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A Collection of ClassicParfait

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Lately Sans had been indulging in a new hobby. Or rather, a new fashion choice. And though it had originally caused a few exclamations and lectures about modesty, none of them had pushed too hard in enforcing him to change.

Besides, Razz thought as he sipped his coffee, it wasn't like the fashion choice took one step outside of their home. And as long as it didn't? He would enjoy it.

He looked up as Sans entered the kitchen, yawning into his sleeve-covered hand. He murmured a quiet good morning and Sans lazily smiled in his direction, returning the sentiment while he gathered what he needed for breakfast. It had been Razz's turn for breakfast duty since Blue was working an early shift at the coffee shop and he watched with pride as Sans piled his plate with a bevy of food.

He also watched with concealed pleasure as Sans stood on his toes, clothed in black stockings, to open the cabinet and making the cream-colored sweater he was wearing ride up to reveal his femurs. As he was wearing nothing else.

He licked his fangs from behind his mug as Sans let out a huff and reached higher to toy a glass off the shelf, giving him a tantalizing view of his tailbone. He was completely composed when Sans turned back around to settle at the table. Sans ambled over to the table and sat down next to him.

Razz leaned in to meet him for a kiss and trailed a hand down his exposed legs. Sans pulled back with a smile, somehow both seductive and shy. Sans began to eat, humming to express his compliments and Razz returned to his coffee with his hand remaining on the cool bone.

By the time Sans had finished eating, Razz was already storing any leftovers for later consumption. He glanced to the side when Sans approached the sink and dumped his dishes into the lightly steaming water also holding Red and Blue's dishes. When Sans made to step back, Razz announced the current date, specifically the day; Tuesday. Sans startled and let out an embarrassed sound of apology, turning on the faucet and grabbing the ladybug sponge, only one of Blue's collection of cute sponges.

It was the drowsy way Sans washed the dishes that prompted Razz to believe it had been an honest mistake and not an attempt to wiggle out of his responsibility. He slid his now empty mug next to the sink and Sans added it to the now soapy water. They finished in silence, comfortable in the peace and quiet.

Razz had found it interesting that for all that he and Blue had in common, Sans was the one he could find solace in silence with. Blue was a supernova of energy that Razz could never wish to dim and Red's rough broken demeanor that echoed similarly to his own at times was comforting to each other’s insecurities and understandings… sometimes, he simply liked to bask in the quiet that Sans often exuded.

Razz finished first, leaning against the table to observe Sans as he loaded the dishes onto the drying rack. It had been Blue's idea, to forgo a dishwasher, and a few other modern devices, so that certain chores could be more enforced and meaningful. Sans' and Red's tendency to shirk said chores had gone down immensely. Sans dried his hands, scanning the counters and then nodding in satisfaction.

Once he turned around, tossing the towel onto the counter, Razz extended a hand. Sans acquiesced with a small smile, letting himself be drawn in under Razz's chin. Another part of spending time with Sans he enjoyed. Razz might be shorter than Red and Blue, but in regards to Sans he was allowed to shelter him effortlessly. He brushed a finger across the collar that adorned Sans' neck, reassuring him of his claim and then released him to continue with his morning.

He took his phone out of his pocket and idly took a few snapshots from the hip while Sans hummed his way out of the kitchen. Sans stopped just within the threshold of the kitchen and looked over his shoulder, amusement clear on his face. Razz simple lifted the phone for a more precise shot and said the name of their more shameless counterpart.

Sans laughed, sockets lighting up. Then he leaned against the frame of the kitchen doorway and lifted his arms to cross behind his head, subsequently making his sweater come up just short of exposing anything scandalous. Razz snapped a picture and sent it and the others away to Red and Blue both. Just because Blue did not actively voice his support didn't mean he didn't like it after all.

Razz watched Sans sashay his way out of view and chuckled. He would need to look into buying more sweaters.