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Is it too late to fix this?

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It had been a month since Chloe learned the truth.

For the first week, the investigation into Pierce's death kept her mind occupied and separated from her partner. Every time they might have been left alone together, he left, and Chloe was secretly glad, too much going on to confront her new knowledge.

When the investigation moved out of the precinct, and on to taking down the Sinnerman's gang, there was nothing left to stop her processing what she'd seen and she spent a few days holed up in her apartment, forced to confront the disproval of her long-held beliefs and the truth of her partner's identity. She spent hours delving through books and webpages, accompanied by too much wine, as she tried to make sense of this new worldview. Dan had requested Trixie for a while, and Chloe was happy to let him look after her, knowing he needed someone who loved him close after Charlotte's death, and glad that her little girl didn't have to be around her while her world was turned upside down.

Chloe eventually returned to work, but he didn't. She threw herself into cases, and tried her best not to flinch when someone mentioned his name, and that Hellish apparition flashed before her eyes. Occasionally she would consider going to Lux and talking to him, but then that raw, red visage flashed and she chickened out. Trixie could tell something had happened between them, and kept quiet, even though Chloe could tell she missed him, and her heart ached at how much her daughter had been forced to grow up.


It was a month after that day that she saw him again.

She had stepped out of her apartment to put out the bins when she spotted him. Lucifer. He was stood watching her from the edge of the complex's parking lot, looking from a distance exactly as she remembered, the well put together club owner, not a hair out of place. As she walked towards him, drawn closer without thinking, she saw how wrong that initial assessment was. There were dark circles under his eyes, and his usually lightly tanned skin was pale. He stood frozen as she approached, looking as though he might bolt at any second. As she reached him, alone together for the first time in a month, she's a little surprised that she just sees him, with unusually loose black hair and bordering on unkempt stubble, and not the burned face of the Devil.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, but it came out harsher than she meant and he barely suppressed a flinch. 
"I'm sorry Detective. I- I had to see you again. One last time." he murmured, voice huskier than she remembered and the smell of alcohol on his breath. It took her a moment before she realised what he was saying. 
"You're leaving." she said, mind flashing back to when he fled for Vegas after her poisoning, and he winced again at the bite to her voice. 
"I am. You don't have to worry about seeing me again. There'll be a lawyer around tomorrow, with details of the things I have left for you and the spawn. You don't have to accept, but please consider them." he spoke quickly, evidently wanting to say his piece before she had a chance to interrupt, and Chloe suddenly felt hollow. 
"You're not coming back…" 
"I'm- I'm not planning to, no. Not for a long time." he sighed, looking horribly broken and defeated. Silence sat between them for a moment, Lucifer drinking in every detail of her face. 
"Goodbye, Chloe." he said with a small smile, before he turned and strode out of sight around a corner.

A moment later, Chloe ran after him, turning the corner as a gust of wind whooshed past her. 
"Lucifer! Wait-" she called as she rounded the corner and skidded to a halt.

He was gone.

And he wasn't coming back.