blue and white high uniform on meaning that she was most likely a high school student. There was a pink and cyan ribbon in her hair with white spots in her hair, which I noticed had some sort of strand that seemed a bigger then the rest. That strand reminded me of a former student of mine...hopefully this one does her homework instead of wasting time gaming.  Oh did I mention she had a ton of cloths on her! That is important high light of her outfit.

?????? (Zombie):...*looking and siting down*

Nanako:*waves* Hiya, I'm the Extraordinary Homeroom Teacher Nanako Kuroi, *holds her hand out* and this is Noel Vermellion.

Noel:*curtsies* Greetings.

?????? (Zombie):...*doesn't move*

...Is she feeling okay?

Nanako:*hand behind back* that's a pretty good make up job, you almost made it seem like your'e a real zombie. Are you the extraordinary Make Up Artist?

?????? (Zombie):...*stares at her* You think it's...make up?

Noel:Yeah. What else could it be?

?????? (Zombie):*a smile appears* N-no it is, it's just...I thought you'd assume that I'm a real zombie. *scared* WHICH I'M NOT!

 Nanako:Well of course your'e not a, otherwise my brains would be eaten by now.

?????? (Zombie):I'm also not the Extraordinary Make Up Artist.

Nanako:Your'e not?

Noel:Well then what is your talent exactly?

?????? (Zombie):*suprise* Oh! I'm the Extraordinary Pop Sensation. *smiling sweat-drop* I'm just do make up during my free time that's all.

Noel:*smiling* I wish I was that good at makeup, maybe you can give me advice.

Nanako:Extraordinary Pop Sensation...So are you part Idol Group or somethin' like that?


?????? (Zombie):*smiles* Y-yeah! It's called Franchouchou and there's 6 other members, including my idol Ai Mizuno. In the group my stage name is Number 1, *sad* which is contrary to the bands producer opinion of me. He calls the other members legends while I don't have any sort of legend on my back it. I'm pretty sure 

Nanako:*arms crossed* Well I've never heard of a Franchouchou before but if your producer is like that *sighs* bein' a part of it isn't the best idea.

Noel:*conern* Indeed. Although you may not be able to perform with your idol, maybe you should quit the group considering the producer's treatment towards you.

?????? (Zombie):No, it's not exactly an abusive relationship. *sighs* I'm actually not quite sure what our relationship is though....I'm not even sure what his relationship is with everyone else in the group either. Minus Tae, he loves that girl.

*flashback end*

Nanako:Okay so your'e name isn't Tae or Ai, and you clearly weren't named number 1 at birth. So what exactly is your name?

?????? (Zombie):Oh right! My name is Sakura Minmato. Sorry it took so long for me to get to that.

NanakoJuding by that name your'e Japanese like me then?

Sakura:Yeah, I live in the Saga Prefecture.

Nanako:Well I'm Kasukabe which is in Saitama Prefecture *thinking* and that might explain why I haven't heard of the group considering it is far away from Saga. *puts her hand out* Not that I think your'e necessarily a bad signer.

Noel:*smiles* I'm sure you sing wonderfully and I'd love to hear it.

Sakura:*blushes* T-thank you. If you want I could sing for you right now.

Noel:We would love to hear it, but we don't have the time if we want to escape. *thinking* Right now we're getting to know everyone and then plotting out escape.

Nanako:Yeah, did you find anything yet Minamoto-san?

Sakura:No. But I'll inform you later if I do.

Nanako:*thinking* That reminds me, we should probably meet up with everyone once this is all done to discuss what everyone found and if there's any staff besides clothes changer that we can talk to.

Sakura:Okay then *waves goodbye* Good luck.

With that she departed away. It's a bit hard to determine her personality but...Sakura seems to be one of the good guys here. I am a bit curious how well she sings myself and if we don't get out of here today maybe we could her preform. Besides she's probably is just as scared as we are and she wants to get out as much as we do.

At least Kokichi isn't here right-

Music Stops

Kokichi:Nishishi~! *smiling* Oh Kuroi-sensei! We're back!

Me and my big fat mind.

Music:Becoming Friends [NDRv3]

*cg:Extraordinary Queens*

Noel:*mouth hanging out*

Nanako:What on earth are you two even wearing?

Kokichi:*wearing an outfit that was similar to the vampires'* Oh what's the matter? She's not talking.

Mettaton:*wearing a dress that was similar to the foxes'* Darling, that just means we've let her speechless.

Nanako:The "her your'e referring too" Noelle Vermellion the Extraordinary Nun and...

Noel:*faints* Uhhhhhh....

Nanako:*sarcasm* Yep, you've killed her. The simple sight of you two in dresses was enough to make her heart stop beating and that caused you too 


Kokichi:*disappointed* Hmph...she clearly is not a fan of drag. *smile* But don't worry she'll learn to love it or my name isn't Doug Dimmadome owner of the Dougsdale Dimmadome.

Nanako:*facepalm* Seriously? You expect me to believe that, especially when your'e wearing that.

Oh so a woman like Nanako's can wear mans clothes and no one bats an eye but when a guy like me wears girls clothes everyone loses their minds? Perhaps you two are just jealous that I make a better woman then you.

Kokichi:*smiling while gritting his teeth* You caught me, it's a lie! Right Mettaton?

Mettaton:*makes a checkmark on his screen* Not only was it a lie and has just won the award for number one lie of the year! *claps his hands* Congratulations, Mr.Ouma

Kokichi:*fake tears* Thank you! Thank you! I just wanna thank my organization, the staff at hopes peak, my fellow classmates a-and *sniff* my loved ones back at the academy.

Mettaton:Wow! Truly this was an inspiring speech from our Extraordinary and Ultimate Supreme Leader Mr.Ouma of his super secret organization...of evil!

Kokichi:*that face* MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nanako:*static* Impressive. Real Impressive there.

Seriously? I literally rolled my eyes all the way back of my head and summoned shadows to cover my body up and lifted my hand in the most evil way imaginable and all you can say is "impressive"? Wow, I aspire to have your level of calmness considering the train wreck that is my life.

Nanako:So I'm guessing you to have moved on past the comment about the robot having a weiner?

Mettaton:Yeah, don't worry darling. *serious* Although I am still a bit upset at comment, *makes smile with screen* Mr.Ouma here has got some skills in singing, dragging and dare I say...dancing. *pride* No one will ever be as fabulous as yours truly but by god he is good company.

Kokichi:*nods* All the memers are, trust me on this one. Hell, Clothes Changer seemed to get along with me when I arrived.

Nanako:Clothes Changer? *shock* Hang on we meet some robot named Clothes Changer up on the water slide. Where did you find yours?

Mettaton:We just came from Conchita diner on the other side, *poses dramatically* which is where we met the robot and got these fancy clothes.

Kokichi:*confused* Your'e telling me that there's two, possibly more, of these clothes changer things *angry* BUT THEY CAN'T AFFORD A DECENT BED? *hands crossed* I mean seriously, who in their right mind would think that clothes is more important than sleep. *smiling* Not that I get much of that anyways. Nishishi.

Noel:...*gets up, puts hand on head* I...I am sorry about that, I don't know what came over me.


Music Stops


??????? (Vampire):*holds out her trident towards Kokichi* And if you don't change of my outfit right this second, you'll be taking her place in the dead.

*CG:Encounter with a vampire*

Music:Septette for the Dead Princess [Touhou EoSD]

Okay this is not good. I didn't expect Ms.Scarlet to be so upset about the fact that we had the same outfit on. I mean who could blame me for wanting to wear something like that, that red bow she has on her white bonnet is adorable! Plus it really matches the color of her eyes, the 2 bows on her brown shoes & big bow in the back. The color red also gives a nice contradiction to her light blue hair and helps add some variation to her almost completely white dress. Just be glad it didn't come with a free parasol or trident you bat winged girl!

*CG End*

Nanako:Oh no it's the vampire, and she looks pissed!

Kokichi:*angry* Ya think? *fake smile* Remmy hey! What a surprise to see you here.

??????? (Vampire):Do not Remmy me. I already told you that my name is Remila, Remila Scarlet.

Nanako:Finally we get some variety with the introductory backgrounds.

Kokichi:*panicked* Come on Remmy haven't you ever heard of a nickname before.

Remilia:*smiles* I actually have a few of my own, Eternally Young Scarlet Moon,The Scarlet Devil, and most recently the Extraordinary Mistress. *angry* But don't even think for a moment that will distract me.

Nanako:*nervous* He may be an annoying little purple gremlin but that dosen't mean you have to kill him.

Remilia:*puts the trident down, puts her hands out* Relax I'm not gonna kill you Ouma-kun, *evil grin* I'm just gonna suck up a little bit of your blood.

Nanako:*facepalms* So your'e planning on turning Ouma-kun him into an immortal bloodsucking annoying little gremlin that will probably bug you for the rest of your life. Whose punishment is it anyways, yours or his?

Remilia:*smiling sweatrop* Ah, actually I'm a light eater, meaning I can drink only a little blood at a time before I reach a limit. The most I can manage to do is make Ouma-kun suffer from anemia.

Kokichi:*"sad"* Aw man and I was so looking forward to an immortal life. Instead I'll have less healthy blood cells and be tired all the time.

Mettaton:But an immortal life means you'll outlive all those you love...unless said love ones are ghosts.

Kokichi:Oh, *smiles* That actually makes me feel a bit better. Bite away!

Remilia:Wait seriously? You'd actually rather be anemic then change your outfit. *smiles* Hmph, your'e a tough nut to crack tough Ouma-kun, and I'm impressed. But there's one thing that even you can't resit.

Kokichi:*smug* Oh really? And just what exactly is that?

Remilia:*guard upper* Please don't hurt me Ouma-kun! *sniff* Please just change back into your own clothes and I'll stop crying. I promise!

God damn it, she looks so cute that way.

Kokichi:...*groans* Fine. I'll change okay.

Mettaton:*scratches back* I'll go too, I don't need to wear it anyways.

Remilia:*stubborn* That's good to hear. Now go on peasants.

Noel:*angry* There is no need to view your self to

Kokichi:*irritated* Sheesh no need to be such a jerk about it.

I already know what her personality is like. She's a stubborn child who will probably never ever grow up, and even if she's vampire that doesn't excuse her for calling me a peasant.


Remilia:...*smiles* Allright, now that the boys are gone any questions for yours truly?

Nanako:Yeah, what exactly are you the mistress of?

Remilia:The Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Noel:The Scarlet Devil Mansion? Never heard of it.

Remilia:Ah your'e from the outside world aren't you?

Noel:The Outside Wa-?


 (art by:Ranmoiuri)

Remilia:*thinking* Well if you some how wind up in Gensokyo just if you a mansion the color of scarlet that's where you'll find me and a few others. A mistress can't be a mistress if they don't have anyone to be a mistress to after all. Some of the others who lived there include my little sister Flandre, the head maid Sakuya Izayoi, Patchuli Knollege the librian, Her devilish assistant Koakuma & the gatekeeper Hon Merin.

Nanako:Hon Merin, are you sure that's how it's pronounced?

Remilia:Probally, it's either that or China.

Noel:*nervous* Uhm, I hate to sound rude and all but those names sound like asian names whilist your name sounds more western sounding & your sisters name sounds like it is completely made up.

Remilia:Well Gensokyo wasn't always my home...but that's a story for another day.

*flashback end*

Nanako:Wait are you seriously leaving?

Remilia:If by mean the ship then sadly this is something that I am incapable of doing. *activates flight ability* I tired flying out but there seems to be some invisible barries that won't let me go around 2 m outside the ship or 2 m above it. On the plus side, at least they didn't take away the ability to fly or my spell cards.

Drat, well I guess simply jumping into the water and swimming away is an impossible idea, assuming the force field thing also applies to humans. 

Nanako:*serious* I'm starting to wonder if this is really a vacation or if it's a punishment for something we did. I mean the longer we explore the place the more this seems more like a prison yard on the water instead of a cruise ship.

Noel:I have to agree with that...this does not seem like a very hospitable cruise line if it is. Come to think of it, *relization* My invitation never even mentioned how long we were supposed to stay on board.

Remilia:...*gasps*! Mine never mentioned it either, what did yours say?

Nanako:*shrugs* Sorry. Resident drunk who can't exactly remember what it said on mine. can't even remember getting it.

Remilia:...*thinking* Hmmm. flies out of the room*

Music Stops


Nanako:...So, she was definitely...*thinking* something?

Noel:*nods* Right fact that she has flight abilities is a bit concerning and I fear that she may be serious about the blood sucking statement. On the other hand, I don't want to bring myself to distrust anyone right away so mabye we should get to know her more before we do anything drastic.

Nanako:We never got a chance to introduce ourselves aw well...

Music:Leeko the Great [The Pirates Fate]

After leaving where ever we were Noel and I headed to the pool were the last two full blown animals were. The first of them was a blonde vixen with bigger breats than mine. She wore a turquoise dress with peach colored 3 stripes, 2 looking like straps and one surrounding her waist. Underneath it was a navy blue skirt proceed by a moment of her natural orange fur then going to a dark brown flare beneath them and then ends with boots similar to the color of coffee. Her arms had a similar fur pattern but instead of boots she wore red gloves and it started with red paddings. Over her dress was a jacket with both parts connected quite literally by a thread. On her nose rested a pair of pink shades that covered up her red least I think they were red, I'm not the Extraordinary Art Teacher. What I do no is that the dark red fedora she wore most have had a hole in it to let her long pony tail out. Come to think of it should foxes even have hair? I mean it's definitely a fox, just look at that bushy tail, sharp teeth & pointed ears.

She appeared to be talking to the chocolate and tan mastiff who upon further examination was around the same size that was wearing green beanie, which had some patterns on it but they were to far away to identify. He wore something looking like a traditional Chinese outfit with a blue base and white outline. He also was also barefoot, but at the very at least he had the decency to wear pants. He had a red guitar strapped to his back and it was red. His tail was also speaking out and he seemed to be having a good time considering the wag.

????? (Fox):*angry* And then apparently Mila, you know, the girl who became the goddess of absolute righteousness, cheated on me with basically the other two members of the crew. You know what that means?

???? (Mastiff):*thinking* She disobeyed the rules of the game?

????? (Fox):*annoyed* No! It means she slept with them. To make matters worse her only excuse was *imitating Mila* "It's because I love you all! That's not a sin is it?" *angry* Uh, yes it's a sin.

???? (Mastiff):Why is sleeping in bed in a bed a sin exactly? It's what we all usually do when lie in bed.

????? (Fox):*points to Noel* I'm sure that the nun would have a better explanation then I do. So why don't we introduce ourselves to them and then she can explain to you by slept with. 

Noel:*suprised* Uh, H-hi there my name is Noel Vermilion and this is Nanako Kuroi.

Nanako:You what's happenin'

Leeko:*smiles* Hey, my names Leeko. I'm a Cartographer.

Nanako:Uh, Lyou mean your'e the the Extraordinary Cartographer don't ya?

Leeko:*stares at her hand* No just an ordinary cartographer.

Noel:Uh...what exactly is a cartographer mam?

Leeko:*adjusts glasses* That is someone who makes maps for a living. It relates to cartography which is the study and practice of making maps and isn't really that great of a thing to be considered an extraordinary for. *Nagito Arm Pose* Besides, a cartographer itself is just some fancy title for a no good nobody whose only good at making maps.

Noel:Do not say that about yourself! *puts her hadn't on Leeko's sholder* I'm sure that there's a reason for you to be here and there's definitely something you can do while your'e here.

Leeko:*stares confused* Really? Like what?


Noel:** Well if your'e good at map making that probally means You could make a map of the cruise line! That way we can know the 

Leeko:That's what I was planning on doing but I can't seem to have any maps on me, *suprised* which is a very rare occasion. Usually I carry 2 maps with me no matter where I go, even when I go to bed.

Nanako:Uh...why do sleep with maps in your bed?

Leeko:*shrugs* Personal reasons, plus I Can't really trust anyone else with them. *serious* Have to keep them with me at all times so they don't get stolen,

*flashback...ish end*

???? (Mastiff):See, you sleep too! That's not a sin.

Leeko:That's not what I mean buddy.

???? (Mastiff):*smiling sweatdrop* Oh, actually it's Bodi and I'm the Extraordinary Musician! *pulls guitar out and grabs pick and gets into a rock n' roll position* Here's proof!

Leeko:*small eyes* Oh sorry about that Bodi. I didn't mean for that to happen.

Nanako:Hey I've got a question, are you currently in a club for light music?

Bodi:*confused* No, I haven't been in a club for that or any sort of club when I was younger.

Nanako:Then why does the kanji say your'e the Extraordinary Light Music Club Member?

Bodi:Huh? *Turns to look at title* I hate to sound rude but my first language is chinese, though I am fluent in english. The thing is that the title is in neither of those languages, it's in Japanese.

Nanako:*lifts one hand* On one hand you aren't the first person with alterations to their talent in your title. I mean, Ouma-kun listed him as a "president" when he's call himself just a supreme leader and Minamoto-san listed her as "Idol" which although is a synonym for pop sensation is clearly not the same thing. *lifts the other hand* On the other hand, I already had a language discussion with Sandy, the Marine Biologist squirrel and I don't want to have another conversation. *finger on her chin* So let me just ask you another question, are you part of a band?

Bodi:*nods* Yeah I'm part of a band!


Bodi:There's me on guitar, My idol Angus Scattergood on the other guitar, My girlfriend Dhrama on the bass and *finger guns* can't forget my main goat Greemur on the drums. Together we have written 20 songs and sold over 2000 albums, which may not be the greatest amount to sell but it's better then nothing. Angus says as long as we're We're called Glorious Scattergoods because the fact that our hit song is called "Glorious" *smiling sweatdrop* and also because Angus is the only one in the band with a last name.

*flashback end*

Leeko:*looking down* Welcome to the club of animals without last names. It honestly sucks because people either think your'e orphaned even though you really aren't. I geuss you hairless apes probally feel lucky.


Leeko:*smiles* Yeah, you guys don't have tails and appear to have a nose so that limits you down. I mean, what else could you be? Iguanas?

Noel:*points finger out*Actually and Nanako are...what you would call...

Hang on a minute...It doesn't seem know what a human is? I mean the squirrel even mentioned she was put under water thanks to humans and Geronimo didn't seem that surprised at what I looked like when appeared. Plus, Spitz seemed to know what a human looked like and considering that he casual asked for a few bucks...I'm guessing he's seen at least one of us before. Maybe if we tell them what we are they might think we're an alien race or something. I need to stop her and fast.

Nanako:*panicing* HAIRLESS MONKEYS!

What the fuck is wrong with you today, Nanako?

Leeko:*takes glasses off with small eyes*...Okay? But why are you yelling?

Nanako:*Sorry, us monkeys can be CRAZY at times when we feel like it.

Noel:But we aren't-

Nanako:*covers her mouth*-exactly happy about our hair and tail loss. You were gonna ask you we lost it right? See there was this crazy fish witch and she envied us monkeys with our tails and our sexy hair and so she went on a rampage.

Leeko:Sounds scary, how did you survive?

Nanako:*dramatic* Aye, it is still unknown how we managed to get out of there alive, but I am glad that we did otherwise me and Noel would have never lived to tell the tale.

Noel:*removes Nanako's hand* Because it never-

Nanako:*covers her mouth again, dramatic* the same for us again. *smiling sweat drop* but enough about us, what was your problem?

Leeko:*angry* Okay so say you love someone, take for example the situation that I was in with my captain Mila, and maybe one of you had faced a similar problem as well. Either the person that you love appears to be an angel, literally and/or figuratively and they seems very interested in you too so...something sparks in you two and....well y'know. We went to bed together. But then she goes to bed with another one of your friends and if that isn't bad not even a day later they sleep with a third one. The worst part is they know their doing it. And the only excuse they give you is that "her heart is overflowing with love for all of them. Is that really a sin?" Yes, it is a sin *angry* because your'e a no good sunofavitch. Am I right?

Nanako:*angry* Yeah, your'e definitely right. *removes arm from Noel* but I can't say anything about it since I've never been in a relationship before.

Noel:It is a sin, *curious* but sometimes people are morally grey, have you tried to consider her side of the story? 

Leeko:*arms crossed* Oh it's clear what her side of the story was. It's clear she just wanted to mess around with my heart and Darious' too.

Bodi:*points his finger up* Or maybe she wanted to love all of you three equally and didn't any one to get hurt?

Leeko:*sigh* Blindly blissful, so you also be ignorant.

Bodi:Well there's been a few polyamorous relationships back in the village...but I'd rather not talk about them because-

Nanako:Let me guess this is where you have to leave?

Bodi:*puts his hands behind his back* Actually, I don't really have anything going on right considering I woke up here and probally will stay here until the end of the vacation. So I guess we can talk for a little while longer. I just don't want to talk them because being honest, talking about other people's relationships is weird.

Nanako:Oh, okay then, so what else can we talk about.

Leeko:Well pool's not open yet, we have to wait until tomorrow.

Noel:*looks at pool* Oh, that explains why there is no water in there.

Bodi:There's also a robot called Clothes Changer.

Nanako:Already met him in a different room. There's 2 others.

Music Stop

?????????? (Bunny suit Man):*creepily* Oh and most importantly, we're all gonna die.

Music:Season of Despair [NDRv3]

Oh man, it's him again. The guy who had the creepy voice, and he also has a creepy bunny suit to match. Not all that surprising if you ask me.

Noel:*angry* It is you, the one who freaked the Ms.Kuroi out earlier. you are even more creepier then I expected.

Nanako:*annoyed* Yep, your'e freaky looking all right. Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?

?????????? (Bunny suit Man):*twitching* Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Bodi:*confused* What is a man?

?????????? (Bunny suit Man):A miserable little pile of secrets.

Leeko:*to the man in a bunny suit* Are you a man?

Noel:Since this terrifying person is bipedal and lacks feathers then yes he is a man.


Kokichi *stops changing his clothes*

Mettaon:What's the matter darling?

Kokichi:*sad* I feel as though I had missed out on a legendary live action crossover meme. *smiles* But knowing my luck there's gonna be another and I won't miss it!

Nanako:*angry* Well look, I'm not sure how long you've been listening to our conversation bunny suit man but let me inform you that you do not scare me. I don't care if your left ear is chopped off, I don't care if you it looks like your flesh is rooting, I don't even care if the eyes of your costume are your actual eyes. *takes a few steps back* Actually I do care about that last thing a little, *back to serious* but you know what I do care about?

?????????? (Bunny suit Man):That is one of the things I do not. What is it that you care about...Ms.Kuroi?

It's obvious that he heard the conversation for a ;otto bot

Nanako:*points at the bunny suit* I know what this your'e is trying to do, Your'e trying to make sure that I get intimidated by you. Well guess what bunny suit man, you may look creepy and you may act creepy but in order for you to strike fear in me you'd have to be in environment that is fitting for your role. Sure we may be trapped on this cruise, but it's still a sunny day and you just more ridiculous with your your robotic legs. *grossed out* Plus green isn't a creative color.

?????????? (Bunny suit Man):*angry* If you knew my past you'd be running away in fear.

Nanako:Gee I guess that your'e right...*smiles* But I don't so in the mean time, your'e going to tell us your name and talent or else *holds out her fists* You'll be put permanent detention.

Wow, I am such a badass today. I should act more like this back at home.

?????????? (Bunny suit Man):...*impressed* I'll admit it has been a long time since someone has stood up to me so I shall only tell you one of those things. *puts hand on his chest* I am William Afton, but you are too address me as Springtrap and I refuse to tell you my talent. Just know that your'e all going to die. Well except for me, because *leans in close* I always come back.

Springtrap:*leaves the area*

Bodi:*shaking his pants* I think I'm going to have to use the little pups room. *runs off*

Leeko:I wish I was as confident of a woman as you...*sad* Hey Noel can I talk to you for a minute in private?

Noel:Oh, s-sure. And please refer to me as "Sister Vermellion" when ever we have a confessional like this.

Nanako:...alone again. *sighs*

Well here's what I could gather about these 3. Leeko:probally has anger issues she needs to work on & also also possibly confidence issues. Bodi on the other hand is optimistic about life and stuff but he also seems to be ignorant (Guess the saying is true then). And as for Springtrap...goddam do I absolutely hate that old mans guts. On the plus side least now I only need to collect 4 buddy bits and maybe once I gather then someone will have an idea about how to leave this cursed cruise line. Kokichi mentioned something about a diner before. I think I'll find where that is next. Besides, Springtrap seemed to be the worst of the worst and I don't see anything else going wrong.

...At least that's what I thought at the time but as Murphy's Law says "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong..." and the anything that was up next would be nothing compared to the sheer horror I would see in the future.

Music:Cool Morning [NDRv3]

If I remember correctly Kokichi said he was going to a diner, so I figured I may as well check to see what the mysterious diner was like, assuming that it isn't another one of Kokichi's Lies. Thankfully it wasn't another one of his lies. I saw the words "Conchita Diner" and that was the only proof I needed that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Although I'm still not sure if the staff here is plotting on killing us at the very least that they were not planning on starvation being two that's done.

Opening the door I saw Red. Like a lot of Red. There was all sorts of shades of red on the walls. There was also a light red carpet on the ground and dark red tables (4 tables with 4 chairs at each). The only thing that wasn't red were the people in it and the food booth. Which was grey and at the moment empty. Mettaon and Kokichi had just exited the building but the four people that were here were probably still an interesting bunch to talk too.

Firstly there was the Delinquent with his hair style that slightly reminded me of those greasers from that one movie. His outfit, ironically, had a gold heart and peace symbol over his black shirt with one unbuttoned button at the top revealing a green shirt underneath. He also had black pants and brown sandals. His outfit was a clear an indication that he also must still be in high school...which is a bit odd considering that he's a bit taller than most high school students, and a bit more muscular too.

He seemed to be having a conversation with the rest of the party. For starters, there was the man in yellow hoodie and his bowl shapped black hair. A part of it was sticking out in the back but it was so thin I was surprised to have noticed it myself. There was also a green pine tree symbol on his shirt. It was also clear that He had this big smile on his face. He also had blue shorts and seemed to be wearing slippers.

?????? (Delinquent Boy):*to Hoodie Boy, laughing* Did anyone tell you that you sound like my grandpa?

??????????? (Man in yellow hoodie):*smiling* No, but you sort of sound like Osomatsu-nii san in english.

?????? (Delinquent Boy):*laughing* I have no idea what that even means but I don't care either!

??????????? (Man in yellow hoodie):*still smiling* I know what it means but you wouldn't understand because it would break the fourth wall!

?????? (Delinquent Boy):*really confused* Now your'e just talking non sense.

??????????? (Man in yellow hoodie):...Ah, nonsense? *apologetic* COMENOSAI HIGASHIKATA KUN!!

?????? (Delinquent Boy):*laughing* That's funnier because my ancestor would never apologize like that!

?????? (Unsuited Girl):*looking away from them* And I thought my band was full of idiots but nope! *clapping* We've got a whole party of idiots right here.

It appeared that the girl who was in the bear suit had unsuited from the bear suit. Though it appeared that it was not by using clothes changer over there as the bear head was on the right side of her and the body was now put behind her on the chair. Thank god it was just a suit this time and she was not an actual bear, other wise I would have been eaten to death...or at least robbed of  Out of that costume I could get a good analysis of her. She had brownish black shoulder length hair and there was a grey cap with black sides on top of it. There was also a little bear logo on the right side of it, also thankfully not a real one. She had a grey hoodie with the words "Fun" visible on it but judging by the fact that she also had a cropped blue jacket on top there might have been more words underneath. She also had black shorts that were visible, but just barley. It's also important to note her lack of shoes and socks.

??????? (Purple Lady):*sleeping* Zzzzzzzz....

Lastly was the purple lady who appeared to be snoring away her problems. I don't care how she got her purple skin, born or not, but I'm both glad that we have the desire to sleep again and disappointed that she isn't taking this more seriously. The woman had long light lavender hair that covered one eye, though perhaps it only looked long because she herself was so short. She also had a black shirt with a hole in it revealing a purple gemstone in the middle. Is that were her shapeshifting powers came from? It's also worth mentioning the stars on her blue jeans and the fact that her shoes didn't have any laces. They could have been socks but they didn't seem like they were socks. Mabye they were slip ons?

?????? (Delinquent Boy):*stops laughing, turns around*...

Wonder what the delinquent is looking at?

Music:Diamond is Unbreakable ~Stand Activated~ [JJBA Part 4 DiU Anime]

?????? (Delinquent Boy):Oi, checking my hair out are ya? Think it looks ridiculous don't ya?

Oh shit, I've been discovered again. And now that this guy is angry I realize how looks dangerous even if I am older than him.

Nanako:Uh...*smiling sweatdrop* I was just examining you so I could make sure you were healthy that's all. I'm the Extraordinary Homeroom Teacher after all, Nanako Kuroi by the way, and I'm just here to make sure that all my fellow guests are okay!

?????? (Delinquent Boy):That...or you wanted to *angry* MAKE FUN OF MY HAIR?

Nanako:W-what? *scared* No. I didn't even notice it.

To be fair it's because it looked like a ton of jelly froze on your head...I better not say that out loud though or else I'll get a black eye.

?????? (Delinquent Boy):You better not have been talking about my hair, *clenches his fist* I don't give a care if your'e a woman, I don't give a care that your'e a teacher, I won't let any one get away with making fun of my hair no matter who it is. Of course, that's only if you were thinking my hair was looking like Sanzae-san.

Nanako:*getting down on her knees* I didn't say anything! I swear! just don't give me a broken nose!

Great there goes points on my badass counter. One minute I'm telling a creep to mind his own damn business the next I'm down on my knees begging a delinquent with butter hair not to kill me. Thank god no one else aren't here to see my failure.

??????????? (Man in yellow hoodie):*smiling* Don't worry, You won't stay injured for long! I already tested it earlier and you'll heal up in no time! That's the ability of Crazy Diamond!

Crazy Diamond...that's the second time that was mentioned....what is that?


Remilia:*suprised* Spell cards don't seem to be working!

?????? (Delinquent Boy):DORA DORA DORA DORA DORA DORA DORA! *deep breaths* And crazy diamond doesn't seem to have affect either!

Nanako:Spell Cards? Crazy what now?


Is that the same thing that was used to try to get out of the door?

?????? (Unsuited Girl):*nods* Matsuno-san tells the truth, but the punch will clearly still hurt so you should probably run right now.

??????? (Purple Lady):*sleeptalking* Zzzzzzzz....Mi torta...

Nanako:*frozen in place* P-please delinquent I beg you not to use your Crazy Diamond on me.

?????? (Delinquent Boy):*Summons 「Crazy Diamond」* My name is Josuke Higashikata, the Extraordinary Fixer...*angry* And it's pronounced 「Crazy Diamond」!

Crazy Diamond is another living being? I'd do an appearance analysis but I'm about to die

Josuke:Now then, Kuroi-san prepare to feel the wrath of the Joestar family! *clenches his fist*


Welp this is how I figured I'd die, not by a creepy bunny, not by a vampire but by some kid whose upset that I insulted his hair, which I didn't even do...out loud anyways.

Nanako:*ducks and cover* Goodbye world.

*screen goes balck & Music Stops*

Crazy Diamond:*moves fist forward* RA!






Nanako:...huh? *takes a peek*

???????? (Purple Woman):*angry, rope in hand* Hey can't a lady get her sleep in peace without a fight going on?

I mean sure I've got a literal weapon inside me, but that's besides the point.

*cg:Josuke getting caught*

Music:Diamond is Unbreakable ~ Main Theme ~ [JJBA Part 4 DiU Anime]

Josuke:*taken back, grabbed by all the other 3* W-what the hell?

?????? (Unsuited Girl):*grabs Josuke by his other arm* Like I said...your'e an idiot and an angry idiot at that. Your'e trying to hurt someone for an insult they didn't even say, unlike Matsuno-kun over there this woman never said anything about your hair.

???????? (Purple Woman):*angry, rope in hand* Ah, which one of you is Mat-sue-no again?

??????????? (Man in yellow hoodie):*grabs Josuke by the chest* That's me! *lets go* Jyushimatsu Matsuno, the Extraordinary Baseball Star! *Wrestling KO's Josuke* Muscle! Muscle! Hustle! Hustle!

*cg end*

Music Stops

Josuke:Ow...I didn't expect that to outcome happen, especially since the only known stand user here is me.

Well dude, you don't need to have to stand up to be powerful, or summon a pink thing out of your back. Sometimes you just need a whip and some help from your team...or complete strangers that are there.

?????? (Unsuited Girl):See? Your noise was so loud you woke the purple lady up...which is actually a good thing considering how lazy she was.

Nanako:*hugging the unsuited girl by her legs, crying* Thank you! Thank you! Your'e a life saver!

?????? (Unsuited Girl):*smiling sweat drop* Nah, I'm just a girl just know how to deal with idiots like these three.

Josuke:*angry* DID YOU CALL ME AN IDIOT?!

Jyushimatsu:*hand over mouth* Am I an idiot?

???????? (Purple Woman):*puts whip away* There's a difference between being lazy and being stupid. *shrugs* I'm just the first one. *smiling* But I can't really blame you in this my fellow furry.

?????? (Unsuited Girl):*confused* What's a furry? *shakes her head* No wait, your'e just trying to distract me. And being lazy doesn't make your behavior any better, while we were exploring this place you were sleeping away as if you didn't sleep just a few minutes ago.

Amethyst:Hey I did some exploring! I explored the surface of this table, and let me tell you it's

?????? (Unsuited Girl):*sighs* Please forgive this one's laziness, I don't know why she's like that. I don't even know her name and talent. As for me? *puts finger on her chinI'm the DJ for Hello Happy World!, Misaki Okusawa...I guess my name is also Michelle though.

???????? (Purple Woman):*smug* Heh, so that's what your fursona is called.

Misaki:*angry* Still don't know what that is.

???????? (Purple Woman):You'll understand when your'e older *looking down* But, nows a better time to introduce myself the never. My name is Amethyst 8XM and I'm the Extraordinary...Runt

What the heck Amethyst? Did you actually literally call yourself the Extraordinary Runt? Oh man, that was not a good idea. And you should have figured that out before hand!

Nanako:Extraordinary Fixer and Extraordinary Runt? Who comes up with these talent ideas in the first place?

Amethyst:*sarcastic* The same people who kidnaped us, duh! *angry* Probably just a bit upset at me for some reason. *smiling* But hey at least there's food, and drinks, like punch.

Josuke:Speaking of punching, *gets up and puts his hand behind his back* Sorry for trying to punch your face earlier Kuroi-san.

Nanako:*trying not to act like a coward* Uh, yeah it's not a big deal kiddo. J-just think before you act from now on, a-and don't go randomly summoning a random pink man behind your back. *stern...ish* Also it's Kuroi-sensei.

Josuke:Okay I'll try Kuroi-Sensei, *combs hair* but don't expect to go easy IF you actually do insult my hair.

Nanako:*gulps* Trust me that won't happen.

Amethyst:I think she's right about that. She’s shaking like a

Josuke:...*realization* Wait a minute, you managed to see 「Crazy Diamond」when it activate? But... you called it a "random pink man" so that clearly means your'e not a stand user. Infact, none of you

Amethyst:*summons whip* Do you want to go back to hold town? Because if I were you, *shape shifts into Josuke* which can be, I wouldn't think you'd wanna go back to hold town.

Misaki:Amethyst-chan, you have the ability to shape shift into anything presumably at will and yet you can't keep your eyes open for more a minute.


If you've been paying attention dear reader I do have the ability to shape shift but I'm really, and I mean REALLY, lazy. That's a character flaw and a character strength. It’s also something I'm okay with, the laziness of course. but not my talent. Pretty sure no one likes getting called a runt, though it is definitely better than being called...defective.

Amethyst:*smiling* Well maybe if you had shapeshifting abilities you wouldn't need that fursuit. *shapeshifts to normal, thinking* Although, Nanako is right. Men don't just appear out of peoples backs, none the less pink men.

Josuke:It's not a man, it's a 「stand」.

Nanako:*confused* Stand?

Josuke:No, 「stand」

Misaki:*confused* Fur Suit? 

Amethyst:Nope! Fursuit.

Nanako:Oi, stand guy first, Fursuits second. Ka peesh?

Amethyst:Fine, so what exactly does that stand of yours do?

Josuke:*explaining* Well, put it simply it has ability to fix things.

Amethyst:Fix things? That oughta be an interesting thing to hear.


Amethyst:*thinking* That also kind of means that the stand is the real Extraordinary Fixer and your'e just a prop?

Josuke:*thinking* Well I suppose you could say that  *angry* if you want a punch in the face. *stern* But it can't really say anything besides Dora Dora Dora so I geuss that I’m the one with the brains here. It also doesn't have that good of a range. It's a D rank there. All the rest are passing grades, though.

Amethyst:*sarcastic* Well at least you got regular honor roll.

Nanako:Uh...that's not how Japanese schools work? Also pretty sure that Americans don’t have Ds on honor roll either.

Amethyst:*shrugg Well I ain't from japan and I’ve never been to school. Less you count Kindergarten.

Josuke:Getting back to the main topic, Crazy Diamond also has super strength, Super Speed and Precision. And the main ability shouldn’t really be called fixing, it’s more like restoring. Heck I’ve even “repaired” some of the people that I’ve hurt. That’s kind of a personal story that Mr.Matsuno experienced before you arrived.

Jyushimatsu:*smiling* Higashikata-kun is vera strong even when he’s fighting without a stand! He might be able to punch out way out of here!

*flashback change*

Nanako:Unless you hit a home strong run first that can destroy the force field.

Amethyst:Force Field?

Nanako:I'll explain later. In the mean time, Matsuno-kun-

Jyushimatsu:*waves his hands around* Yes! My name is Jyushimatsu Matsuno and I'm the Extraordinary Baseball Star.

Nanako:...*still smiling.* Yeah you already told us that.

Josuke:*angry** Oi, that was my flashback Jyushimatsu!

Jyushimatsu:I'm Jyushimatsu!

Nanako:...*confused* I got that down.

Jyushimatsu:I can hit a baseball 78 meters!...*cries* DAMNIT WHY COULDN'T HAVE I JUST GOTTEN

Nanako:Uh, are you feeling okay?

Amethyst:I think he's one of those people who have way to much coffee in the mornings.

Jyushimatsu:Well at least what I'm doing is legal unlike the DJ over there.

Misaki:Uh, actually I've never done any underground concerts before.

Jyushimatsu:Ah, I was talking to Michelle. You know the bear?

*flashback change*

Misaki:Ho boy. Your'e almost like Kokoro, except with black hair and an adult male.

Nanako:Whose this Kokoro you speak of?

Misaki:She's the leader and vocalist of the band I'm in, "Hello Happy World". There's also a timid drummer, a sunny bassist, a guitarist who keeps calling everyone her kitten and me-

Amethyst:I got this one, A furry DJ.

Jyushimatsu:Eh? But Misaki chan doesn't have any fur, that would be Michelle that your'e talking about right?

Misaki:*facepalms* First off, Amethyst-san please don't call me a furry ever again. As for your ignorance Matsuno-kun I am Michelle.

Jyushimatsu:*points to Michelle's head* No you ain't! Michelle is over there without a body!

Misaki:Getting back to my story, Hello Happy World has produced 11 original songs, 3 collaborations and have covered a ton a lot of other songs too, including VOCALOID ones. Besides Amethyst, I wouldn't surprised if you might have heard of us from somewhere?

Amethyst:I mean I haven't but again, I'm not from japan. So what about you 3?

Jyushimatsu:Nope! But maybe my name rings a bell?

Josuke:*annoyed* Do I look like I'm into pop songs? Because I am not!

Nanako:*comforting* Well I'm the last Japanese person in this group and I regret to inform you that I haven't really heard about a band like you guys...*sighs* but then again I don't really pay attention to these sorts of things so it might be just me. *lifts finger up* If it makes you feel any better, there's 2 other people with music themed here, a pop sensation & a musician.

*flashback end*

Jyushimatsu:*gives Misaki a hug* Yay! Your'e not alone!

Misaki:*trying to push Jyushi away* T-that's good to hear. M-mabye one of them knows about the band.

I don't care about your dumb band. But since I know that Jyushimatsu has less intelligence then a brick and can't recognize Misaki with the mask on...let's have a little fun.

Amethyst:*joining in on the hug, stretching her arms, putting the Michelle mask on her head* Hey Misaki! Does anything look a little different to you.

Michelle:H-hey what are you doing? Why is it suddenly black?

Jyushimatsu:*smiling* Yay! Michelles back from the dead!

Amethyst:*gets everyone separated* Dang you guys are gonna be fun to mess around with until we get out of here.

Misaki:*takes off her head, annoyed* That's it if you can't be serious for one second...I'm out of here. *storms out of the room.*

Amethyst:*yells at her* You'll warm up to my jokes if it's the last thing I ever do!

Jyushimatsu:Are? Where did Michelle go? *leaves the room to find her*

Josuke:*takes a few steps back* Yeah, I'm not really in the mood to stay here either. Good bye for now. *follows suit*

Well it appears it's just down to me and the green eyed blonde with the suit on, Nanako Kuroi. Nice outfit by the way, very business casual. Orange Tie, white business shirt, maroon pants, brown heels. You don't seem to be wearing any socks but you do have the decency to at the very least cover up your privates. I dunno what that pockets for but it's probably lame teacher stuff like putting a pen and pencil in. I mean, I don't go to school but that's what the teachers wear in all those weird cartoons so I guess.

Nanako:*looks at her handbook* 13, 14, 15...Looks like all that's left is-

Amethyst:*immitating Pearl, grabbing the tablet* Up, don't look at that screen for too long! You don't want your eyes going red.

Nanako:*stares at her confused* I'm an adult woman I can do whatever I want.

Amethyst:*awkwardly hands it back* Uh I was only imitating a friend of mine. Would it help if I shape shifted whenever I do that so you know I'm being sarcastic?






Amethyst:...Sooooooooo this place does have food right?

Nanako...*thinking* Yeah, that's what the others had said.

Amethyst:...*thinking* There might also some wine.


Amethyst:Only one way to find out. *points to her* Are you in or are you IN?

Nanako:If your'e suggesting that there's a chance for me to get drunk again after waking up upon the ship hungover...*nods* I'm in.