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Dreams of She and Me

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It was a nice warm summer night in southeast Texas and it seemed fit to take Lauren out the the river walk. The stars were shining perfectly and I wanted to show her the beauty of the south.

I pick Lauren up from her place in surprise to take her out. She quickly goes upstairs to put on a sky blue cotton dress with some white converse. Her hair was up in a lose ponytail and to put it simply, she looked adorable and anybody who didn't think so would just be plain crazy.

After Lauren is dressed and ready to go we hop into the car and head to the river walk. Unlike other times, the river walk isn't that packed. There were a few people walking around enjoying this nice summer night just like the rest of us. This was were all of the cruise ships and what not took off or arrived. There were pizza parlors, candy shops, and a few little tourist places. There was even a movie theatre not too far from here so I decided to take her in to see a movie.

The movie was good, well what we saw of it. I was too busy admiring how beautiful my girl was and making her laugh and my offhanded comments about the actors. Her smile never faltered and our laughing almost got us kicked out of the movie but it was all worth it. Her beauty amazed me and the thought that people have mistreated her and hurt her makes my blood boil. Who would do things to just a beautiful girl? That was beyond me but I don't think I would change any of it if it meant I couldn't have her here with me.

After the movie was over we walked in a comfortable silence, our fingers intertwined as we watched the dragonflies and a few butterflies flutter past us. It was really like a dream and I don't think I could imagine anything better than this moment.

"You hungry?" I ask her as we pass up the pizza parlor. "They have the best pizza I've ever tasted."

She looks at me with a smile and nods, "I could eat a slice of pizza."

I kiss her forehead and pull her towards the parlor, "Pizza it is then."

Once in the parlor she just smiles as she takes in her surroundings. It was a Irish pub with a wall full of assorted liquors and big Irish guys with long orange beards. There was one guy in particular who was just a joking around with the patrons when he sees us walk in.

"Good evening! What brings you lovely ladies here tonight?" He asks with a smile as big as his belly. He had an wonderful smile and a very happy air about him.

I smile over at Lauren, "Well, we want two slices of that fabulous pepperoni pizza you make."

"Aye, just two? You look a little thin." he says with a laugh, his Irish accent very heavy.

"And two cherry cokes please."

He nods and pulls the pen from behind his hear to right the order down, "Give me fifteen minutes and I'll have it to you."

I nod, "Thank you." I say as I turn to Lauren who is still just kinda looking around. "You want a booth or a table?"

She smiles wide, "A booth."

We go to a empty booth by the window and talk a bit, joking around and occasionally locking eyes. Even after the pizza arrived we still talked and just did our own little thing.

It was really perfect sitting here with her. I can't even explain the flutter in my heart or the butterflies in my stomach. We've been talking to each other for about a month but it feels longer and I don't want it to end. She doesn't think she's worthy sometimes, like she doesn't deserve something good but I think she does. I think she deserves everything and so much more. I want to be the one to give that to her. Give her everything she's ever dreamed of. I want to make those beautiful eyes sparkle and shine more than they already do. Call me cliché but it's just what I think she deserves because she is such a beautiful person.

After finishing off our food I decide to take her on a stroll across the walk. It was truly a beautiful night. We walked along the grass just glancing around at the stars and moon and when I looked over at her my breath got caught in my throat. The moon was shining off of her skin as she tilted her head back and enjoyed the cool summer breeze with her eyes closed. I really don't think I've seen anything as perfect as her in this moment. I wanted to take a picture but the picture wouldn't do her justice, not even a little bit.

I stop walking and Lauren stops with me, looking at me with a confused look on her face, "You okay?"

"Yeah." I say with a small smile and caress her cheek with my hand, her eyes closing as she leaned into my touch. "So beautiful." I whisper and bring my lips softly to hers. She sighs into my contently and my heart swells as I wrap her in my arms and hold her to me. Her lips are as softer than I imagined and I would give anything to live in this moment forever with her.