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Lost Past; New Future

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Birth Name: Robyn Winchester

Used Name: Robyn Grayson

Hydra Name: Nightwing

DOB: January 24, 1979

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green (Natural). Dark Brown (Contacts)

Cast: Katherine Heigl

Cast: Katherine Heigl



Henry Winchester (biological paternal grandfather) †

Maria Stark – Formerly Winchester (biological paternal grandmother) †

Howard Stark (step-Grandfather) †

Tony Stark (biological uncle)

John Winchester (biological father) †

Samuel Campbell (biological maternal grandfather) †

Deanna Campbell (biological maternal grandmother) †

Mary Winchester (biological mother)

Dean Winchester (biological twin brother)

Sam Winchester (biological younger brother)

Adam Milligan (biological younger half-brother)

Emma (biological niece) †

Adam (biological ancestor) †

Eve (biological ancestor) †

Cain (biological ancestor) †

Abel (biological ancestor) †

Christian Campbell (biological third cousin) †

Gwen Campbell (biological third cousin) †

Mark Campbell (biological distant cousin) †


John Grayson – Fake/Hydra Father, trainer and handler †

Mary Loyd Grayson – Fake/Hydra Mother and trainer †

Wolfgang von Strucker – former lover †


Delta Serenity Grayson/von Strucker – daughter (Born October 2015)



Robyn and Dean Winchester were born on January 24, 1979 to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. They are the couple's first children, four years older than their younger brother, Sam.

Robyn was named as such after Mary saw a robin bird sat on the windowsill of the nursery.

On November 2, 1983, Mary was killed in Sam's nursery by the demon Azazel, and in the ensuing fire Dean was tasked with carrying Sam and leading Robyn out to safety while John unsuccessfully tried to rescue Mary.

At some point in her childhood whilst she and Dean were left to look after Sam, John having gone on a hunt, Robyn wanted ice cream and begged Dean to take her for some. Dean told her to get it herself, so Robyn left the motel room, alone. She would never return having been kidnapped by Hydra whilst away from her brothers. Dean has always felt responsible for what happened to Robyn, and has never forgiven himself for letting her leave the motel alone.

Robyn promptly was taken to Hydra facility and strapped into 'The Chair'. All memories of her childhood were wiped from her mind and they handed her over to her Hydra parents who then proceeded to raise her. Training her. Home schooling her. Raising the perfect Hydra weapon.

Her 'parent's were killed in the fall of Shield and was taken to Sokovia to observe the Maximoff Twins, she also began a sexual relationship with Wolfgang von Strucker.

Knowing she was pregnant at the time; when the Avengers attacked the facility and von Strucker was captured Robyn fled, disappearing into the world. Effectively leaving Hydra. 

The Avengers have been keeping an eye open for her ever since.



Little is known about Robyn as a child, but Dean states that she was high energy, high maintenance and highly annoying, whether this is him being honest and a typical brother or not it's unknown.

As Nightwing Robyn is strong, determined, driven and dangerous.

Post-Hydra: Since leaving Hydra's clutches and finding out about her pregnancy Robyn has become highly paranoid, protective and skittish.

Though she and her daughter Delta live a relatively quiet life in Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, Robyn is still always on edge and very distrustful of those around her.



Pairing: Clint Barton and Bucky Barnes (Do you guys want WinterHawk too; so full poly? Or just Clint x Robyn and Bucky x Robyn; shared?? I like either so....which ever you want"

which ever you want"