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His Butler, Desire

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Ciel sighed to himself as he watched out the window at Sebastian telling off Finni for his inadequate weeding of the garden again. It happened so often, but lately Ciel had noticed himself watching the interactions more frequently. It wasn’t that he cared so much about the act in itself, more that he was interested in anything Sebastian did as of late. Whether it was punishing one of his much less talented underlings, or enjoying the feeling of a cat’s midnight fur… everything he did made Ciel want to watch him.

He knew in his heart that if things weren’t the way they were Sebastian would have no need of a thirteen-year-old boy such as himself. He knew that the contract they had was the reason the attractive man was around. He knew that underneath Sebastian didn’t even look the way he did now. He knew it was a hundred-year-old demon that he was crushing on. But fuck if he could help it.

There had been several times it felt like something else. When Sebastian had taught him how to dance… whenever Sebastian held him in his arms, or when he was constantly saving Ciel. There had been times that their eyes had met, and Ciel thought just for a moment that there might be something more between them than just a contract, but…

“Bloody hell.” He swore at himself, feeling his cheeks flushing as he thought of Sebastian’s strong arms around him. Maybe that was why he was always letting himself get into trouble. He liked Sebastian saving him.

“Young master?” The voice behind him startled Ciel, and he stiffened, a look of surprise in his eyes as he turned to look at said man of his dreams standing in the doorway. “Are you quite alright?”

“I’m fine.” Ciel answered rather roughly. He looked away, but he couldn’t help the soft blush on his cheeks.

“Are you sure? You look flushed. Are you feeling unwell?” Sebastian came further into the room, carrying a tray of food. Ciel had been lost in thought and he hadn’t realized that it was lunch time. “I can add some honey to your tea if you’re feeling a bit of a cold.”

“No, no.” Ciel shook his head, still trying to collect himself. He finally turned around, coming to sit at the desk and take a small drink of the warm liquid. It was perfect, like everything Sebastian ever brought him. Ciel found himself wondering if everything Sebastian ever did was perfect and he blushed as he wondered what Sebastian had hiding under his clothing. Even madam Red had commented on his physique when she’d come over, feeling the poor man up. Grell seemed to see it as well, constantly wanting attention from the butler.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Sebastian asked, noting the flush on Ciel’s cheeks again. “You’re acting rather strange this afternoon, master.”

‘Master’. Ciel blushed deeply, looking away. He couldn’t help but wonder who would be calling who master if they were in bed together. He had a very deep suspicion it’d be the other way around.

“Sebastian?” Ciel asked softly, unable to help himself, “Would… would you do anything I asked you to do?”

“Of course, young master.” Sebastian answered confidently. He smiled serenely at Ciel. “What seems to be troubling you today?”

“Even… Even if I asked you to… kiss me?” Ciel asked nervously, his hand shaking as he lifted the teacup shyly to his lips and avoiding Sebastian’s eyes. Sebastian stood straighter, blinking down at the young blue-eyed boy.

“Well…” Sebastian began, tilting his head in confusion. “I’d do anything you asked, master, of course.” He murmured, but Ciel couldn’t help but hear the hesitation in his words. Ciel got up suddenly, knocking the tea over. Sebastian quickly moved to clean it up, and Ciel hurried out of the room. He wasn’t even halfway down the hall before he tripped in his rush, finding that Sebastian wasn’t quick enough to catch him like usual. He hit his head rather hard against a statue, but before the great marble thing fell on him Sebastian arrived, righting the decoration.

“Sebastian.” Ciel murmured, feeling a bit woozy. He didn’t realize that he’d cut his head on the sharp corner of the statue.

“Master.” Sebastian replied softly, lifting Ciel easily up into his arms. He carried Ciel into his bedroom, drawing the shades before producing an expensive-looking handkerchief to press against Ciel’s bloody forehead. Ciel wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s neck, pulling him closer, his soft sapphire eye shimmering in the dim light.

“Sebastian.” Ciel whispered, his slender fingers tangling themselves up in Sebastian’s dark, unruly hair. Sebastian looked a bit concerned, but continued to gently wipe the blood off of Ciel’s forehead. “Have you ever…” Ciel began, breathing out slowly. “Have you ever /been/ with another man before?” He asked, the knock to the head taking away most of his normal tactfulness. Sebastian blinked, completely confused as to why his young master was asking such strange questions.

“I… Master, what on earth do you mean?” Sebastian asked, frowning. “Are you alright? Did… good lord, did that knock to your head do more damage than I thought? I should have been there to catch you, I…” Sebastian cut off as Ciel ran his fingers down his cheek, touching his lips gently, wantingly. Sebastian pulled away gently, his crimson eyes concerned as he looked down at the young man laying in his bed, so small and helpless. “Please get some sleep, my lord.” Sebastian whispered gently, taking a few steps back. Ciel longed to call him back, but he couldn’t make the words form.