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First Sight

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"Coming through! Expensive and heavy lab equipment here! Trust me, you don't want to have to to clean this up!"

Ema hurried through the halls as fast as she could manage with such a heavy load. The boxes threatened to tip over entirely, and she shifted to try and keep everything together for once in her life.

Thankfully it wasn't the glass, which would've been very breakable and dangerous, and the kind of mess she did not want to deal with when she was riding high on the I finally fucking graduated wave. Instead, it was steel implements which made her arms shiver as she struggled to carry it. Really, it was ridiculous. To demand she lug it here immediately herself. And all the dollies were in use. She didn't have clearance to run off and 'borrow' a shopping cart.

If it wasn't Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth who made the request, she would've told them to go fuck themselves.

Now she just hoped she didn't break her heels or her neck in the process. This stack was way too high for her 5'3 frame. She could barely even see.

Calm down. There's only a little ways longer and you'll be in the evidence room where it belongs.

The hallway narrowed with shelves filled with bagged and tagged evidence of all kinds, and big gray lockers.

Her arms ached from lugging the damn things all this way, but she couldn't stop now, not when she was almost there.

The box started to topple. Ema's hands were already full with the other heavy boxes. Something slammed into her back. She lost her grip, her footing. She seemed to fall for such a long time, but even as the boxes came down in a cacophony, she never hit the ground.

She was against someone? Someone was holding her up? She was in someone's arms? Ema looked up and full on gasped. Did she get knocked out or accidentally huff some hallucinogenic lab chemical, because this was the most gorgeous person she'd ever laid eyes on. And she was against his chest, and oh it felt really nice there. Really, really nice. In fact, her hand had gone out to catch her fall, and now it rested against him.

And his hand against her back, holding her steady was distracting in the best kind of way.

He was quite a bit taller than her, so much so that Ema had to look up to see anything more than the fancy gold stitching of his white suit. Though it was a very different suit than she was used to, with a long flowing coat. A long fluttering scarf that cascaded over his shoulders. His eyes were so brilliant and stunning, a shade of green she'd never seen before.

He tilted his head slightly, which shifted his long, long, silvery hair slightly across his shoulders. His suit had some sort of flared, gilded design there. At each bicep were bangles with jewels the same shade as his eyes in them.

"...Are you all right?"

His voice was soft and serene, with a faint accent she couldn't place. Seriously, this guy could make reading the phone book sound both sexy and at the same time, a deeply spiritual experience. He gave off an air of regalness and elegance.

"Oh, I'm..."

Ema felt dazed, as her heart beat so quickly deep inside her. He shifted slightly, and touched her. One of his delicate, graceful hands rested over her forehead. She started at the heat of the contact, and the electric feeling it left in her. Her cheeks turned bright pink.

He drew back, and all she wanted to do was grab his wrist and bring his hand right back there to her skin.

"I apologize for the sudden contact. You seemed hurt."

"No, No, it's okay, really... Um..."

"Are you Detective Skye?"

Ema puffed out her cheeks, and crossed her arms over her chest. "What, has everyone been telling you that I'm clumsy? Well, I'm not. Something hit me... It wasn't my fault at all."

She let out a sigh at the utter mess. At least none of the boxes had burst and put all the equipment everywhere. And at least it hadn't been the beakers. That would've been a real pain to deal with.

"And now the boxes are everywhere. I probably broke a bone carrying them here."

His gaze filled with concern. "What is injured? Your hands?"

If she said yes, would he take her hand?

Ema pushed her brown hair back over her shoulder with a sigh. "I'm probably fine. Thanks to you, that is. I might've bruised something on a fall like that."

She looked back, and saw the culprit was a evidence locker which had sprung free. Whoever checked it last and didn't close it properly was going to get the tongue lashing of a lifetime.

"I was told there was a talented forensics scientist here. That is what I meant."

All her early grumpiness was gone. Ema burst into a big smile. "That'd be me! Detective Ema Skye, forensic scientist, at your service."

"I am Prosecutor Sahdmadhi."

He bowed in a complicated way she couldn't hope to replicate.

"I have come all the way from overseas. And you're the one I've been looking for."

"I am?" Ema said breathlessly.

He nodded. "Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth told me you would be able to show me forensics."

"Oh, science, right!"

The fop was gone, she had her degree, and a job with a chance at one day working under Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth himself, and now there was a handsome new prosecutor personally asking her to talk about science to him?

"When it comes to forensics, I'm your girl!"

Today was going to be a great day.



All it took was one step and his fate changed.

The boxes had fallen with a clatter, like the highest thunders sent by the demons of hell. He'd seen her begin to fall, and caught her by chance. He was left just as surprised as she was by the touch.

Her lips had parted as she stared up in him in complete wonder. They looked so soft, so kissable. He was thankful for the self-control his ascetic training provided, for the feeling of such curves, such beauty so caused a mind to wander.

Even he was tempted.

And even more so when she smiled. Nothing had thawed the chill in his heart for such a long time. He could only linger in that moment, that closeness.

And here he was, by her side as she joyfully spoke of her tools. He strove to focus, yet so many minute details caught his eye. The way she kept touching her hair and twirling it about her fingers as she talked, the way she pouted her lovely lips when she was frustrated, the the way she lit up at the mere hint of her job.

Even his training could not stop his sidelong glances to steal in a little bit more of her.

She pulled down her red glasses from her head. "See, there's fingerprint powder, and luminol for finding bloodstains, and plaster casts. Science is amazing!"

She was so utterly giddy at this new knowledge. A feeling he too, understood. The pursuit of learning, and food had been his only solace for quite some time. Since he had taken on the glove over his hand, and cast aside his past as a rebel.

And yet, he couldn't help but smile. He was surprised by the gesture, and the returned brightness in her dark green eyes.

He had not truly smiled in a very long time. And yet it came easily near her.

He gripped his mala closer, and yet he couldn't see his fate clearly, he couldn't keep in mind on what needed to be protected, to be kept at the cost of himself. He couldn't focus on anything but her in that moment. The feeling of warmth, of happiness was so foreign, yet he remembered it.

It was so simple to stay, to forget his fate. To stay here as she spoke of the intricacies of forensic science.

She hummed to herself as she unpacked some piece of equipment. Her smile made him believe in what he had cast aside. The world was a cold place, and yet there was still some beauty and goodness left.