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A Homestay To Remember {A MHA x RWBY Crossover}

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Izuku woke up with the taste of pancakes on his mind. It was something about that sweet cinnamon roll pancake that excited the emerald teen as he stepped out of bed. The sun happened to shine upon the self-proclaimed Sun God as he thanked God for another day. He reached for his pajama bottom and put on his slippers. He licked his lips as he hoped that his Mother dearest would have some breakfast on the table.

Today was the first of his Summer vacation. Four weeks of immortality without worrying about the concerns of Aizawa-sensei, Principal Nezu, the pestering Minoru, anything. Just comic books, playing video games, hanging out at the arcade, and doing summer homework within 48 hours of returning to school. This summer vacation was going to be a summer to remember. One for the record books. An adventure for the atypical sixteen-year-old.

"Scrambled eggs with bacon," he said out loud as he walked toward the hallway. A chopping sound was coming from the kitchen. He hoped that his loving, portly mother was making some of her world-famous orange juice. "Smothered hash browns with biscuits and gravy," continued the teen as he tiptoed to the kitchen. "Steak and eggs! Breakfast burritos! Anything that isn't my usual Japanese breakfast." He rubbed his stomach. "I know I need to keep in top shape but God, I am hungry for food!"

His mentor, Toshinori Yagi, formerly All Might gave him the hiatus to be a normal kid. However, there was a condition in regards to his normalcy for the summer. Be grateful that the UA High School made a deal with the League of Villians to do a stalemate for the summer. Written in blood, we won't interact nor use our powers. For the sake of you guys being kids, it means that no one would use their quirks for anything. Anything! Normal kids for four weeks. It was an uneasy alliance especially when Katsuki gripped the pen as he signed the alliance. Many weren't taken the truce easily. Izuku remembered Neito throwing expletives at the enemy. Shouto didn't care as he took this as an opportunity to spend time with his mother at the psychiatric hospital. Izuku, for one, wanted to practice his abilities but rules were rules.

Plus, being temporarily quirkless was okay for a while. Granted, it meant going back to running from Katsuki. Fortunately, Shouto and Tenya gave him videos for fighting and cracking jokes respectively. Izuku was mumbling to himself after watching Your Mama Jokes, Volume 4. Skills needed to get Katsuki or Eijiro off of him. Shouto already told him that Yuga was throwing a party at the end of the summer. Therefore, he needed to be ready in his words, 'if shit hits the fan.' Nevertheless, Izuku was grateful that his Dekusquad was there to have his back. However, he will be missing Ochako as she was spending her summer break in America with her family on vacation. She had promised to send postcards of her travels to Izuku every chance she could. It wasn't easy for the brunette as she told him that there was a very important gift she wanted to give him. 'A gift from not only Ochako but from Uravity.' She told him to be patient and she would give it to him upon her return at Yuga's party.

"Steak and eggs and eggs and steak. That's what I have for breakfast! Delicious!" He prayed to himself that his mother had the best welcome home breakfast for him. He wasn't happy that his father was spending another summer overseas again. He said that he will send present upon his return. However, he thought he can spend some quality time with his old man. Nevertheless, his mother Inko told him that there won't be any concerns about his father as there will be other things that will occupy his time. Upon questioning it, she wouldn't say anything further. She had only said that it will be an interesting experience for both of them.

"Morning, Mom," said Izuku as he welcomed himself into the kitchen. His loving portly mother, Inko, was waving the knife as she humming an unrecognizable song. As he had hoped, his mother was preparing orange juice. Upon observation, he saw that his mother had boxes on the table. All had the label from a catering company. There were enough boxes to make a feast. Not questioning his mother as she was a woman with the love of culinary delights but that was enough food to hold them down for at least two weeks. Was his mother planning to have a dinner party or a tea party with the housewives again?

"Morning, darling," responded his mother as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Don't mind the mess, dear. However, I am glad that you have pants on. Do me a favor and go into the cabinet and grab an apron."

Izuku was prying open a box before hearing her request. "An apron? Any particular reason?"

The concerned mother placed her hands on her hip. Izuku knew whenever the doting mother did that, something was wrong on his end. She took deep breaths as if Izuku had failed to deliver a task. She closed her eyes as she parted her lips. "Oh, Izuku! Don't tell me that you have forgotten what I have said to you when I've picked you up from school."

909Memphis was serenading Izuku as he returned to the family van. Plus, what Ochako had mentioned to him at the lockers, he wasn't particularly listening to the witty bantering of mothers. "I don't recall, Mom. I knew you talked about something good for the both of us. Something like that."

She patted her thighs. She turned to the cabinet as she opened to reach for the good china. Izuku raised his eyebrows as when seeing that his mother grabbed the glasses that even the women of her tea ceremonies weren't blessed to touch. "Just like your father. Half-listening! Remember when Mr. Shield and Melissa visited our home a few weeks ago?"

A few weeks ago….

Izuku took steady paces. He took deep breaths as he sat on top of the toilet. He knew that his mother had company and she didn't like whenever she was rudely interrupted.

"I surely suggest, Icchan, to keep the noise down." Izuku wasn't alone. The blonde beauty accompanied Izuku in the bathroom. She did so not too long after he entered. The blonde American entered the bathroom with more lecherous intentions.

"M-M-Melissa, no!" Melissa wouldn't listen. She used both her hands to rub the shaft of Izuku's swollen member. He covered his mouth as she hovered her breath over his member. She grinned as she told him that she was revving up for him. "Izuku, yes! Plus, I have always wanted to have a taste of your pecker. I have always pondered about your cock. You are definitely more of a shower than a grower." Melissa was tickled, knowing such phrases were embarrassing to the nubile teen. Be as it may, she knew that her talkative father would dwell into the conversation that his mother wouldn't notice. Plus, the opportunity to have a little fun with the adorable Japanese boy was now.

"Now, Izuku. Don't fret. Melissa is here to make you feel good," she informed him vigorously. "If anything, take perspective." She opened her mouth as she inserted his dick inside of pussy. Izuku felt her wettest muscle lathering his dick, coating it with her saliva. He flinched, kicking his legs as the pleasure was kicking him.

She paused, opening her mouth. "Your dick flinched. I can tell you are liking this. Don't worry, I am having fun as well." She took off her glasses, displaying her deep sea eyes. She closed them as she resumed to perform fellatio onto his dick.

Prior to this, Izuku never had the opportunity to involve himself in this. Granted, magazines, videos, and sneaking in a pachinko parlor once explored his curiosity toward the opposite sex. He would be lying to himself if he didn't get off to Ochako, Momo, Kyoka, Mina, and even Tsuyu. Now, the family friend was in the bathroom offering him pleasure. It wasn't even warranted from him. There were signs. How she slightly touched him whenever they sat next to each other at lunch. His mother made octopus-shaped frankfurters. As the adults were talking, she licked on the underside, flicking at the top before fully ingesting into her mouth.

Izuku turned away, shifting himself from getting any arousal. She would prick his hand, urging him to look. As the adults continued talking, she inserted her hand into his pants pocket. There, she slowly trickled to his dick, inviting herself to play. His breath labored as she wanted to stroke his chicken.

And that led to where he was now in the bathroom.

Bobbing and schliking noises were made as she used her hand to rub the shaft. As if she was a piston, she continued pumping her mouth, spooling her drool to his member. He felt his balls becoming heavy. As if his balls were the kettle, it was beginning to spout milk.

"Look at me...look at me," urged Melissa as she slapped his thigh. She proceeded to rub his thigh. She read in a magazine that warming his body expedite his orgasm. Judging by his reaction, she knew that sex was foreign.

That never stopped Melissa from finding a cherry boy.

"Come for me! Come for me!" Melissa's bobbing and schliking became faster. Izuku curled his toes within his shoes as his milk spurted into Melissa's mouth. She gripped her hands tighter around his thigh. At each spurt, she sucked like a vacuum. On cue, she sucked. It must have been at least five spurts before she was finished. "I ate it all." She confirmed as she opened her mouth. She concluded as she pecked on his phallus.

"Melissa, sweetie. Where are you?"

The blonde groaned when realizing that her moment was concluded. She grabbed the top of his phallus. "Until we come again soon, Izuku baby." She gave his dick a final rub. "Wait a few minutes, then leave. Don't need them to think we did something naughty." Melissa blew a kiss and stepped out of the bathroom.

Izuku was now left alone. Pants unzipped and the smell of Melissa.

"Izuku, where are you?"

"Coming," shouted Izuku. He quickly hurried to put on his clothes. He flushed the toilet. He stood up and washed his hands. He made a sign of the cross and left out of the bathroom.

Back to the present….

"I don't recall that event, Mom," replied Izuku as he and Inko were straightening out the table. She moved the boxes to the table as she prepared the good dining room cover. "All I remember was raw shrimp. Really raw shrimp."

"Remember this, Izuku!" Inko began issuing out the plates to the table. "Mr. Shield informed me that he has begun conducting homestays. He started back a year ago after inviting a student from the United Kingdom to stay with him for a few weeks."

Izuku's memory of that day was fuzzy. He was still dazed about what occurred at the bathroom that keeping his eye on his mother and Mr. Shield was his focal point as he tried ignoring Melissa's advances.

"So, I told David that doing a homestay should be interested. An experience to connect foreign culture as one," replied Inko absolutely. "So, that is what we are doing."

"A homestay," questioned Izuku. "As in having a guest staying with us?"

Inko didn't respond instantly.

"A guest, right?"


According to Inko, she and David made an arrangement with a private school from a place called Vale. David told Inko that this private school couldn't be found on any map. However, the students representing the school will uphold the reputation and the esteem of Beacon pride.

"If it makes you feel better...they are girls."

"Girls? G-g-g-girls?"

It was one thing about Melissa as he had known her for quite some time. But strangers in the home was a different story. Unfortunately, Izuku still had nervousness and shyness around women. As it took time to adjust to the girls of UA High, it became a dilemma with other girls. Especially when they were pretty.

Suddenly, Izuku felt clammy under his arms. His forehead began to sweat. "I-I-It's g-g-g-getting o-o-out in here o-o-o-or what?"

Inko sighed as she reached into the drawer. It was an inhaler. She tossed it to Izuku. "Oh, sweetness. I've thought we were passed this."

"S-s-s-sure! Until you told m-m-m-m-me that there were g-g-g-girls coming into t-t-the home," stammered Izuku. Izuku put the inhaler inside of his mouth. Although he wasn't asthmatic, but it was a ploy to calm his stuttering issues. Once he calmed down, he placed it into his pocket.


He backed away. Sweat was evacuating from his forehead. "Man, it's getting hot." He began staggering. "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your fur. I am getting so hot. I'm gonna take my fur off." He fell backward, fainting on the ground.

"Izuku! Izuku! Oh God! I should have told him it was a tea ceremony."

Is he okay? Are you okay, dude?

He looks weird! I didn't think guys can have green hair.

Maybe it's dyed.

He looks funny! Should we wake him up?

Do you think he is dead?

Nah! If he was, then why his mother said that she will be right back?

Well, we aren't supposed to be in here.

I told you, Yang!

What, Ruby?! The door was opened. I was curious.

Do you think he is dead?

So grim, Blake!

He is kinda cute. In a dorky kind of way.

I think he is a cheeky brat! He could be trouble!

Any boy is trouble, you Snow Queen!

Just saying. You never know about Japanese boys. I read mangas, you know.

Hush! I think he is stirring.

Everything was blurry. For a second, he never where he was. He didn't know how he got in that bed, or how he got in those clothes. Then, everything was processed. He was in his room. The thing above him was the ceiling. The thing on top of him was the cover. The thing underneath him was the pillow and mattress.

The people around him were girls.


"Oh, he is waking up. He is waking up!" The redheaded girl smiled as she was the first to welcome the stunned Izuku. "Oh, hello!" Izuku stared blankly at the scene. As if he was frozen in time, he observed the girls that were in his room. The black-haired girl with the cat ears was sitting on the floor. The blonde was sitting on his bed. The redhead was standing over him. Then, his eyes shifted on the white-haired girl who was standing at the door.

His tongue was becoming dry. He began to pant. It started to register in his head that earlier in the kitchen, he had passed upon notification about the girls that were coming to his home.

"No, no, don't panic! Don't panic," said the blonde calmly. She pressed closer to Izuku as she placed her palm on his forehead. She smelled of strawberries, thought Izuku to himself. "Don't fret, little one. We won't hurt you. Just taking your temperature is all."

Izuku nodded as she felt both sides of his palms. She pulled away as she felt her own forehead. The blonde released a smile to Izuku. "I think you are quite well. Cute but quite well."

He stared blankly once more before passing out once more.

To be continued….