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Standing On The Broken Pieces

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The Nemeton sits as it has for decades, though, more powerful than before. Still, something, someone, calls to it's power. Someone who had bonded themselves with it before. If the stump could feel emotions, it would feel curiosity at this pull. Reaching out, it connects with the boy in question. The Spark that had sacrificed himself to it to save his father. Yes, this boy was worthy of it's protection and power.


Stiles wakes with a start, a soft rush of electricity running under his skin. He takes in a deep breath, taking in his surroundings. He's in his new bed at the compound. Jackson and Isaac still sleeping beside him. He smiles down at them, before squeezing out of their embrace, watching with amusement as they pull each other closer as he leaves.

Stepping out of the room, he walks down the empty halls, with such a small pack, the large base almost always feels empty. Making his way to dinning area, he finds Chris sitting in front of window sipping a cup of coffee.

"Morning." The hunter greets him, as Stiles pours himself a cup of coffee. Adding milk and a lot of sugar.

"You're up early."

"Could say the same about you."

"I think something's calling me. I want to make a trip into Beacon today. Care to come with me? With Nat and Clint out on missions, I need someone with me."

"Sure, I'll come with, I need to grab some stuff from my house anyway." Stiles smiles at the hunter's remark, he's clearly lying, but he doesn't call him up on that.

"Heard anything from Allison?" Chris shakes his head with a sigh.

"No, she's not responding to my texts or calls. I think she's still mad about me joining your pack. Because apparently it's only fine when she does it." Stiles rolls his eyes, having been present when she had confronted Chris at home when she found out.

"She's just mad that hunters no longer trust her after she sided with Gerald." Stiles thinks back to the last time they'd seen him, being taken away by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to be shipped to the Fridge.

"When do you want to head to town?" Chris changing the subject away from his father. Stiles resists to urge to laugh at the sudden change. But goes along with it.

"I was thinking we could grab breakfast at that new cafe, drop some off to my dad at the station. I'll just get changed into something more appropriate." Looking down at his pjs, with a sigh, Stiles gulping down his cup of coffee.

"Alright, I'll see you out front in five minutes." Chris doesn't like it when people keep him waiting. So Stiles hurries out of the room. Finding Jackson and Isaac still asleep when he gets there. He shuffles through his closet for a change of clothes before moving to the adjoining bathroom to change away from the wolves. Once changed, he makes his way back to his room and flicks on the lights. Jackson lets out yawn as he starts to wake up, catching sight of Stiles as he blinks at the bright light.

"Morning. I'm about to head out with Chris. I'll see you later." Jackson just blinks at him for a moment, before standing up and giving Stiles a hug.

"Be safe. Call if you need anything." Jackson whisper in his ear.

"Yeah, yeah." Stiles pushes him away with a smile.

Walking to the front doesn't take long, but Chris stands waiting next to his SUV, looking at his watch. With a roll of his eyes, Stiles pushes him out of the way and get in on the passenger side. Chris gets in and starts the ignition.


The Sheriff's Department is mostly deserted when they get there, only a few deputies actually on desk duty. Parrish being one of them, who gives Stiles a tired smile when he places a bagel in front of him on the way to his father's office.

"Hey Daddy-o. Got you breakfast." Stiles throws the paper bag at his father. Who only notices it's been thrown at him when it hits him in the head.

"Morning kid. You're up early, it's not even-" The Sheriff checks his clock and sighs, realising that it's later than he thought it was. "Ten."

"You should go home and sleep. And take Jordan with you, he looks like he's about to pass out at his desk." The Sheriff just waves a hand at him.

"Shift ends in an hour, then I'll head home." John looks out his office door at Jordan, who is slowly munching on the bagel while struggling to keep his eyes open. "And I'll take him back to the compound to sleep."

Knowing that's the best he'll get out of his dad, Stiles just nods before bidding a farewell as he leaves. Chris is still waiting outside with the car running. When Stiles gets in, he takes in a deep breath and tries to track the strange energy crawling under his skin. It doesn't take long before he figures out the source.

"We need to go to the Nemeton." Stiles tells the hunter who nods, before driving towards the preserve. The car park for the public area of the preserve is all but empty, only one other car parked there. Stiles gets out of the car as soon as it's park and walks towards the edge of the forest.

"Stiles, wait up for a moment." Chris locks the car and walks towards the boy, who's jumping up and down on the spot. Stiles grabs the mans hand and drags him towards the woods, only letting go when Chris actually starts to follow.

"It's near by, it's magic is getting stronger. I think it's moved again, it seems closer than last time. Oh, we're here." Stiles steps into the clearing, and looks at the stump in front of him. He feels the air around him pulsing with magic. Placing a hand on the stump Stiles hums a tune and closes his eyes.

A wash of power rushes through Stiles, echoing through his very being. The Nemeton connects to the Spark, tying him to the land that it sits on. When Stiles opens his eyes, a small sap sits in a pot on top of the stump. The Nemeton no longer inhabiting the dying remnants of it's former self.

"Why don't we take you to the compound, plant you somewhere safer, with lots of light. Hmm, does that sound good?" Stiles asks the sap, picking up the small pot. Chris looks at Stiles in bewilderment, but figured out long ago to not question the weird things around him. "Still want to swing by yours?"

"Yeah, sure." Chris leads Stiles back out of the woods, Stiles focusing entirely on the plant in his hands. Chris takes a few short cuts to get back to the Argent house as quickly as possible. When they arrive, Scott's motorbike is parked out front. Meaning Allison must be inside.

"Want me to come in with you?" Stiles asks when he notices the bike as well.

"Please." Stiles places the pot down on the floor, and hidden away slightly. "Okay, let's go."