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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: This World we call "Home"

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When the sky falls

Then it crumbles

We will stand tall

And face it all, together…

Today was as bright as any other could be during the even’s tide in the World of Trophies, yet despite this there hung a thick miasma of proverbial darkness. All of creation could feel it; it was all-encompassing, threatening to swallow every bit of life that it could. As of late, a notable cliffside had become a popular spot to gaze into the sunset, becoming a site for many a romantic getaway to take place; on this day though, there was no love of any kind to be found in the air—in its stead, hatred and despair ruled over what had now become a battlefield. Combatants from every corner of the universe had gathered in this spot, all baring their powers and wills against what would be their ultimate enemy. Standing at the forefront, son of the legendary StarFox founder James McCloud—Fox McCloud—aimed his trusted blaster into the sky as he led not just his StarFox crew but all the fighters against this mysterious menace.

“Don’t let a single one get away!” he spoke, loud and clear for all to hear. Before him and the others stood a sheer army of the world’s highest power: Master Hand. He was not alone—countless spitting images of the god-hand faced the fighters, all commanded by an entity the likes of which none had ever seen before: a mass of light divinity compacted into a perfect globe as a core of sorts was surrounded by four sprawling sheets of wings, glowing in a red inferno one second before shifting into a sapphire coldness the next. Despite the authority Fox wielded in his voice, there was an eerie nagging in the back of his head that still shook his entire being. It was a voice alien to him, though he had a feeling he knew exactly who or what it was.

‘You cannot even begin to hope that you have a chance of prevailing against me… Surrender and accept your inevitable demise…’ Shrugging off the doomsayer, Fox had his reflector active and on standby in the event of a projectile war.

“We’ll each need to take down about ten,” Marth had assessed. Hyperbole or not, it was clear that everyone the hero-king fought with were so woefully outnumbered by what had to be among their most difficult opponent ever faced, and while his assessment wasn’t meant to be inherently encouraging, a voice Lowell could hear in his head did his stiffening nerves no favors.

‘We are immeasurable—your error will swiftly be your undoing…’ Trying to shake the morbid thought from his mind, he was joined by fellow royal Princess Zelda Pratibha Hyrule V—her face set in forged steel as she attempted to assure her comrades.

“Stow your fear,” the maiden commanded. “It’s now or never!” Even with these words the young princess could still feel obscene dread resting in the pit of her heart, and a voice had made it obvious to her that she was not the bearer of the Triforce of Courage for a reason.

‘False bravado will not save you now… You will all be consumed by the light…’ Never before had something so holy and bright seemed so evil, even with her knowledge of the prince of darkness’s ironic usage of light against the heroes of her world. As if to remind her of what true divine light was, there stood Pit the Kid Icarus and his goddess Pallas Athena—affectionately known as Palutena—their weapons drawn in anticipation of the battle to ensue.

“We’ll win this,” the young angel chimed in. “I know we will!” It wasn’t in his nature to be so down and glum about the situation outside of very rare situations, though this seemed to be one of those moments and he did his best to keep his head high. Though the entire force of fighters rallied against this threat, none could shake the inescapable sense of fear and impending doom; even some of the most hardened warriors—among such ranks including the former FOXHOUND “Solid Snake” David Hayter, Gerudo King Ganondorf Dragmire, Umbra Witch Cereza “Bayonetta”, and Space Pirate Commander Ridley—could not deny the almost suffocating sense of foreboding that this entity had brought with it. And as every fighter had finally prepared their armaments to take down the otherworldly creature, something strange happened. The Master Hands who had taken place around this being saw their fabric peeling away to reveal ghastly blue life-forms underneath, and these lights were pulled in together into the angelic being. One by one they added to its power, and then a terrible scene took place thereafter. With so much light drained into its core, the being had collapsed into a small black hole crackling with fell power, raising alarm for the fighters but without majorly deterring their will. However, one individual had suddenly been struck by a vision of the future: this one depicted the very immediate events succeeding this spectacle, a truly grisly fate befalling all that had come to do battle with the being of light. He could only look back at the others, choked up in raw terror and unable to say a word, but he did cast his focused, glimmering glance upon one. The significance of this visage had only confirmed to the others of their ill-fated encounter, with many faces giving way to fully-realized horror with what was about to happen next. There was no confidence left to be found, no semblance of hope, no victory: only despair.


A deafening burst of light rang out in the sky, burning with such great power as a great photon shower frantically raced towards the fighter at blinding speeds. To their credit the fighters did not immediately flee upon the sight, resolving to dodge and block as many of the shots as they could; it would all be in vain.

There is no stopping my power

Link, Champion of Hyrule, had seen the rays barrel toward him and others, but with the Hylian Shield and Master Sword at his side he did his best to deflect the beams. He was familiar with the technique having slew countless Guardians and Galamity Ganon itself, both of which used deadly beams of light to devastating effect; he would deflect these attacks no problem. Except he didn’t—no matter how hard he swatted at them they pushed him back and merely slid off of his shield, his Master Sword completely failing to hit even one. Several more beams crashed with crushing power straight into his shield, more than shattering a bone or two in his arm all the while forcing him off his guarding stance. That was when he saw the last beam rush at him, completely engulfing him in a searing light that burned him away until he was no more. Samus Aran, the Galactic Federation’s most renowned bounty hunter, unloaded her strongest arm cannon enhancements, firing off round after round of charged plasma waves and missile storms. It was only to watch them all obliterated by the malefic ray of light headed right for her, tearing through her and destroying both hunter and suit in one fell swoop. It was with this that many of the once brave fighters were now frantically fleeing for their lives, with so few remaining to stop the beams in any way possible.

There is no strength in numbers

Princess Zelda had nearly faltered seeing another version of her world’s hero slain so effortlessly, but the legendary pokémon Mewtwo had arrived to combine its strength with Zelda’s, knowing that as a goddess descendant with great magical prowess and its own vast psionic power would be devastating if put together. With this encouragement Zelda invoked the blessing of Nayru’s Love as Mewtwo focused its might into a confusion attack, placing faith in each other’s power to pull them through. It was for naught, as their defenses were pierced as though they never existed, and both princess and pokémon met their white-hot ends.

There is no escape

Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog was among the first to try and escape what was quickly becoming a massacre as much as he hated it, using his trademark supersonic speed in the hopes of outrunning the murderous light rays devouring other fighters left and right. He swore that he would escape this madness and hopefully find a way to rescue his friends and get back at this monster taking them away. However, as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, he spotted another creature attempting to run away that he was about to pass up, that being the electric-typed mouse pokémon Pikachu. The sight of such a helpless creature being forced to run away from danger struck a chord in the young hedgehog, and he endeavored to at least save the life of one other person. Slowing down only by so much, he stretched out an arm for the small pokémon to grab onto so he could carry them both away to safety. Pikachu saw this and starting burning through as much electric power to boost their speed so they could so that they could catch up with him; the critter never got the chance as a beam of light struck it and obliterated it without so much as an ounce of effort, with Ogilvie watching in sheer horror. He was once again not fast enough to save one of his friends from their doom, and finally he was overtaken by a harsh burst that not even he could have seen coming with all his speed.

No darkness can hide from my light

Cereza was watching the scene around her, several newfound friends and little ones all about being murdered left and right by this wretched abomination of light. Not even those insufferably bright Angel Landers deserved this fate, and this thing was just another Jubileus the way she saw it. She’d taken down so-called “all-powerful” gods of light without so much as batting an eye before, and she would do it again for the sake of her new friends. She found that her Witch Time did so little against this new being unlike Jubileus however, to the point of effectively being rendered useless without truly unleashing its full potential at the possible cost of the others, and in one of the very few moments of her life she was truly startled by this revelation. It appeared she would have to dodge the beams by unleashing the bat within her. To her terror, though, she was using so much energy too quickly to do so and she would not remain as such forever, forcibly reverting into her humanoid form just in time for a burning blast to ram headlong into her and finally eradicate the Umbra Witches with her ensuing demise.

Nothing in this world can save you

Redd Pallet and Leif Pallet knew that they were potentially condemning themselves and their pokémon to death, but with Leif having the foresight to bring a smash ball with them they had to give it a shot at the very least. Using the ancient artifact’s power to fill their Squirtles, Ivysaurs, and Charizards with its boundless strength, they gave what was likely their last command to use Triple Finish to its fullest extent. The Squirtles dipped into their deepest water resources to unleash powerful hydro pump, the Ivysaurs were drawing in as much intense light from their surroundings to further empower their solar beams with the hope of beating the creature at its own game, and the Charizards simply roared their mightiest fire blasts so worthy that would put some of the truest dragons to shame. King Bowser Koopa Sr., whose anger had finally reached its boiling point from witnessing his son’s game being ended as well as the Koopalings he was so proud to call surrogate children in their father’s absence, finally gave into his fury and unleashed a hellish maelstrom of inferno at the light to prove that he wouldn’t even need to tap into his visceral giga metamorphosis to turn the tables on this menace. None of the beams had been slowed into the slightest, and both young and old found that death does not discriminate in the least as all were burned into nothingness.

Nothing from your world can save you

Captain Douglas J. Falcon knew a crash and burn scenario when he saw one, and he was actually one of the first few to outright flee from the start. He knew no amount of martial arts or bounty hunting training would get him through this as the “Bruiser from the Bronx” as well as the two world warriors and bounty hunter extraordinaire from prior could attest to with their demises, and so he urged whoever else had the chance to run to do so while they could still do so (Ogilvie being one of those who took this to heart yet with no success on his end). He was dead set on getting to his Blue Falcon as fast as possible and escaping so he could formulate a rescue operation later. Finally he found where he had parked his vehicle and saw a glimmer of hope thinking it would be enough to get away from this battle-turned-bloodbath warzone. The moment he tried to hop into its cockpit, he could see a particularly damning light beam racing toward him and silently cursed this enemy in his last moments before both he and his racecraft were wiped out, the light of his hope snuffed out along with his life.

No mind can hope to outsmart me

The aura pokémon Lucario and the ninja pokémon Greninja were masters of stealth and evasion, and it would be unwise to blindly rush at either without sufficient preparation beforehand. Lucario sensed great intent and purpose within this foe but remained steadfast with its inner focus, seeing the light beams as mere brute force that could easily be misdirected. It utilized its double team art to lead one of the lasers into an illusory body double as it had planned. Unfortunately for the aura pokémon, it had reappeared right behind Greninja who was currently being targeted by another beam, and without Greninja noticing that Lucario was behind him he leapt into the air with a great bounce in his step. He managed to dodge one of the pesky beams, though he never got to see his erstwhile sparring partner taken out in his stead by a light flash that was noticed too late for the aura pokémon. This would be rectified however, because a second power beam was right on its mark, catching the airborne ninja before he could drop himself back to the ground.

There is nowhere to hide

Both Agent 3’s were hurriedly covering as much ground as they could with their inkshots, having seen how their new buddies were unceremoniously splatted by this total creepshow, and if flat-out dodging the light beams the old-fashioned way didn’t work then they had to hide in their ink and hope that the murder spree would eventually stop. Everything had limited ammo after all, and they simply had to play the waiting game until them. Before they could get a lot of ink coverage though, the threat of a light beam about to murk them told them that time was up, and they dove into their separate ink puddles to try and stall out the lasers ripping everyone else into shreds. What they didn’t count on however, was whether or not the beams of light were strong enough to tear through the terrain itself and take them with it, which is exactly what happened as a great laser ripped through the cliffside and erased all traces of the inklings ever being there.

There is nowhere to run

Falco Lombardi, one of the late Fox McCloud’s teammates and close friends, simply had no further reason to stay behind in the ruined battlefield, ruefully escaping to the sky with his tail between his legs the way he saw it while Fox and even that dastardly Wolf O’ Donnel stood their ground. He’d pay this jackass back tenfold once he found a safe place to recover from the massacre, and boy did he have no shortage of ways for payback. Out of the corner of his eyes, though, he spotted several beams trying to tag him and quickly kicked his Sky Claw into high gear, pushing his personal starfighter to its limits. His plans of escaped were dashed when he felt one of the beams nick the wings of his ship, and it was a matter of time until the rest caught up with him, clipping his wings and taking him down from the skies for good.

Divine or mortal means nothing to me

Pallas Athena knew that this was a celestial being on an entirely different level than most other gods in her world, possibly including herself. She may have been the goddess of light, but she still represented a coherent, tangible aspect of light distilled through a divine being while this thing was almost pure light in and of itself. Against Pit’s protests and with Dark Pit’s encouragement, the goddess sent the angels on their way with her power of flight. Without Viridi around to help her get them to safety, the nature goddess herself an unfortunate casualty before this whole disaster started, she was on her own. She had to be careful to not steer the angels into the flight path of any of this being’s attacks, and while it took up much of her focus and strength she wouldn’t dare let it lay a hand on her angel, not after all they had been through. She’d get him and Dark Pit out of this crisis or die trying; she was still the goddess of light, and she would not stand to see light used in such an evil and murderous manner. She called forth her reflect barrier hoping that the light ray would be slowed and that she could buy them all some more time to escape. But for all her power as a true goddess, she had spread herself too thin trying to save the angels—her heart could not take Pit being finished for good after the torment that was the Chaos Kin fiasco, and yet it was her undoing as light pierced her holy shield and felled her like all the rest. Pit and his dark counterpart soon felt a violent yank from their wings and they were flying no more, now plummeting to the ground at speeds that would assuredly kill them upon impact. In his realization, Pit knew that his goddess was dead and was only stopped from letting loose an anguished cry by light devouring both kid icaruses, finishing them just like the goddess.

Accept death

David Hayter had made no effort to fight or escape the beams, instead placing his favorite cardboard box over him while waiting for the grim reaper to finally pay the old war dog an overdue visit. Once that monstrosity had unleashed its ultimate attack it was all over. While he would be killed eventually, he was going out in a peaceful state of mind, the thought of all the companions he’s made on his mind while he proceeded to break the oath he made to Big Boss; his headband was now placed over his eyes to shield them from the burning light coming for him as he took out a cigarette and lit it for his last smoke and let it flow into his lungs, finding that he quite missed the feeling. He leaned against the box and let out his last smoke-infused breath, finally at peace with himself and welcoming death’s embrace with open arms.

You will all join each other soon

Diddy Kong had managed to get a good head start in escaping compared to most others with the help of Rosalina and her star children. He only wished he could have saved his monkey of an uncle too while they were at it, and he even found it sad that the longtime-missing King K. Rool who had finally snapped out of his funk to see them again had was gone once again in a matter of seconds. He just hoped that his rocketbarrel pack had enough fuel to last him until he and the nice Miss Rosalina had found shelter for them otherwise he may very well go bananas in no time flat. Said oft-called “goddess of the cosmos” was planning to take her and the little monkey with her to the vast reaches of space where her observatory awaited her return. There she could formulate a plan to defeat this celestial horror and restore all who had fallen in battle against it, though she was no battle expert and sorely wished that ♪!? was still alive to give her his sagely counsel, having been embroiled in combat far more often than her. The whistling sound however told Rosalina that she and the monkey named Diddy were not going to make it, and with the knowledge of the innocent star children about to perish along with them both her maternal instincts kicked in, pulling all into a loving embrace as she kept flying up and way, uttering a silent prayer for the great cosmos to watch over their souls before the light caught up and erased them.

For this is the end

The Mayor of Smashville candidates were all so unused to the sheer level of death having came from their peaceful little towns and cities. Worse of all was that their loyal, lovable secretary Isabelle had tried to reach out to them all in what was likely to be a before-death embrace before she was taken away right before their eyes. The poor children could only either run about in a blind panic from all the chaos or completely broke down crying knowing that they were all going to die. The duck hunter’s pet dog watched helplessly as a beam was headed straight for them, whimpering and hoping that it wouldn’t feel it when it hit as it covered its eyes with its paws—though their duck companion was having none of it and desperately tried to pull its friend away from the carnage, unwilling in any fashion to leave the dog behind to save itself. The Wii Fit trainers on the other hand seemed almost too calm for the occasion, simply performing various yoga poses in some attempt to go out doing what they did best. In truth, it was also to calm their nerves as they too had little in the way of such violent encounters along with the absolutely heartbreaking sound of children scared out their minds and crying their hearts out in the face of doom and the poor animals either frantically trying to escape in vein or bracing for the impact. Oh how they wish they were holding them in their arms instead while telling them all sorts of encouragement such as “It’s okay”, “The nightmare will be over soon”, and “Don’t cry, I’m here for you”, but alas they performed yoga exercises out of habit for doing it so long and they had never felt so terrible for doing so. A single tear fell was all that fell from their eyes as they whispered “I’m sorry” and finally the light had consumed them all, stripping away flesh, blood, and bone in a single stroke, killing the last of the fighters who stood against them.

It is done

This world has fallen

As light consumes all

Now this world shall be reborn


In the sky was a lone twinkling star deftly evading the lasers at every turn, though it would not be for much longer he knew. Kirby, having been forewarned by Shulk the Visionary, quickly understood what was going to happen, and with a little boost from the Homs with the speed art he took off at light speeds before the whole crisis began. But now light was catching up to him, and the speed boost was about to wear off soon, so Kirby knew he had to push his warp star to its absolute limit. Full of determination, Kirby kicked it into high gear and blazed across the sky as his warp star reached higher pitches of intensity with a scary sound accompanying it. He was almost there, he just needed to go a little faster…! The light beams were relentless in their pursuit and would not let up either, with the gap between life and death quickly closing as they picked up speed. Kirby would not let it all end like this; he had to survive for everything and everyone, he had to win! Without warning the star warrior and his air ride seemingly shattered into stars before the rays of light could overtake him and truly doom everything. This attack did not stop because of Kirby’s mysterious disappearance, continuing on to claim the trophyfied bodies of friends, family, and spectators of the fighters. Soon the light became too much for the world to contain alone and it spread to other planets at a frightening speed, burning them into sub-atomic particles in its ever expanding reach on towards the rest of space with no sign of stopping until absolutely everything was engulfed in its blinding flare.

And thus, the universe was crushed in the hands of the ultimate enemy:

Galeem, Lord of Light.


And that concludes the first part of the Prologue. It's not too much going on that's different from the original story, and the next chapter will explore the collective perspectives of our deceased cast and what kind of threat we're going up against (with a minor twist as well). I can only hope that you all liked this first native story on AO3. This is Motley World Studios, signing off of the air!