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Fall For His Smile

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“We don’t celebrate Christmas.”


Ashido produces a monstrous pout directed towards Bakugou, folding her arms as she does so. Trust him to knock her spirit.


“Yeah, I know that, but we could! Well- okay, I was researching what other countries do for Christmas, right, and I found this!”


She holds her phone about two centimetres away from Bakugou’s face and he has to cross his eyes to even look at the screen, let alone read the words. Either way, he wasn’t going to humour whatever half-baked plan she was coming up with now, but when he eyes Kirishima and Kaminari looming over the other end of the couch, looking hopeful, he wonders if he’ll have a choice.


“Okay, so they call it a ‘Secret Santa!’ What you do is you write everyone’s names on a piece of paper, put it in a box and then each person has to pull a name out. You don’t tell anybody what the name is, but what you gotta do is buy a present for them! Then, when it gets to Christmas, you all hand your presents over and find out who got you what!”


Her explanation is unbearably long-winded but it would be harder for Bakugou to get through it without understanding, so by the very end of it, he gets the gist. Ashido looks mildly offended by his lackluster response as she shakes her phone for emphasis. “C’mon, it sounds super fun, right? We figured we were gonna do it as a class!”


“Well, then definitely count me out.”


He flinches slightly as Kirishima claps his hand hard on his shoulder, leaning over the back of the sofa, “Sorry, buddy, no can do. There are twenty of us and if one of us drops out, then someone’s gonna go without a present. It’s only fair.”


Bakugou folds his arms and grunts, knowing full well Kirishima’s point actually made very little sense and he gets the feeling Kirishima, himself, probably hadn’t put too much thought into it. Still, he’s still not totally convinced but he’s been in this class long enough to know how this is going to end. Kaminari jumps the back of the couch to plonk himself next to Bakugou, far too friendly for his liking.


“C’mon, dude. Look, if you get Midoriya, we promise we’ll swap with you, okay?”


That sure did sound convenient enough, but the entire premise just didn’t interest him. Not only did it seem like a colossal waste of time, but he really didn’t fancy getting too chummy with the rest of his classmates.


But, as he eyes Ashido ranting to the group of students entering the dorm, taking their shoes off, he sighs with resignation.


“Okay, so do we all get it?”


There’s a short chorus of agreement from the class, all sat in the communal area, as Ashido sells her little idea. The girls seem to be the most excited by it- though you can’t see her too well from the clothes she’s wearing, Hagakure seems to be vibrating with energy.


“Is there a limit to what we can gift the person we get?” It’s a very sensible question from Yaoyorozu, which Iida backs up at the speed of sound and if he’s about to start sticking all kinds of rules on this thing, Bakugou might really have to tap out.


“Well, it’s common for people to have, like, a budget on these things.” Ashido explains, “So let’s say our price limit is 1500 yen, okay? You can’t go above that!” She holds her hand flat in front of her face to indicate a line being drawn and the rest of the class seem to agree on that.


The moment Iida opens his mouth Bakugou zones out and begins to observe the other students in his class, who also seem bored to listen to the finer tunings of this activity, but as his eyes stop upon Tokoyami, who is stood by the window with his arms folded, leant against the wall, a small piece of paper is thrust in his face.


He snatches it with a grimace. A pencil is passed around the group and he scribbles his name as messily as he can, before folding it and flicking it into the small jar on the table. Once everyone’s names have gone into the jar, Ashido picks it up, puts the flat of her hand over the top, and begins to shake it with vigour.


The other students watch, sat on the edges of their seats and they’re excited to see just who they’re gonna get. Bakugou can’t help but think that some of these people must be impossible when it comes to buying them gifts. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what to buy somebody like Shouji, who happened to be stood at the back, quietly talking to Tokoyami.


Bakugou notes their height difference with mild amusement, wondering if that little shortstack had grown at all since their admission into school.


He’s caught up daydreaming about the period of time between the start of school and now when the jar is thrust under his nose and he frowns. He rolls his eyes, purely to emphasise his thoughts on the idea, but snags a piece of paper with two fingers anyway. He doesn’t open it and, instead, watches everyone else pick their bits first.


At the very end, Ashido overturns the jar and allows the final piece of paper to flutter gently onto the table, which she then picks up. “Alright, do we all have a piece of paper!”




“Then let’s see who we got! Remember, don’t tell anyone! Even if you really, really wanna!”


Her warning goes mostly unheard, but the class falls oddly silent as they all read their bits of paper. Bakugou can practically hear the gears whirring and he can see a few bemused expressions, wondering just how the hell they were gonna buy a gift for this person of all people.


Oh, that’s right.


He still hadn’t read his, yet, had he?


Holding it a little closer to his face, he deftly unfolds the paper with one hand and reads ‘Tokoyami Fumikage’ in small, neat handwriting.