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Dream In A Dream

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Hoseok had spent all night and well into the morning working on his homework. It was his last year of college and he just wanted to pass with adequate grades. It was now 3 AM and he was asleep on his desk, not a single teacher around to call on him due to the fact that he was in the safety of his own dorm. Only the rhythm of his slow breathing and the unfortunate snoring of his roommate from across the room could be heard.

Hoseok woke up not a minute later in his room, dazed and confused. He grew even more befuddled when he heard a deep groan from the outside of his room. It was muffled by the walls but still very prevalent. The groaning and now added moaning grew progressively more and more and as Hoseok listened, a pool of tension and heat gathered between his legs. He had never listened to anything like this. He could only assume this was one of his neighbors on campus banging each other, but he couldn't ignore the feeling the sounds gave him.

Hoseok opened the door and looked down both ends of the hallway. Nothing but neverending darkness. He listened for the sounds again, his main goal is to stop the sounds so he could go back to sleep and hopefully not have to deal with a boner. 

He got closer and closer to the source of the sound, and just when he thought he found the right door, he opened it wide and was astonished to see what he had found.

It wasn't another dorm room. It was a studio. A music studio. Although it was dark as hell, Hoseok could make out a piano in the back of the room and a big soundboard to the left of his vision. But what he was focused on was the human figure sitting down on a swivel chair and moaning. "What are you doing?" Hoseok asked. The figure engulfed by the dark could only give him a chuckle.

"Masturbating." he then answered. Hoseok was mad but the tension between his legs had grown into his shaft and it was now poking at the fabric of his underwear. "Can you pipe it down? I'm trying to slee-" Hoseok was about to say before a more important question popped into the front of his brain. "Who are you? I don't recognize your voice." He asked. "That's for me to know, but you can find out if you come over here." the figure flirtily beckoned, unseeable by Hoseok but waving his finger for Hoseok to come hither.

Hoseok had to make a quick decision. Come towards this stranger, or book it out of there? He could do the latter and leave unscathed but the former sounded so good to him, mainly because the stranger's deep voice and flirty demeanor made him crazy. 

Hoseok took two steps forward and next thing he knew two strong hands grabbed his waist and made him sit down on a warm lap. Hoseok was enamored and felt a warm breath on his neck, followed by the clasp of a set of teeth on the skin of his neck. "Wait!" Hoseok whispered, laying his fingertips on the stranger's chin and pushing lightly. "Who are you? I wanna know who I'm fucking before I fuck them." Hoseok stated firmly. The stranger chuckled. "Call me Yoongi," he told him.

Yoongi was a common name in the neighborhood so Hoseok didn't think much of it at the time. He stood up and straddled Yoongi and got close to his face. "Well hi there Yoongi, I'm Hoseok." 

"Now that we have introductions out of the way," Yoongi said, placing his hands on Hoseok's waist, "what do you say we fuck each other's brains out?" he asked, like a whisper in Hoseok's ear. Hoseok nodded and stood up to take off his clothing. Yoongi was already half naked and ready. 

"Turn on the lights baby, I wanna see your pretty face when I fuck it." Yoongi moaned. Hoseok looked around and found the light switch, revealing two sweaty and desperate men staring at each other lustfully. "Oooh,'re so pretty." Yoongi complimented. Hoseok blushed, standing completely naked in front of someone he only just met. 

Yoongi sat back in his chair with his dick against his bare stomach, his underwear covering the rest of the member and his hips. Hoseok stood back and looked at him for a second. He was absolutely buff with pale macchiato skin. He was...perfect, in Hoseok's view. He shook off his vulnerability and got down on his knees on the floor in front of him. "I did the work, you could stand to be fair too," he stated, tugging at Yoongi's boxers with his thumbs and forefingers.

Yoongi chuckled and took off his boxers, revealing the narrow iridescence of his hips and cleanly shaven genitals. Hoseok felt like he was living a dream. He straddled Yoongi immediately, grinding his slender shaft against Yoongi's. It took a moment but Hoseok ended up a moaning mess because of the pleasuring stimuli. 

"It's not even in you and you're already moaning for me," Yoongi stated matter of factly, placing his hands on Hoseok's hips. Hoseok threw his head back since when Yoongi placed his hands he did it so lightly with his fingertips then palms. Yoongi lifted him upwards like he was a human filled with air. "You're light," Yoongi commented. Hoseok giggled and bucked his hips forward a little as Yoongi's tip touched his entrance lightly. He squeaked a bit and grasped on to Yoongi's shoulders. 

"You feel okay?" Yoongi asked. Hoseok nodded and gyrated his hips on Yoongi's tip. "Having fun?" Yoongi asked in addition. Hoseok nodded as well. Yoongi smirked and thrust his hips upward at the perfect time for half of his member to insert inside Hoseok. Hoseok moaned loudly accidentally and Yoongi covered his mouth with his hand. "SHH!" Yoongi urged him. Hoseok listened and tried to sit down on Yoongi's length. Unsuccessful in taking it all, he silently whimpered in the pain of taking three-fourths of it. 

"Woah Woah, okay you don't have to take it all," Yoongi whispered, lifting him off of his dick which slipped out easily. "Let's stretch you out first. Get on the bed for me?" Yoongi asked. Hoseok nodded and laid back on the bed in the corner comfortably, not sure what to do with his hands so he folded them on his chest. He situated a pillow beneath his head and tried to breathe normally. Truth be told, he was inwardly losing his shit over having taken that much length.

Yoongi meanwhile was standing over his dresser, opening the top drawer and moving aside some underwear and grabbing a small dildo and a bottle of lube. He turned towards Hoseok and poured a slick of lube on the tip of the sex toy and advanced towards Hoseok softly. "Let's try this on for size," Yoongi remarked, getting between Hoseok's legs and pulling him on top of his thighs by his ankles. 

"Y-you're strong." Hoseok complimented shakily, still in shock. While it was painful, he only had a taste of how big Yoongi was. He could only imagine taking in all of him. "Thank you." Yoongi thanked him, placing the tip of the toy on his perineum and making a trail down to his entrance. "Tell me when to stop," Yoongi commanded. Hoseok nodded and tried to relax as Yoongi inserted the toy inside him. 

Hoseok ended up throwing his head back and making odd noises. Yoongi slipped it back out for a second, giving Hoseok a moment to catch his breath. He then slipped it back in again, making Hoseok hum with delight as he bit his lip.

Yoongi repeated this action a few times, then gradually he used his fingers to get a feel for the inside of Hoseok. "God, you're so warm, baby," Yoongi said endearingly. Hoseok smiled while still biting down on his lip. 

Yoongi thrust his fingers halfway into Hoseok and then all the way with careful and gracious movement. Hoseok's breath hitched and he felt the literal pads of Yoongi's fingers brush his prostate. Hoseok, almost involuntarily, arched his back in the bed and let Yoongi play with his body submittingly. 

Yoongi leaned in towards Hoseok's left ear and whispered, "Do you want me to get the bigger one?" 

Hoseok moaned a 'yes' and Yoongi slid his lubed fingers out of Hoseok's entrance and went to his dresser to get a bigger sex toy. Hoseok braced himself again for the feeling of a bigger toy inside him this time. He was getting impatient and wanted dick as soon as possible but he knew this was good for him. 

But the brimming pleasure from all this edging and excitement had him wanting more and more until finally, he closed his eyes tight, wanting to be fucked as soon as possible. As his eyes were closed, Hoseok felt the bed beneath him sink and inflate again very quickly, then an immense feeling entered him. He opened his eyes and there Yoongi was towering over him and fucking him raw. Hoseok breathed heavily and rolled his eyes to the back of his head in intense pleasure. 

Yoongi took him by the hips and decided he could handle no more. He was finally doing it, he was finally fucking this poor boy out of his misery. 

"Who's my whiny little slut?" Yoongi asked. Hoseok could only whimper and moan. Yoongi wrapped his hand lightly around Hoseok's neck and squeezed the sides of it softly, but to Hoseok this almost felt like a choke hold. "I said, who's my whiny little slut?" Yoongi repeated himself firmly. Hoseok uttered out an "I-I am! I'm your whiny little slut!" through moans and whimpers.

"Good boy." Yoongi complimented. Hoseok smiled at him and looked down at Yoongi's thrusting hips, biting his lip in anticipation. 

But everything he saw disappeared as soon as he heard an alarm clock go off. The blaring sound of an air horn had awoken him from sleep. Wait... Hoseok thought, raising his head from his desk. ALL OF THIS WAS A DREAM??

He moved his hips and felt some wetness between his legs. Ew. He immediately stood up and went to change into different pants. He was still in his dorm room, and he didn't sleepwalk so he thanked the above and put on his pants and a different shirt too, then looked up at the clock.


It was 9 o'clock. The alarm was supposed to wake him up at 8:45.