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Bottom Shiro Week 2019 - Kink Bingo

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“Shiro. There’s something I need to talk to you about,” Keith said once they had settled together in the bath. Keith lay against Shiro’s chest, tucked between his legs in the steaming water. Several of his dark tentacles spilled from the sides of the tub and curled aimlessly along the porcelain while others had wrapped their way around Shiro’s calves and ankles.


“Is everything okay?” he asked, tightening his arms around the cecaelia’s middle.


“Yes, yes I’m fine—well. Sort of.” He paused hesitantly. Shiro waited patiently for Keith to continue, sensing that whatever was about to come next was important. “My mating season is approaching.”


“Okay?” Shiro felt a cold trickle of fear that perhaps he misunderstood the meaning of being Keith’s mate. Did cecaelia take multiple mates? Was their bond only a fleeting seasonal interlude?


“Would you want to spend it with me?” Keith’s voice was small. He sounded unsure.


Keith. Of course I would.” Shiro couldn’t help the surprise that brightened his tone. He was still confused, though. “But...didn’t you—aren’t we already...I thought I was already your mate?”


Keith swirled around and snaked his arms around Shiro’s neck. He pulled himself into Shiro’s lap fully, some limbs gripping the lip of the tub while the ones that were still hidden beneath the water grasped around Shiro’s legs and waist to envelop him fully.


“Yes, you are my mate. We are bonded.” He brought a hand to cup Shiro’s cheek and kiss him softly. “But I haven’t...ah...mated with you. Not in the fullest meaning of the word for my kind.”


“And what’s that?” Keith’s ears pinked at Shiro’s question, which piqued Shiro’s interest.


“Well, that’s actually what I really wanted to talk to you about. You’ve handled everything about my nature that I’ve thrown at you beautifully.” He dropped kisses to Shiro’s brow and nose with a fond smile. One tentacle slithered its way up Shiro’s chest and traced his mouth. Shiro opened his lips and let the tip of the appendage poke inside. He felt the limbs around him tighten. “But this—mating—it’s more. More than I’ve asked of you yet.” He pulled his tentacle back and let it lazily linger at the base of Shiro’s throat.


“I’m not frightened, Keith. I’ve told you this. I want it all. So tell me what you need and it’s yours.”



Observance of the mating season required Keith to spirit Shiro away to his cave. They stood at the edge of a secluded cove, not far from where the ship had docked and would remain until its captain returned.


“There is a plant that you can chew—we use it when we take land mates—and it will help you.”


Shiro felt trepidation as he took the slimy green plant from his lover’s hands. He had absolute faith that Keith would not put him in danger. However, he was a sailor by trade and had seen too many men taken by the ocean not to feel a whisper of fear.


“You don’t have to do this,” Keith reminded him for the hundredth time since Shiro’s acceptance. “I can ride this out alone.”


Shiro shook his head. “No. I am your mate. I would not leave you to this on your own.” He would not even consider the option to let Keith spend a lonely and painful week hidden away, working through the mating season without his mate.


“I love you. Don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”


Shiro smiled, shed his clothes, and he ate the plant.



The weed that Keith had given him began working immediately. He coughed violently as a burn ran through his neck and eyes and Keith grabbed him by the waist and leaped into the water. The moment he was submerged, the burn faded and he briefly panicked when he felt the need to breathe. Keith held his face and commanded him to inhale. When he did, he felt a steady passage of water through his nose and mouth, but also through his neck and he realized with a start that he had grown gills. Shiro laughed with delight.


Keith grinned at him.


The pair made their way to Keith’s cave quickly, speed aided by the webbed fingers and toes and twin fins which sprouted from his forearms and calves.


Keith had gone several days earlier, to prepare he had said. He’d come back and directed the ship to a port which would be close enough for Shiro and Keith to swim without giving away the exact location of their nest. Keith had explained that his protective instincts wouldn’t allow him to mate knowing that they were potentially threatened by intruders.


Immediately upon entering the cave, Shiro was swept up into Keith’s embrace. He didn’t have even a minute to observe his surroundings before he was pushed down onto a soft bed of what felt like seaweed and moss. Keith covered his body, two tentacles wrapping around his wrists and pinning them to either side of his head. Keith sealed his mouth to Shiro’s, licking inside and devouring him with an animalistic ferocity that had Shiro’s toes curling. Another tentacle wrapped itself around Shiro’s waist, pulling Shiro’s chest and hips flush with Keith. He wrapped his legs around Keith’s midsection as Keith moved his mouth down to Shiro’s neck to bite and suck at the flesh there.


A tentacle made its way to Shiro’s mouth, he could see that it was coated in a thick gel-like substance. Keith had explained to him that this was a natural aphrodisiac that when consumed would aid Shiro in the process. It would help to relax his body for the mating and acceptance of the eggs which Keith would give him as well as increase his pleasure and stamina.


Are you ready, my love? Keith murmured. Shiro nodded and opened his mouth for the tentacle. He sucked the gel off and let the sweet substance trickle down his throat. He felt a warm, tingling sensation travel down his throat and spread through his limbs. He immediately felt himself harden, arching his back and baring his neck for Keith.




Then they were off to the races.



Sex with Keith was always amazing. He was a generous lover who enjoyed pulling the sweetest sounds out of Shiro. Keith in heat, fully wild and intense was another experience altogether. He was vicious in the way that he marked Shiro, sharp bites and bruising fingers that skittered across his body. He kept Shiro pinned, wrenching his legs apart and letting one of his tentacles nudge the furl of his hole, which was now tacky with a slick that his body began to produce when he consumed the aphrodisiac. The tip lightly pressed in and Shiro keened, feeling his body open easily around it. Keith moaned and his hands skimmed their way down Shiro’s torso and one gripped his cock while the other moved to trace along the rim which was stretched around the appendage.


The tentacle pushed deeper, stretching Shiro wider and he tried to drive his hips down to take more. Keith had him nearly immobilized, bound in an iron grip.


More, he begged. Two of Keith’s fingers breached him with the next thrust of the tentacle. It increased the burn and he felt more slick deep out of him. Keith’s hand moved faster and faster over his length and just as he was on the cusp Keith dipped his head and sealed it over the tip so that Shiro could spill into his mouth.


The tentacle inside him did not stop its rhythmic movement inside him. He remained hard, the relief of his orgasm not lasting long. The two tentacles that held his legs push them until he was spread with his knees to his chest, opening him wide. He looked down and saw Keith’s erection unsheathing itself. The tentacle inside him pulled out and he only felt empty for the briefest of moments before Keith was pushing inside, splitting him in two with his massive cock.


Time became much more fluid after that. Shiro lost track, swept up in the feel of Keith in him and around him and the deep, rushing pleasure of it all. His body was a mottled mess of bruises and scratches and love-bites from Keith’s wicked mouth. He felt soaked in Keith’s cum and his body was thrumming with desire.


It’s time, Keith finally breathed as he shifted Shiro from where he lay on Keith’s chest and onto his back once more. Keith had walked him through what was about to happen next. Keith would produce eggs which he would transfer into Shiro’s body via his mating tentacle. There was no chance of fertilization, but the eggs would remain for a short while and then Shiro would...expel them.


It will be intense, Keith had warned. Shiro had wondered if Keith would be missing something, by not being able to procreate with Shiro properly.


There is nothing more in this world that I want than you. You and I and whatever adventure we seek next.


Shiro felt himself once more be spread apart. This time, it was Keith’s hands that held him open. His other limbs skittered and slid gently over his body, petting him and teasing him in equal measures. He felt the blunt tip of his mating tentacle at his entrance. It was thicker than the others, bulbous and warm as it pressed inside.


Here is the first, Keith gasped as Shiro felt something wide press at his hole and then pop past the rim and smoothly slip inside him with a rush of liquid. The tentacle that was coated in the slick probed against Shiro’s lips once more and he opened them gratefully, sucking the substance off and immediately the pressure in his lower half lessened. The second egg started to press in and he groaned when it was inside. Keith was using one of his tentacles to stroke Shiro slowly and by the time the fourth egg was inside him, he could see his stomach had distended, bulging more with every addition. The eggs were rubbing endlessly against that spot inside him that drove him absolutely wild. He was trembling and clutching at any part of Keith that he could reach, begging for more.


You are so beautiful like this, Takashi. Keith dipped down to kiss Shiro. You were made to be my mate.


Finally the last of Keith clutch was ready to enter Shiro. He was shattered by the pleasure and overwhelmed by the sheer fullness that he felt. There was one more rush of liquid and then the final egg was inside and Keith was sighing contentedly, his face displaying the same euphoria that Shiro felt in his very bones.  


Keith pulled the tentacle out gently and he moved to wrap himself completely around Shiro, praising his mate and telling him how incredible he was. Shiro preened and moved his hand down to cup his bulging stomach.


Soon it would be time to get the eggs out and he could already feel himself tingling with anticipation but Shiro wasn’t sure that he’d ever want to stop feeling like this. At that moment, there was nothing else in the world that mattered outside of being here, in this cave, with his mate, and keeping his clutch of eggs safe as they made his body sing with pleasure. He could hear Keith purring as he clung to Shiro. Surely there was nothing that could ever top this feeling.


Do they need to come out immediately? Shiro asked as they lay together in their nest.


No. We can wait a while if you’d like.


He hummed contentedly in response. There would be time for all of that later, but for now he wished for nothing more than to remain surrounded by Keith’s embrace with the gentle, soft purrs of a happy mate thrumming in his chest.