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"And play at books that I have read"

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It was evening. The lamps were lit. Elrond and Celebrian sat around the fire with Elrohir and Elladan, who were talking softly. Celebrian was humming. Elrond, listening, almost dozed away.

Silence fell and, suddenly, he asked: ‘Where is Arwen? Wasn’t she sitting by my right foot only a moment ago?’

‘I have no idea!’ said Celebrian, smiling.

‘She must have sneaked away very cleverly,’ said Elladan.

‘She is lost to us!’ exclaimed Elrohir dramatically.

Arwen, in the shadows, burst out giggling.

‘What were you playing at, Arwen?’

‘Beren and Luthien!’

‘And who were you being?’

‘Beren the outlaw, of course!’