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Bottom Shiro Week 2019 - Kink Bingo

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Keith and Shiro were disgustingly in love. They knew this. They didn’t care. They’d fucked on every surface of their suite, on the beach (Keith, I’ve got sand in places I shouldn’t!) and one spectacular quickie at the airport before they’d even left for their honeymoon.


They couldn’t help it, okay? The universe was saved, all was well, and soon they were going to be working together with the Blade on humanitarian relief. They were husbands now. Shiro felt a thrill run though him everytime he thought the word. He had a husband. Keith was his husband.


Speaking of Keith—


Shiro reached a hand out across the bed blindly, patting along the mess of sheets and pillows. He groaned slightly and cracked an eye open when his search yielded nothing but a cool mattress. Tilting his head, he listened and could hear the faint hum of the shower. He thought about joining Keith, about sliding under the hot spray behind his husband and see how much water the could waste, but then the notion of coffee and perhaps the chance to cuddle on the balcony with Keith was also very tempting.


He levered himself out of bed, slipping on a clean pair of underwear and padded out to the kitchen. He would eventually call room service to have breakfast delivered (Shiro, we’re not cooking on our honeymoon—because we’re definitely not doing dishes on our honeymoon!), but until then he dropped a few scoops into the coffeemaker and flipped it on.


A few minutes later, once the coffee was finished, he found two mugs and filled them. He was leaning against the counter, sipping his cup when he heard the soft padding of footsteps just before two arms wrapped around his middle. He laid the hand not holding coffee over Keith’s arms and glanced over his shoulder, just seeing the top of Keith’s head.


“Good morning, husband.” He was absolutely unashamed of how much he liked saying that.


“Morning,” Keith grumbled, pressing his face into Shiro’s back. He could feel the dampness of Keith’s hair from his shower and the featherlight touch of lips brushing against his skin. Hands slipped down Shiro’s chest, meeting the waistband of his underwear and without hesitation they slipped beneath. Shiro set his coffee down as long fingers made their way through the patch of hair at his groin and wrapped around his hardening length. He laughed shakily, grinding his backside into Keith’s crotch.


“Guess you’re not ready for coffee?” He said breathily. He felt Keith shake his head before teeth were biting into the muscle of his shoulder.


“Want you first, then coffee.” And with that, he tugged Shiro’s briefs down and pressed his hand to the center of Shiro’s back so that he was pressed into the counter. Keith dropped to his knees as he slid down the underwear and helped Shiro step out of him. He kissed his way up one of Shiro’s legs, biting and sucking light marks into his flank. He switched to the other side, running his tongue along the firm lines of his thigh. Shiro sighed and leaned more heavily against the cool countertop. Keith brought both of his hands up to massage the muscle of his ass, kneading and squeezing them until Shiro was pushing against his hands with impatience.


Keith spread Shiro’s cheeks and dove right in, licking a firm line from taint to tailbone. Shiro’s legs nearly buckled when Keith’s mouth sealed over his hole in an obscene version of kiss. He took his time, alternating between small kitten licks and long, languorous swipes. He praised Shiro in between dipping his tongue inside, marvelling at how beautifully Shiro opened for him. Keith produced lube from somewhere—he didn’t know where and frankly didn’t care—and two slick fingers slid inside without preamble. He arched his back into the slight burn of the sudden stretch and his head smacked against the countertop when Keith’s fingers found his prostate.


“That’s it, baby,” Keith breathed against his hip. He continued to work Shiro open until he was loose and moaning loudly. He shifted back up, aligned himself and pushed in. They both groaned with relief. Keith kissed his way across Shiro’s shoulders and reached down to hitch one of Shiro’s legs up to open him up wider.


“God—fuck. Keith. You feel so good,” Shiro cried out as Keith hit that spot inside him.


“I can’t believe we’re married, Shiro. How the fuck did we actually get married?” Keith’s voice was wrecked as his hips snapped faster, pushing Shiro further up on the counter with each thrust. Shiro braced his arms against the backsplash, knocking aside a canister of decorative cooking utensils.


Fuck, Keith. I need you to touch me, please.


Keith reached down and wrapped his hand around Shiro’s weeping cock. He pulled him with rough strokes, sending Shiro rapidly barreling towards orgasm.


“Oh my god, I’m going to come. Are you–fuck Shiro–are you close?”


“Yes, yes. Keith. Shit, I’m there. I love you,” and his whole body shivered as he spilled over Keith’s hand. He felt the warmth of Keith’s release as his hips ground deep inside him before they stilled. Shiro was boneless against the counter, heaving breaths and shaky legs. He knew there was cum dripping down the front of the cabinets and his cup of coffee had definitely gone cold but he could absolutely care less.


“Don’t move,” Keith ordered and dropped back down to his knees. He leaned up and licked at Shiro’s hole, cleaning the lines of his own cum up which had begun dribbling out. Shiro felt something blunt pushing against his hole.


“Wh–” he started, twisting around to look at Keith. His husband bit his lip with a heated look and waved a small black plug where Shiro could see it.


“You up for something fun, baby?” He let the plug press against Shiro’s rim once more. “I think you should wear this tonight. Keep you nice and open for me so that you’ll be ready whenever I want.”


Shiro nodded and blushed fiercely. Keith pushed the plug inside him and grabbed a rag off the counter and wiped him up before helping him step back into his underwear. He turned Shiro around kissed him sweetly.


“ I’m ready for coffee.”


(To be continued)