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Bottom Shiro Week 2019 - Kink Bingo

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Shiro had spent the better part of the day with something up his ass. Whether it was Keith’s dick or his fingers or his tongue or that little black plug that sat just perfectly inside him—Shiro was a mess by mid-afternoon. He loved it, don’t misunderstand, but also he had so underestimated his husband’s propensity for mischief.


Namely the fact that Keith had failed to mention that the plug he was wearing also vibrated.


To be more specific Keith had failed to mention that the plug he was wearing also vibrated until they were at dinner. And instead of just telling Shiro, he waited until they were midway through their salads to reach into his pocket and with a smirk watched Shiro jolt as the plug came to life.


His fork had clattered to the table and he’d let out a low gasp, thankful that they were in a secluded booth of the resort restaurant they’d made reservations with. He’d looked up with an accusatory glare at Keith as his breath hitched against the soft buzzing against this prostate continued. Keith had slipped his hand out of his pocket, waving a small remote that was tucked in the palm of his hand.


“You were holding out on me!” Shiro croaked. Keith snickered.


“Just a little, but it’s a nice surprise don’t you think?”


“You’re going to be the death of me, Kogane.” He felt the vibration kick up a notch.


“That’s Shirogane now, thank you very much.”


Shiro didn’t think he’d ever been so in love.




Shiro really, really didn’t think he was going to be able to make it through dinner in one piece. He couldn’t focus on what Keith was rambling about, not when he was trying so hard to not let his hands shake as the plug inside him was radiating with waves and waves of pleasure. His face was hot and he’d been hard in his pants since they’d finished their first glasses of wine and his suit was starting to rub his skin uncomfortably. He was positive that their waiter knew that something was going on. He’d nearly moaned mid sentence when Keith upped the speed momentarily while Shiro was trying to order. It had gotten him a glare and a kick to the shin, but he hadn’t looked apologetic in the slightest.


He’d zoned out for the third time while Keith was telling him a story about...something...when he’d laid a hand on Shiro’s metal fingers. The vibrations slowed down minimally and his eyes snapped to Keith’s.


“Sweetheart,” he said gently. “Do you need to stop?”


“No, I just—” he cut off and bit his lip. “I’m not going to make it back to the room.” Keith’s eyes darkened at this admission and the implication. He immediately pulled his napkin from his lap and dropped it on his plate.


“Come on, baby,” he said, extending his hand.


Shiro had to remove his suit jacket and draped it over his arm so that it fell to cover his crotch for them to make their way through the restaurant. Keith pulled him down a hall and yanked him out onto a secluded balcony.


Shiro dropped his jacket onto the ground when Keith shoved him up against the wall and was on him instantly. He started pulling at the tab of Shiro’s belt.


“What are you doing?” Shiro asked breathlessly.


“What does it look like I’m doing?” He replied as he worked open his fly and slid his hand inside Shiro’s underwear to palm his erection.


“Keith–ah–what...what if–someone sees us?” He could barely scrape two brain cells together past the heady arousal he felt; the vibe inside him undulating in just the right spot and Keith’s warm hand wrapped around him was bliss.


Keith chuckled darkly. “I guess you’ll just have to finish quickly so we can go home.” Shiro hissed out a breath and his head knocked back against the brick siding of the building. “You’ll have to be quiet though, you think you can do that?”


Shiro nodded, not trusting his voice not to sound whiny and wrecked. Keith grinned and caught Shiro’s mouth in a kiss. He pushed down Shiro’s pants just enough to free his cock, rapidly working his hand over the length as he licked into Shiro’s mouth. Shiro felt Keith’s other hand leave his body and a moment later the plug began to vibrate at top speed. His knees nearly buckled and Keith’s mouth muffled the moan Shiro released.


Suddenly Keith was dropping to his knees and he swallowed Shiro down to the root. Shiro came with a shocked gasp, grabbing at Keith’s hair, knocking it from the ponytail it was tied in.


Keith pulled back, having essentially licked Shiro clean and looked up to meet Shiro’s wrecked gaze. The vibe was still pulsing in his ass and Keith fumbled in his pocket for the remote to turn it off. He tucked Shiro back in his pants before Shiro hauled him up and crashed their mouths together. They hungrily went back and forth for a few frantic moments and Shiro pulled back to look at Keith.


“When we get back, I’m riding the fuck out of you. Goddamn. You’re so perfect.”


“Anything you want, baby.” Keith smiled crookedly, that glint in his eye was back once more. Shiro’s heart flipped.


Fuck. He was so fucking in love.