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Days go slow

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Eijirou Kirishima liked manly things.

Like his boyfriend Katsuki. Katsuki was strong, had his head on right and without a doubt was the person with the strongest mental fortitude he’d ever met. He had a goal in mind, embodied what Eijirou saw as manliness.

His other boyfriend, Denki, however…

He was softer, smaller, less goal-oriented. Denki wanted to be a hero, of course, but he wasn’t going to run headfirst into danger without a plan like Eijirou and Katsuki. When Katsuki had been kidnapped by villains, Denki had decided to stay back, obey what he was told. He even tried to stop him before leaving with the others.

At that time, Eijirou had some… Choice words for him.

“How in the hell can you say you love him if you won’t even help me rescue him?! We’re heroes, right? We’d be worse than villains if we left him there!”

He regretted them now. He’d been angry, hurt. To him, it looked like Denki didn’t want to even try to help. Now, in the dorms, he’d been able to spend a lot more time with Katsuki, only for the lack of Denki’s presence to be felt tenfold. Eijirou knew that Katsuki meant as much to Denki as he did to himself, but he’d let his emotions get the better of him in a critical situation, attacking Denki for worrying in a different way than he did.

He hadn’t actually meant what he’d said, but he’d seen the effects immediately. When he had invited everyone to go out for dinner, Denki didn’t show up. With the rest of the class, he seemed just fine, but both boys had noticed something was wrong with the blonde.

“If that fucker actually believed you, I’m gonna kill him.” Katsuki had said after Eijirou explained what had gone down, while on their way to Denki’s room, they’d been interrupted by Jirou.

“Hey, Kaminari asked me to give this to you two. Said it was important, but he had something to do.” She handed them a letter, only to walk off back to her dorm.

As Eijirou pocketed the letter, they’d continued on their way to see Denki, only to find his room unlocked with no electric user in it. The balcony doors were open, however, and Katsuki went over to make sure the idiot hadn’t jumped from the third floor to the ground just to avoid them.

“Damn idiot.” Katsuki had muttered, while Eijirou sat down on Denki’s bed to read the letter they’d been given.

It was an invitation to visit Denki’s house that Monday after school, handwritten by his parents, and apparently it was important.

So, there they stood, in front of their boyfriend’s house, still in their uniforms after going straight there from school. Denki hadn’t been in class, which meant Eijirou’s anxiety had gone way up when Aizawa didn’t seem phased by it.

Since Eijirou was nervous about knocking on the door, Katsuki did, and he was greeted by a very fragile looking woman opening the door.

“Hello, you two must be Denki’s boyfriends. Come in, come in.” her voice was soft, and she carefully tucked some of her pastel green hair behind her ear as she moved so they could come in. She didn’t really resemble Denki, so he must take after his dad.

“Thanks, I guess.” Katsuki shrugged and entered, Eijirou greeting the woman as Katsuki took his shoes off.

“Thank you for inviting us, Mrs. Kaminari.”

“Oh, it’s no issue. Thank you for coming, you two.”

As she spoke, and Katsuki slipped some house slippers on, they noticed what looked like the biggest cat ever slowly approaching them. It was the size of a dog, at least, and even fluffier, with white and silver striped fur.

“That’s Denki’s cat, she’s a Maine Coon. Her name’s Sweetie.”

“That’s the biggest fucking furball I’ve seen in my goddamn life,” Katsuki said, staring at the cat circling his legs. She came nearly up to his knees in height.

“Bakugo-” Eijirou sighed, though Mrs. Kaminari didn’t seem to mind his language.

“It’s fine. But if you think she’s fluffy, you should see his dog, Nana. She’s currently being watched by the vet since she’s sick. Technically they’re both therapy animals so him being in the dormitory without them has worried us- Oh, I’m rambling again. Please, go take a seat in the living room and I’ll make tea. Any preferences?” She chuckled, slipping past the two, her pink dress tickling the cat’s nose as she showed them to the living room. Sweetie followed the woman.

“Uh, green tea is fine, for both of us,” Eijirou said, looking around the living room. A flat screen tv mounted on the wall, three white couches surrounding a large coffee table, a cream colored carpet and a grandfather clock next to a grand piano on the far left wall, if it could be called that. It seemed every wall in this room had been hollowed out and filled with bookshelves, with the room being covered in them it appeared more like a library of classic literature. Most recognizable being the entire works of Shakespeare , the Sherlock Holmes Series in chronological order no less, every book published by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie , and of course, Denki’s favorite author; Ernest Hemingway . Older books had been placed closer to the television, with books like the Epic of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, The Waste Land, and Homer’s Odyssey . A room of literature, some well read and others nigh on pristine. In particular, Hemmingway’s section was rather worn in.

Eijirou picked out one of Shakespeare’s plays out of the bookcase, right by the door, and he was mildly surprised to note it was in the original old English. Carefully, he put it back in its place.

“This isn’t fucking right,” Katsuki said, sitting down on the couch to the right of the coffee table.

“What do you mean?” Eijirou sat next to him, curious. This looked like a normal house.

“This is Spark plug’s house. It’s too fucking high class. Looks nothing like his room. His mom is quiet and he’s not.”

Noting the change in tone, how it sounded far more like during the sports festival or whenever Katsuki was using that keen intellect of his, Eijirou looked around again. Katsuki was right. This was nothing like what they expected of Denki’s house, not in the slightest.

“Those are all Noriko’s books,” Tokiwa said, walking into the room with a tray of tea, setting it down to let the boys take a cup each, “Not all rooms are like this, I assure you.”

“O-Oh! I don’t think he meant to offend-” Eijirou said, worried, only for Tokiwa to giggle, covering her mouth.

“No, no, it’s not offensive. But Denki has read all of these books,” Katuski raised an eyebrow, and Eijirou nearly choked on his tea.

“Are any of them in Japanese?”

“Hm? Well, Noriko tried to get them in their original languages, but the older books weren’t possible,” The green haired woman pointed to the older books by the television, “Those are almost all in Japanese, or have Japanese translations.”

There was a noise by the doorway, and Tokiwa excused herself to take care of it, leaving the boys alone once more.

“That’s… A bit surprising.” Eijirou said, since Denki always had bad grades. If he was smart enough to read these kinds of books in their original language, how was he failing?

“Not really,” Katsuki shrugged, “He’s got a fucking insane vocabulary, this is probably why.”

“Oh, you’ve arrived.” A new voice said, more serious and confident. Harsher, almost, like it could cut through steel. The boys turned to the newcomer, and saw a woman, likely in her mid to late thirties, with reddish brown hair tied into a bun, red eyes, medium dark skin tone and a serious face. She wore a black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and she had in her hands a set of files. Was that Noriko? The woman certainly looked like she would own this many books.

“Tokiwa is in the other room, taking care of the cat, so I guess I’ll begin debriefing you.” The woman sighed, going to the couch opposite of them and sitting, placing her files on the table in front of them. “I’m Noriko Kaminari, you’ve met my wife. We’ve invited you here due to the fact you’re both in a relationship with our son, and as such we’re legally required to inform you of certain issues.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes at her seriousness, but Eijirou straightened up. Okay, so no dad, but two moms. Makes a lot more sense now.

“What kind of stupid issues?” Katsuki asked, not even caring and just wanting to go find his lightning boyfriend and tell him how stupid he was for believing Eijirou’s angered words.

“You’ve been presented with a file, told there are issues, and you don’t think to look in the file you’ve been presented with? And here I thought my son’s boyfriends might’ve actually had some intelligence.”

Katsuki looked like he wanted to blow up in her face, but recognized that it wouldn’t gain him anything, so he grabbed the file and opened it.

There was a picture of Denki at the beginning of the file, and basic information.

“Name: Denki Kaminari

Age: Sixteen.

Birthday: Celebrated on June Twenty-Ninth.

Status: Active.

Quirk: Electrification. See page five for details.

Father: Villain Livewire (Deceased. See page three.)

Mother: Villain Hacker (Deceased. See page three.)

Current Danger Level: Moderate.

Potential Danger Level: Extreme.”

No. Fucking. Way.

“You’re shitting me,” Katsuki said, twitching. Denki was the child of villains? “This is bullshit!”

“That’s his official government record,” Tokiwa interrupted, “And you’re legally required to know if you’re in a relationship with him. All your teachers have known from the beginning.”

“Denki would’ve told us!” Eijirou protested, and Noriko sighed.

“He was going to, at the training camp. But we all know what became of that.”

Katsuki growled. Literally, and Eijirou took the file out of his boyfriend’s hands since paper tended to be flammable and Katsuki tended to be explosive when it came to things like this.

Sweetie rubbed against Katsuki’s leg, and the teen picked the cat up, placing her on his lap. If she was there, then he wouldn’t explode. Just keep reading the file.


Assist in a massive breakout of Tartarus Holding Facility.

Hacking into government facilities using quirk.

The killing of seven guards.

Assaulting an officer.

Use of gun by an unlicensed personnel.

Assisting a villain.

Resisting arrest.


Participation in gang activities.

Destruction of Government property.

Breaking and Entering.


Unknown until the age of five, Hacker and Livewire were captured by All Might in their attempt to break all personnel out of Tartarus holding facility with the assistance of Denki’s quirk. During which, Denki was in the building, and was solely responsible for the release of over a hundred villains. After such incident, Livewire and Hacker were sentenced to death, with their quirks being considered too specifically dangerous to those around to be held in a cell.

Denki’s actions and locations were unknown for the next two years until former Wild, Wild Pussycat member Ragdoll and Ms. Joke discovered him during an attack on a gang hideout in the mountains, one member of which we believe now belonging to the league of villains. Denki was dismissed of all charges under the guise of persuasion, with evidence his birth parents abused him daily with the usage of their quirks to make him submit to their will. Recent evidence suggests Livewire disabled sections of his brain to destroy any will to resist, and Denki was unable to refuse an order until the age of nine due to lasting brain damage. Under this, he had been issued a Quirk Inhibitor and required to wear one at all times, unless given authority by a pro-hero. This was later revoked when he completed quirk therapy, told to wear when his quirk is likely to be used unless otherwise told by a pro-hero.

Deemed too dangerous to be put in an orphanage, he was given to Noriko Minari, a worker in Villain Jurisdiction and her wife, Tokiwa Kamira, a well known Quirk Therapist.

Denki underwent years of therapy to ensure his quirk would never take another life and to train him to cease his abilities to an adequate skill level for his age, instead of the skills he learned and inherited from his parents.

He currently attends Yuuei High, class 1-A, under the tutelage of pro hero Eraserhead. He is in a polyamorous relationship currently with Bakugo Katsuki and Eijirou Kirishima, and he seems to love them quite a bit.”

Neither teen could believe what they were reading. For very different reasons. Katsuki was pissed. Royally so.

Denki had been really strong, and he’d given that up. He wouldn’t fight him at full strength, and it made Katsuki’s blood boil in rage. He began sputtering out curses, and it didn’t help that whoever the hell wrote this file seemed to be either stalking them or had made Denki spill about their relationship.

Eijirou, on the other hand, was crushed. He’d told Denki that if they’d left Katsuki there, they’d be worse than villains. The same villains who had abused Denki, literally destroyed part of his brain, had caused him to kill people and were probably the reason someone who usually had no sense of danger was so scared of villains. So scared of the league. He’d even flinched when faced with another electricity user. What if the file was right, and someone from the league knew Denki?

He felt sick.

“Uhm, Mrs. Kaminari?” He said, looking at the women who both raised their heads at his inquiry.

“Yes?” They said, and it could barely be heard over Katsuki cursing into the giant cat’s back, trying his damndest to be on his best behavior.

“Where’s Denki? I think we need to have a talk.”

“Didn’t he tell you?” Noriko asked, seeming confused, and Katsuki stopped his cursing for a minute.

“He’s going to America to train with my niece for a week. She’s a pro hero, so your teacher and principal okayed it,” Tokiwa said, more confused than her wife, “He should be getting on the plane any minute now.”

Katsuki’s cursing increased tenfold.


Denki wasn’t sure what he was doing, exactly, when he’d accepted his cousin’s invitation to go train with her for a week, but he’d known it had gotten him away from his boyfriends. Which, of course, was what he’d wanted. Ever since the training camp had been interrupted, Eijirou had been on edge, and after… The incident, Katsuki, and Eijirou had spent all their time almost exclusively without him. Eijirou was the only one allowed to visit Katsuki during his house arrest, which frustrated Denki to no end. He didn’t even care anymore about what had been said, for goodness sakes they were dating Katsuki Bakugo , one of the rudest people that Denki had ever met; he knew the difference between things said in anger and things people actually meant. No, what frustrated him most about it was how Eijirou was avoiding him with Katsuki. Like he didn’t deserve to be graced with their presence.

Every time he said he was in a relationship with Katsuki or Eijirou, people laughed at him and told him to stop lying because they were obviously in a relationship with each other. No way could Denki be dating either of them.

Of course, he had Fourteen hours on this plane to think about what he’s going to do when it came to that. It’d still be Monday in America, approximately two pm verses four am Tuesday in Japan. That should be what he was worried about, but what bugged him was that he knew what was going on at the moment.

His moms were telling his boyfriends about his past. After that, there would be no way they’d want to have anything to do with him, they’d tell the rest of the dorm, and then they’d start austrosizing him too.

He was really happy he had his inhibitor on. Nothing crazy, just the choker he wore with his hero costume, which he wore as a bracelet before but it had to be moved when he’d gotten the original shooter design from Hatsume. It kept him from letting off sparks without wanting too, and it helped him control the output of his quirk to the point that he didn’t go stupid as easily since he didn’t botch the discharge.

His anxiety died down a bit, and he focused on his phone. Of course, Denki could have phone service here, but that was because of his quirk, so he didn’t use it. Don’t want to fry the plane and all. He sighed, plugging in his headphones and listening to his music, closing his eyes and hoping that he could sleep for most of the flight, so he wouldn’t be as jet lagged when he saw his cousin.

Most people would think the language barrier would be a bit much, but it wasn’t a huge issue for them. Denki was amazing at reading and speaking English as a language, but he had test anxiety and writing was way harder. His cousin, on the other hand, she could only speak informal Japanese and very little formal. They talked on the phone a lot, learning each other’s language more and more with each call.

The electric user woke up a few times during the flight, either to go to the bathroom or to get something to drink and when the plane finally landed, he let out a sigh of relief. He could finally properly stretch his legs.

Careful not to bump into anyone on his way to baggage claim, he knew everyone was headed the same way. The border control line. He grabbed his bag, got in line, filled out the form and moved on. He was there for a week, his visa was good, and he just was so tired, drained, and used to this from previous visits that he did it just fine without a ton of anxiety.

Everything was worth it, however, to see the way his cousin lit up when she saw him.

“Denki! Man, it’s been forever!” She exclaimed, waving him down and Denki smiled. She was in her civilian clothes, a one-shoulder cat print tied tee with jeans and some fold over boots. Her blue and green hair was tied up, and she smiled brightly at her younger cousin.

“Hey, Jess, nice to see you,” Denki said, smiling tiredly. He knew it was only three o clock, but the flight had taken more out of him than he’d thought.

“You good? Let me take your bag, C'mon, we gotta get you set up at home.” She took his rolling bag, letting Denki keep his carry on, and brought him over to her car, explaining something about the weather and something like sparring in the coming days.

See, Jess was a fighter hero. Her quirk allowed her to take on injuries from other people, and give her own injuries to whoever she touches. So she, like Eijirou, was obsessed with sparring to the point she had a gym room in her house.

Luckily for Denki, he got the luxury of resting on Monday, because he needed to adjust to pretty much everything. Eijirou and Katsuki would probably want to spar immediately, and the thought sent a pang of longing through his chest.

“Denki?” Jess asked, poking the blonde after putting his bags in her car.

“Wha-?” Denki blinked a few times, breaking out of his thoughts.

“Everything okay? You’re spacing out more than normal.”

“Just exhausted. Fourteen-hour flight.” He shrugged, slipping into the front seat of the car and buckling up.

They drove back to Jess’ house, set him up in the guest room, went out for dinner and he quickly forgot all about his worries with his boyfriends. After taking a sleep aid to help him fall asleep, Denki checked his phone. Twenty missed calls from Eijirou and about fifty from Katsuki. He’d even gotten an alarm, saying his inbox was full of voicemails. However, as much as he wanted to look, he ignored it. They were going to hate him. That’s why he got all the calls, even more texts if he had looked.

Thank god for a fourteen-hour timezone difference. The class was already in session back in Japan.

Denki felt the back of his neck burning, he could almost feel his father sending shocks through his body before breaking in, ensuring his obedience. Slipping off his inhibitor then setting his phone to the side, Denki could feel from the electricity that thunder would be rolling in soon and fell into sleep’s clutches.