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Then There's You

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Los Angeles


It had been a long day, year actually for Sam and Mercy Evans, they'd been on tours, filming, recording and advertising all ending with a joint interview on the Ella show, ending these last six days of separation, just after the New Year, they'd finally got out of the studio and breathed, he was more than happy to see his wife sitting waiting for him

"Come on, I've got everything" Mercy smiled as he walked towards the limo

"Everything?" he asked his face breaking into a smile after the real news she'd just delivered to Ella and everyone watching in the studio

"Everything" she confirmed grabbing his lips as he sat in the limo "Lets get out of here" she snuggled in watching the chauffer close the door to get them started

"Airport please" Sam told the chauffer

They lived in Malibu, but they were making their way to Jamaica, two of their friends had planned their wedding over the weekend and they were hoping to grab a good time in between all the planning and preparations. Mercy's parents were coming from Carson City and Sam's brother Stevie and his family from Lima, they'd missed so many occasions while being on tours and filming through the year they were trying to do everything at once catch up with friends, family and get the wedding in before they were back on tour, grateful but hoping all their friends had and could work everything around them.

Mercy's Mom had married someone new once her Dad died when she was 12 years old, and for whatever reason, by 19 she never quite felt a part of all that anymore. There was no fault on any side sometimes these things happen, there's an imaginary difference in the way a new man treats his own blood children to the hangers on, even though she used to be the apple of his eye before the wedding, a brother and baby sister, in her eyes, had clouded her existence.

Relationships in the house were getting strained, everything her siblings done provoked a comment at the very least from her. In the end she took the adult decision to go away to college, taking up a music scholarship at UCLA, and to be fair she left Carson City and never even felt like she needed to go back.

Sam had an alright family childhood, there'd been sad times of course, his Dad and sister had died in the terrible road traffic accident, he was only 15 and he'd felt it hard, he sort of went off the rails for a while drinking and staying out and stuff, his Dad was such a big part of his life, and his little sister had been long awaited, he was 14 by the time she arrived and he'd surprised himself by feeling love instead of jealousy at her arrival. He wished he could say that their swift exit had brought the family together but it hadn't, in fact it highlighted the split for him, Stevie; his older brother, was 20 at the time, and Sam had always thought he just couldn't be bothered but it was clear at the funeral that everything had something to do with their Mom.

By the time he was 19 all he knew was that he had to get out of there, he needed to breath, the woman was suffocating him with her possessive, controlling and underhanded ways. She tried to stop him from moving away for college but in the end he'd got Stevie to help him with his application and when he got the offer from UCLA he jumped, he wasn't even sure what he was actually going to study he was just happy to be leaving Medford.

His roommate Blaine had come out to him that first year, and he was fine with that, they knew the boundaries, they partied hard and became really good friends. He went through the first two years of college in the usual way, girls, drink, drugs and a tiny bit of actual study, the third year started out threatening to be the same until one night at a club, they hooked up with these two girls, Rachel and Mercy, for whatever reason, Blaine was up for being straight for the night, so they played their game.

Luckily for him that game turned out to be the only real thing in his life, he refused to stop until he found that girl again and made himself a part of her life


In year three at College Mercy had come into her own, she'd played cupid for most of her friends in a positive way and found herself very much alone, she hooked up with this girl called Rachel, she was so far up herself, but some serious competition on the talent front, she needed this girl close, and that might have been how it started out for both of them, but they soon became friends, encouraging each other to do and be better.

They'd gone out one night, not on the pull, but they weren't not looking, it wasn't long before Rachel caught these guys eying them up and told Mercy, the idea being to get themselves free drinks all night and then drop them when they'd got to their great time feels

"Hi" Rachel waved across the room at the guys giggling

"Rachel" Mercy gasped not believing what her friend had just done "That's sluttish stop it"

"It's fine we're just talking, it's nothing"

"You should have let them make the first move, now what are they going to think of us?"

"That we're up for it I guess" she laughed

"I'm not" Mercy told her laughing friend "Really I'm not" she told her, Rachel stopped laughing and looked at her friend

"How did I not know that about you?"

"Know what?"

"That you're a virgin" she laughed "Follow my lead" she told her as the guys walked towards them "Hi" she smiled frowning as Mercy sucked a massive amount of drink out of her glass through the straw, making the most off putting slurping sound "Sor…" she stopped at this tall blond guy standing in front of them laughing like it was funny "Freaky" she smiled widening her eyes as she looked round at Mercy

"Sorry I wasn't literally laughing at you, I thought it was funny, something I thought only I did" he held his hand out looking at Mercy "Sam" he smiled

"Mercy" she smiled taking his hand

"Drink?" he asked, stepping past an invisible Rachel to get to the bar

"Please ignore me" Rachel looked back at them saying

"Sorry my names Blaine" his friend held his hand out telling Rachel

"Rachel" she took his hand smiling

It had surprised all of them the amount of conversation they'd struck up, the night went quickly as everyone brought drinks, laughed and told stories of funny things that have happened to them on dates.

Mercy felt warm inside, she'd had hit the jackpot with this guy Sam, they'd all but exchanged numbers before Rachel talked her into giving him the wrong digits, she didn't know why she followed her friends advice but she did, and by day two she was regretting that move. She didn't want Rachel to know she'd developed feelings for the man, she was sure she'd tell her she was being stupid and tell her she had a crush. She knew better she'd had crushes before, she knew the difference this was something else.

It was the weekend but by Sunday she was still walking around the campus silently looking for his guy that had caught her eye and did something to her heart, the Monday came and went and still no sign, she was snapping at Rachel all day, pissed off because she was being all booed up about this Blaine guy with no thoughts of her feelings. Tuesday she sat rolling her eyes at Rachel going on about Blaine as if he'd been the best thing since sliced bread

"So what's his kiss like?" she finally asked, fed up with Rachel begging her to ask the question for the hundredth time "If you guys are so fucking loved up, it's got to be out of this world" she huffed

"He hasn't kiss me" she sulked

"You've been going on about him for the past three damn days, what do you mean he hasn't kiss you?"

"I don't know, maybe he doesn't feel the same way"

"Do you think?" Mercy rolled her eyes at her infatuated, frustrating friend

"Listen to you, you're just as bad, don't tell me you haven't been mooning over that Sam guy?"

"I'm not just mooning, if you'd have been interested to ask I'd have told you I'm looking for him, if you must know"

"Now who's acting sluttish?" she laughed, stopping when she noticed Mercy wasn't laughing "You're serious aren't you, you're really into him?"

"Really" she confirmed "I mean I can't even explain it because I don't know this feeling, but he left something behind when he walked away the other night, and you know me I'm not the one to make moves like this, but he's got me" she rested her head in her hands telling her friend, surprised she wasn't laughing at her

"He's the quarterback in the football team" Rachel told her, resting her hand on her shoulder "You should have said"

"I am" she looked up at her smiling "Thanks, we were so busy talking about ex's he didn't even mention he played"

"He seemed into you too" she smiled at her "And Blane's been asking about you, he said it was for that Sam but..." she looked at Mercy again "Sorry I should have said" she told her

"For real?" she smiled

"For real Mercy" Rachel giggled with her friend "Go get your man" she pushed her off the bench

Finally she had a breakthrough, she spent her break sitting in the stands waiting for him to recognise her, it didn't take long, by the end of the game he was standing in front of her smiling that smile again, melting her heart, "Have you heard that song?" he asked

She was filled with panic she hadn't heard a word he'd said "Which one?" she asked at the risk of sounding stupid

"Then There's You" he smiled "Charlie Puth"

"Thank you"  she giggled, their conversation went on forever ending with something like

"You need to tell your friend my boy Blaine's into guys, he was just having some fun that night"

"I think you need to tell your friend Blaine to tell my girl that himself" she told him, the next day she sat watching Rachel's heart break as Blaine delivered the news

Her only compensation being that she'd got her first date with Sam, how that helped Rachel she'd never know, except after that day she maybe had more patience for her friend

End of Flashback

"Sir, you're at the airport" the driver announced just before the car came to a halt