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Runeterras Corruption

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The once so beautiful city Vekaura now was engulfed in flames. Desperately the innocent people tried running from the terrible creatures of the Void, but none escape.

It was a blood bath which was never seen before in the history of Shurima. Never before was the Void able to push so far inland and so close to the Sun Disc of Shurima.  In the distance the screams of women and children could be heard as they were slaughtered and eaten alive by the disgusting creatures. “What a beautiful sight to behold don’t you think?” The Void Prophet asked as behind him kneeled a simple Summoner. He was beaten into a bloody mess with an arm missing and his face half burned. Nobody expected that the Void would attack, especially not with the Void Prophet leading them into battle. The terror in the Summoners eyes could be seen as he watched the city burn to the ground. The smell of burning wood and human flesh filled the night sky. “Why now? Why not earlier?” The summoner asked, breathing heavily and spitting up blood. “It is simple. This world has gotten weaker. Your glorious Nations have fallen from their grace. The Moons Avatar has revealed himself so we can finally corrupt him. With him under our control nobody can stop the Void. It is simply the perfect opportunity to attack and finally claim this pathetic world for the void.” Malzahar said before pausing as he inhaled this disgusting smell with a grin on his face. “It does not matter if I tell you why. Because you will soon follow those pathetic villagers. You will become food for the glorious Void.” “Never.” The summoner replied and before Malzahar could reply a bright light illuminated the sky. Malzahar was blinded from this sudden light and when he opened his eyes, the summoner vanished into thin air. “You let him escape.” Said a cold rigged voice out of the shadows. “It does not matter. Nobody can stop us now.” The Prophet said as the one who hid in the shadows revealed himself. The bug like creature known as Kha’Zix appeared out of thin air. “If you are wrong. It will have serious consequences Malzahar.” The bug says as his claws shined in the flames of the city. “And you will pay for this if that ever happens. No matter who you are.” “Be assured. Nobody will be able to stop us. We only have to corrupt the Chosen of the Moon and the victory is ours.” As Malzahar said this the moon disappeared like it could hear what the Prophet said. “Now let Rek’Sai and the others dig tunnels. We cannot afford to lose troops to the sunlight. And one more thing Kha’Zix.” Slowly the Prophet turned towards the Hunter with his own eyes glowing in a purple light. “Find the Chosen. Bring her to me no matter what. Take as much creatures as you need just do it.” In response the hunter simply nodded before again disappearing inside the dark night. Now on top of the biggest dune there stood Malzahar with Vekaura burning to the ground behind him.


In the middle of Bel’zhun the white light which saved the summoner illuminated the city. On the ground laid the Summoner, half dead as people gathered quickly around him. It only took some seconds before other Summoners rushed towards their wounded comrade. He was already half dead as the teleportation took a huge toll on his body, but he had to do it. “Protect the Moon.” He whispered weakly before passing away in a mans arms. Nobody in the city knew what had happened to him. The burning on his face was from magic nobody had ever seen. As the summoners grabbed their friends lifeless body his eyes shot open. They were purple just like Malzahars eyes and it scared everyone. The Summoners body twitched and shacked violently as tentacles grew out of his back. He screamed in pain and agony and nobody could help him. Just a few seconds after he started transforming into such a beast it was already complete. His skin was corrupted with void magic, half rotten and already decaying even though he only died seconds earlier. This monster violently flailed his tentacles around trying to hit anyone but before such a thing could happen a purple blast hit this monster straight into the head putting it out of its misery. From a nearby rooftop a woman jumped down.  Her body was covered in a strange body suit, but the Summoners immediately knew who this woman was. “Kai’Sa. Do you know what you just did? You shot a Summoner.” “He wasn’t human anymore. I simply put him out of his misery so be grateful that you did not have to kill one of your own.” She said, her voice cold and rough. Out of the crowd two more Champions of the League appeared. One of them was Taliyah, the Stoneweaver while the other one was Sivir. Also known as “The Battle Mistress”.  “Let us hope he can now rest in peace.” “Kai’Sa. You know what this means.” Sivir asked the Daughter of the Void, the expression on her face surely not pleased. “Yes. Malzahar finally made his move.” Without wasting a second Sivir and Kai’Sa grabbed this monster as they carried it away. They were closely followed from Taliyah and the Summoners and quickly made their way towards the Teleportation Chamber in the Leagues outpost.  “What do you mean with Malzahar made his move. What did our friend turn into?” “A corrupted. Someone who got infected with Malzahars void magic. We need to get to the Institute of War as soon as possible. So please teleport us there. “  The Stoneweaver says with a soft voice which was usual for her.  In the summoners eyes were both confusion and fear as they scared what had happened to their friend. But without asking further they readied the teleportation magic before the three champions disappeared in a bright light.