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Tearing You Apart

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The rain pelted down hard, causing the dirt to become slick, sticky mud. The twenty-year-old Omega tugged his hood a little further over his face as he felt a couple raindrops drip down onto his nose. He shivered at the cold, and the voice that tended to follow him reminded him that he probably shouldn’t be out in this weather. He ignored it, something he didn’t do often and trudged forward past another row of headstones, each one he remembered easily from having visited this part of the cemetery often. He could see his destination in front of him despite his hood blocking a lot of his vision.

He bit his lip as he came up close to the headstone, being able to read the neat font on the headstone. He sighed, pushing his hood back and running a hand through his hair as he looked down at the words he had memorized.


Eijirou Kirishima





You will be dearly missed


“Hey Eiji,” Katsuki greeted, feeling his voice catch in his throat as he tried not to cry. “I know you probably wouldn’t want me out in this weather, but I promised to visit you as much as I could and keep you in the loop.”

Speaking to the headstone was easy now, despite how awful and awkward it had been just after Eijirou’s death. He toyed with the fake flower in his pocket and he glanced over at the vase he had brought almost a month ago. It was full of bright, colorful flowers, some of them fake and some of them real when he had the money to do so. The vase had partially filled with water more than it had been to keep the real flowers alive for as long as possible. He brought out the new, fake flower. It was a bright red, spiky flower that Katsuki didn’t know the name of, he cleared his throat before leaning down and placing the flower with the rest. “I brought you a new flower. I saw that one and it reminded me too much of you to not buy it and bring it to you.”

“It’s been almost three years since I lost you, and I still haven’t just moved the fuck on,” he huffed, slightly angry at himself for still mourning the loss of his mate this severely. “I just fucking wish you hadn’t done that. I wish that you had let me take the blows with you so that you wouldn’t have fucking died and left me all alone. I’m still so fucking mad at you, Shitty Hair,” he laughed, tears streaking down his face and mixing with the rain that was now pelting down on him.

“But I love you. So much,” he whispered, pressing a hand to his forehead as his heart ached. “I miss you so fucking much. God, when I die you’re going to get such an ass beating.” He stopped, letting a sob escape his lips.

With it, a lot of others followed and the next thing he knew, he was sitting on the soft green grass and mud in front of his deceased mate’s headstone, balling his eyes out for what must have been the thousandth time. He buried his face in his knees, crying his heart out for a good ten minutes. By the time he had run out of tears, the rain had pattered to a stop and let the sun poke out of the clouds. “I love you, Eiji. Don’t you dare fucking forget that,” he growled as he stood up. He dusted the back of his pants off and grimaced as he felt the mud on the ass of his pants.

He huffed, turning around and swallowing harshly as he walked away from the headstone and back to his car. Once he was there, he collapsed, almost completely exhausted. He sighed, letting his head hit the top of the steering wheel as he thought back to the memory of his mate, despite the fact that he had been doing just that while he cried. His hand drifted up to the mating mark on his neck and he felt anger boil in his gut as he felt that it had faded away as all mating marks did when the mate that gave them died. With a growl, he started his car and drove away from the cemetery that had cemented the idea that Eijirou was actually dead.

He huffed as he walked into his apartment, chucking his keys down onto the table and walking to his bedroom. He had a tiny apartment, but at least it was better than living with his abusive parents. He shucked off his pants, tossing them to the side of the wall and grabbing a new pair. He could hear Eijirou’s voice nagging him that he should drink something to replenish the water and salt that he had lost from crying. As he normally did, he listened to the voice, shuffling to his fridge and getting out a Powerade. He chugged half of it as he walked back to his living room, looking down at the papers that were scattered all over the coffee table. He collapsed down on the couch, returning back to what he had been doing before he went to visit his deceased mate.

Katsuki glanced down at the sheet in his hands, the number in big bold penmanship far too big for him to afford and eat for the rest of the year. He growled, running a hand angrily through his hair. He glanced over to his phone that lit up for a moment, alerting him to the fact that he had a text. He grabbed it, opening the app and glancing it over before he rolled his eyes.


Pikachu to Bakubro

Hey Bakubro

How’s the class picking going


Bakubro to Pikachu

Why the fuck do you care?


Pikachu to Bakubro

Because we Omegas gotta stick together! :D


Bakubro to Pikachu

Why can’t you go bug one of your other friends?


Pikachu to Bakubro

I did and they said that they were working D:


Bakubro to Pikachu

Fine, if you really have to know it’s not going well.


Pikachu to Bakubro

Oh No!

How is it not going well?


Bakubro to Pikachu

I’m a broke-ass college student that can’t afford all the classes I want to take.


Pikachu to Bakubro

You could always be a surrogate?

Omega pregnancies are easy enough to work through that you could keep going to classes and then you wouldn't even have to worry about stayig home and taking care of the baby because you’re just a surrogate!



Bakubro to Pikachu

That’s not actually that bad of an idea fuckhead


Pikachu to Bakubro

Your welcome :D



Katsuki huffed out a breath as he turned his phone off, dropping it down on the coffee table next to him. He leaned forward, pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes as he weighed his options.

Normally, Omega pregnancies were easy with a very, very low chance of risk and having to go on bed rest. If he were to surrogate, it would be annoying but he would finally have the money to make a down payment on his student loans. At the same time, he would have to go live with some Alpha and their mate for nine months before the baby was born and he could high tail it out of there. And on the other hand, he felt as though it was a bit of a betrayal to Eijirou if he were to carry some other Alpha’s baby, even if they weren’t mated.

“I don’t really have any other options,” he grumbled to himself as he picked up the sheet of paper telling him how much he had to pay if he wanted to go to the school. He huffed, flopping back on the couch. His hand moved to his stomach, thinking about how in about a couple months from now there would be a tiny baby inside of him. The thought made him grimace a bit, but he couldn’t think of any better solution.


“Hey Shou,” Izuku giggled as he threw his arms around his husband’s shoulders, bringing him in close. He placed a small kiss to the other male’s neck, just below his ear. He heard the Alpha chuckle darkly before he whirled around, placing his hands on the Beta’s hips and then spinning them around so that he was pressed up against the counter.

He leaned forward, pressing their lips together in a slow, lazy kiss. When he pulled back, he could easily feel the erection in his lover’s pants, which caused him to smirk. “Hello, Izuku,” he grinned wickedly when he saw his lover shiver as his name rolled off the Alpha’s tongue. “Welcome home,” he greeted with a small possessive growl. He leaned forward, nosing the sensitive mark on his mate’s neck.

“Shouto!” Izuku moaned, throwing his hand back a bit and grasping at the Alpha’s shirt tightly as he tried to ground himself.

“Still so sensitive even after all the things I’ve done to it,” the dual haired boy hummed as he continued to nose the mark. He moved his head a bit, nipping at the bite mark and making his lover shudder harshly.

“Don’t get me too wound up, your dad texted to say he’s a mile away,” Izuku warned, ever the Mother Hen.

Shouto pulled back with a pout, “I really wish he didn’t insist on these weekly dinners, they’re so awful.”

“Just be glad that you have a father at all,” Izuku huffed a bit with a small smile.

“I’d rather no dad than an abusive one,” he gently reminded his mate. The Beta winced, looking away from his lover with a bashful look on his face.

“Some Alphas are just too set back in their old ways…” he mumbled, trying to make the situation a bit better. He turned to face the dual haired Alpha, a small, timid smile on his lips, “I’m glad you’re not though.”

“I love you, Izu,” he hummed, leaning forward and pressing their lips together again. The Beta tossed his arms around Shouto’s neck once again, pulling them closer. They continued to kiss until the doorbell buzzed, telling them that there was someone downstairs for them. Izuku pulled back with a wince and a sigh before pulling away from his mate and walking to the buzzer, pressing the button that would let him hear what the other person was saying.

“Hello?” he asked, despite the fact that he knew exactly who it was.

“Let me up,” Enji replied with his dark, bristly voice. Izuku rolled his eyes as the Alpha tried to get the Beta to do his bidding by using the voice that all Alpha’s had in order to control Omegas, but the voice rarely ever worked on Betas. He pressed the button just above the one he had been holding down, letting Enji through the gate. He walked back to the kitchen while they had their last few moments alone.

“Would you like me to set the table?” he asked, looking to his lover who was putting the finishing touches on the dinner.

“We could do it together,” Shouto offered, opening one of the creamy white cupboards to reveal their neatly stacked plates.

“Sounds good to me,” the green haired boy chirped as he took the plates from his lover and walked over to the table. As he set the table, he began to hum softly as his mother had always done. When the last bit of the table had been set, he twirled around in a circle and splayed his arms out as the last note of the song fell from his lips.

Shouto chuckled, walked forward and looping his arm around the other’s waist, pulling him in close. “I love you, dork,” he grinned, pressing a kiss to his nose.

“I love you too,” Izuku grinned, feeling his heart swell with love and adoration for his husband as they stared into each other’s eyes. Their moment was quickly broken by the doorbell to their penthouse ringing loudly. The greenette sighed, pulling away from his Alpha and shuffling to the door, trying to drag out their time without the abusive man as long as he could. He opened the door slowly, making the taller man grumble and push it open as if he was ‘helping.’

“I thought you would have learned some manners by now,” he scoffed as he walked into their apartment, heading straight for the table.

The Beta rolled his eyes and followed after him, grimacing as he stepped on their new rub while still wearing his boots. “Father,” Shouto greeted coldly, placing the last platter of food down on the table.

“Why are you serving the food?” the older Todoroki asked. “Isn’t that your mates job?”

“My mate has a name,” the dual haired boy replied, easily evading the question. Enji just huffed as he sat down at the head of the table, something that both of the others were fairly used to.

They all sat around the table in awkward silence, Izuku and Shouto not sure if they should talk as they normally do or stay silent. They kept glancing at each other throughout the meal but never once saying anything. Both of them hated Enji just as much as the other, having both been mistreated by him. When they had almost finished the meal in peace, the abusive Alpha had to open his mouth and ruin the entire thing. “When are you going to give me an heir?” he asked, raising his eyebrows expectantly.

“Izu and I were planning on adopting soon, we had the paperwork filled out and everything,” Shouto hummed, looking down at his food and refusing to meet his father’s gaze

“I need a biological heir,” he responded. “And if this Beta I allowed you to mate isn’t going to give you one I suggest you find a surrogate.”

“Why can’t we just adopt?” Izuku asked, slightly offended by the fact that the other man refused to refer to him by his name. “The child would still be our by law.”

“If you don’t give me a biological heir, then I can give the corporation to your brother,” he warned, throwing down his fork.

“You wouldn’t, the business is already mine, old man,” Shouto said, pointing his fork at his father. If they lost the business then they would lose everything. Not only would they lose their house, but Inko would as well. And the dual haired boy wasn’t sure if his brother would allow his mate to keep his job, and if Izuku got fired it would crush him more than anything else.

“Yes, but I still have control over it until I am officially retired,” Enji said, his voice dark and gruff.

“Why does it have to be a biological heir?” Shouto asked, trying to keep himself calm. Across the table, Izuku reached out and grabbed his hand, allowing some of his forest-y scent to reach the other man and calm him down a bit.

“I expected a question like that from your imbecile of a mate, not you,” Enji huffed. “It has to be a biological heir because that is the only way for you to keep the company so that you can pass it down to your child. If you do not have a biological heir then the company will go to Natsuo who is expecting his first child, and a biological one at that.”

“Did you really just come into my house and insult my mate?” Shouto asked after his father had finished his awful ramblings.

“It’s not my fault that your mate,” he spat the last word like it was some sort of curse, “cannot perform its duties properly.”

“Get the fuck out of my house!” Shouto stood up suddenly, dropping Izuku’s hand off of his and moving the table a few inches with his sudden movement.

“Don’t swear at me, I’m your father!” the larger man called back, using the Alpha Voice that both of the younger males and gotten too used to hearing. Normally, it would have terrified the dual haired boy to hear this voice and he would have backed down out of reflex, but his father had been insulting and threatening his mate since he had arrived.

“Get the fuck out!” he growled, using his own Alpha Voice- something that Izuku had never once heard him do. Enji made a move to hit his son before he thought twice about it, letting his hand fall limply down by his side.

“Think about what I said carefully,” he warned as he turned and sauntered slowly out the door.

Izuku stared after him for a moment as he heard the door slam before he looked to his mate and then banged his head down on the table, groaning angrily. “Why can’t he ever refer to me like I’m a human being?” he asked.

“Because he’s awful,” Shouto replied, walking around their small dining room table to comfort his mate. The green haired male easily leaned into the hug, sighing as the sent of campfire smoke and cold winter days enveloped him. They stayed like that for a moment before Shouto spoke softly. “Would you be willing to get a surrogate?” he asked.

“Yes,” Izuku replied instantly. “I’ve always wanted a baby and I know I can never give that to you,” he placed a hand on his stomach, just as he had done when he had been diagnosed as infertile after the attack. “And it will get your dad off our backs.”

“I suppose,” Shouto mused, mulling it over in his head for a moment as he thought about the pros and cons. “I would have to sleep with someone that wasn’t you, and I really don’t want to spend my rut without my mate…”

“I could be there if the Omega would feel comfortable with it, that way I could also make sure that you didn’t do or say anything that you would regret,” Izuku offered, trying to make the best out of an awful situation

“Do we really have any better options?” Shouto asked, raising his eyebrows for a moment as he looked bemusedly down at his mate.

“No, we really don’t,” he shook his head, a goofy smile taking over his lips. Shoto leaned forward, kissing him tenderly and carefully.

“I love you, Izuku,” he hummed, rocking them back and forth slowly.

“I love you too, Shouto,” Izuku grinned, resting his head on his mate’s chest and just letting them sway back and forth silently.