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Peaches And Cream

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A week later after defeating the latest monster to hit the town of Sleepy hollow, Ichabod, Abbie ,Jenny as well as Katrina were all at the archives working on their latest case.,

Damn we sure could use some help from Hawley right about now says Abbie slamming down one of the books she had almost spent an hour on. Ugh this is frustrating. Does anybody have a clue as to where he is, it's like he dropped off the planet or something."

"Well that's Hawley for ya, Jenny replied, he'll pop back up at some point, anyways he's probably off chasing some new artifact he can sell on the black market."

Ichabod snorts. "I have to say i am not at all the least bit surprised in hearing this, seeing the type of company he keeps."

"Uh excuse you, says Jenny narrowing her eyes at him. Did you forget i was sitting here."

"Apologies Ms. Jenny, it of course slipped my mind that at one point the two of you were engaged in somewhat of a courtship. Truth be told he could care less as to where Nick Hawley was at the moment, just as long as he stayed far away from his partner, Grace Abigail Mills. Out of all the men he's crossed paths with during his lifetime, Mr.Hawley had to be one of the most annoying, and cockiest individuals he'd ever met, and what's worse had romantic feelings for his partner. This deeply unnerved him,because he couldn't tell if Abbie was completely aware of this, and if so purposely disregarded it because of the mission, either way he had to find out.Therefore  he cautiously and carefully approached the issue hoping to not give himself away. He had to find a way in, and so he started with;

"It seems Ms.Mills that i have been unfair in my assumption of Mr. Hawley. Even though I still find him annoying, he's... not without his... charms, glancing at her nervously, trying to gauge her reaction and was met with a frown.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm saying that if he were to...,but then immediately changed his words. "All i'm saying is that if he were to see anyone, I wouldn't...

Understanding where he was coming from, she then responded. "Oh that's never going to happen. With anyone."

Her first words made gave him a brief sigh of relief. The second half not so much."

"Are you telling me Ms. Mills that you will never be involved with anyone, ever. Since when? 

"Since always, she replied in a casual tone.

And that was the end of that conversation. She would never see him as anything more than just a colleague, briefly looking across the room at the woman he's spent so many nights dreaming of having between his sheets. He knew it made no sense to feel this way, but ever since awakening in this century he's found himself jealous of any man who dare look her way. It was bad enough he had to find out that she hadn't been single for too long,before having met her jealous, and possessive ex. Luke Morales. Thankfully, he too has come and gone like so many others, and he couldn't be happier. But part of him still held out hope, though he chided himself for it.    

Stop kidding yourself Ichabod, he muttered to himself. You said you would honor your duty to your marriage, and yet here you are pining away at what you can't have.But if i can't have her no...

-"Hey anybody up for going to Mabie's tonight, says Jenny interrupting his thoughts. "Turns out it's guy's only karaoke night."

"I'm definitely in says Abbie. Could use a few drinks after the week i've had."

Jenny looked over at Crane. What about you two. "You in?

"What do you say wife." Is it a date? She looked at him confused. "Oh apologies, you have yet to pick up on this generation's use of the English language, including their use of slang. My love, will you do me the honor in accompanying me with a night out on the town," he asked following it with a bow.

"Yes. I have to say i am looking forward to this karaoke Ichabod's been telling me about. From what he says. People get drunk, take the stage, and sing?"

Mmph. Something liked that, Abbie responded. You know, It's too bad it's men's only night, otherwise i'd take the stage myself."

"Leftenant i didn't know you sang, Crane sounding surprised."

"Well there's a lot you don't know about me Crane, she replied in a curt tone. Honestly he was beginning to work her last nerve, both he and his witch of a wife. If he wasn't gushing over her, he was going on and on about her so- called powers.

"I still have yet to see that bitch cast a spell that actually works."

"Did you just call Katrina a bitch? Jenny asked, looking at her sister with a small smirk. 

"So what if i did  "I can't stand her. She's done nothing but cause problems for me and Crane, and then i' always find myself feeling uncomfortable around them and i don't know why, and..., shrugging her shoulders before letting out a huff. "I don't know."

"Sure you do. You my dear sister, have feelings for Crane, and he in turn has feelings for you, and you would know that if you paid a little more attention at how hard he tries to persuade you that he's all about his marriage."

"I'm sorry. What? 


 "I'm not interested in him." Plus the two of you dated.

"Yeah but there is someone who seemed awfully bothered by Hawley's obvious crush. And that would be your boy over there. Captain Ichabod Crane. Trust me, i've seen the dirty looks he gives him, not to mention all the negative comments.

"First of all that's just Crane you know, he's all gentlemanly and manners and-"

-"Cocky. entitled. possessive. especially when it comes to you, Jenny Interjects. And as far as i'm concerned he can't have it both ways.


"Meaning, you need to get back out there, have some fun, date. Who gives a rat's ass what Crane wants. This time let him be the one sitting on the sidelines having to watch as you have your pick of gorgeous men around town. Trust me when i say this. Crane is more than happy to see you single, but are you going to allow him to make you feel guilty for having a social life outside of him?


Good. Then i suggest you start tonight. Jenny winked at her.