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Zeus' Ten Laws of Fanfic

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10. You shall check spelling and grammar.

9. You shall include disclaimers always.

8. You shall not post a cliffhanger and not write anything within a week of said post.

7. You shall not plagiarize.

6. If you must copy from another bard, you shall give due credit to said bard.

5. If you write smut, you shall announce it first.

4. You shall verify the gods (us) genealogy, for as not to commit a mistake (i.e. "Hera looked at her daughter, Aphrodite).

3. You must give thanks for all good feedback, and laugh at the ignorance of those who flame you.

2. You must give feedback to all your fellow bards.

And the first and most important Law of all:

1. You shall portray Zeus (me) as a loving, doting husband and father.