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Give It Up (vid)

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password: 80s

[Download link] (51 MB, xvid)

Music: "Electable" by Jimmy Eat World

[Detailed notes on LJ]


I came up like everyone, they taught us all the same
I said what they told me to say, and then from that they grade.
Give up repeating the facts, fact can be arranged
Here I am, I'll take my chance
Now play the record straight.

Give it up!
Oh oh oh...
Give it up!
Oh oh oh...

Talking points from talking heads with automated smiles
There's no higher ground to stand than bottom of the pile.
Give up acting unaware, you can't ignore the crime
The enemy is you as well, the enemy is I

Give it up!
Oh oh oh...

Not in my name, you don't speak for me
I am my voice, and I want to scream
You want my air, you want my life
I act as one, but I'm not alone.

Oh oh oh...
Give it up!