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Almost Perfect

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Chapter 1

Jin and Jungkook have a beautiful life. Jungkook is an up and coming illustrator, while Jin uses his love of dad jokes and bad puns to write fortunes for a fortune cookie company. They enjoy life together, raising their 4 kids, Yoongi who is 9, 6-year-old twins Hoseok and Namjoon, and Jimin, who is almost 2. They couldn’t ask for more. Life is almost perfect.

But, life always has a way of throwing surprises our way.


“Happy Birthday!!!”, the kids yelled as Jungkook blew out the lopsided candles on the cake. It was a homemade cake, strawberry with cream cheese icing. Yoongi had written the words “Happy Birthday, Daddy” in shaky handwriting with baby blue icing, while Jimin had insisted on covering the surface of the cake with yellow and green sugar sprinkles.
Jungkook cut small slices for each of the kids, then cut slightly larger pieces for himself and Jin. Trying to hide a slight cringe at the overwhelming sweetness, his eyes meet Jin’s across the table. There’s a sparkle in Jin’s eyes as he tries to contain a chuckle at Jungkook’s facial expression.
“How’s it taste, Daddy?” asked Hoseok around a mouthful of cake. “Hobi, hun, what did I say about talking with your mouthful?”, scolded Jin, still trying to hold back a smile. “Oops, sorry Papa.” he replied, swallowing the food in his mouth.
“Hobi, it's delicious, baby. Thank all 4 of you guys. It’s the best birthday cake a Daddy could ask for.” The four small faces around the table beamed with pride.
“Present time!! Present time!!”, the kids chanted excitedly. “Mine first, Daddy. Open mine first!!”, Jimin shoved a package into Jungkook’s lap. “Ok, Ok, calm down Chim sweety.” Jungkook laughed at the toddler’s eagerness. “Did you wrap this yourself?” he asked, eyeing the haphazard wrapping. “Yep!!”, Jimin chirped excitedly, “Well, Papa helped a little with the scissors and the tape”, he pouted, Jungkook chuckled softly, ruffling the boy’s hair. “You did a good job.” The little boy beamed proudly at the praise. Carefully unwrapping the gift, so as not to rip the colorful paper, he pulled out a coffee mug with Iron Man on it, with the words “Daddy Is My Superhero” on one side.
Jungkook’s eyes welled up with emotion as he hugged the toddler to his chest. “Thank you, Baby. Daddy loves it so much.”, he said softly. Next was Hoseok’s gift, a new mouse pad, with a picture of a big, bright pink flower he had drawn, with his face in the middle of the flower. Jungkook laughed at the cuteness as the young boy beamed with pride at the gift he had chosen. Namjoon’s gift was a silver keychain, with Jungkook’s name engraved on one side, and the words “World’s Best Daddy” one the other. Jungkook thanked each boy with a kiss on the tops of their heads.
Shyly, Yoongi handed him a small box wrapped in simple baby blue paper. “My gift is actually for both of us.” , he said softly, smiling bashfully. Inside were two matching bracelets, made out of simple, polished, wooden beads and leather cord. On one was the word Dad, and on the other, smaller bracelet was the word Son. “Oh, Yoongi, baby. I love it!!”, Jungkook gasped. They're beautiful!” Yoongi’s face lit up as Jungkook slipped his onto his wrist, then motioned for Yoongi to stick out his hand so that he could put his on and adjust it to fit the young boy’s narrow wrist.
“And now, my gift.”, Jin said, handing him a large box wrapped in shiny silver paper with an extravagant glittery bow on top. Giggling slightly at his husband’s extraness, Jungkook lifted the lid off the box, revealing several outfits better suited for a tropical beach than for the cold weather of Seoul just around the corner. He was confused, but gave Jin a smile to show his appreciation.
Jin chuckled, barely able to hold back his laughter, as well as his excitement for Jungkook to see the REAL gift. “Pull them all out and look at them.”, he prodded the younger man.
Rolling his eyes in amusement, Jungkook complied, pulling out each piece of clothing, oohing and aahing over each different look. He looked at Jin with a fond smile. “Thank you, babe. I love them all.” “You missed something.”, Jin said with a smirk. Jungkook’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. As he shuffled through the tissue paper lining the gift box, he found a thick envelope. Looking up at his husband with a grin, he asked, “ Should I open this now? Or in private?” Laughing, Jin replied that it was meant to be opened now.
Jungkook opened the envelope, pulling out all the contents and began reading, his eyes widening more and more the further he read. Inside the packet was a brochure for a tropical getaway for 2, along with 2 plane tickets. “Oh my god!!! Babe, are we really going to Ibiza?!” he exclaimed. It had been Jungkook’s dream vacation spot for years now.
“Yes, love, we’re really going. Happy birthday, baby. I already have everything set up. All you have to do, my love, is pack your bags.”, Jin answered, looking at his mate with a smile and eyes that held all the love in the world for his precious omega.
Seeing Jungkook so happy made his heart feel like it was about to burst. Life had become hectic for the pair over the last decade. They had both known from the start they wanted a big family. There had been some concern at the beginning, when they were first trying to get pregnant, as Jungkook’s heats had never been regular like most omegas. Whereas most omegas had a heat every month, lasting 2 to 3 days, Jungkook only had his heat 4 times a year, but it usually lasted an entire week. He had tried suppressants to regulate them when he was young, but the medication had made the teen so sick he couldn’t function. Instead, he had just had to deal with the heats the way they were. So there were some difficulties conceiving, but after about a year and a half of trying, the couple finally conceived their first pup. Thankfully, despite the difficulties getting pregnant, that first pregnancy went by smoothly, with no complications at all. Yoongi arrived healthy and screaming.
After Yoongi’s birth, Jungkook’s heats suddenly regulated on their own, and the pair had no more trouble conceiving at all. Now, here they were, nearly a decade later, with 3 more beautiful pups. Jin and Jungkook loved having a house full of laughter and love, and adored all 4 of their rambunctious boys. They both felt as if they were the richest people in the world with their house so full of love. Life was almost perfect.


* ~ *

Looking around their bedroom, Jungkook checked off his list carefully, making sure neither of them had forgotten anything. Thankfully, everything was in order and packed. Their suitcases and a shared carry-on bag sat by the front door, waiting to be loaded into the Uber once it arrived. The omega went downstairs, deciding to triple-check the list of phone numbers, medications, and schedules for the kids. As he did that, there was a knock at the door. Jin’s parents had arrived, 10 minutes early. “Oh, thank goodness you’re here.”, Jungkook sighed in relief, leading them into the kitchen. “Here’s all the info you will need while we are gone.”, he said, showing his mother-in-law the list, making sure she had no questions or concerns about anything on it. “The daycare, school, doctor, and instructors have been notified that one of you will be picking up or dropping off, and have been given a photocopy of each of your identifications, along with your contact info. I don’t THINK there should be any issues.”, the omega stated, chewing his lip nervously, forehead wrinkled in worry, and his voice laced with anxiousness.
Placing a calming hand on the nervous man’s shoulder, Jin’s mother spoke kindly, assuring him everything would be just fine. “I remember the first time I left Seokjin overnight.”, She reminisced fondly. “Every parent goes through it. You will be fine, and so will your babies.”, she assured him. “Now, the Uber just arrived, so it's time for you two to leave, sweetie.”
Jin came down the stairs carrying a sleepy looking Jimin trailed by 3 excited boys, the youngest of the 4 having just woken up from his nap. “GrandDad! Nana!”, they exclaimed, running to their grandparents, hugs and kisses being given all around.
“Boys, Papa and I are leaving now. Come give us bye hugs.”, Jungkook called arms open wide. “ Guys, please be good for Nana and Grandad. Be kind, respectful, and do as you’re told. If you’re all well-behaved, I will bring you all home a surprise.”, Jin said with a smile. The four rambunctious kids hugged their parents one by one, giving them kisses on each cheek. After hugging Jungkook’s neck tightly, Jimin placed a small, chubby hand on each side of his father’s face. “I promise to be super duper good, Daddy. I love you.”, the toddler said solemnly, then placed a small, wet kiss on his father’s nose. Hugging his youngest son tightly, Jungkook replied back that he loved him too, trying to hide the crack in his voice as he became choked up over his little boy’s sweetness.
Waving goodbye, the pair loaded their bags into the back of the waiting Uber, climbed in, continuing to wave until the house was out of site. Jin sat back with a sigh, looking over at his husband, suddenly noticing his uncharacteristic silence. “Baby, are you ok? Is something wrong?”, he asked worriedly. Unable to hold back any longer, Jungkook burst into tears, burying his face into his husband’s shoulder. “ It’s just so hard to leave them for so long and go so far away.”, he sobbed, trying and failing to wipe away the tears trailing down his face. “What if something goes wrong? What if one of them gets hurt or sick? What if - …”, “Aw sweetie, I know it’s hard. They will be fine, baby, I promise.,” Jin said cutting off the distraught man’s emotional outburst, rubbing his back soothingly in an effort to calm his husband’s worries. “I…..I mean, I know they are in great hands with your parents, it’s just so hard not to worry.”, Jungkook sighed shakily. “I’m sorry, Jin. This is supposed to be a fun, exciting trip for us and here I am being a crybaby.”, he said with a watery chuckle, sniffing back the rest of his tears and wiping his eyes. “It's fine, Baby.”, Jin chuckled, pulling him into a hug. “Let's just have fun from this point on.”
They arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, allowing them to make their way to their gate at a relaxed pace. Seeing all the little shops and restaurants in the airport, they decided to grab some lunch before their flight. The pair boarded the flight, relieved to see the third seat in their row was unoccupied, allowing them to relax and stretch out without fear of disturbing any neighbors.
After an uneventful 18 hour flight, the plane finally touched down. The pair gathered their luggage and boarded the shuttle bus from the airport to their hotel. Walking into the opulent hotel lobby, Jungkook looked around with wide eyes while Jin walked up to the front desk to check in. The chipper woman behind the desk smiled, handing Jin a pamphlet and 2 room keys, as well as a map of the property. “Here you go sir. Your suite is ready. Fernando here will show you to your accommodations. Have a wonderful and exciting stay.”
“Right this way, sirs.” the man apparently name Fernando held out his arm, leading them to the elevator, and pressed the button for the top floor. “Is this your first time visiting Ibiza?” “Yes, it is. We are here celebrating my dear husband’s birthday.”, Jin stated, giving Jungkook a fond smile. Jungkook looked down, blushing and smiling. “Ah, that’s amazing. Happy Birthday then, sir.” Fernando replied with a smile and a bow just as the elevator doors opened. Opening the double doors with a flourish, he stated, “Welcome to Anything Can Happen Suite. You will find all your luggage has been brought up, and your complimentary bathrobes are in the closet here. There is also a welcome gift on the table in the seating area. Thank you for choosing our property for your stay in Ibiza.” Bowing as Jin tipped him, Fernando gave them a friendly wave and left the room.
Flopping back on the bed with a sigh, Jungkook grinned at Jin. “Wow, babe. You really went all out for this trip, didn’t you? , He said rolling on his side to look at his husband. “Of course, sweetie. Anything for my love.” Jin said, leaning down to place a kiss on Jungkook’s lips. “I love you, Jungkook. Happy Birthday, my love.”
The couple spent the rest of the day relaxing in the hotel room and swimming in one of the two large pools situated in front of a large stage that seemed to be a set up for live music, but was currently empty. After a short nap, they decided to order room service, as they both were worn out from the long flight earlier in the day. The day ended with them going to bed early, the sound of the waves crashing lulling them into a dreamless sleep.
Over the next few days, the two explored the resort and surrounding area, acting like the tourists they were. They sampled the local cuisine from street stands, watched street performers dance and sing for a few coins, clapping and cheering in delight at the talented people showing off their skills. At one point, Jin even convinced Jungkook to engage in a dance battle with one of the street dancers, earning him cheers and laughter from the gathered crowd.
Jin hadn’t seen his spouse so relaxed and happy in a long time. Oh sure, he knew Jungkook loved his babies more than life itself, but he also knew how hard the omega worked every day without fail to make sure their 4 boys were happy, healthy, and loved. Parenting takes a lot out of a person, and on top of that, Jungkook managed to maintain his successful career as an illustrator for children’s book. He was such an amazing husband, parent, and human in general, and he loved him with his entire being.
Walking into what seemed like the hundredth souvenir shop that day, both men found several things they just “had” to buy for their boys. They were enjoying themselves on their vacation, but it was obvious they were missing the 4 rowdy boys at home. They had Skype’d every even without fail so far. The boys were missing their dads, and the two men were missing their babies just as much.
It was the afternoon of their fifth day in Ibiza, and as they went down to the pool to swim and soak up a little sun, there was a buzz in the air that hadn’t been there any of the previous days. Workers were going back and forth from inside the hotel out to the pool deck carrying equipment, and stocking up the multiple tiki bars set up around the perimeter of the pool area. Stagehands were setting up lights and what looked to be a DJ set up on the stage, testing and tuning the equipment in preparation for the evening.
Flagging down one of the many workers rushing past, Jin inquired what was going on. “Oh, this is just the regular weekend party set up. We have a live DJ, free refreshments, and two-for-one drinks until 2 am.”, the harried employee explained. “It’s always a real blast.” “How many people normally come for this event?”, Jin asked. “I think our largest attendance was around 500.”, the worker said nonchalantly. “500?!”, Jin and Jungkook looked at each other in shock as the employee excused himself, hurrying off to continue his duties.
“Baby, let’s go get changed and come down for the party.”, Jungkook said excitedly. “Let’s really “experience” Ibiza. Come on, hyung. It’ll be just like back in college.”, Jungkook said with a smirk. “Remember how we used to flirt so much, hyung?”, he whispered in his husband’s ear, wrapping his arms around him. “College was a long time ago, Kook.”, Jin said laughing, “Neither of us is as young as we used to be. You really think were can handle partying that hard now?”, Jin asked with a raised eyebrow.
“I can if you can, old man.”, Jungkook teased, before releasing his husband’s hand and running off in the direction of the elevators, both of them laughing until they were breathless once Jin caught his husband, playfully growling at him and tickling him as they waited for the elevator to reach their floor. As they got into their room, Jungkook turned to Jin, wrapping his arms around his broad shoulders and pressing his lips to Jin’s in a kiss, which turned into another kiss, and then another, until both of them were breathless. “You sure you want to go back downstairs, Jungkookie?”, Jin teased.
Pressing in for one last kiss, Jungkook then pushed Jin away from him playfully walking towards the closet to choose an outfit to wear. “Yep, I’m sure hyung. Now get ready.”, he replied cheekily, laughing as Jin moaned in pretend annoyance.
About an hour and a half later, the pair made their way back down to the pool deck, which was already teeming with people milling around, sipping on icy cocktails, mixed drinks, or frosty beers, slowly getting into the groove of the party. The DJ was already in place, and fast-paced dance music with heavy bass was already playing, steadily helping to build up the party atmosphere. Choosing a spot on one of the lounge benches, the pair sipped their drinks, watching the crowd begin to grow quickly, until eventually, the crowd was so thick it seemed to be one solid mass of bodies, all moving, grooving to the beat of the music.
“Come on, hyung, let’s dance.”, said a slightly tipsy Jungkook, grabbing the reluctant alpha’s hand, dragging him to the sweaty, steamy, throbbing mass of people. Turning around, he wrapped his arms around the older man’s neck, pulling him down to shout over the music. “It’s okay, babe. Just move with me. Relax and let your body feel the music. Don’t worry about other people. They aren't paying us any attention. Just have fun, baby.” Jungkook turned around pulling Jin’s arms around his middle, swaying his body, slowly leading the other man to loosen up and relax, until they were just moving and dancing together, lost in their own little world, not caring about the press of bodies around them.
Turning the omega back to face him, Jin pressed his forehead to Jungkook’s. “Hey there hottie. Wanna continue this party in my hotel room?”, Jin asked, voice husky with arousal. Giggling at his husband’s cheesiness and biting his lower lip flirtatiously, Jungkook nodded, grabbing Jin’s hand to make their way through the crowd.
Giggling and pausing every few minutes to kiss just a little more, the couple finally made their way to their hotel room. After a moment’s panic of not being able to find their room key, Jungkook finally remembered he had stuck it in his back pocket, pulling it out triumphantly. Before the door could close behind them, Jin hung the “Do Not Disturb” placard on the doorknob, before being pulled fully inside by an impatient Jungkook.
The next morning found the two men nursing hangovers worse than any they had ever experienced in college. They ended up ordering room service and decided to just spend the day lounging in the hotel room, resting and recovering from the shenanigans of the previous night. They both heartily agreed that that type of partying was a thing of the past, an experience best left at college.
A couple of days later, the couple was packing their bags in order to be ready to catch their flight home early the next morning. Looking around them at the pile of things they had yet to pack, Jungkook laughed at the both of them. They had bought so many gifts and souvenirs for the kids, there was no room for them all in the suitcases they had brought from home. Shaking his head with a laugh, Jin went down the street to a small shop they had seen the day before and bought a small suitcase to pack the extra things into. It was cheap and probably wouldn't hold up to frequent traveling, but it would be fine to serve the purpose of getting the gifts home to their precious boys, and that's all that mattered.
The next morning, after checking out, they sat in the lobby waiting for the taxi to take them to the airport. Leaning his head on his husband’s shoulder, fingers intertwined, Jungkook sighed. “Everything ok, sweetheart?”, Jin asked, looking down at the younger man in concern. “Yeah, babe, everything’s fine. I've had such an amazing week here with just me and you, but honestly, I'm going to be relieved to be back home with my babies soon.”, he replied. Lifting his head to smile at the alpha, he placed a quick kiss on his cheek. “Thank you so much, baby, for this trip. For everything you do for me and for us. You're an amazing husband, father, and the best alpha I could have ever dreamed of meeting and falling in love with. I love you.”



By the time the plane landed and the pair made it home, it was after 10 pm. All of the boys were in bed, having fallen asleep a couple of hours before. The pair quietly made their way into the house, greeting and thanking Jin’s parents profusely for staying with the kids and offered for them to stay till morning, seeing as it was so late. They declined, saying it was no problem, that the drive wasn't that bad, seeing as they only lived about 30 minutes away.
After seeing his parent’s off, Jin found Jungkook in Jimin’s room, kissing the sleeping boys cheek as he pulled the covers back over him that he had kicked off in his sleep. “I already checked on the other three. Yoongi woke up when I went in, but he was back asleep before I even left the room again.”, Jungkook chuckled. “He said to tell you he loves you and good night.”
Jin chuckled, hugging his husband tight. “We have such an amazing family.”, he sighed. “Well, it's back to business as usual in the morning. Guess we should head to bed ourselves. I'll set the alarms. We can worry about unpacking tomorrow.” Jungkook agreed, following his husband to their bedroom. The pair brushed their teeth and washed up, and crawled into bed. Snuggling up to the older alpha Jungkook whispered, “Good night, babe. I love you.” “I love you, too, sweetheart.”, Jin replied. Before falling asleep, Jin thought to himself, “Life is almost perfect.”