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Voltron Coran's Squad Logbook 1

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“Hello, future space explorers and defender of the universe! I, Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smyth and commander flight master extraordinaire, booked this memory upload storage oscillator for future generations to learn from our experiences. Say you, watching this now, came across galra fighters trying to blast you when you are in boolean buss fossils, this log is for you!”

The ginger-haired Altean cleared his throat and looked at the camera once more.

“I will be introducing shortly the crew I have been training as my henchmen, these beautiful ladies-”
“Coran- shouldn’t it be henchwoman?”
“Clara-- Does it even exist as a word?”
“Pfft... Come on Nakia, I’m pretty sure it does…”
“Roe.. We shouldn’t be here… he is filming…”

Coran cleared his throat once more, gaining the attention of the said persons interrupting his vlog.

“As I was saying,” he eyed off the camera, “I will be introducing these ladies one after another,” he trails off again. “The current paladins of Voltron are 5 earthlings. They are piloting the lions of-”
“I think they know what the lions are.”
“CLARA!” Nakia whispered.

Another clearing of throat later.

“Nevermind the lions, let’s proceed. Inside the castles ship, we do need extra help for the defenses. That is why Allura and I decided to train these ladies, coming from Earth and elsewhere--”
“Nakia… calm down.!” Leila sat the poor girl down.

“Alright, let me introduce the girls one after another,” Coran said as he prepared the files of the girls by order of introduction. “The second girl, after of Pidge, is Leila Gardner. A childhood friend of Lance, the current Blue paladin, my first tech assistant and also an earthling. Next, the second to come aboard is Nakia V… Dunstan.--”
“Yes Coran, that is my full name,” Nakia growled.
“My apologies, Nakia. So… Let’s continue. Nakia is from a alternate reality only to be known to King Alfor’s knowledge, called Demelvia. Although human, she is a self-proclaimed mage and apprentice pilot.”

Clara was pulling Nakia back from the camera so she wouldn’t try killing the poor man. Readjusting the lens, Coran continued on.

“Clara Durant is the second tech I have under my hand. Saved by the paladins not too long ago from the Galra prison, she had inherited some altean power from our lineage. I’m so proud…” He sniffled. “And last and not least the one and only to be welcome aboard a few weeks ago… Monroe Elliott. Also, an apprentice pilot for the castle high defenses, she is the current combat trainer of the paladins--”
“Hi Everyone! Roe here! I love dogs! Coran! Do you want me to explain what dogs are? Please? Can I!? WHOA!” Clara pulled out the brunette out the camera sight.

The camera is refocused on the young adult women sitting on a bench in front of the older altean man.

“I present to you. . . the Coran Squad!” Coran commented.

“Wait--what?!” The camera screeched and felt down.