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Another angel Luffy story again! Pretty deep emotional tormoil in this story, so be warned (but still read!). Enjoy~


“Let me out! Ple ase!”


A little boy with white and black wings sat in a cage in an auction hall. He was told to shut up and stop crying. That no one would want to buy a crybaby. And if he wasn’t bought, then he would just spend some more time with the guards who’d chained him into a cage.


“I don't wanna be sold!” he cried. His cries interrupted the voice of the consignor as he tried to get higher prices for the crying little angel. “Let me out!” the little boy cried again. He was in ratty clothes, and his hair was messy. His face was puffy and red from his crying, and his throat hurt from the loud sobs. He had been caught yesterday, wandering around the island by himself. It wasn't the first time he’d been caught and tried to be bought by greedy monsters.


Luffy was feeling sick, his head hurting, as the voice inside of him spoke.


“You don’t want me to help you?” the voice asked. It was his voice, but sounded colder. Luffy had done his best to ignore Dark Luffy, the voice in his head, but it was getting harder through his panic and fear. He knew that if Dark Luffy got permission from Luffy, everyone in the building would be slaughtered, and Luffy couldn't remember what had happened.


“No! Leave me alone!” Luffy cried, ignoring the shock he got through the shock collar around his neck. “Go away!”


“You’re going to be sold, Luffy. I can help save you. Don’t worry, no one will blame you. They never do, do they?”


“Everyone will be dead if you come out!” Luffy shouted to the voice no one else could hear. He felt himself fading a little. Whenever Dark Luffy came out, Luffy would black out and wake up, surrounded by blood or fire. He never remembered what happened before that. He didn't remember going outside, or getting away from bad guys. And Dark Luffy was so skilled at mass murdering that Luffy never had even a speck of blood on himself.


“Everyone here is evil, Luffy. Didn't you see all those people in the cages? I want to help them, too. If all of these people trying to buy you were gone, all of the prisoners would be free. Don't you want to help them?” Dark Luffy said softly.


“You… don’t hurt the good guys!” Luffy cried, feeling his resolve fading as his surroundings turned gray and eventually faded into black. The last thing he remembered was the chuckle of his evil half. Then there was nothing.


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