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if the accident will

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The glass breaks.

It’s splinters beneath his grip and shatters abruptly. Loki releases the shards with a hiss and tucks his thumb into the edge of his mouth to suckle at the resulting blood.

Thor hates a mess.

The whir of the house droid startles him badly and he skirts backwards as the little automaton reaches out a golden hand and pats awkwardly at Loki’s shin.

“Step back if you please,” it says, and Loki is always astonished at the natural cadence of its voice. There’s nothing like that Off Core and Loki obliges with a smile.

“You should be more careful,” it repeats, and Loki drops to his knees so he can meet its beady little eyes. They flicker with electricity from time to time, and its body is made of Absolute Gold.

“I’m not allowed accidents, Lor?” Loki teases, and the droid has the presumption to look affronted. “Left to clean your own messes and you’d die within the week,” Lor says, and Loki puts a fist over his mouth to stifle his laughter.

Lor is no bigger than a toddler, the most minor of house droids. He’s remarkably sentient but he’s not meant for more involved management of the estate.

He’s a very good companion, though.

“Put your shoes on!” Lor says, shaking one of his little legs as he returns to an upright position. The glass tinkles around inside of him, sequestered in a garbage chute that he’ll empty at the end of the day.

“Yes, Lor,” Loki says dutifully, and when he leaves it is silent again.

Loki wanders over toward the wide window and glances up as a mod whizzes by overhead. This is Thor’s summer home--Loki’s domain now, and there’s not much air traffic.

Thor wouldn’t like it if there were.

The clock chimes, an Off Core melody that reminds him of the one Hel used to sing to him before bed.

“The Lord of the House will arrive in fifteen minutes,” the clock says, and Loki wraps his arms around himself.

It isn’t until later that he finds the smallest shard of glass embedded in his heel.


Thor’s family has controlled seven planets in the system since well before Loki’s line even began. Asgard is the Core planet and as the eldest of his line, his to maintain.

Loki has only ever seen Thor’s father in holograms and newsreels, and he can see where Thor gets his bearing and his eyes.

Loki’s surprised that Thor’s been able to get away twice in one week and it fills him with a sickening sort of pleasure.

Thor arrives with little fanfare.

He enjoys the crowds and accolades when he’s orchestrated it for personal benefit, but when he comes to Hulgade he likes to be greeted by Loki and Loki alone.

“Where is he,” Thor says, directing his question to another house droid, this time a maid whom Loki has named Ella.

“I expect the sun room, My Lord,” she says, and Thor spares her no further attention.

His face warms as soon as he sees Loki and Loki can’t help but to tremble. Out of all the elske Thor had chosen him. He thinks about his Father’s face, the unfamiliar stretch of pride on Laufey’s features.

Hel had cried. Even Byl had shared his bed that night, and the next morning he’d flown off Outer for the first time in his life.

Loki thinks of the price for his virginity and fidelity and hopes that Hel’s daughters are nothing but fed and safe.

“You’ve not come to meet me,” Thor says, and his golden hair is twisted atop his head in a careless fashion. He must have unbraided it immediately after his meeting.

“I’m always waiting for you,” Loki says truthfully, stomach twisting violently. He can’t stand when Thor isn’t nearby.

“Of course you are,” Thor says, untying the lacing on his outer coat. It drops to the floor almost soundlessly and Loki wraps both arms around his middle.

He’s in Thor’s favorite--a rain-made gown from Nidavellir, the planet a younger brother maintains.

Thor prefers him to wear nothing but this when they meet, when he sleeps and when he wakes.

Thor can see the swell of his breasts and the dark peak of his nipples from where they press hungrily against the fabric.

Thor’s thumb is large and abrasive as he drags it over the sensitive nub.

“I’m taking you with me, next trip Off Core,” Thor murmurs and Loki cannot help but to arch up into his touch.

Thor’s hand glides down to curve over his ass, parting the right cheek from the left. He releases it only to slap it, and Loki can feel the wetness collecting between his legs.

“Would you like that?” Thor asks, and Loki nods, face pressed into the wide slope of Thor’s neck.

“Is your cunt wet for me,” Thor says, moving his hand from Loki’s breast to his long hair, dragging his neck exposed.

“Always, always,” Loki says, because it’s true. It is.

“Show me, little one,” Thor demands, stepping backwards just far enough for Loki to push the shift away from his body.

It hits the ground with the patter of a gentle rainfall, and Loki can see that Thor is hard beneath his slacks.

Loki’s inner thighs are sticky and he presses two fingers into his pussy with no fanfare.

“See?” Loki says, already breathing too heavily.

Thor replaces Loki’s fingers with his own and they are big. Thick and cumbersome in a cunt that has only housed Thor’s dick.

“You spend your days wet for me, don’t you,” Thor says, a laugh in his voice. He is inexorable, his fingers squelching as he twists them inside of Loki.

Loki stands on tiptoe, not tall enough to see over Thor’s shoulder even then. He is loud in the relative peace of the room, and Thor is shameless.

“I’ll bring you back to Harald with me,” Thor says, pressing so closely to Loki’s naked body that he can feel the heat of Thor’s dick against his skin.

“Fuck you in my wedding bed,” Thor laughs, and Loki closes his eyes at the thought of it.

You’re no high-ranking Lord without elske and Loki’s stomach clenches at the thought of how many wet boys like him Thor must have across the galaxy.

Thor’s brazen and powerful enough to fuck his elske in the bed he shares with his wife. No one would say anything of it.

Loki imagines screaming into her pillows.

His pussy slicks further, and he blushes in shame at the juice that runs down Thor’s fingers.

“You like that,” Thor surmises, widening his stance so that he can pick Loki up. Loki goes willingly, pussy loose from the stimulation.

He’s leaking on Thor’s work attire, and Thor laughs at the feeling.

“Are you rubbing your pussy off on me, little one?” Loki’s ears flush red and his dark hair covers his cheeks.

“You’re the nastiest thing I own,” Thor says, bending his neck to steal a kiss. Loki gasps at the contact. Thor is good at kissing but often angry and impatient when he arrives. Loki often waits days during a visit for the first kiss.

Thor is in jovial spirits it seems and Loki encourages it, bouncing against his leg like a dog in heat.

“You like it,” Loki teases, breathless.

Thor laughs and snakes his finger around Loki’s ass, pinching the peachy skin of it before dipping his thumb into Loki’s quivering hole.

His moan is loud and unencumbered and Thor seems to have had enough teasing.

“I’m going to fuck you unconscious,” he says, and Loki would laugh it hadn’t happened before.

They make it to Thor’s rooms barely upright, and Thor drops him in the center of the bed only to twist his body around and drag him to the edge.

“All fours,” Thor demands, and Loki arches his back, holds both cheeks open because he knows that Thor likes him slutty.

“The Nine,” Thor grunts, and Loki listens for the sloppy sound of him fisting his dick. It slides through Loki’s slick and bumps up against the clutch of his cunt.

Loki is terrified that it won’t fit but it always does and this time is no exception.

The intrusion forces a scream out of him and Thor laughs at the sound, big and happy.

“Tight little bitch,” Thor says, his large hand tightening on the nape of Loki’s neck.

The grip is unbreakable and Loki can barely breathe forced into the blankets. He loves it. There’s nothing for Thor but him.

“How--fuck--” Thor hisses, “am I supposed to get anything done when I know you’re here waiting to keep my cock warm?”

“Could t-take me with you,” Loki gasps out, surrendering his precious air.

“I’ve never been fucked in a mod,” he adds, and Thor laughs again, twice in one bedding.

Thor’s thumb traces over his hole, teasing before he shoves that in as well, heedless of the shudder of Loki’s slight body.

“Push back on both, baby,” Thor croons, and Loki does, making broken wails into the open air.

“You want my dick in here, too?” Thor asks, slightly out of breath.

Loki’s nodding like a loose puppet, and Thor drags him into position.

“Hold your ass open for me again,” Thor says. Thor makes an approving sound when Loki braces himself with his face and spreads his cheeks as wide as they will go.

“You’re obscene,” Thor says, and he shoves forward, heedless of all else. His pace is not cruel but nor is it sedate, and he hitches Loki’s hips up and runs his thumbs down below Loki’s eyes.

The tears are salty and Thor hums in satisfaction.

“Too big, baby?” Thor asks, and Loki nods dumbly.

“H-hurts,” he gasps out, because it does. It always does but he’s still so fucking wet and he might be torn but he would let Thor do it again and again and again--

Thor rocks in a half circle, rooted deep in his ass and reaches around to rub teasingly at Loki’s clit.

“Come before I spill in your ass,” Thor says, his voice a soft croon.

“Hump my hand, baby,” he commands and Loki does, grinding the blood-swollen nub against Thor’s calloused fingertips. The burn in his backside is fierce but he bounces back against it, chasing the feverish pleasure-pain.

Thor grunts with his efforts and Loki comes in bursts, his body quaking with shocks against Thor’s hand.

“Look at you squirt,” Thor says admirably, shoving two fingers back into the tight clutch of his pussy even as he comes deep in Loki’s ass.

“Let it, let it spill,” Thor breathes, eyes half closed as he pulls out.

“I like to see it.”


Thor smokes on the balcony after they fuck.

It’s his post-sex habit and Loki knows for a fact that the Lady doesn’t like it but Thor has never done anything that he doesn’t want to.

Thor’s holovid goes off as he stares at the setting of Asgard’s twin suns.

Loki watches him, shirtless with sleep pants slung low on his hips.

Loki remains undressed because Thor likes to catalogue his bruises and add new ones. There’s nothing he likes better than seeing Loki leak his come.

Loki won’t be allowed to shower before he’s got another load in his pussy.

He dips a finger into his ass and winces at the burn of it. He’s getting wet regardless. The squelch of Thor’s come feels delicious and he humps his finger like that as the Lady’s face is superimposed on Thor’s holo.

“You’ll be home tomorrow?” she asks with no preamble.

Thor’s carillion cigarette glows blue in the fading light.

“That evening or the morning after,” Thor says, his voice tinged with faint affection.

“You’re at Hulgade, then,” she says, pushing wavy brown hair away from fine features.

Thor straightens to his impressive height and tosses the butt away.

“You’re out of line,” Thor says, former affection replaced by something more sinister. Loki shivers. Loki limps when Thor fucks him after he sounds like that.

It still gets him hot, his asshole flexing around a temporarily motionless finger.

“I’d just like to know how long the girls will have to wait--” Thor makes a terrible sound and the Lady falls silent.

“You’d think I created the elske system the day my father ejaculated me into my mother’s womb,” Thor grits out, and Loki can see that the Lady’s cheeks are flushed.

“Don’t bring up my babies in the same breath,” Thor threatens.

It’s blissfully quiet for a moment, and then Loki can hear the Lady speak with the peculiar cadence she has when she’s struggling not to cry or fly into a rage.

Loki has been with Thor since his fourteenth summer, three summers ago. He has heard a good deal of arguments between his Lord and Thor’s Lady.

“You’ll call when you’re on the way, then?” She asks, and Thor nods, his eyes already focused on the gentle slopes of Hulgade’s hills.

“Tell Elka and Marin I love them,” Thor says, and the Lady’s face makes a complicated motion before she nods.

“I love you, Thor,” she says, and Thor’s face softens so infinitesimally that Loki unconsciously leans forward to catch better sight of it through the crack in the balcony door.

“I love you, too,” he says, ending the call.

Loki thinks about the broken glass appliance that winks purple, a holo of a baby circling above the device.

Loki curls one hand around his middle and shoves his finger deeper.