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This book with one shots will be a project I'm working on whilst also writing on my other stories.

I have looooooads of ideas and there will be lots of topics and genres, such as fluff, angst, domestic, humour and so on.

I won't write about rape, adult/underage relationships or things like that. It will always be consensual!
If there are underage relationships and ~activities~, the characters involved will be the same age.

I do take requests, however it might take me a while to get to them, as I have a big list of ideas that I'm currently working through.

PLEASE NOTE that at the moment I will only write about Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki, Kirishima and Toogata. (I just can't get into the groove with the other guys, sorry)
I have a feeling that Bakugou will get the most one shots, because he's my main boy and he's so much fun to write. But I try and keep it balanced.

My one shots will all be written in (y/n) POV, however I will refrain from using (h/c), (e/c) and so on.
I find using too many of those brackets very intrusive and I want to keep most things up to the reader’s imagination. This is also why I won’t get into too much detail about appearance and hobbies. I aim to write stories in which you all can see yourself in reader-chan as much as possible.
I will also refrain from giving reader-chan a specific quirk, so that you can choose one yourself, but sometimes I might have to pick one, depending on the story.

I hope I’ll be able to properly convey this. So please be patient with me :) Feedback is very much welcome! Just know that English isn’t my native language so there might be some grammar mistakes in the chapters, but I hope it’s not too bad.

The characters might sometimes be a little bit ooc depending on the story, but I’ll try to keep them as close to the original as possible.

That about covers it all!

Anyway - enjoy! :)

Chapter Text

You felt excruciating pain in your whole body, your veins were burning as if lava was running through them instead of blood. You felt ice cold, yet you were covered in sweat. Your vision was blurry and your ears filled with sounds that didn’t make any sense to you.

All you felt was pain and misery. You had no idea how long you had been here, all you knew was that it had been way too long. You lost all hope of ever getting out of this situation. You were certain that this was the place where you would meet your maker. You knew that you would die as a captive of the league of villains.

“Why are you doing this to me?”, you asked, trying to make out the people that were surrounding you.

You heard laughter all around you. “Do you have any idea how valuable you are? We are going to turn you into a weapon. Our weapon” You swallowed hard, but your throat was completely dried out, so instead you broke out into a coughing fit.

“You won’t get away with this”, was all you could say before you felt another needle enter your body with full force, injecting more of the substance that felt like it was burning you from the inside.

A loud and terrified scream could be heard throughout the dorm building of class 3-A. Every single student was woken up by the desperate sound that was echoing through the halls. Katsuki was up on his feet in mere seconds. He immediately knew who let out the scream and wasted no time in making his way over to you. Your classmates were also coming out of their rooms, they were very confused and on high alert. Was there a villain attack in the dorms?

But Katsuki knew better, Katsuki knew that there was no attack. You have just had another one of those nightmares that had plagued you ever since you had been captured by the league of villains about 4 months ago. You had been out to do some shopping when you were ambushed and taken away without anyone noticing.

Back then, Katsuki and you hadn’t been a couple. You had both been in love with each other, but neither of you had confessed your feelings yet. To this day he kept telling himself, that if only he confessed to you sooner, you would have already been a couple and he would’ve been there with you that day, able to protect you and keep these monsters from taking you away.

But alas, that wasn’t the case and when he realised that you were missing, it had already been too late. Nobody knew where you were and for a week nobody had heard a word about your whereabouts. People were expecting the worst, you were All Might’s niece afterall, so it was very probable that villains took you hostage, or worse, killed you to throw the symbol of peace into despair. Katsuki was in agony every second that you had been away and he swore that the moment you would be back, he would confess to you and protect you for the rest of his life.

It took another two weeks until they were finally able to locate you. Katsuki had pleaded with his teachers to let him join the rescue mission. They were reluctant at first, he was just about to start his third year, could they really risk it? But he was one of the strongest students and he had a provisional licence. Katsuki reminded them of how he had been captured by villains and how terrifying it was, he said there was no way he wouldn’t join them. So in the end they allowed it.

When they finally rescued you, he fought fiercely to get you back out of the hands of the villains. When he saw one of these scumbags holding your limb body like a shield, something inside of him snapped. His heart was in so much pain. He had no idea what condition you were in and if they were able to save your life. All he knew was that you looked terrible and that he needed to hold you in his arms as soon as possible.

He managed to defeat the villain without harming you any further and immediately carried you out of the building and into the ambulance van. He was with you the entire time, holding your hand, praying that you would open your eyes.

When you arrived at the hospital they told him to wait while they were taking care of you. He was reluctant to let go of your hand, but he knew that it had to be done. When a doctor came up to him to tell him that you were going to be okay and that he could go to see you, he felt so incredibly relieved. He was sitting by your bed, holding your hand until you finally woke up.

When you opened your eyes and realised that you were in a hospital, you felt so overwhelmed and confused. Then you looked down at your hand, which was intertwined with someone else’s hand, which made you even more confused. And then you had finally looked up and saw these beautiful crimson eyes, looking at you full of worry and love.

You opened your mouth to talk, but Katsuki put one of his fingers on your lips. “Before you say anything, I… I love you, (y/n). I always have and I always will. From now on I will always be here, no harm will ever be done to you again, okay?”

You nodded slightly, tears welling up in your eyes. You mouthed a weak “I love you too” before he kissed you softly.

Ever since then, you had been inseparable. Katsuki stood true to his words, he was always there when you needed him. Which is why he didn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night to comfort you.

He didn’t show it to anyone but you, but he had a major soft spot when it came to you. He was an incredibly loving and caring boyfriend, but only when it was just the two of you.

He quickly reached the other side of the building where the girls’ rooms where located. He sprinted up the stairs and saw that a lot of your classmates had already gathered in front of your door, unsure whether to knock or not.

“Get out of my way, extras”, he scoffed and everyone was jumping out of his way immediately. He opened the door with the spare key of your room that you had given to him. You always locked the door, scared someone might enter and snatch you away again.

The light of the hallway illuminated your dark room and he immediately spotted your shaking figure curled up in your bed. It broke his heart to see you so terrified.

Up to this day, you hadn’t talked about what exactly happened to you. Every time someone would ask, you would get a terrible panic attack and stop talking immediately. Katsuki had no idea what could have happened to you, that you were still unable to talk about.

He had been captured by the league as well, sure they had tied him up, leaving him unable to move, but that was about it. He knew your body had been in a terrible state and that you had lost a substantial amount of blood. He knew you had wounds, but he didn’t know what kind of torture they had put you through.

He immediately closed the door, leaving the both of you in the dark. He wasted no time in getting over to where you were sitting on your bed and sat down next to you. Pulling you in his strong arms. “Come here babe, it’s okay, I’m here now”, he whispered. You desperately clung to his shirt and sobbed bitterly. “Thank you”, was all you could bring out.

He was sitting there with you in his arms, gently rocking you back and forth, constantly kissing your soft forehead and whispering that everything was okay. He didn’t know if that really helped or not, but that was all he could think of.

While he was holding you, he was looking through the dark room. The moon was shining through the window, illuminating the room just enough for him to see the open bottle of pills on your night stand. The bottle had been knocked over and some of the pills had spilled out. He immediately freaked out.

“(y/n)... What are those pills?” You sniffled a bit.

“They help me sleep”, you said quietly.

“Why is the bottle knocked over and why are so many of them missing?” You swallowed hard.

“Katsuki… I…” You didn’t know what to say. The look on his face broke your heart. You had never seen him so upset before.

“Were you trying to fucking overdose?!” He didn’t know what to think or how to feel. He knew you were hurting, but he had no idea just how bad it was. You didn’t say anything, you didn’t know what to say. So instead you just cried silent tears that were running down your cheeks.

When he realised that he was right and you actually had tried to end it all, his body felt like it was falling apart. His chest was hurting and his mind went into overdrive.

“Please, you need to talk to me. You don’t have to go through this alone. If you’re hurting, then I’m here to take the pain away. Please tell me what’s wrong”, he pleaded, his voice cracking heartbreakingly. You could tell he was about to cry.

You felt like the worst person to walk this earth. You hated yourself for making Katsuki, the love of your life, go through so much distress and pain. All because you couldn’t deal with what had happened to you. Why couldn’t you get over it? Why was what happened to you still haunting you every waking minute and every time you closed your eyes at night?

“I’m sorry Katsuki… I just can’t do this anymore. I’m not strong enough. This is eating me up inside and I’m tired. I’m so tired. I just want this to end”, you explained quietly. His eyes were full of pain and sorrow.

“Just what was it that they did to you? How did they manage to break your spirit like this?” You closed your eyes for a split second, immediately pictures of your captivity came flooding back. Maybe you had to talk about it to get some closure. Maybe keeping it all bottled up inside was too much for you to deal with on your own after all.

So you told him everything. You told him about the torture, the needles and injections. You told him about the things they said to you, the laughter and the beating. It was like everything that you had kept inside was flowing out of your mouth like a waterfall. And then you told him about the worst torture that they had inflicted on you.

“O-one of the villains had a quirk that put images of your worst fear in your head. A-and they played it o-over and over again until I started to believe it was real”, you said sobbing, “They showed me images of you with another girl, they showed me how you were kissing and how she made you laugh. It made my heart ache so much. And it always ended with you being killed in front of my eyes. I had to see your lifeless body over and over again and there was nothing I could do about it” You broke down crying hysterically.

Katsuki didn’t know what to say. He knew that it had been bad, but he had no idea just how much the league had put you through. After hearing what you had just told him, he completely understood why it had affected you so much. If he thought about seeing you with someone else or seeing your lifeless body over and over again, it would most definitely destroy him from the inside too.

Telling Katsuki about what had happened to you felt like a massive weight had been taken off your shoulders. For the first time in months it felt like you weren’t alone in this. The reason you hadn’t talked about it before was because you didn’t want to burden anyone with the knowledge of your torture.

But opening up to your boyfriend really helped. You shifted a little bit in his arms to be more comfortable and feel closer to him. He let you move around as much as you needed to, finding it adorable how you were trying to get comfortable in his arms.

After a couple of minutes you had found a good position and let out a content sigh. Katsuki was now sitting on your bed with his back leaned against the wall. You were curled up on his lap, his strong arms embracing you, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. One of your cheeks was nuzzled into his chest and you looked up into his crimson eyes that were lightly illuminated by the moon shining through the window. The way you were laying in his arms was almost like being cradled as if you were a baby. For the first time since your captivity you felt safe.

He looked down at you, one of his large hands stroking your soft hair. “There’s no need to be afraid anymore, (y/n). Because I’m here and I’ll protect you. I will never leave your side”, he said, leaning down and emphasising his statement with endless kisses to your forehead. “You can take my word for it, I’ll be right here with you, until the very end”

You looked up at him and smiled a genuine smile, for the first time in what felt like centuries. “I really don’t know how I managed to trick you into being my boyfriend”, you said, admiring his handsome face.

He scoffed. “You got it backwards babe. I’m the lucky one. I could spend all day talking about all the things that I love about you and it would still not do you any justice”

You grinned. “I wish you would show this cute side of yours more often, Katsuki” He lightly flicked your nose and you were pretty sure he was blushing madly in the dark.

“Shut up. Don’t get used to it”, he said trying to sound annoyed but failing miserably.

“I love you so much, Katsuki”, was the last thing you managed to say before you fell asleep in his arms. He smiled down at you.

“I love you more”, he whispered, watching you sleep and stroking your hair absentmindedly, “And I will always be here to protect you, (y/n)”

Chapter Text

“What the hell happened to him, Amajiki-Senpai?”, you cried out, looking from your senpai over to the toddler sitting on the sofa in Fat Gum’s hero agency.

You were confused and worried and had no idea what to do. The day had started as usual, you got up and got yourself ready to go to your internship. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Since most of your class had received their provisional licences, a lot of you had been hired by hero agencies for internships. You were lucky because not only had you been hired by Fat Gum, one of the nicest heroes ever, you also got to work alongside your crush, Eijiro Kirishima.

You hadn’t told anyone about your crush because you were pretty sure that he didn’t feel the same, but you got along really well so you decided not to ruin your friendship by confessing to him.

Anyway the day had started great, you left the dorms together with Kirishima, bought some breakfast with Kirishima, walked to Fat Gum’s office with Kirishima… To make it short, everything you did with Kirishima was amazing and you enjoyed every second with him.

After you had arrived at the office, you were briefed on what was scheduled for the day, nothing unusual. You would be going on patrol with Fat Gum, and Kirishima was scheduled to patrol with Suneater, aka Tamaki Amajiki, one of UA’s Big 3.

You were heading out pretty much straight after the briefing and everything was going as planned, until suddenly, your boss received a distress call from Amajiki-senpai, that the both of you had to return to the office immediately.

And that brought you into the current situation.

Whilst Kirishima and Amajiki had been on patrol, they had run into some trouble with local villains. No major threat so they didn’t think that they would need to call for backup. The issue was, that Kirishima got hit by one of the villain’s quirks, right before said villain fled the scene.

This quirk was nothing either of you had ever seen before. It had turned Kirishima back into a toddler. As odd as it sounded, this was the current situation and you had no idea how to deal with it.

“Is he able to speak properly?”, Fat Gum asked, inspecting the toddler from all angles.

“I don’t know. He hasn’t made a single noise yet”, Amajiki answered.

“I wonder if he has the mindset of a toddler” Fat Gum was still inspecting him.

“Ugh guys, if you want to have answers, why not try asking him? Geez”, you said annoyed. You weren’t really annoyed, you were actually terrified and worried sick.

You walked over to the toddler and kneeled in front of him. “Hey Eiji, do you know who I am?”, you asked in the sweetest tone possible.

Now, Kirishima had two options, admit that he knew exactly what was going on or pretend that he was in fact a three year old. He opted for the latter. It was simply too embarrassing to admit to his crush that he was stuck in the body of a toddler.

And stuck he would be for the rest of his life… Because just after the villain had hit him and before he managed to escape, he let Kirishima in on the fact that his condition would not revert back to normal until the person he loved confessed their feelings to him.

He knew that you didn’t love him back, he could clearly see that you had feelings for his senpai Amajiki. You always tried to cheer him up when he was anxious and you even started making special cookies for him to eat and enhance his quirk.

In other words, he was screwed. So why not make the most of it?

Trying to ignore all voice of reason inside of him, he extended his arms, looked you dead in the eyes and squealed “MOMMY!!”

You looked at the little Kirishima in front of you in absolute shock. You then looked up to your boss and senpai, expecting some sort of reaction. But neither of them said a word.

“I’m not your mommy sweety”, you said, bringing your full attention back to Kirishima.

He nodded aggressively. “Yes you are mommy”, he said, shocked to hear that his childhood lisp was back. WHY?! As if being a toddler wasn’t bad enough…

You ruffled his hair, which to your surprise had reverted back to his natural black. You were almost dying of cuteness when you noticed he had an incredibly cute lisp.

This was exactly what you wanted your kids with Kirishima to look like. You sighed internally, this was not the time to dream about your future with your crush. Especially not since he wasn’t even himself right now.

“Sure alright, I can be your mommy… for now”, you replied, receiving a big sharp toothed grin from the little boy. He immediately jumped up and clapped, signalising that he wanted you to hold him.

When you picked him up and he was pressed against your chest, Kirishima felt like he was both, in heaven and hell at the same time. How long had he wanted to be so close to you and now it was finally reality. But he was aware of the fact that he had just declared you to be his mother and that you were probably seeing him as an annoyance.

“Soooo what am I supposed to do with him?”, you asked overwhelmed.

“Well you get back to the dorms and take care of Kirishima, while I will make some calls and try to find out if anyone knows anything about this quirk”, Fat Gum suggested.

“Shall I notify his parents?”, you asked.

Fat Gum looked at you with slight panic. “N-no let the teachers handle this. It might be best to keep it on the low until we know what happened. We don’t really need more bad publicity drawn to UA”, he explained.

He could tell that you weren’t entirely comfortable with keeping this from Kirishima’s family. “Look kid, I know what you’re thinking and I agree, but just trust me on this one. It’s best this way for now. If his state doesn’t change back to normal, then your teachers will take the necessary steps”, he ensured you.

“Fine”, you simply replied. You had no idea what else to say. This whole situation was awkward enough, you didn’t really feel like talking back to your boss.

“Amajiki, go escort the two of them back to the dorms. You can all take time off until this situation has been resolved”, Fat Gum said before he turned around and walked into his little office, leaving the three of you in the shared office space.

“Well, we best get going”, you sighed, grabbed yours and Kirishima’s stuff and made your way out of the door.

The walk back to the dorms was quiet, only Kirishima’s occasional giggle interrupted the silence between you and your senpai. “Are you just not going to address this at all, senpai?”, you asked the older student.

You could practically see how his anxiety crept all the way through his body. “You know, you will have to talk to me about this eventually. Depending on what kind of quirk this is, he will be like this for a while”

But the anxious teen was still keeping silent. You let out a frustrated sigh. “Fine. Don’t talk to me then”, you huffed and walked ahead of your senpai.

Kirishima who was still being carried by you, looked over your shoulder and saw Amajiki’s face twitch. He looked extremely conflicted. In this moment Kirishima realised that his senpai was in love with you and it killed him inside.

He screamed internally, what was he supposed to do? You would never reciprocate his feelings anyway, so should he try and be your tiny wingman so you and Amajiki could hit it off? He knew that by doing so, he basically signed his own death warrant, but he couldn’t see the both of you being so awkward with each other either.

So he did what he thought was best and yelled out “DADDY!”, addressing his senpai walking behind the two of you.

You immediately stopped in your tracks, looked at Kirishima in your arms and then turned around to look at your senpai. When you saw Amajiki’s shocked face, you couldn’t stop laughing.

“Hey daddy, aren’t you going to answer your son?”, you laughed hysterically.

Amajiki’s face was now about as red as a tomato and he had no idea what to make of this situation.

“E-ehm, I’m n-not your d-dad Kirishima”, he stuttered. Kirishima didn’t have any of that. “DADDY!”, he squealed again, extending his arms, wanting to be carried by his senpai.

Kirishima cringed from his own actions. What the hell was he even doing?! He felt like he was making the situation worse with every minute that passed.

You peeled Kirishima off your chest and handed him to Amajiki, who reluctantly took him into his arms. “There you go daddy”, you laughed.

“P-please stop calling me that, (l/n)”, he pleaded.

“What do you want me to call you then? Now that we’re parenting together”, you giggled, “Would you prefer honey or babe?”

Amajiki felt like his soul was leaving his body. “P-please don’t” He looked like he was about to cry.

You just shrugged your shoulders and started walking again, leaving a completely flustered Amajiki behind. Kirishima sighed internally, this was so painful to watch.

“Go get mommy”, he said to his elder, who in return just looked at him with dead eyes. But he knew he had to do something, so he just nodded to his tiny wingman.

“H-hey, (l/n)”, he said, causing you to turn around to him, “You can call me T-tamaki”

You grinned at him. “Okay T-tamaki”, you imitated him, “You can call me (y/n)”

Kirishima was dying inside. Why was he helping these two? He just wanted to vanish. Images of you and his senpai kissing came to his mind and he almost threw up. This was the worst day of his life.

The rest of the walk was fairly quiet, Kirishima had demanded to be carried by his mommy, pretending he was tired, but actually just wanting to be close to you. Amajiki went back to being completely silent, this guy was really something. Kirishima couldn’t believe that he was wasting this opportunity like this. If it was him, he would be flirting with you nonstop.

But then again, he hadn’t managed to hit it off with you yet either, so he probably wasn’t one to talk. Especially not now, considering he was a goddamn baby. Everytime he remembered this fact he felt like a part of him died.

You on the other hand were still extremely freaked out. You had no idea what to do with this little toddler once you got back into the dorms. Would he be staying with you? You weren’t even qualified to look after a child. This was all way too much for you.

When you finally arrived at the dorms, Amajiki escorted you into the building of class 1-A, still as quiet as humanly possible. When you stepped inside, your entire class was sitting in the common room, accompanied by Aizawa-san, your homeroom teacher.

Word travelled fast in your class so it was no surprise that everyone already knew about Kirishima’s condition. They were all staring at the three of you when you entered and there was an immediate outbreak of laughter, chatter, cries and screams in the air.

Kirishima had lost count of how many times he had wanted to die that day. He thought calling his crush mommy was embarrassing, well this was now on a whole new level. What was he supposed to do?!

He was still in your arms, looking around the room to gauge everyone’s reactions. He wasn’t surprised that his friends were laughing, they had no idea how irreversible his condition was after all. What did surprise him though, was that Bakugou Katsuki was crying with laughter. He had never seen the explosive boy laugh that much before. It was kind of unsettling.

“Oh my god! That’s Amajiki-senpai from the Big 3!”, Mina cried out. You looked at your senpai, knowing that the attention was probably making him extremely uncomfortable.

You just looked at him and nudged him a little in the side, trying to encourage him to not stop breathing. He looked down to you and his lips twitched into the most awkward smile ever.


The other girls nodded in agreement. “You look like a proper family”, Ochako added.

By this point, it wasn’t only Amajiki who was beet red, you were blushing madly too. You were blushing because they got it all wrong, it was the toddler in your arms who was the person you would like to have a family with one day.

“I-I best g-get going”, Amajiki whispered to you, “W-will you be a-alright?”

“Yeah, we’re all good, Tamaki. I text you if anything exciting happens”, you said, smiling at your senpai. And with that he left the building, his whole body shaking with every step he took.

Once alone with your class and teacher, everyone came running to you and Kirishima. All the girls wanted to hold baby Kiri and he did not complain one bit. If he had to be trapped in this unmanly body, then at least he would make the most of it.

While the toddler was being passed around the room, Aizawa asked you to fill him in on a bit more details, telling you that Fat Gum had only given him a short brief. So you explained everything you knew in detail, the entire class listening.

After you finished, Aizawa was sighing. “Well, I guess I will have to look after him until things go back to normal” So he made his way over to the tiny boy.

Kirishima panicked inside. He did not want to be away from you and he definitely did not want to be fed or bathed by Aizawa-san. There was no way he would let that happen. So he did what every moody three year old does. He started crying.

Everyone was staring at him, Aizawa stopped moving altogether. “No go with scary old man. Me wants to stay with mommy”, he said in between sobs and hiccups. His lisp coming out fully now, making all the girls giggle because of cuteness overload.

“Mommy?”, Bakugou said with utter confusion.

“Yep, that would be me!”, you said, extending your arms to the little one and scooping him off the sofa. He left a content sigh and snuggled into your chest. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

“That’s not fair! I’m small too, I want to cuddle into (l/n)-chans boobs”, Mineta cried out.

“Goddamnit, Mineta, shut up”, you growled and Kirishima gave him a deadly glare.

“Well, it seems that Kirishima doesn’t want to go with a ‘scary old man’ like me, so would you be comfortable taking care of him, (l/n)? At least for tonight”, your teacher asked you.

For some reason you started blushing. “Ehh sure, I guess I can do that”

And with that your teacher nodded and immediately left, clearly having had enough of his problem class for the day.

“Sooo”, Mina said, looking at you with a big smile,”You’re on first name basis with senpai are you, (y/n)-chan?! Have you kiiiiiissed yet?” She fluttered her eyelashes and formed a kiss mouth with her lips.

At this point, all you wanted was to dissolve into liquid and be absorbed by the wooden floor. This day had been so bizarre. Your crush kept calling you mommy and was trapped in the mind and body of a three year old, your senpai had been mistaken for your lover and your friends were teasing you like there was no tomorrow.

By now almost all your friends were making kissing noises, making you visibly irritated. Kirishima, being the manly toddler he was, immediately realised how uncomfortable you were, so he started crying again, bringing all attention to him.

You looked at Kirishima. “What’s up, Eiji?”, you asked concerned.

So he faked a big yawn, signalising you that it was time to retreat to your room and that he needed to take a nap. Essentially saving you from this awkwardness.

You understood and started making your way up to your room. Kirishima’s little heart was pounding to the extreme, he would finally be in your room. Not like he had pictured it, but it was happening nonetheless.

“Hey, (y/n)”, Momo said, holding you back, “I made some clothes for baby Kiri, he looks like he’s wearing a tablecloth”

Thankful you took the clothes off of your friend. “Senpai said the quirk left him naked so he wrapped him in his cape. Thanks for making those! That went completely over my head”

Toru was just about to tease you again for talking about your ‘senpai’, but you stopped her before she could form a proper sentence and walked up to your room.

Once inside, you placed Kirishima on your bed, kneeling in front of him, not entirely sure what to do now. You looked at the clothes that Momo had made for your tiny friend.

“I guess I best give you a bath…”, you quietly said. Kirishima’s eyes opened wider than he thought was possible. Please, please, please don’t let this be real. He yelled internally. You weren’t supposed to see him naked like this. His heart sunk. After this there would definitely be no way for you to love him back.

When you picked him up to take him into your small bathroom, he tried to play it cool. Maybe you wouldn’t actually fully undress him. “You know, Eiji, it’s a shame you’re a baby right now, I had always wanted to invite you to my room to hang out, but I never knew how to ask you”, you said, absentmindedly brushing his black hair.

Kirishima was shocked, you wanted to invite him over to your room? Why would you have wanted that? He didn’t think you actually liked hanging out with him. He thought you were only talking to him as much as you did because you interned at the same agency. He was so confused and busy thinking, that he didn’t even realise you had finished washing him and even put his newly tailored clothes on him.

You sat him back down on your bed, standing in front of him with a conflicted look on your face. He tilted his head, he wondered what was on your mind. But then you started taking off your shirt and he realised that you were probably contemplating whether it was safe to change in front of him or not.

His insides felt like they were on fire. His crush was undressing in front of him, thinking he was a child, while in reality he was fully aware of what was going on. He felt like such a pervert. At the same time though, he didn’t make any effort to look away.

You had now turned around, your back facing the toddler on your bed. The silence was driving you crazy so you started talking. “You know Eiji, I really hope you turn back to normal soon. I mean you’re cute like that, but you’re even cuter when you’re my age”, you said.

Kirishima couldn’t believe what he was hearing, his mind went blank. Did you just say he was cute? What the hell was going on?

“If you and I would’ve had to take care of a little baby, that would’ve been so much more fun than with Tamaki-senpai. I think we’d do a hell of a job”, you giggled, back still turned to the toddler while you were grabbing a change of clothes from your wardrobe.

Kirishima was blushing like crazy, did you just say you would choose him over your senpai? But weren’t you in love with Amajiki? Kirishima was so incredibly confused. He wanted to say something but was in too deep to blow his cover.

“Maybe we get the chance to have our own kids one day”, you giggled, “I’m sorry, I know you don’t feel the same. Especially not right now”

He wanted to scream that he did feel the same and that he could not believe you actually wanted to be with him. If he would’ve known that, he would’ve never had to pretend to have the mindset of a damn toddler.

You sighed deeply, bringing his attention back over to your half undressed form. “I really am in love with you, Eiji. I hope you turn back to normal soon so I can tell you. I don’t care if you reject me, I just need you to know”

Kirishima felt a strange sensation travelling all the way through his body. Everything was tingling, from his hair to his toes. And within an instant, he was back in his teenage body. He moved his arms in front of his eyes, he couldn’t believe that he was actually back to normal.

He was so focused on himself that he didn’t realise you had turned back around. He only realised when he heard your surprised squeal. “EIJI?!”, you said, dropping your hair brush in shock.

“Ehm… yeah”, he replied, scratching his head awkwardly.

You were so incredibly relieved that he was back to his usual self. You had told tiny Eiji that you would confess once he was back to normal, so you mustered all your courage. “Eiji, I need to tell you something”, you fidgetted back and forth, “I-I’m in l-lov--” You couldn’t finish because he interrupted you with a light chuckle.

“I know, I heard you the first time”, he said grinning.

Your mind was racing, what did he mean, the first time? And then you realised that he had been aware of what was going on around him the entire time. You looked slightly irritated. “Are you telling me you just pretended to have the mindset of a toddler?”

Kirishima then realised that he probably should’ve kept this to himself, at least for now. “Y-yeah I’m sorry… I know it wasn’t manly of me at all but I was embarrassed to talk normally to you”, he admitted.

You didn’t know what to think, but you couldn't be mad at him. You had no idea how you would react in his situation. “Do you know what triggered you to turn back to normal?”, you asked, your head full of questions.

He gave you a sharp toothed grin and got up from your bed, slowly walking towards you. “The villain told me that the quirk would release as soon as the person I love would confess their feelings to me” He came to a stop in front of you.

You were about as red as possible at this point, he was so close to you and he just admitted that he liked you back. This was too good to be true. There were still so many questions on your mind that you desperately needed answers to, but for now, all you wanted was to kiss him.

As if he could read your mind, he leaned down towards you, closing the gap between you. The kiss was so soft and pure, exactly what you had always dreamed of.

A sudden realisation came to your mind and you broke the kiss, looking him straight in his red eyes. “Eiji, you’re naked”, you said, trying not to laugh.

Kirishima panicked and scanned his body in the mirror next to him. You were right, the toddler clothes that Momo had made for him must have ripped when he turned back to his normal size.

He looked back to you, trying to play it cool. “Well I guess that means I’m one step ahead of you babe”, he said with a cheeky grin, pulling you closer into another kiss, this time more passionate.

You could tell that this would be a long night, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Chapter Text

You sat on your bed, fiddling with the fabric of the scarf you were holding in your hands. You looked at the calendar on your wall for what felt like the millionth time that morning. But no matter how many times you would do so, it would always say the same. It was the 11th of January. A day you had been waiting for for a while now. It was a special day because it was the birthday of the boy you had a massive crush on. Shouto Todoroki.

Just the thought of him made your heart flutter. You had liked him pretty much from the moment you first saw him, but you never had the courage to tell him how you felt. And who could really blame you? He was incredibly handsome and there had been plenty of girls who had confessed to him before, but all of them had been rejected.

You knew that Todoroki wasn’t the most talkative person, some would even say that he was rude, but you knew better. You knew that he was very conflicted inside and that he had trouble opening up to people. You knew that, because you were the same, which was most likely what had drawn you to him from the very beginning.

You were certain that he didn’t reciprocate your feelings, he had rejected the prettiest girls in UA after all, so why would he choose you? But nonetheless, you had to at least try. You had kept these feelings in for way too long now. However, you didn’t want to make your confession too obvious, so you had come up with a plan.

You had knitted him a blue and white infinity scarf, which you were to give him on his birthday. If he was going to reject it, you could just shrug it off and say you wanted to give him something for his birthday. But should he accept your gift, then you would confess your feelings. In theory that sounded like a great plan, but nonetheless, you were incredibly anxious.

You didn’t know why everything involving him made you so nervous. You were usually pretty confident, especially in your combat abilities. Your wind quirk was steadily improving since you joined UA and your Jiu-jitsu skills were coming along nicely as well. You had already kicked some villain asses and you had also aced your provisional licence exam.

So why was it that you were so nervous about simply giving this piece of fabric to a boy you had a crush on? You sighed loudly. “Get a grip, (y/n)”, you told yourself, clenching the scarf close to your chest and leaving your room.

You had to find an opportunity where Todoroki was alone, you didn’t want anyone else to witness your potential rejection. Like a stealthy ninja, you tiptoed through the common room, making sure to hug every corner tightly and peer around before actually making the move.

When you saw the familiar white and red mop of hair walking from the kitchen to the common room, your heart stopped beating for a second. This was your chance. You could do this. It really wasn’t that difficult.

Reluctantly you activated your quirk, using the air around you to accelerate your movements, rushing towards the boy with immense speed. Your plan was to rush to him, place the scarf in his hands and rush back to safety before he knew what was happening. Then you could gauge his reaction from afar and depending on his reaction, you would show yourself afterwards.

The first part was easy, you quickly shoved the present in his hands and tried to turn around to run away like the Flash, but unfortunately, Todoroki’s reflexes were better than you had anticipated and he easily caught your wrist before you could escape.

You swore internally. Of course your plan would fail. How could you think for even a second that it would work out? You mentally prepared yourself for the most embarrassing moment of your life. You were so glad that nobody else was around.

He looked down at you, holding your wrist in one hand and the blue and white scarf in the other. After contemplating on what to do, you decided to look up into his beautiful eyes. Big mistake. You could feel the heat rise in your cheeks and you knew that your face must have been about the same colour as his hair.

“(l/n)”, he said in his usual monotone voice, “What is this?” He lifted the hand with the scarf and looked at you with a hint of confusion on his face.

“I… It’s… a present”, you said quietly, “Happy Birthday, Todoroki”

For a second you thought that you could see the faintest hint of a blush on his pale cheeks. He didn’t say anything and the silence was driving you crazy. He was most likely trying to come up with a polite way to reject you. Just what had you done?!

“Y-you don’t have t-to, I mean, i-it’s okay if y-you don’t l-like it”, you stuttered, slight panic in your voice. He was still holding your wrist, making any attempt to escape futile.

“Did you make this?”, he asked calmly.

How the heck could he be this calm in literally every situation? You were ready to faint at any second and he was completely unphased by what was happening. It was most likely because dozens of girls had given him gifts before and he was already used to it.

You realised that he had asked you a question and quickly nodded in response. Suddenly, something you had never seen on him, appeared before you. His lips curled into the faintest of smirks.

He easily put the scarf around his neck with one hand and you swallowed hard. Did he actually like your gift? Seeing him wearing the scarf made you incredibly happy. You had known that these colours would look great on him and the fact that he had accepted something that you had made, was filling you with pride.

“Thanks”, he said, looking down at you with a soft smile, “I like it”

You were pretty sure that your heart was beating way too fast and all the butterflies in your stomach were having a big party. This had turned out so much better than you had hoped.

“You’re welcome”, you said, with a big smile.

But when you tried to turn around, you realised that he was still keeping hold of your wrist. You looked at him in confusion. “Todoroki…”, you said, pointing at your wrist.

This time his lips displayed a full smirk and it melted your heart.

“Shouto”, he corrected you, making you blush violently. And with that, his hand slipped from your wrist into your hand, easily intertwining your fingers with his.

You opened your eyes in shock, you had no idea what had just happened, but you didn’t want to complain. You were so glad that you had dared to take this step, you had never been so happy before.

“Thank you for both of these gifts”, he said, pointing at the scarf around his neck and then at your hand that he was still holding.

Chapter Text

A big smile was plastered all over your face when you unlocked the door to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend Katsuki. The two of you had been together for a few years and you were sure that he was the one for you. Sure, there were times when it was rocky, but overall, you always found happiness in each other’s arms.

Unfortunately, the moments of being in each other’s arms had become a rarity as of late. Katsuki was very focused on building his career as a pro hero and that meant he had a crazy work schedule, fitting in as many shifts as possible. You understood that it was something he had to do in order to fulfill his lifelong dream, so you never complained.

You would have lied if you would have said that you didn’t miss him, but you knew that it wouldn‘t be like that forever. You also knew that he felt bad about leaving you alone a lot, but he didn’t have to worry about that anymore. Because as you had found out just a few days ago, you were expecting your first child with him and you couldn’t have been more excited.

The two of you had talked about kids before, you just didn’t think it would happen so fast. Nonetheless, this surprise was a happy one and you couldn’t wait to tell him. You had just been out to buy some ingredients for his favourite dinner, you were planning on cooking him food and after dinner you would surprise him with a dessert, but instead of a spoon, you would hand him the pregnancy test. You chuckled lightly. You couldn’t wait to see his face.

When you opened the door however, you were the one who was surprised. Katsuki’s shoes were already sitting neatly in the hallway. Why was he home so early? You knew that he had a long shift ahead, this was very odd. You placed your shoes next to his and walked down the hallway. For some reason you had a very bad feeling about this.

Little did you know, that your gut feeling was right and that your life was about to change forever. You found your boyfriend sitting at the kitchen table. Hands folded on top of each other, his head was hanging low. He didn’t even look up when you entered the room.

“Katsuki? Why are you home already? Are you okay?”, you asked worried.

He took a deep breath and finally looked up, the expression on his face was unlike anything you had ever seen before.

“What happened, Katsuki? You’re scaring me”, you said concerned.

He motioned you to sit down opposite of him. “Please sit, we need to talk”, he simply said.

You swallowed hard, but did as he said. The bad feeling inside of you grew. Was he breaking up with you? Because this sure as hell felt a lot like the build-up to a breakup.

“Look, (y/n), I don’t know how to say this, so I just put it out there”, he said hesitantly, “I think we should breakup”

The gravity of his words was hitting you like an avalanche. This couldn’t be true, it just didn’t make any sense. You knew that things had been a bit distant between you, but you didn’t think it was bad enough to break up over.

“Why?”, you asked, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

He sighed loudly. “It’s just best that way”, he said.

You shook your head, tears now falling from your eyes. “No, Katsuki. That isn’t a good enough reason to breakup. You need to tell me why, you can’t just brush this off. Not after being together for so many years”, you cried, “Is there… Did you find someone else?”

He clicked his tongue. “Don’t be stupid”

“Then what is it?”, you asked, “Do you not love me anymore?”

He didn’t give you an answer to that question. Instead, he looked down at the table. It made you angry, he was breaking up with you after so many years and he didn’t even have the decency to look into your eyes.

After a moment of silence, he spoke up. “I want to focus on my career and our relationship is in the way”, he said bluntly.

Hearing this hurt you more than words could describe. You were in his way, you were a burden to him. You didn’t say anything, too stunned to form a single word.

“I can’t focus on work, knowing you’re sitting at home waiting for me”, he explained, “It’s holding me back”

You nodded. “I understand”, you said quietly, looking down, not wanting to look at the man you loved so dearly, “So… do you want me to leave?”

He stood up from his chair, making you look at him. The expression on his face was unlike anything you had ever seen on him before, but you couldn’t read the emotions behind it.

He shook his head. “No, you can keep the apartment. I’m leaving”, he said.

You couldn’t help but sob loudly. This was actually happening, this wasn’t a joke, he was leaving you and there was nothing you could do about it. You had to accept his decision and move on with your life.

He walked out of the room and you followed him into the hallway. He walked into the bedroom, most likely to pack his bags. To your surprise, he came back not even two minutes later. You realised that he had already packed his belongings and that he was ready to go. He put on his shoes and you watched him intently. You were trying to take as many mental images as possible, for you knew that you wouldn’t see him again.

“Where are you going?”, you asked with a weak voice.

He looked up and saw your tear stained face. You thought that this decision had been easy for him, but in reality, his heart was breaking too. It wasn’t that he didn’t love you anymore, but it just had to be this way. He would never be able to make it to the top if he was constantly thinking about you. He had to move on, no matter how much it hurt.

“I got a job abroad”, he said, “I’m leaving immediately”

These news shocked you even more, he wouldn’t just leave your life, he left the country. He would be so far away, completely out of reach. You didn’t know what to say, so instead, you just nodded. This was goodbye for all of times and you had no idea what your life would look like without the man you loved so incredibly much.

He wanted to give you one last kiss, one last hug at least, but he didn’t do either. He knew that it would make things even harder. You both needed a clean cut and that meant that he had to leave without showing any emotions. It was better for you if you thought that he didn’t love you anymore. That way, you would be able to move on more easily.

He looked at you and you looked back at him. Your eyes locked for what would be the last time and there was still so much left unsaid, but yet, you both knew that it would stay unsaid for eternity.

“Goodbye, (y/n)”, he said and turned around to open the door.

“Goodbye, Katsuki”, you replied, watching the man you loved walk out of your life.



What followed, were weeks and months of absolute fear and agony. You hadn’t told Katsuki about your pregnancy because you knew that he would have stayed with you and the baby, sacrificing the career he had always dreamed of. You knew that he wouldn’t have said it out loud, but he would have always secretly resented you and the baby, and you just didn’t want that to happen. You had asked yourself if it was right to keep something so major a secret from him, but you thought this to be the best option. You didn’t know what the future would bring for you or your little one, but you knew that Katsuki would manage to work his way to the top and you wanted him to succeed.

In the end, even though you didn’t think it was possible, you found the support you needed in a person that you never thought of as any more than a former classmate.

You had met Izuku while buying food in the supermarket. You had been visibly pregnant then and Izuku was surprised to say the least. You hadn’t seen each other since graduation after all. You decided to go out for lunch together and everything went rather quickly after that.

At first, he was just a good friend, a saving grace that had come into your life during a time where you needed it most, but it soon developed into more than that. Your growing feelings for Izuku had confused you greatly, you didn’t think you would be ready for a new relationship only half a year after your heart had been broken into a million pieces.

But Izuku had proven you wrong. He was the glue that fixed your broken heart, the reassurance that everything would be okay in the end. You had felt guilty at first, were you really replacing Katsuki that easily? But then you realised that you would never be able to replace him. Instead, you opened your heart for a new kind of love, a love you had never felt before. And it was okay, it was okay to move on. It was what Katsuki had wanted you to do.

You weren’t sure if Izuku felt the same for you, you were expecting his childhood friend’s baby after all, but he did feel the same and he was so perfect in showing it to you. He was supportive and loving, strong when you needed someone to be strong for you and comforting when you needed comfort. He was your rock and there were no words great enough to describe your gratitude to him.

He was there when you had given birth to your son and he was treating him like his own from the very beginning. He was the father your son needed and even though he was the spitting image of Katsuki, he saw Izuku as his dad and they had an amazing relationship. And by god, Izuku was an amazing father, so much so, that five years later, you welcomed a second child to this world. A beautiful baby girl, that resembled Izuku so much, from the green locks to the adorable freckles. You loved your family dearly and you didn’t think that anything could ever shake the peaceful life you had built for yourself.



It was Katsuki’s first day off in what felt like months. Work dominated his life, in fact, he didn’t have anything going for him outside of work. He had spent three years abroad, quickly rising to the top, but once he returned to Japan, he had realised that his fame from abroad, didn’t matter all that much back home. He managed to get a good job as a pro hero, but he was nowhere near as known as he was used to.

It didn’t bother him all that much, he wasn’t a hero for attention after all. But nonetheless, he felt like he had missed out on something significant. He had his career, just like he wanted, but there was one thing that everyone around him seemed to have, that he didn’t. A partner to share his life with, a family to come home to. He had none of that and it stung more than he wanted to admit.

When he came back to Japan, he quickly found out that most people he had known from school were now married and had children, but he was the exception. He didn’t have any of that and it didn’t seem like it was likely for him to get it anytime soon. He once had the opportunity to have all of this and more, but he ruined it and no matter how much he regretted it, there was no way for him to fix it.

He now knew, that leaving you was the biggest mistake he had ever made. In fact, he knew it the moment he had walked out that door, but he had been too stuck in his own ways to acknowledge the significance of his decision. Now that he had seen the bigger picture, he regretted it every single day.

When he came back to Japan, he went looking for you immediately, but it was as though you had disappeared. No matter where he looked, he didn’t find anyone with your name. He checked your old apartment, but you had been long gone. It was as though you had never existed, as if you had been a fragment of his imagination all along.

He even asked his old classmates, but none of them knew anything either. He didn’t believe them, he thought that they were hiding something important about your whereabouts, but no matter how often he pried, everyone he talked to kept quiet. Maybe you had instructed them to not tell him anything. If you had done that, could he have really blamed you? He did break your heart after all.

Katsuki growled and kicked a pebble that was laying on the rocky path he was walking on. He had no idea where he was going, he figured that he would figure that out along the way. It was surprisingly quiet around him, only a few birds were chirping and the leaves were rustling in the gentle summer breeze. Suddenly, the loud giggle of a young child made him turn around. He could have sworn that he was alone in this park.

What he saw when he turned around however, almost made his heart leap out of his chest. He saw you, the only woman he had ever loved, sitting on a bench, you had something on your lap that was giggling loudly. Was that your baby? Who was the father? His heart started hurting and his head was spinning. You looked so incredibly happy. Happier than he had ever seen you.

He mustered all his courage and walked towards you. “(y/n)?”, he asked.

His voice made you look up in shock. You immediately recognised it, you would always recognise the voice of the first man you had fallen in love with.

“K-katsuki?!”, you stuttered in disbelief, “I would’ve never expected to see you here”

“I could say the same”, he replied, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you for the past two years”

Just when you were about to reply, the bundle in your arms started crying and you looked down, Katsuki followed your eyes. You gently rocked the baby in your arms.

“Shhh, it’s okay Hanae”, you cooed, calming the child down immediately.

The baby stretched and yawned, pushing away some of the blanket that it was wrapped inside of. And that’s when Katsuki noticed the green locks and freckles that he would always be able to recognise. This was Deku’s child, no doubt about it. But… did that mean that… He couldn’t finish his thought.

“Katsuki”, you said softly, bringing his attention back to your face. But he didn’t let you finish.

“Please tell me that this isn’t your child, (y/n)”, he said almost pleading. This couldn’t be true. Did he really lose the love of his life to that damn Deku?

“Katsuki… I...”, you said, but were interrupted once again.

Loud children’s laughter was coming closer and Katsuki could see panic welling up in your eyes. He was so incredibly confused and didn’t have the faintest idea of what was going on.

“Mummy, look what I just got!”, a voice exclaimed from behind Katsuki, and before he knew it, a little boy jumped in front of him, excitedly showing you an ice cream cone in his hands.

“That’s great, Tatsuo”, you said gently, “Try not to drop it this time”

The boy giggled and started eating his ice cream. Katsuki watched him and his insides felt like they were being violently twisted. The boy who had just called you his mum, looked exactly like he had done when he was a toddler. Ash blonde hair that was too wild to ever be tamed, red eyes that were focused on the cool treat he was holding in his hands.

Just like there was no doubt about the fact that the child in your arms was Deku’s, there was no doubt in his mind that the child in front of him, was his.

He looked back up at you, confusion now mixed with a hint of anger. “(y/n)”, he said, trying to sound as calm, as possible, “What the fu-”

You interrupted him before he could finish. “No swearing in front of my children”, you scolded him.

Just when he was about to retaliate, he almost had the third heart attack of the day.

“They didn’t have your favourite, so I got yo-”, he heard the voice of his childhood rival say behind him, “W-wait, Kacchan? Is that you?”

Katsuki didn‘t want to turn around, didn‘t want to confront the undeniable reality, but he did it anyway. He looked at the damn nerd, now a grown man, carrying two ice cream cones in his hands.

Izuku looked over to you, making sure that you were okay. This little gesture made Katsuki‘s blood boil. It should have been him giving you these looks. Not Deku that idiot.

For a moment it was quiet and the tension in the air was thick enough to be cut with a knife. It was your son Tatsuo who broke the silence. He had walked over to Izuku and tugged on his shirt.

“Daddy”, he said with a curious tone in his voice, “Who is that man?”

You threw a nervous glance at Izuku who just responded with a nod. Katsuki wanted to throw up. He hated the fact that the two of you understood each other without words.

“That‘s one of mummy and daddy‘s good friends, Tatsuo”, Izuku explained, kneeling down so he was able to look the boy in his eyes.

The boy just nodded, satisfied with the answer and already losing interest in Katsuki’s presence. Instead, he was eyeing the ice cream in Izuku’s hand that was slowly starting to melt.

“Can I have another one?”, he asked with the sweetest voice. You chuckled lightly, which made Katsuki look from the little boy to you and back to the boy.

Izuku sighed. “You’ve been a really good boy today, Tatsuo, so I’ll make an exception. But only if you promise me to come home with me now and tidy up your room”

The boy seemed to contemplate for a minute, but then he nodded wildly and took the ice cream off of Izuku’s hands.

With now only one ice cream cone left in his hands, Izuku walked over to you, shuffling some blankets in the stroller, which was parked next to you. You got up from the bench, gave the baby in your hands a soft kiss and placed her in the stroller.

“Will you be okay?”, Izuku asked you quietly.

You nodded in reply, wanting to give him a kiss in reassurance, but you decided that it would most likely create an even more awkward situation with Katsuki watching you.

Izuku grabbed the stroller with one hand and skillfully navigated it away from the bench.

“Come, Tatsuo, we’re going home”, he said to the boy who seemed to be hesitant about following the man who he considered to be his father.

“Aren’t you coming with us, Mummy?”, he asked you with an upset tone.

You leaned down and ruffled his hair. “I’ll be coming home soon. I just stay a while longer to talk to my friend over here”, you explained to your son.

He nodded and followed Izuku without saying another word. Once you were alone with Katsuki, you finally dared to look at him. His expression was one of anger and hurt, and you couldn’t blame him for that.

“You got some fucking explaining to do, (y/n)”, he said, trying hard not to shout.

“I know”, you sighed, sitting back down on the bench, motioning Katsuki to sit next to you.

Hesitantly he did exactly that and you felt him glaring daggers at you. You didn’t look at him, you couldn’t get yourself to do so. Instead, your eyes were fixated on the birds nesting in the tree in front of you.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”, he suddenly asked.

You tried hard to collect your thoughts. “I wanted to, Katsuki. The day you broke up with me, I was going to tell you. I had everything planned out, but then… you left me”

He clenched his fists. “So you knew? You knew and yet you let me walk out that door?”

“Well what was I supposed to do?”, you asked, turning your head to look at him, “You made it very clear that I was in the way of your career, I couldn’t possibly burden you with a child. It would have changed everything”

He clicked his tongue. “Of course it would have changed everything”, he said, “I would have fucking stayed and be there for you”

“I know and that is exactly why I couldn’t tell you”, you could feel your eyes tear up and you hated yourself for becoming so emotional.

“Then why? If you knew I would have stayed, then why did you choose to go through this alone?”, he asked.

You paused for a moment before you spoke up again. “You would have resented me for the rest of your life. You would have looked at me and the baby and blamed us for not being able to pursue your career”

He hit the bench with his clenched fist. “What the fuck are you talking about? I would have never resented you. This was just as much my responsibility as it was yours. I deserved to know”

“It’s easy for you to say that. You don’t know how you would have reacted”, you retaliated.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Of course he knew, he would have never abandoned or hated you or his child.

“You didn’t even give me the fucking chance though. Just because you were afraid of my reaction, you decided to keep this from me. No matter what you’re saying, you had no right to do that”, he said.

You knew that he was right. Deep down you didn’t tell him because you had been afraid of his reaction. You had thought that he didn’t love you anymore, so you had no reason to believe that he would love this child.

“I thought you left me because you didn’t love me anymore, Katsuki”, you said, now quietly sobbing, “I thought that your career was more important than me and I didn’t want to interfere with that. I wanted to respect your wishes”

“I left because I loved you”, he said, his voice cracking, “We were so young and I didn’t want you to sit at home waiting for me every night. Leaving you was the hardest decision I ever made. And it seems that it was also the biggest mistake”

You sobbed loudly. You pictured what your life would have been like if you had just told Katsuki the truth. Would he have reacted the way he said he would have? Or would he have pushed you away nonetheless? You knew that it hadn’t been right to keep this from him, but at the same time, you still thought that you had done the right thing.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki”, was all you could say.

“I’m sorry too”, he said, making you look at him with surprise on your face, “I should have never pushed you away. I should have kept you close and cherished you every day”

You didn’t say anything, instead you just looked at him, your heart breaking all over again. You had done him wrong and yet he was apologising. He seemed to have really grown up over the years.

“And because I was so stupid, I pushed you into the arms of another man”, he said, hurt clearly audible in his voice, “That damn Deku out of all people”

You sighed. You knew how much he had always disliked Izuku, but you had thought that he would have gotten over this by now.

“Were you ever going to tell me?”, he asked you.

You weren’t prepared for this question. Of course you had thought about it, but you had always pushed that thought aside, deciding to face it when the time was right.

“Yes, of course I would have”, you assured him, “I just didn’t know when”

Katsuki looked down and he looked both, angry and upset, defeated almost.

“You have no idea how much it hurts to see him call someone else his dad”, he said, a single tear escaping his eyes, you watched it land on his jeans, leaving a wet mark, “He doesn’t even know who I am, (y/n). I have missed the first years of his life and I will never be able to catch up. You took that away from me and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over that”

You nodded. “I understand”, was all you said.

“No, you don’t. You don’t understand, (y/n). I don’t think you’ll ever be able to understand just how hurt I am. To think that I have looked for you all this time. Loved you, all this time. Only to see that you have moved on and replaced me”

His statement broke your heart and made you angry at the same time. “Do you think that it was easy to move on, Katsuki? I thought you didn’t love me anymore, I went through so much agony because of you. I didn’t plan for any of this to happen”, you sobbed, “I didn’t replace you, Katsuki. I have always loved you and I will always love you, Tatsuo is living proof of that”

His eyes shot up, looking at you, trying to find a sign that maybe things could go back to what they once had been. You noticed this look of his and shook your head.

“No matter what I’m feeling for you, Katsuki, I also love Izuku. He has been there for me for the past five years and the love I’m feeling for him is completely different to the love I’m feeling for you. He is my husband, my rock, my other half. There was a time when I thought of you as this person, I wanted you to be this person, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m sorry” You didn’t know what else to say. You knew that this wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but it was the truth that he needed to hear.

Just like you suspected, it broke his heart. He knew that he would never get you back and it was his own fault. He couldn’t blame you for moving on. He couldn’t blame you for finding love in a person that was most likely treating you better than he ever had. But nonetheless, it hurt. You had moved on, but he was certain that he never would.

“I understand”, he said quietly. For a moment, there was silence. Just like on the day you broke up, there was so much left unsaid, but at the same time, there were no words to describe what either of you was feeling.

“I know I fucked up and hurt you, but so have you, (y/n)”, he said, making you look at him, “You should have told me sooner, there is no reason good enough to justify keeping this from me. But no matter what happened in the past, I know now and I will not ignore the fact that I have a child”

You nodded. You understood that now that it was out in the open, you couldn’t expect him to stay out of Tatsuo’s life.

“Please let me be part of his life, (y/n)”, he pleaded, “I have already missed more than I should have, I don’t want to miss any more”

“I understand that, Katsuki, and I won’t keep him away from you. We need to find a way to introduce you into his life and I have no idea how that will work out, but I know that you have the right to and I won’t keep you away from him any longer”, you said, meaning every single word.

You had both messed up in many ways, you probably more so than he had, but in the end, your son wasn’t at fault. He deserved to get to know Katsuki and he deserved to know the truth. You had to figure out what that would look like, but you would do that along the way. You had Izuku by your side after all. And now, in some way or another, you had Katsuki back by your side too.

“I like the name you picked for him”, Katsuki suddenly said with a soft smile.

“I thought you might”, you chuckled, “And it suits him very well. He’s just as feisty as you are”