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The Difference Between Reality and Fiction

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A piece of crumbled paper hit the wall and landed perfectly inside the trash can. Relinquishing in the small victory you let yourself fall back onto your bed. Another try you weren't completely satisfied with. It was a bad habit of yours. You would make something be it a drawing or writing a story. And if you weren't satisfied it, it would land in the trash. A failed attempt like this one would also rob you of your motivation for a while. That's why you usually just did something else. But today was different. You absolutely didn't know what to do. Boredom had made it's way into your mind and stayed there like an infection. It wasn't like you didn't have anything to do. The things you could think of just didn't appeal to you today. So that was the reason you laid in your bed and watched the ceiling lost in your own thoughts.

You thought about the most random things you could think of. About your life. About what you thought about religion and other deep topics. About how interesting the dust looked just floating through the air. And the topic you spent most time thinking about. Anime. Recently mostly My Hero Academia. The story was just so good. And you loved all the characters deeply. Sure, there were ones you liked less, but mostly they were all precious. With people like them around life would never be boring.

But you found your life extremely boring. You had some drama going on, especially love drama. You weren't dense you noticed when someone was interested in you. And there were like at least five guys you knew liked you. While you had considered dating one of them, you didn't want to date someone just for the sake of dating someone. You had sworn to yourself that you would only date someone if you were in love with them. But you had never fallen in love. At least not with a real person. That was just one of many reasons why your world couldn't compare to the world full of villains and heroes. The world full of superpowers called quirks. Even though it was a dangerous world to live in compared to yours, you couldn't help but wish living there. Maybe it wasn't the life you lived that was boring. Maybe instead it was this world that bored you. If you could you'd definitely go into a different world. No doubt about it. But something like that wasn't just going to happen. You knew that. But if you had the chance, you would take it. You would never admit it out loud, but it was actually your biggest wish to just start fresh in one of the worlds you grew to love. Suddenly a shiver ran down your spine. A deep, distorted voice filled your bedroom.

Really? Then why don't I fulfill that wish of yours. (y/n) (l/n), welcome to my world.”

What was going on?

Suddenly your warm bed was gone and you helplessly fell into a swirling vortex of nothingness.

… Ehhh?!




The sports festival was going in full force.  The crowd cheered as the victors stood upon their pedestals. The only thing off about the scene was the fact that the angry blonde who had made first place was actually chained up.


Bakugo Katsuki just wasn't having it. It's all that half n half bastards fault! He refused to accept it! This wasn't victory at all! 

All Might went around and gave medals and pieces of advice. Katsuki pulled on his restrains. He didn't want that fucking shitty medal. When All Might stood before him that guy even let out a snort... Why the fuck did they tie him up. At least he had his mouth free now.

"All Might. Winning this way... doesn't prove that I'm the best at all! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT! Get that piece of garbage away from me!", he managed to yell before the medal was forced on his head. After struggling for a while the medal hung from his mouth. 

Shitty half n half wouldn't get away with this. It was all his fault. He should just spit it out, but he was too angry. Suddenly he noticed something behind All Might. The crowd seemed to notice as well. All Might noticed his confused stare and turned around, giving Katsuki free sight of what looked like a giant black hole in the air. A sound like thunder stopped the cheering crowd in their tracks. Everyone was focused on what they had to assume was a villains quirk. The symbol of peace walked forward, visibly more tense than he had been a few moments ago. After another rumbling thunder some of the people in the crowd began to panic. The pros immediately jumped into action of calming down the crowd, knowing they had no time to evacuate.

Why the fuck was he still chained up?! This wasn't the time for this. Todoroki, who noticed his predicament came over and froze his shackles. Good. That fucker better prepare himself. After all of this he'll get revenge for this. But there were more important things now. Katsuki let out a small explosion that burst open the shackles. He gave a small acknowledging nod to half n half and then turned his attention back to the swirling black matter. He was sure it wasn't that mist freak from the USJ. It looked different somehow. Now that he watched more closely he saw that the black matter was moving, slowly getting smaller. Then just as it was about the size of a human it began to pulse.

By now the entire stadium was just watching. Except a few still trying to desperately leave, most had faith in the pros, in All Might the symbol of peace to keep them safe. The pulsing black matter started rotating in addition to the pulse. Then something fell out of it. A villain? Katsuki entered a battle stance just in case. The pros and his fellow students doing the same. If that really was a villain they had to be either suicidal or extremely strong and confident. But maybe he could let off some steam against this bastard.

He was about to blast off towards the villain, when he got a better look at what fell out of the sky. It was a person, probably a girl and she didn't look like a villain at all. In fact what he saw stopped him in his tracks. This person was probably a victim in all of this and everyone could tell. Because she hat gruesome wounds all over her body. Luckily she was no longer falling. In the second Katsuki had taken to identify her as a victim, All Might had caught her. The heroes were already on the move.

“Bring her to recovery girl, hurry!”

Sometime during the confusion the black matter has disappeared completely. All that was left was a murmuring crowd. Speculations and rumors started to brew, all about a mysterious girl that fell from the sky.




Beep Beep Beep

You woke up startled. Where were you? Some kind of infirmary? The beeping you heard came from a monitor next to the bed you were lying in. Your body was wrapped in bandages and you hurt all over. Were you hit by a truck or something? Sure felt like it. You looked around. The room was empty besides your bed, a table and a few chairs. Oh well you'd figure it out eventually. No use panicking right now. At least these sheets were soft and fluffy. You ran your hands over the sheets, feeling satisfied for now. Your fingers brushed something that wasn't soft at all. Grabbing it, you noticed it was a piece of paper. Where did it come from? There hadn't been anything just a few seconds ago.

Hey there (y/n),

First of all I'm sorry for your injuries. Traveling between dimensions isn't exactly safe for the human body. Actually I'm kinda surprised you didn't die. It was the first time it worked. After all of those failures it's kind of a miracle actually.

Anyway, you survived so my theory on dimension travel being possible isn't wrong. And as a result you get to live in My Hero Academia. It's a win - win.

I should probably explain. For now you can simply call me Daz. I study the theory of different dimensions and their connections with each other. Though until now I didn't have any proof that any of my theories are true.

The short story is that thanks to my quirk I was able to transport you here and I'm currently a little bit incapacitated so I can't contact you personally except for this letter.

About this world. It's the exact world of the anime and manga in your dimension. Though you might find yourself surprised. After all this world is your new reality now. Remember, that anime of yours only showed things that were relevant to the story. But since it's you I'm sure you will understand pretty quickly what I'm trying to say.

Your situation is as follows. You fell from the sky at the end of the sports festival, All Might caught you and brought you to U.A.s infirmary. They don't know if you are a villain or a victim yet, so they'll probably question you. Everything will be fine, so just tell them the truth. Well except for this letter. Don't mention it. It would only get both of us in trouble. In fact, please rip this letter apart and flush it down the toilet as soon as you are done reading. I don't know if and when I'll be able to contact you again, so please just enjoy life in your new world.


PS: obviously you didn't miraculously gain a quirk, so you are quirkless. Sorry, can't do anything about that.

Wha? That's a lot to take in. And what the hell did Daz mean with ‘I'm surprised you didn't die.’ Did he expect you to die?! You are gonna kill that bastard if you ever get your hands on him. Who is Daz exactly anyway?! But for now you'd just have to roll with it. You had too little information on the situation. Disregarding advice from some shady, letter writing asshole didn't seem like the best idea. That would just be like one of those stupid protagonists that didn't seem to know the word communication. Also there were two suspicious parts about that letter. Sure, the entire letter was suspicions, but those two parts were even more suspicious than others. “I'm currently a little bit incapacitated” and “since it's you I'm sure you will understand”

The first clearly indicated that something happened to Daz. It could either be because of your travel to this dimension or because of some other interference. The other suspicious part showed that he knew you to a degree that allowed him to make such a statement. For a split second you wondered if all this is actually real, but as quickly as it came you disregarded this thought. You weren't an idiot. This wasn't like those fanfictions. This was your real life now. You didn't have time to doubt. You needed a strategy and you needed actions. You just had to trust what you saw right in front of you. And that was a letter that said you were now in My Hero Academia.