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Will you love me?

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   ''It is time to wake up Tetsuya.'' Akashi voice was sterm and just a inch louder than usual, but just the right ammount to stir the bearly sleeping boy.

     Bearly, because Kuroko had never been capable to sleep when he was staying over Akashi's. It was impossible. He was always only snoozing, so it didn't take too long for him to wake up when Akashi called out for him.

    ''I am awake Akashi-kun.'' Kuroko said, sitting on the bed, looking around for his clothes with eyes, more so he won't have to look at Akashi, than that he actually needed his clothes.

    ''Good, go shower and dress so we can eat and leave soon.'' Akashi was already dressed as he always was up at least an hour before Kuroko. An hour in which Kuroko was forced to pretend he is sleeping, so he can be left alone for a little longer.

    Really, it didn't take long for Kuroko to learn that if he is sleeping his chances to be forced to please Akashi reduced to a minimum. If he was awake, Akashi would make him be ''useful'' and yeah, fake sleeping was much better.

    With that Akashi left the room and Kuroko went to the bathroom and under the shower without even thinking of complaining. He was glad to be capable to finally shower. He couldn't wait to get out of himself Akashi's cum and most of his scent. This was his favorite moment out of the whole night. It wasn't perfect, but still gave him some feeling of cleanness.

    After his shower Kuroko made sure to put on a lotion on his backside before dressing, quietly hissing all the while.

     Last night Akashi had been a little too rough. Ok, a lot too rough, he had even opened some of Kuroko's cuts. He had been upset because of something with his dad and had called Kuroko to come by. That is why Kuroko was here in a school day, something that didn't happen too often for his own happiness. In the most of the time Akashi preferred them to be together on the weekends, when he have more free time, but he always called for Kuroko when he needed release from the stress. No one cared if that meant stress for Kuroko himself. Especially not Akashi. He got what he wanted and that was the important.

    Looking at the clock Kuroko made sure to get ready faster. Akashi wasn't going to wait too long for him, so he needed to be downstairs in a specific 'get ready' time.

    ''Did you put cream on?'' Akashi asked once the blue eyed was downstairs.

    ''Yes, thank you for asking, Akashi-kun.'' Kuroko answered, sitting across Akashi, picking up the prepared for him sandwich.

    ''You can go home today after school, do not worry about practice.'' Akashi stated, not even looking at the bluenette.

    ''But I want to come to practice.'' He said, upset, because he really wanted to go. The basketball was the reason he was in this. If he didn't play then he suffered for nothing.

    ''I know you do, but you need to rest. You are going to catch up with Aomine tomorrow.'' The finality in Akashi's voice was so stern that Kuroko dropped the topic right away. Pretty fast he knows, but if he said something after this he would be in trouble, still he didn't liked the idea.

    You see, the problem wasn't entirely that he would miss practice today. With hard work he could catch up. The problem was that Aomine didn't have time for him anymore. He would spend around extra ten minutes after their main practice tomorrow to tell him what he had missed the day before, but afterwards he would go and practice by himself, completely forgetting that Kuroko was there until a few hours later when he is done for the day and wants nothing more, but water.

    ''Let's go.'' Akashi said, waited for Kuroko to finish everything, before both of them head to the car.

    The drive was quiet as usual, both of them in their own thoughts. Kuroko couldn't wait to go home already while Akashi thought of today's basketball practice and new strategies, so he wouldn't have to think about anything more serious. Something that will get him upset again like his dad or... Kuroko.

    ''Tetsu.'' Kuroko smiled hearing the familiar voice as Aomine was fast to go to him the second he was out of the car, pulling him for a kiss, without even a second thought. ''Akashi.'' Aomine couldn't not say hi and to Akashi, but only after their kiss. Otherwise, well, he would be a dead man. So the moment the kiss broke, he bowed his head in Akashi's direction, his body still firmly pressed next to the shorter boy, he just kissed.

    ''Daiki. How are you?'' Akashi greeted back. Taking his belongings from the car, before locking it.

    ''Mhm, good, and you? Did you take care of my Tetsu? You got everything you were back with?'' Aomine asked looking back at Kuroko, caring his hair.

     ''Yes, Aomine-kun.'' Kuroko murmured, craving the touch with all his heart.

     ''Don't you dare doubt me Daiki. Tetsuya was perfectly taken care off.'' Answered Akashi the same moment as Kuroko did. ''And yes, he is back on track with our studies. I will see you at practice, Daiki. Have in mind that Tetsuya will go home today to finish his assignment.'' With that Akashi left the parking lot, entering their school with nothing as a second look at them even.

     ''He is in a mood today, ah, Tetsu? How are you, my love?'' Aomine asked, putting his hand on Kuroko's lower back, pulling him a little bit closer.

    ''I am good. And how are you, Aomine-kun?'' He asked back, looking up to Aomine with full power love eyes. He missed him, even though they hadn't seen each other only for a few hours.

     ''Amazing, now that you are with me. I hate it when you go to study with Akashi. I feel as if he is gonna still you from me.'' Aomine said, kissing a line across Kuroko's face, between each of his words.

    ''No one can steal me from Aomine-kun, not even Akashi-kun.'' Kuroko let nervous chuckle. It wasn't entirely true, but it wasn't and a lie. He loved Aomine more than he loved anyone else. And Akashi he did own his body to a big degree, but not his heart. His heart was all Aomine's, at least until Aomine don't decide he doesn't want it anymore and breaks it to peaces. Which, if Kuroko is honest, he believes, will happen sooner than later.

    He loved Aomine and Aomine loved him back, he knew that, but still that doesn't mean that things will work for much long. After all, their relationship had changed a lot lately.

     In the beginning it was Kuroko and Aomine + basketball. Now it was Aomine and basketball + Kuroko. That means that Aomine paid much more attention to basketball nowadays than he did to Kuroko.

    Really, he was mainly there when Akashi was there, simply because he was jealous.

    But that wasn't the only problem in their relationship. The second and may be bigger problem was Kuroko. Kuroko knew Aomine wants for them to be more intimate. He wanted to touch Kuroko on places, different than his legs and hands. He wanted to care Kuroko's body properly. He wanted to be capable to touch his stomach, his chest, his collarbones, thighs, hips. To kiss every part of him, but Kuroko wasn't capable to give him that.

    Don't get him wrong, Kuroko did want him to touch him like there is no one else, but he was afraid that the moment he does, Aomine won't look at him a second time. That Akashi doesn't pay attention to Kuroko's body doesn't mean that Aomine won't. No Aomine most like would be disgusted by him and Kuroko couldn't stand that, so he couldn't let him touch him any more intimately. And he knew that that was the reason he would lose Aomine someday. But at least if he never shows his body to him, he could always blame basketball for their break, not himself. He didn't want second Kise. Couldn't take it. Would be a little too much for him.

    ''That is right, 'couse you are only mine.'' Aomine said, kissing him right after, groaning into his mouth. Kuroko loved Aomine's kisses and touch. It was so caring and soft, so much different than any other touch he had received. He could feel loved at that very moment.

     ''We gonna be late for class, Aomine-kun.'' Kuroko said, breaking their kiss, afraid for what could happen if he doesn't. He is been there and he know how easy for them is to lose track of the reality.

    ''Yeah... Ok... Let's go.'' With that Aomine took Kuroko's hand in his and started walking towards the school.

   Inside the school, both met with a  few other of their basketball friends and shortly after everyone went to their first classes, ending the main part of today's Kuroko's interactions.

    He wouldn't say many people paid him attention if they weren't from his team. A very little actually. Even his teachers liked to forget about him pretty often.

     And he did like his ''powers'' to be ''invisible'', but he wasn't always enjoying to be ignored all the time. There were moments where he wanted to have friends outside of his basketball team. Not that he complained, but it still would be nice to have someone to talk to more often than not.

    This time around, he got to answer as well, mostly agreeing with Akashi, because otherwise... well he may end up punished. Ok, the red hair was right if you ask Kuroko, the new strategies sounded good, but he knew they probably won't be used no matter what. So he just went along.

     After that he got to say goodbye to Aomine for the day with a promise for a call after practice. Got secretly reminded to put more cream on and went to his other classes.

     That's how soon school ended and it was time for Kuroko to go home. He took the bus, being a little too tired to walk. He still felt bad about missing practice, but Akashi had ordered him and Kuroko listened. Just like always.

    In a moments like this he hated everything around him. He hated his school, it was too lonely. He hated Akashi for picking up on him. He hated Aomine for leaving him alone so often. He hated the happy people going all around the streets and the teens chatting loudly on the bus. Couldn't they be more considerate of people around them? Not everyone wanted to listen to them. At a moments like this he hated even the weather or the bare thought of getting up from his bed. But most of all he hated how weak he is and how easy was to be controlled by others, but he knew he wouldn't be capable to stand before them. He was way too weak. How could he protect himself when he was way too scared to talk openly about his feelings and thoughts? When no matter what people barely paid him attention or listen to him. Also, it meant bickering and fights and he hated them. They were too troublesome, too energy draining, so he always staid back quiet and forgotten, until it became too much for him to keep it inside.

    When he arrived home, he greeted his grandma pretending for five minutes that his day had been lovely, and went upstairs to his room. Once there, he just curled on a ball on his bed and went to sleep, forgetting for his assignment at once, awaiting for a call from Aomine that never came.