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sunshinegirl changed the group’s name to the bikings

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Lancelot created a closed group in World’s Biggest Poly SHIP

Lancelot named the group Hero Council

Lancelot added sunshinegirl, fastestmanalive, and dramaqueen to Hero Council





fastestmanalive: some friends you are, leaving me to clean up star labs all by myself

sunshinegirl: ……ehe

dramaqueen: You have superspeed

fastestmanalive: not the point

fastestmanalive: do you have any idea how much mess was on the floors

Lancelot: Is Barry Allen actually salty

fastestmanalive: I have one hell of a hangover

sunshinegirl: ugh same

sunshinegirl: I should NOT have drunk all that alien alcohol

fastestmanalive: tell me about it

Lancelot: No kidding

dramaqueen: Even I’m hungover, and I DON’T get hungover

Lancelot: Poor Oliver 😂

Lancelot: Am I the only one who’s actually fine

fastestmanalive: lucky bitch

sunshinegirl: ???

Lancelot: I’m a lucky bitch and I know it ;)

dramaqueen: Not fair

MamaWaverider: You should have more garlic soup and perhaps some ginger tea with lemons, I am told it helps.

Lancelot: Gideon?? How did you even get here

fastestmanalive: loved your soup

MamaWaverider: Thank you, Mr Allen.

MamaWaverider: Let’s not forget I operate this entire application.

dramaqueen: Felicity could really use one of you

fastestmanalive: apparently I’ll have invented Gideon sometimes in the future…

MamaWaverider: Indeed, Mr Allen.

fastestmanalive: so maybe give me a lil help with that?

Lancelot: Nope, it’s the rules of time travel

sunshinegirl: what happened I passed out for a bit

fastestmanalive: lol

dramaqueen: Nothing

sunshinegirl: alex be like, put down your phone and go to BED kara

Lancelot: Always listen to Alex

sunshinegirl: 🙄

fastestmanalive: speaking of Alex

fastestmanalive: what happened between her and Cait 👀

dramaqueen: Kissing?

Lancelot: You’re so bright

sunshinegirl: hahaha

sunshinegirl: they fell asleep cuddling on harry wells’ cot but idk more

dramaqueen: And how do you know that

sunshinegirl: I was there

Lancelot: Were you now

sunshinegirl: pffft just talking to them

fastestmanalive: what else would she be doing

Lancelot: Oh Barry

sunshinegirl: 😊😊😊

dramaqueen: They’re sisters

Lancelot: Not by blood???

sunshinegirl: calm down ok

sunshinegirl: first off, ew

sunshinegirl: secondly, I love my girlfriend v much

fastestmanalive: hey did you realize that we’re all bi cause

sunshinegirl: wait, oliver is bi

dramaqueen: HOW DO YOU KNOW


Lancelot: Go figure

dramaqueen: Sara

Lancelot: It wasn’t me, it was probably Cisco

fastestmanalive: don’t kill him, Oliver

dramaqueen: So it WAS Cisco

Lancelot: Hey not only we’re all bi but we all have wives/girlfriends

sunshinegirl: yeah No Guys Allowed

sunshinegirl: not that I hate guys

fastestmanalive: yeah I get it


sunshinegirl changed the group’s name to the bikings


fastestmanalive: you know that joke!!!

sunshinegirl: bi-five 🖐️

fastestmanalive: 🖐️

Lancelot: 😂

dramaqueen: Didn’t you say this was only for emergencies @Lancelot

Lancelot: Actually, I didn’t

sunshinegirl: you know us Ollie

dramaqueen: You don’t have the privilege to call me that

sunshinegirl: you mean YET 😉

fastestmanalive: do I have the privilege to call you ollie, ollie 👀

dramaqueen: Not with this attitude 🙄

Lancelot: Hey Ollie 👀

dramaqueen: I hate you

sunshinegirl: haha no you don’t

fastestmanalive: you ADMITTED you liked us and you’re not getting outta that one

Lancelot: When did THAT happen

fastestmanalive: a month ago?

sunshinegirl: during the team-up 😊

Lancelot: Oh I see ;)

dramaqueen: I told you not to tell anyone 😒

fastestmanalive: come on, it’s just sara

fastestmanalive: you slept with her

sunshinegirl: wait you did???

dramaqueen: Why

Lancelot: Yeah, he kinda… cheated on Laurel with me…

sunshinegirl: 👀👀👀 WHAT

fastestmanalive: yeahhh that’s the sister I told you about

sunshinegirl: OH

Lancelot: Kara is shooketh

Lancelot: But hey, if you think about it, who knows where we’d be now if it weren’t for our little affair

Lancelot: None of us might’ve become vigilantes

dramaqueen: The Gambit would’ve sunk with me and Laurel, so she’d become the Canary first instead of you and everything would’ve been the same, except your lives would be switched

dramaqueen: She would die, you’d take up her mantle, then we’d resurrect her, she’d join the Legends instead of you, you’d die for real at the hand of Damien Darhk, and she’d be the Legends’ captain, but hey, I’m just theorizing

Lancelot: I’m blocking you

fastestmanalive: this is really sad

fastestmanalive: at which point Cisco would say “alexa play despacito”

sunshinegirl: he would haha

sunshinegirl: also it’s a bit rude, don’t you think

dramaqueen: Well sorry, Sara asked

Lancelot: I didn’t but ok

Lancelot: So Barry

Lancelot: How IS Cisco

fastestmanalive: probably asleep, why

Lancelot: You know what I mean 👀

dramaqueen: Felicity wasn’t lying when she called you the shipping club

sunshinegirl: oh my

sunshinegirl: that’s fitting 😂

fastestmanalive: OH

fastestmanalive: in that case, he’s probably asleep in Harry’s lab

Lancelot: Good

Lancelot: Thank u, next

sunshinegirl: we should also be called the meme club don’t you think

fastestmanalive: 👍

dramaqueen: Why

sunshinegirl: so

sunshinegirl: winn and brainy are DEFINITELY together and like, we’ve been waiting for that so long?? there were bets at the deo

Lancelot: You’ve taken things to another level

sunshinegirl: are you telling me the legends never bet on anything

Lancelot: No, and don’t tell them to

fastestmanalive: speaking of the legends

fastestmanalive: what’s that thing between Nate, Ray, Nora Darhk and Zari

dramaqueen: I can’t believe Ray is with NORA DARHK

dramaqueen: I knew her as a kid

dramaqueen: DAMIEN DARHK’S KID

Lancelot: They’re not together

Lancelot: Not yet ;)

sunshinegirl: keep us updated, yeah

Lancelot: Ditto

fastestmanalive: you got it 😉

dramaqueen: Why am I still talking to you

sunshinegirl: cause this is hilarious & you love us